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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 030 - 3-6 Try passing over my corpse

3-6 Try passing over my corpse


Plea’s movements slowly became better.

It wasn’t because she became able to follow Isagi’s movements.

------ It’s just that she stopped trying to avoid a fatal wound.


After all, if she got hit, there would be the forbidden restoration tech to back her up.

Perhaps that was what she thought.

She stepped deeper into each of her attacks.

She kept chasing Isagi who was still evading her attacks.

Due to her persistence, Isagi was about to get caught in one of her attacks, he seemed to be getting more and more impatient.


[ Tch !] –Isagi-


Isagi evaded Plea’s sword while clicking his tongue.

He then plunged into her bosom, and then crushed her left hand.


[ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . . . . . . . ! ] -Plea-


Plea screamed in pain.

Isagi was about to feel depressed.

But the next moment, she got engulfed in light and laughed.


[ ---- kidding] –Plea-

[You ---] –Isagi-


Isagi didn’t even have time to shout.

While they were close, she thrust her magic sword towards Isagi.

Isagi saw the magician try to cast a spell behind him.

There was no escape from both the aimed attacks.


Isagi swapped positions with Plea.

Surely that girl wouldn’t know what had happened to her.


The magicians, in a panic canceled their magic.

After all, if they fired their magic, it would have hit Plea.

But even now, in such a condition, Plea’s fighting spirit didn’t falter.


(This is….. What should I do? Dammit! )-Isagi-


The girl tried to fling her broken arms into Isagi.



Isagi anticipated where she would grasp and then put strength into both of his hands.


At that moment, there was an unpleasant sensation that was transmitted into his body.


[ Aao] -Plea-


The groan that leaked from her mouth,

Sounded like the sound of the dead that had fallen into hell.


Isagi had broken it.

He checked the place, and then he felt shock.

The cervical vertebrae -- he just broke a vital part of her body.


Plea slowly sunk onto the ground.

As expected, if it’s already this far, she wouldn’t be able to move even her finger.


In the end, he killed her.

… He had no other choice, but to kill her.



( The heck is this … ) –Isagi-


Sweat ran along Isagi’s chin and then fell to the ground.

His whole body was in a cold sweat


It was the first time he fought with this kind of unpleasant feeling.

A girl the same age as him, no matter how many times he kept on hurting her, she kept on joyfully getting up.

Even now, she wasn’t able to feel any pain.


Being able to use a restoration spell and a rebirth spell as much as they want, like the main characters inside a game that goes exterminating monsters.

The villain that goes attacking those main characters, perhaps he or she felt something like this.


It was just like a nightmare.

This is not an adventurer.


This is just some kind of disgusting thing.


As Isagi shifted his gaze, he could see the three other magicians trembling in fear.

‘Who is it?’, thus he muttered in his heart.


[Answer everything you know]


Hearing that voice, there was a magician that tried to chant some black magic.

Isagi who walked closer, with just one hand warded off the code and erased it.


[Wh, why ….. You … !] –Magician A-

[Are you guys the so called adventurers?-

Also, where did you learn the forbidden recovery tech?] –Isagi-


He stared at the three.

Then the boy called ‘Isagi’ answered.


[W..we are without a doubt, adventurers …..

We even have an adventurer license … ] –‘Isagi’-

[ Show me ] –Isagi- 


As Isagi told the ‘Isagi’ without even giving him a break, ‘Isagi’ took out a card from his pocket.

It was the adventurer license.

Isagi snatched it out of ‘Isagi’s’ hand. (T L: Isagi for our main character and then 'Isagi' for the other Isagi )

>  Adventurer Name : Isagi - Brussels .

>  Adventurer Rank : A -

> * Attached guild   : < Valkyrie >

> Guild Rank           : A +


> Job Level: Sword 12, Black: 54 White: 61

> Job name: Sage.


Then on the back of the card, there was a recorded summary of the quests that ‘Isagi’ had already done.

So this is it.

So this is the card for managing adventurers.

He could feel the slight magical power coming from within it.


Isagi put the card in his pocket, and then asked more questions.


[Then next, tell me everything you know about the forbidden recovery tech] –Isagi-

[Forbidden recovery tech? you mean the revival stone? ]-‘Isagi’-

The boy, while feeling fear, still answered Isagi’s question.

Surely he knew that in his circumstances, it would be foolish to feign ignorance.

Isagi deepened his inquiries.

[What the hell is that thing?]-Isagi-

[Umm … it’s a special magical stone that’s sold inside the Adventurer Guild.              

If you swallow it, for a fixed time, you will be able to get a hold of a power to recover from all of your wound

The power it seems to be affected by the magical power that someone possesses, I-I think] –‘Isagi’-

[That’s what you call a forbidden recovery tech. Dammit! ]-Isagi-

[I, I didn’t know about that ]-‘Isagi’-

[Don’t mess with me … ! ]-Isagi-


Isagi grasped his fist.

This wrath that whirled inside his chest was not something that he should take out on these guys.

It was a hatred pointed to the world that created and sold it to everyone.


The true form of this <Revival Stone> is probably the trigger to activate the forbidden recovery tech.

The stone itself is probably just a magical stone that has a magic square drawn on it.


However, it had this kind of function in it.

The stone will draw on the magical power of the one who ate it, and makes them use the forbidden recover tech until the user withers completely.

It’s not a decent magical item.

They wouldn’t know what kind of side effects appear.


[Tha, that is, that is true … ]

If it was created without knowing the structure, then it couldn’t have been made by humans.


In the first place, the ones who are aware of the existence of forbidden tech are scarce.

Even in a single country, the only ones who would know about it were just the people at the top of the hierarchy.  

That’s why, Isagi understood, how the information was hidden even now.


But even so, why was there no one who questioned it?

As long as they got the instant-ish power in their hands, then everything is alright. Is that it?


At most, they would just think that it was “strengthened healing tech”. Is that also why?




Isagi grabbed the boy’s collar, and then pointed his finger towards Plea who was desperately trying to stand up once again.


[That girl, she is someone who’s important to you, right!?] –Isagi-

[Tha, that’s, that’s true … ] –‘Isagi’-

[You made her fight till she looked like that!

[You made her fight till she looked like that !

Is that thing what you call being an adventurer is?] –Isagi-


The girl didn’t even have a slight light lingering in her eyes.

Her snapped neck had already returned to how it was before, but now it was slightly crooked.

Her limbs became limp without any power, but even so she was still clutching onto her sword.

Her gaze wandered around, but even so, there was a smile on her face.


[ …. Aha, ehehehe ahaha …

… it is fuun, the battle is fuuuu ….

… whe re is my ne xt opp on ne xt I wo ndeer ~ …. ]


It was hard to tell if she still held any sanity.

She was really hard to look at.

Even that girl, was just a girl that had a heart that could still love a flower.


The boy averted his eyes from Isagi.

He then spoke vexedly.


[Being an adventurer is a dangerous job ….!

Even Plea, if she didn’t swallow that revival stone, she would have gotten killed by you !

No matter what happens, it’ still better than death! ]-‘Isagi’-


You’re wrong.

It’s the opposite.


There’s no need to go this far.

Plea had already lost her sanity.

There’s already no meaning in just restraining her right now.

There was no other way to hold an opponent that still couldn’t be stopped, even when their neck was snapped.


There was no other choice, than to kill her to stop.

Those three people too.


(Dammit …!)-Isagi-

There’s already not enough time.

For a while Isagi had hear loud sounds.

These four didn’t come and attack in a solo party.

Surely there friends also came to assault the Demon Lord’s castle at the same time as them. Isagi couldn’t afford wasting any more time than this.


Isagi threw the boy away from him and then, he took off the eyepatch on his left eye.


[.... I will not apologize.

You guys came barging into the Demon Lord’s castle to capture it and failed.

It’s just something like that]-Isagi-


Air floated around Isagi, and the magical power density rapidly became thicker.


[ Aaaaaaaaaaasah!]-Plea-


Perhaps she realized something.

Plea came charging while raising a scream that sounded like a beast.

She swung down the sword that she raised overhead.


Isagi turned around and slipped under the sword that came from overhead. Three swords of light, wait no, it’s not only that.

From the right and the left, the violet magical sword came assaulting Isagi as if they were trying to surround him.


It was an attack that resembled a tornado.



The sword that came from everywhere to slash at Isagi’s body, surely it was her secret attack.

That attack that made evading and guarding useless, and it’s an unavoidable attack that came from every side.


An all-out attack for the sake of protecting her comrades.


Even while losing consciousness; it seemed that she was still able to remember the most important thing to her.

Perhaps that was the last bit of pride that she had as an adventurer.




Isagi was able to grasp the weakness of the secret technique.

All of the swords didn’t come at the same time.

If one could understand the timing of each slash according to the waves of the air, it was an easy task.


Isagi body, slanting forwards slightly.

With just that, the attack wasn’t even able to graze him.




Plea’s eye focused on Isagi.

Her smile became stiff, and she was able to grasp what just happened.


The absolute difference in power.

The hopeless difference in power.


Plea wasn’t able to become a hero.


The three magicians tried to chant a spell, but they were already too late.


They had already used the revival stone and now they’re nightmare, standing in front of them was Isagi.



[------ Last resort] –Isagi-


At the basement of the Demon Lord’s castle, one single aurora flickered.

In the next moment, the four adventurers crumbled down at that place.


[Ah] –Plea-


Plea’s knees met with the floor, and then her body fell down on to the ground.

Plea who collapsed as if she got her strings cut, extended her hand.


The boy who was called ‘Isagi’

With his eyes open wide, he fell down on the ground.


[A …. Aaah, aa ….. Aah?]-Plea-


Plea extended her hand,

However, it couldn’t reach.


The boy didn’t even look at her.

It was because he was already dead.


Plea’s face warped.


[ah, aaaaaaaah ……]-Plea-


Because of Isagi’s “eye”.

It negated the forbidden recovery tech that was applied to the four.


The forbidden tech that he used was calledBreak Tech.

Black magic, white magic, code, fighting spirit, witchcraft, forbidden technique

---- or sometimes, it had the power to break and destroy existence itself.


For those guys who had their recovery magic negated, they couldn’t even use their own life force on their own anymore.

Just like how someone got their life support system that was buried in their heart taken away.

The three magicians got killed instantly.


However, it was still better for those guys.

There was still one. It was the girl that was still able to hold onto the strength of her soul.


Plea who was left alone, wholly stretched her hand with all of her might, and suddenly screamed.


 [ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhh ]-Plea-


That body of hers sprung up moving contrary to her will

Her whole body spasmed and foam came out of her mouth.

While gushing out body fluids, she started to feel pain that resembled hell.


The pain that was stopped because of the recovery tech came and assaulted her.

This again was the side effect of the recovery tech.


Even so, the girl kept on stretching her hand towards the boy.

Towards the boy who was called ‘Isagi’.

Form her eyes; she shed a flood of tears.

As if that was the last thing that her heart held onto.


It’s already enough you know.

Let’s end this.


Isagi picked up the magical sword that the girl held,

He swung it lightly, checking the violet colored sword.




Where in the world did this girl make a mistake?

Perhaps even this girl had a future, where she could wear a pretty wedding dress.

Even though she didn’t need to end up dying at


a place far away from her home.


A feeling of uncertainty filled his heart.


Isagi raised the sword and then swung it down.


The screaming stopped.


Only silence remained at that place.


Throwing away the sword that was tainted with blood, Isagi sighed deeply.


If he was permitted to do it, he would have crouched at that place and held his head.

But he couldn’t.

He still had to fight.

Right now, he had to throw away his feelings.

After all, that’s the fate of someone who holds power.


And then, he realized.


Near the body of the girl lay a guild card that was dropped.

Without thinking, he picked it up.


Her power and her guild name was written on the front.

S- class adventurer.

Though Isagi didn’t understand how amazing it was, but it seemed to be for quite strong people

And then he looked at the back.


Over there, it appeared that there was a scribble that she wrote with her hand.


He immediately regretted reading it.

He shouldn’t have looked at it, he thought.


He bit his lip.


(Even me the plea you know, I always thought...

That I needed you...)


At the time when Isagi was about to lose his willpower, he ended up remembering about her, his Plea.

After all, that was the sole support for Isagi’s spirit.


(Hey, Plea …

It’s alright for me to keep believing right?

That you are still alive in this world, right?)


Leaving the four corpses at the basement, Isagi ascended the stairs.

The slight ray of hope, and the resistance against loss, became his support.


The basement after the boy left,

Lit by the candlelight that swayed, there were four corpses that remained.


The corpses that lay inside the basement,

Even the bloom of the moon light couldn’t reach them.


The card that was left at that place, it had something written on it.


We will be together forever, right Isagi-kun?

Plea – Kyurzel


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(PR: well that was a nice ending~)