Rebirth Online World

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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 029 - 3-5 Die - Hard

3-5 Die - Hard




It was a thing that happened several minutes after Ira shot a black magic ball.

That’s the sign that means I am defeated

The enemy left are 8 people. It can be guessed that every one of them is at least an A-class adventurer.



(Really, really she is...

She always talks all high and mighty but at a crucial time, this is what happened nano)



Shirbenia’s room is at the top of the highest tower in the Demon Lord’s castle.

If she ascends over to the roof, she will be able to see all of the castle’s circumstances without any obstructions.



From now on, this is Shirbenia’s war.

She stood up from the top of the tower.

Her hair swayed because of the wind.

Her robe now is different from her usual robe. It is breezy since it is simple and short.

Though it’s a bit hard for her to do it, it can’t be helped.



In the stage of the 360 degree of the panorama, Shirbenia raised her hands.



She strained her ears.

She head the shout of the magician flock

It was the key of their black magic.

Black magic that’s casted by mere foolish and crude humans, she can ward it off with her eyes closed.



Shirbenia alone spread her magical power.



Come, fluttering

As much as she likes, she will crush them.



[Everyone. I will murder them nano]






[ …… It’s weird]



While looking over the gate, Sparda stroked his chin.

He couldn’t feel any sign of chaos inside the Demon Lord’s castle.



According to their plan, Plea-ojousama should have already infiltrated the castle’s interior right now.

Both Ira and Shirbenia, will be taken by Zedd-danna (Danna: Young master)

And thus, supposedly, the inside of the Demon Lord’s castle should have already become something like hell that is full of agonizing cries.



[Did someone make a blunder?]



At the time where Zedd attracts attention,

Plea will burrow a tunnel through the Demon Lord’s castle with her black magic and then she will

Infiltrate the castle from the underground. That was the plan.

Even though they look like that, the guild ’s quality is high.



[......Other than Ira and shirbenia, is there perhaps another person who is able to match with Plea-jou?

There’s no such information though….]



He settled his uneasiness and kept it down inside his heart.



Plea’s battle power is S-class.

Though there are some misuses due to her lack of experience, in fact, there were no Demon race that came out alive after fighting her.

Having a physical ability out of the norm, and on top of that, that violet magic sword mirage.

For one who is able to come out safe after fighting her indoor, maybe is someone that is the extent of three great generals at the age of the Demon Emperor.



(Or maybe, the rumoured Demon Lord candidates?)



He heard, that the Demon Emperor’s daughter activated the summoning formation.

Certainly, it was something that happened around a half a year ago.



What could strange people do in just a mere half a year?

Even thought for a young to become a first class swordsman, he would need 10 years of training.



Thus at that time,

The castle gate opened slowly.






As if protecting the gate, two young men stood up in front of it.



One was a young who had combed his hair to the back. (Renzou)

The other one was a young man with long hair that was tied to the back. (Shuu)

It can be faintly seen on their face there’s a tattoo-like thing in both of their faces.

With splendid clothing, surely they’re none other than the Demon Lord candidates.



Though they’re not the target for the subjugation. Sparda wondered if their heads could bring quite a lot of fortune if he was able to take it back home.

In front of Sparda, who stroked his chin and thought.



He blinked his eyes once and thus his vision was filled with an enormous code.



[ -----! ?]



His head started to panic.

He refused to understand it.

What was with this magical power quantity?



The guild quickly moved.

Each of them used barrier white magic, and tried to block the black magic but,



[Disappear you bastard!]



The blaze of the black magic that was fired by one of the Demon lord candidates, and engulfed one of the adventurers who was too late to run away and was turned to ashes.

As the fire torrents, even though they already used a barrier, they could still feel the heat as if their skins were being roasted.



No matter how excellent of a tech user the Demon Lord candidates are, there’s no way they can cast black magic on this scale in an instant.

Perhaps, they already started to write the code before they opened the gate.

As for the reason why Sparda and his subordinates didn’t notice it, it was surely due to some kind of trick from the tech user.



He spat out.



[Dammit. The Demon Lord candidates, they have come out!]



With this, the only ones who were able to fight were “5 people”

Two swordsmen, and, including himself, there are three magicians.



Surely this was the same as fighting 2 A class subjugation targets at the same time.

If he thought like that then ---no, even so, although it’s severe.



( Alright. I will take the chance. I’lll pluck off those heads of theirs and turn it into money … !)



Sparda too, entered the attitude for casting.



[Renzou-kun, amazing….] (Shuu)


[You didn’t have the intention of discussing things with them]



Looking at the scale of the black magic that Renzou fired, Shuu made a sigh.

While being able to fire an attack that’s able to kill a person in one hit, Renzou didn’t waver a bit.

Shuu became surprised at the fact that such a kind of person was someone who lived in a reality world half a year ago.

Though it seems that Renzou got slightly worked up more than usual. But even so his appearance didn’t change.



[Shuu, you said that you don’t like to fight. Right?

[That’s true. I don’t like to fight too much.]

[At a time like this,you know, it’s important to give the first punch at the start of the first.

If they get engulfed by our presence then it’s our win.]

[Is that so….]



Shuu nodded while unsheathing his sword.

He didn’t have his usual composure.



[ I too have to resolve myself. Right…]



In those eyes dwelled the light of sagacity.



The adventurers, peremptorily killed the higher ups of the demon race.

If that is so, then they themselves who are called as the Demon Lord candidates will not show any mercy.

If they didn’t do that, they will get done in.



If this happened as soon as they got summoned into this world, things would surely be different,

but in these four weeks they continued to earnestly train to sharpen their skills for murder.

For the sake for when theses days like this will come.



Renzou also unsheathed his sword.



[ The second article of understanding a brawl is when you do it, then aim for the head. That’s it.

Shuu, I’ll beat the leader. You don’t need to force yourself.]

[Don’t worry, I don’t intend to slow you down. You know? ]



[Is that so…. Then do it skillfully]



Even though renzou also became stronger, Shuu’s swordsmanship is higher than his.

However, Renzou’s vigour, there’s nobody who is able to imitate it.

Sometimes rather than some kind of cheap trick, there are many occasions where vigour is the way to be able to go through a life or death situation.



Renzou raised his sword and then shouted.



[ The name is Renzou Ashikaga. The Demon Lord candidate who is affiliated with the demon race forces, Renzou.

Whoever still cherishes their life leave now.

For any bastards who wish to die, come here!]



When he becomes this imposing, conversely it looks refreshing.

It makes one wonder what was that surprise attack from before for.



The thing that came in and returned to his abjuration was black magic.



Water black magic can pierce through an average barrier must be focused into one point. Riffles of water black magic cam towards Renzou’s way.

However, the target, Renzou, perceived all of the trajectories of that black magic and evaded it all with only with his martial arts.



Renzou received that black magic as the gong resounded for the start of killing each other.

He jumped towards the group and landed in the middle of them.






He swung his sword.

The swordsman who received his sword got his stance broken due to Renzou’s power.

Renzou kick the swordsman in the stomach.

After that, Renzou punched the man who floated in the sky, and a voice of a face being smashed can be heard.

The adventurer got blown off for several meters.



[One done! Next!]



When fighting black magicians, it’s enough just getting inside their crowded formation.

If done so, they wouldn’t be able to use their grand scaled magic.

It’s a tactic that Renzou learned from Ira when fighting the Adventurer Guild.



There’s no one who can obstruct his way towards their leader now.

Renzou charged towards Sparda just like a heavy tank.



However, his tactic was too simple.

As expected, even Renzou also got too impatient.



Sparda snapped his fingers.

Renzou ended up entering the range of the black magic that was set in the ground.



[You’re to careless, you know! O the king!]



Sparda’s specialty, installation spell tech --- Fang of the ground dragon.

It’s the same black magic that defeated Myornen in one hit.



Baaam, a voice that reached deep towards the ground resounded.

Renzou who got bitten by the ground that rose up from beneath him and went to his neck, then went downwards, and disappeared.



[ What an easy job]



Sparda whistled.



[ Renzou-kun ! ]



Shuu who was exchanging swords with one of the adventures shouted.

For him, who saw his best friend die, he didn’t have any time to worry about it.



----- However, renzou didn’t die just yet.



[Don’t make light of me dammit ----]



As if breaking through out of a shell, Renzou blew away the fang of the earth.

Surprisingly, there’s not even a scratch on his body.


[Haaah !?]



Sparda opened his eyes wide.

His black magic supposedly was invoked without any problems.

There’s also no signs that Renzou activated any white magic.



It was the body strengthening skill called fighting spirit.

It directly imbued black magic in the soul. It boosts the force of the soul.

It’s the way to obtain an abnormal endurance for attacks from the outside.



There’s also a thing that even the ones who are able to use it among the fighting spirit users are scarce. It’s called Sturdy Spirit

Though Renzou was only able to use it for a short moment,

But for countering a surprise attack from an opponent, there’s nothing more effective than this tech.

Among the three people,there’s no one who was more proficient at using fighting spirit than Renzou.

Furthermore, the mantle that he wore was furnished with a magical stone. Due to that, it increased the effect of his fighting spirit.



Though right now, there’s no way Sparda would know about it.



[ ---Gah!]



For sparda, he didn’t have any other means of opposing a swordsman who couldn’t be stopped by black magic.



Renzou’s ken pierced through Sparda’s stomach.

While basking in blood, Renzou bellowed.



[That life of yours. I will take it!]



*Swish*. He rotated the sword.

Sparda vomited out blood.



Fearsome was not Renzou’s skill, but his resolution.



Even when one trained for it, for a normal human to be able to kill another human, they wouldn’t be able to do it easily.

Even killing an animal, there are a lot who still felt a lot of stress after doing it.

Renzou didn’t have a bit of hesitation.

This is also perhaps on his qualities as a Demon Lord.



Renzou retraced his sword and then glared towards his surroundings.

With this he thought that the adventurers would disperse/

However, they didn’t even show any signs of retreating back.

Renzou warily gazed over his next opponent



[So you guys have strong guts, eh.]



The next moment as renzou said so,



Sparda who was collapsed on the ground was engulfed in a green light.




[Watch out!]



Renzou who was vigilant towards Sparda, from his blind spot a man cam and slashed at him.

Immediately, Shuu came over to cover for him and received the sword.

That man was the swordsman that got hit in the stomach and got his face smashed by Renzou some time ago.



When he looked carefully, the black magician that got burned to ashes by black magic also stood up.

On his body, no wounds could be seen.



As expected with this both Shuu and Renzou felt chilly.



[ …. What the heck is happening?

Doesn’t this world don’t have a thing likeRestoration Tech. Dammit]

[This kind of thing is not a “restoration”.....

It’s “resurrection” …]



Standing back to back with each other, Renzou and Shuu muttered.



Sparda who finished his resurrection, took a distance against the Demon Lord candidates.



[..... Really, no matter how many times I do this I can’t get used to it. This resurrection moment.

Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit … Wh, when I was already feeling good…..

Don’t snatch away my reasoning. Dammint, dammint ….]



There’s a hole in his cloth.

However, his skin beneath it didn’t have any cuts on it.

While enduring the nausea, Sparda muttered.



[.... I am glad that I swallowed a “revival stone beforehand ….]



Adventurers ressurected one after another just like zombies

In their eyes, there’s no light.

In the hollow of their eyes, it looked like it was darkness itself.



What in the world happened.



What are Renzou and Shuu fighting?



Renzou while still grinding his teeth brandished his sword once again.



[ Alright…

If my opponent is a zombie, then I’ll just need to destroy those brains of yours ....!]



While raising his spirit, the condition was still 2 vs 6.

The situation was bad.



Shirbenia: Is “secom”-ing. Axis magician that is doing her best for the castle alone. ( SECOM is a security service company)



Renzou: “Kill” at that moment was all he thought. He already did his action before he realized it.

Shuu: What was with that zombie …. Disgusting …. In the middle of thing about that.



Sparda: Intoxicated due to Renzou’s unexpected power.



Revival stone: ?????