Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 003 - 1 – 3 The Former Hero wanders about



(When two of us come back, let’s build the Adventurer Guild together, or such a thing. Now that I think about it again, that was such a flag….. )


He was careless.

When we get back let’s get married, such thing.

When we return let’s live together, such thing.

Aren’t those words but never be said when on the battlefield?

He was careless since he already defeated the Demon Lord.

Adventure is an adventure until one’s come back home, or he forgot such thing.



The maids came, and started calling the four people who were getting bored on the top of the summoning formation.

For now, until the Hime’s condition becomes better, they are made to wait inside the room that was already prepared for them by the maids. The rooms were guest rooms on the third floor.

The candidates had to share rooms and Isagai was paired up with Eyeglasses as roommates.

Sharing rooms even though they are the Demon Lord’s candidates. What a terrible treatment.

Eyeglasses crawled onto the bed, and covered himself with the cloth till it covered his head.

Sometime 「This is just a dream…. this is just a dream….. 」 or such a mutter can be heard.

An emotionally unstable person, is scarier than a monster is what Isagai thought.


「Hey Hey」


Even though Isagai tried to talk to Eyeglasses, he gave no response.

Isagai wanted to ask Eyeglasses about various things regarding what kind of world Eyeglasses was from.

It seems that now is impossible.

It’s must be better to let Eyeglasses be alone for now.

Eventually he will surely settle his resolution.


(I am too forcibly got kidnapped three years ago after all, I understand what he feels. )


Isagi, got summoned when he was in second year in his middle school.

During that time was the hardest time of his life.

Since his parent’s accidental death, he was passed around to his relative’s house.

At the unfamiliar place, he couldn’t even make a single friend.

There was nobody whom he can rely on. It was a very lonely life.

Because of the circumstances at the time, it was not shocking that he got summoned into the other world.

After all there was no good thing to keep living in reality. It was his intention to search for a job and live alone right after he graduates from middle school.

If it’s like that then isn’t it same if he just live in the other world, so he thought.


(I have no hobby at all….. Now that I think about it, I was a human which incredibly fit to get to different world. )


He seriously is thinking about that.

For a normal person, getting depressed like this too is a normal thing right.

That’s why, he never had any problems with that.


(The one who get summoned by the summoning formation, will they able to come back after fulfilling their task, is it)


This was Isagi’s prediction.


(Probably they can’t come back)


After all, it’s no need for it.

Even just a research about the way to do it mustn’t exist.

Isn’t that right?


(You can just kill the summoned person when they have no use. Why would they waste their own magical powers just to send us back to our former world? There’s no way that’s true. )


Perhaps it is a cruel story.

However that is summoning magic.

For granting our own wish someone else ‘s life will be sacrificed.


(It’s like when they do war …)


To a modern person who lived a peaceful life. It was an extreme situation out of their imagination.

They will felt depressed.

That’s why.


「Umm, I am, will go outside for a moment」


More or less Isagai tried to call out to Eyeglasses, but still there was no response.


(He was so pitiful)


I am playing innocent.

Isagi ended up thinking something like that.




The outside of the room is bright.

Since he was summoned in basement where sunlight could not  come in. So it felt like it was late at night but,

on the outside the sun is still bright.

Is it perhaps because he continue to battling with demon king whole night, he feel slightly languid.

Even though his wound is healed, but as for the heavy feeling of tiredness, his shoulders are heavy.


(Time lag…. Or rather, it’s summon lag right)


While making a big yawn, he began walking along the corridor.


(Though they said to go to the room, but they didn’t warn us for not leaving the room after all.)


While he thought about such sophism.


(…. This place, Is is really the Demon Lord’s royal castle that I invade? Right?)


He recognized various spot.

The Demon Lord castle is surrounded by a barrier all over it. It has been constructed so that no one will able to come in unless they’re enter politely from inside. (also can translate as carefully, but I think it’s funnier this way.)

It made the attackers have an overwhelmingly disadvantage if they tried to storm the castle. Humanity would have perished if the war was prolonged.

That’s why Isagi and the others stormed in with dying resolve.

What awaited them was one of the surviving members of the five demon generals, and countless traps.

It was a place where you’ll lose your life the moment you let your guard down.

If it was given a labyrinth rank, then surely it would have been given the highest ranking. (TL: it’s the demon lord castle after all =-=’)


Assassins were also lurking around everywhere.

They could not properly advance with assassins and magic barriers that were affixed all over the place.

Even just to step up one step, it was so scary that it make their knees tremble.



when it comes to the Demon Lord’s castle 20 years later, it is not as scary as before.

For some reason wooden planks were pasted into the windows.

And the walls were being maintained with a clearly different kind of stone.


(It’s declined huh, the Demon Lord’s castle …. even though formerly it was that spacious… )

While he was roaming around, he drew up the structure three dimensionally  inside his head.


(It seems that the basement also got completely caved in. Well, though the one who did it was me)


Even so, the war already ended 20 years ago.

It means that there were no decent maintenance in this place for last 20 years.

Or perhaps, maybe until just recently this place was an abandoned castle.


(Perhaps that’s true. Something like the castle where the hero killed the Demon Lord. it’s too ominous right)


While having such a thought, he continued looking around.


Even through he passed some maids, it seems to be that the demons who are working at the Demon Lord’s castle are not really that much.

Although there are some guards, but basically the place where the guards are stationed at are supposedly in another place.

He tried checking from the windows but inside the wall and even outside of the wall, there were no demon guards in sight.

There are only scattered soldiers, who are in the middle of training without any ambition.


The Demon Lord’s castle is an important point.

Supposedly there’s no way its good for them to laze around.


(Or maybe, for the sake of the summoning formation being installed at this place to be able to operate, they must have moved for a moment or perhaps it’s something like that?)



Although he thought about it in various ways, he still didn’t quite understand.

Even if he tried to solve it, if it’s not after he heard the circumstance in this world for this 20 years, then it’s meaningless.


After walking a considerably far amount, he got out of the castle and got around to a scouting tower.

(Around here huh)

He confirmed  where there were any human presences around. There was none

After that, he put a small power into his right hand.

Thereupon, a small blue lighting is dwelled at the tip of his finger.

Immediately he clench his fist.Crack crack crack the lightning make such a voice and then vanished.


(Yosh, it seems that I didn’t lose my power)


With this, the weak new game state is now avoided.

The summoning magic in this world is only the 『Physical body』 getting summoned, and leave behind the 『Power』in that world.


Though he think that there’s some possibility since his entire wound was recovered, but it seems there’s no such worry.

If it’s like that, then there should be some power  still remaining too.

Let’s check it when there’s an opportunity.


Though Isagi is a swordsman, he is able to use about simple sorcery and magic.


Essentially sorcery and magic is the same thing.

A power to alteration a phenomenon with the cost of magical power inside oneself thus there’s no difference in the process.

But, the one that can injure the opponent is the sorcery.

The one which specialized in defence system is magic.

That’s how its work.



For example, the attacking skill from four elements (fire water land wind) is sorcery.

A healing skill to curing wound is magic. Even a barrier skill which have effect repelling demon is again called magic.

There’s also some of which are complicated.

If one raises a wall of earth 《Earth Barrier》 is called magic, but it can also divert and attack the opponent.

As for that case surprisingly, it was called as 《Stone Hammer》, then treated as sorcery.

The skill which supposedly goes through totally same process, they were divided into sorcery and magic.


Then it wasn’t necessary to divide it to sorcery and magic isn’t it.

Or that is what Isagi thought about it.



The one such Isagi able to use, is elementary sorcery.

The other is, Recovery magic, Barrier Magic, approximately that is it.



Again, other than sorcery and magic, there’s thing called witchcraft which also exists.


Witchcraft is just like it name, it’s it was the completely superior transposition of sorcery and magic. (Here 魔法 [Mahou a.k.a witchcraft] is written by combining the first word for 魔術[Majustsu a.k.a sorcery] (魔 this part ) and 法術 [Houjutsu a.k.a magic]( 法 this part) )

Fundamentally it is used to help an item such as 『Magic square』 or 『Magic formation』 to be able to invoke it.

There are also existed a special talented people, which are able to use witchcraft with just a simple substance.

Of course Isagi can’t use it.



Isagi was sightseeing while ascending to the top of the tower. He then hanged out his legs from the window.

On the outside, the wasteland which seems to last to the no end, spread tills the end of the horizon.


There’s no mistake, this is the Dark Continent.


The geography of Demon Lord’s castle, was completely crammed into his him from repeated reconnaissance.

Though it was supposed to be a event which happened few days ago.

In just 20 years there will be no difference in it’s terrain.

Thus for Isagi, the scenery of countless corpses of knights and demons collapsing in a heap, even now it is still burned in his eyes.


He traced the far away valley with his finger.

Even those thing about them desperately advance at that place, appeared to be a distant past.


His magical energy and fighting spirit is still remaining.

But, the thing which didn’t he hold inside his body, he wouldn’t able to take it to this world.



(The thing which I lost is only that sword huh.

…… No, didn’t I also lose the thing which is the more precious.)


His friends who walked together with him in this castle just moment ago.

What did  those guys do in the world 20 years later.

Isagi pressed his left eyes with the palm of his hand.


(Why was I only one who got summoned to the other world or rather, this is becoming something like time slip right~)


After all if it’s really the case, its better if they call him along with his three reliable friends.

Plea, Barlzdo, Selder those three people.

They was Isagi’s friend which together with him defeated the Demon Lord.


(Why they’re, now change to, Yankee, Ikemen, and Eyeglasses)


It’s not the same level, but more as a level down.

Somehow it feels like he is becoming all alone again.

The loneliness strikes his heart.



He was thinking about what he’s going to do from now on.



(….For now, should I just quickly go to the Imperial capital?

Perhaps there’s supposedly even someone who remembers me after all.

Even those guys must be waiting for a long time right)


There’s a thought of what the Adventurer Guild looks like .

He wanted to make certain with his own eyes.

But, he is also curious about the present status of the demons.

He should put his priority to either one.


If thinking about efficiency, then it’s that he will go to the adventurer guild after he heard about the demon’s trouble.

For Isagi to go to imperial capital from demon king’s castle, it take two month in his full speed.

The problem is that he must cross over the sea.

If he making a round trip with that distance, it must be pretty difficult right.

As expected the demon’s problem is the first, huh.


(I will go to the Adventurer Guild after that.

Still it would good if there is an acquaintance over there)


If he takes out his name, then surely it should convey the message.

Though he still have anxiety, even if he got worried about it now ,nothing will change.


(There’s no other way for me than live in this world huh …… in the end….)


He still didn’t decide his resolve.

There’s to many things that he lost.



Isagi slowly descended from the scout tower.



Sorcery : General term for attacking type skill.

Magic : General term for defense type skill.


Witchcraft : A special ability which only a some extremely talented people are able to use.

Fighting Spirit : Resembling magical power, a skill which effect to strengthen the body.