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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 028 - 3-4 Homeland’s Guard-sama at Work

3-4 Homeland’s Guard-sama at Work




Dyutyu and Rimino changed with panicked expression and returned inside the castle area.

Duke Myornen was defeated, was what those girls said.

The guards and Demon Lords were gathering, but Ira wasn’t there.



Dyutyu who got out of breath for a moment at that place

Wiped the tears from her eyes and then immediately tightened her voice.



[I,ira-chan! Shirbenia-chan!

O, oji-sama is! ]



Shirbenia who looked at her panicked expression.

Shirbenisa who was sitting while grasping her knees, slowly got up.



[Th, the enemy, the adventurer, is right there! Right there!]

[ ............ ]



Dyutyu who pointed at something behind the castle gate that is closed

Shirbenia looked over the sky/

Over there, there’s a light that arose.



[Black magic ball]




Dyutyu turned back in a panic.

A small violet light rose up to the sky splitting it up

It was something so easy to see, but she missed it.



[ ……. Ira is defeated nano.]

[Eh? Eh?]

[In the battle in the suburb. The number of the enemies are 8 people. It’s a faction with adventurers at least A rank]

[No way…..]



Dyutyu became pale

Even though on the other side of the gate there are still other adventurers.

On top of that, even Ira was defeated, and now there’s 8 more people out there?



There’s already no hope



Dyutyu stagger at that place



Thought she looked like she was about to faint.

She stopped.



The young master of the Demon Lord's castle, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath/



At least this day has already come.

However, this is the way that she herself will chose.

As the head of the family, the time where she has to resolve herself has come



She opened her eyes.

Over there, there was a shine of her purpose.



Her tail moved thickly and tightly stretched

Dyutyu bowed her head to Shirbenia.



[ …. Shirbenia-chan, just like always, please take care of the castle’s defence.]


Transcendence bother~ ]



Shirbenia moaned with her usual expressionless face.

There’s no vigor in her.



Shirbenia spread both of her hands.

She built up code and muttered.



[......Sorcery Anti Gravity Tech…. ]



And so, her body slowly floated.

While covering her skirt from the front with both of her hands, Shirbenia slowly flew up.

Sure enough at this place there’s no one who can understand that code.



Dyutyu again, said to the vice-commander who wore extra armour, and to his subordinate.



[Everyone please stay here and hold out the adventurers.

Even though our enemy is really strong…… but, umm, please do your best]



While pressing her breasts Dyutyu made a slight bow.

The soldiers are only 20 odd number. It’s an number that made one worry.



Again Dyutyu spoke to rimino and the others.



[Rimino-chan and the Demon Lord candidates, please send an emergency evacuation ot everyone insde the castle.

You should be able to get out from the secret gate in the back.

Since isa-sama already repaired it.

After that , go towards the west, umm , and please seek refuge at brotherhouse.]

[Y,yes, I understand, but …..]



Since a person that has been so kind to her was just now killed, it seems even Rimino cannot become calm.

However, there’s a thing she wanted to know.

Rimino asked Dyutyu



[Then, umm, Dyutyu-sama, what will you do?]

[I am ….]



The succubus princess tightened her lips tightly.



[ He, here, until everyone evacuates, I will be buying time for you all.

The aim of those adventurers, surely us me. Umm, I think this will be very effective]



Dyutyu’s led was trembling.

How much she has fight, Rimino didn’t understand it.

However at least, fighting with the guys that defeated Ira, she shouldn’t be able to come out safely. 



[Dyutyu-sama …. ]

[It’s okay, Rimino- chan.

Since I was born, I already thought that someday it will become something like this.

As long as the Demon Lord candidate-samas are alive, it’s enough ]



Grasping Rimino’s hand, Dyutyu made a gentle smile.

Then the Elf princess gasped.

She muttered as if she just remembered something.



[ ..... Th, that’s right. Onii-chan, where’s Onii-chan?]

[ Isa-sama?

Not long ago, it seems the he gone off somewhere ……]



To Dyutyu that got bewildered, Rimino strongly nodded her head.



[Rimino, will search for Onii-chan !

That’s why, that’s why, please be safe …….. !]

[Ah, Rimino-chan!]



Rimino without any thoughts ripped the cuffs off her skirt.

It was a high class article, but it’s no time to mind something like that.

And then she dashed.



Dyutyu who saw her off worriedly.



At that time, there’s a figure of person walking towards them.



[I already understand the circumstances, you know.]



Renzou who was watching over the circumstances until now.



[In other words, while the princess is buying time for us to use,

We just need to run away from here. Right?]

[Ye, yes, that’s right.

Possibly, there will be not enough time for the Demon lord-samas to run away but … please ]

[So she says, Shuu]



Renzou turned around and look ed over Shuu.

Shuu just like always was not smiling.



[ So it’s like that huh, Renzou-kun]




Before one realized it, Shuu brought out a sword with both of his hands,

And then throw one sword to Renzour.



Renzou received it with one hand and nodded.

He shouldered the sheathed sword on his shoulder and curved his mouth.



[Well, that’s impossible]

[Yepm there’s no way]

[Eh…. ?]



Renzou warded off Dyutyu’s hand and then stepped up forward.



[Surely, you guys summoned us at your own accord. The days were full of hellish boredom. You know?

Even though Ayumi is waiting for me, it’s already been 4 mouths.

However this and that is a different matter.

Making the girls fight and running away. There’s no way we can do that. Dammit.]



Renzou said it all as if it’s something obvious



Shuu also made a dry smile.



[Renzou-kun is quite the feminist eh.]

[Aah? What is that thing]



Renzou and Shuu walked toward the front gate

Dyutyu tried to stop them.



[Ple, please stop!

If the Demon Lord candidate-samas are defeated, then our hope will ….]





Renzou irritatedly turned around and then glared at her.

Dyutyu cowered in fear because of that glare.



Renzou thought for a moment and then he shouted.



[It’s alright. Right Yoshinobu?!]

[Ye, yes]



Since Dyutyu and Rimino returned,

That boy didn’t move an inch. Renzou spoke



[You go run away with this princess.

At that time when we are defeated, become the Demon Lord or whatever it is]

[Wai, wait, but…… ]



Yoshinobu wanted to say something but hesitated to do so.

His eyes swam around and he made a face that didn’t know what to do.



To that boy, Renzou’s below soared.



[Aaah !?

Then bastard, are you able to fight huhh!?]


[This is not the usual practice! Dammit!

Are you able to kill a person?! If you are able to do it then come right here! Right now!]



It’s not like Renzou to push him away.

It’s just that, Yoshinobu cannot extend his hand.



[A, aah, me, I am …..]



Yoshinobu became more agitated.

Shuu put his hand on Renzou’s shoulder and put that to end.



[Renzou-kun, every person is cut out for certain things you know.

I am also scared just like him.]

[I understand of such a thing]



Of course it’s not like Renzou is angry at Yoshinobu

Renzou just pretend to do that, so that Yoshinobu would do what he was told at this situation.



However, Yoshinobu.



[I am, I am ….]



While looking at the back of the two boys who slowly went away.

The thing that he can only do is just tremble over there.






If one has to put in one sentence, then she had a bad opponent.



Ira is someone who is unmistakably has a master at her swordsmanship, and is a powerful scout.

Even so far as she being able to always continue to protect the Demon Lord’s castle.



However, Zed easily surpassed that

His name is Zed “Zed the one makes the flying fall” (TL ; better name plz)



Ira who got her wings plucked away, lied down on the ground.

There’s a great amount of blood that was flowed down from her back.



TI was her first time receiving an arrow that is faster and quicker than black magic.

Though Ira was able to avoid crashing down to the ground after getting shot, but after that she got showered with black magic.



For an angela race who got his or her mobility snatched away, there’s already no chance for her.

With just being pierced by an arrow, Ira’s past and future got snatched away.



As Zed finished putting the great bow onto his shoulder.



He pointed to the demon race who is in the brink of death and then ordered.



[Don’t kill her. There are many buyers for an angela race.

Plug her mouth and bury her in the ground. We will retrieve her on our way back ]



The one who defeated two people.

There’s a lot more damage than he expected, so he thought.



Leaving alone one person at that place, the rest 7 people advanced.

After all, this is the speciality of the A+ rank Guild <Trebuchet>



(Our opponent is that “Demon Lord’s castle” after all.

We ended up arriving at the place that we should go to. Heh)



Over that hill, the Demon Lord’s castle arose.

To have an opponent this huge. As expected it was their first time. 



[Master, we are ready anytime]




Zed to the six magicians, told them that they already entered the range area.



[well then, it’s time for work.]



It can be said that once, the Demon Lord’s castle was covered with a solid magic square barrier.

However , right now, it’s open in nakedness.



Using a black magic from a long distance, they will destroy the Demon Lord’s castle itself.

THat is the quest that was bestowed to the <> guild.

Though there’s a disturbance from Ira’s side, however they can recover from their lateness perfectly.

The subjugation of the daughter of the Demon Emperor and the Demon Lords, the initiation team will be the who will accomplish it.

The thing that Zed and his team would be doing is exterminating all the other demon race.






He raised his hand and ordered.

The six magicians at the same time fired their black magic.



The black magic that is most fitting to destroy the castle’s rampart ----- Blasting Artillery.



This bombardment that is black magic is composed from earth tech and fir tech. It explodes at the same time it comes into contact with something.

The destructive power is tremendous.

Even the dragon race, who which is covered in strong scales, will die in one blow from this attack.



Each and every of the black magic ball that was fired off approached the frontage of the Demon Lord’s castle fortress ----



However, all of it exploded in mid air due to the obstruction of a barrier.

The six large flowers blossomed in the vicinity of the rampart.

The sparks got scattered and were poured down onto the ground. They made sparkles of red light.



(As I thought, we can’t deal with it by ordinary means. Eh.)



The ones who protects this castle, are both wings of the Demon Lord’s daughter.

One is Ira, while the other one is



[A + subjugation target. “Silver Magician Axis Shirbenia” ]



If Ira is the sword, then  Shirbenia is the shield.

Her very existence is the magic square barrier of the Demon Lord’s castle itself.



[There’s no need to destroy it. Just keep on attacking it.

While we nail down Shirbenia, the guys inside will do their job. ]



At the time he said that

There’s a light that twinkled.



From the Demon Lord’s scouting tower, there’s one light beam that was emitted.

Predicting the spot where they released that black magic, Shirbenia returned fire.

Since it’s not black magic, there’s no act of preparing the invocation

It’ll be difficult to evade from that attack.



However, Zed and hi team are already gone fromt hat place.



At the time when the magician fired their black magic, everyone of them ran in all directions.

Shirbenia has the ability as the rumours said.

While protecting the castle from 6 first class magicians, she still is able to return attacks with sorcery

The is the tech user called as Shirbenia.



[Don’t rest your black magic! Lose your focus and you’ll die!]



It’s at that moment when Zed shouted.

This time the flame ball that can be compared with that one of  a party of magicians rained incessantly from the sky.



(Oi oi oim since when was she able to write that code….. )



Zed and his team evaded it in a panic.

On their backs after they evade, rain that will burn everything and anything came falling down onto the ground.



Surely she wasn't able to perceive their exact location, but still the range of that attack is too large.

If they were not picked elites, but if by chance they were an army that was attacking the demon Lord’s castle, surely by that attack the knight army will have gotten partially destroyed.



In the Demon Lord’s castle vicinity, it can even be said that it started to become a wasteland.



’s magician's hands didn’t stop to fire a flame ball without any rest.

In front of the raining of shells, that she didn;t know where and when it will come, Shirbenia didn’t even let one of it pass through.

She kept building up a barrier to protect the Demon Lord’s castle one after another and then vanished.



If there’s someone who is late in firing a black magic, even a bit, a consecutive of sorcery will be poured down onto them.

Even though stretching six barriers at the same time is already a godly skill.



(So this is an A+? It’s a lie. Right?)



Zed grinded his teeth.

He has to come close to the castle to get into range with the great bow on his shoulder.



(I’m beaten. This is more than expected.

With this, it’s possible that we will get wiped out, oi)



Because they were able to defeat Ira just like he expected, perhaps he got carried away.

Even though he didn’t have any intention of getting carried away.



It seems, the ones who the short end of the stick was themselves.




Dyutyu : Nothing more to be afraid of

Shirbini: In the middle of work. Must become the guard of castle/ home. The one who is in charge of the Demon’s castle

Rimino: Dashed off to find Onii-chan. Princess that tore off her dress.



Renzou: Nothing more to be afraid of

Shuu: Nothing more to be afraid of

Yoshinobu:  Spaced



Ira: Beyond help (ED: ;-;), (TL : Orz ....)

Zed: In the middle of a hard fight. Round 2. This is really weird.