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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 027 - 3-3 Ex-Hero Trembles in Fear

3-3 Ex-Hero Trembles in Fear



At the same time, at the underground big hall of the Demon Lord's castle


*Ckluk*, Earth raised up.

*Puwaah*, and this a girl showed her head.


That girl crawled out from the underground.

Wiping her mud covered face, the girl then took a big breath.


[Uhee~.......There’s not enough air ….

I thought I was gonna die]


In that big hall, it was lighted by a candle light that was slowly swaying around.

However, due to the big hall’s vastness, the candle light wasn’t even able to light through her legs.

That girl raised her face.


Thus their eyes met.


[I have a really bad premonition you know……..]


There’s a  boy who put his hand on his face.

He has a medium build. His appearance didn’t have anything worth mentioning.

Well, to say that his eyepatch on his left really stood out.

Holding a wooden sword on his right hand was Isagi.


The girl’s eyes were blinking in surprise. She stared over that young man.

After that she shouted


[Eeh why is there a human in this place!?

Aah, the secret infiltration strategy has failed! ]


So it’s like that, or so Isagi thought.

Burrowing through a hole from a place that’s quite far away and then connecting that tunnel to the Demon Lord’s castle.

It’s a means that cannot be used in a former Demon Lord castle which was covered with a magic square, but it’s plenty enough for just avoiding Ira’s lookout.


Thereupon, there was a boy that was crawling out from the hole.


[Plea-chan…….. What are you grumbling about……

Eh, Uwaah, HUMAN!?]


A boy that has a round face. From the fact the he brought a that is on his hand, perhaps he is a sorcerer.

He looks weak.

Though he looked scared after looking at Isagi, let’s leave that alone. 


Isagi knited his eyebrows.




He stared deeply to that girl who was covered in mud.

Her sapphire blue eyes gave an unyielding aura.

Her beautiful blond hair was cut even to around her shoulder. She has refined features.

Under her silver breastplate, she wore a high class shirt that that was not weird for royalty to wear.

Her mantle colour is red. Well even so it's now stained in tawny colours because of the dirt.

She also has a sword that was put on her waist.


There was no one thing that matched with the image of Plea in his memories


Though Plea indeed has the same blonde hair, but the one inside his memories was always sparkling like it was emitting a phosphorescence.

Wherever she walked to, everyone held their breath and looked towards Plea.

A peerless beauty in silenceness that was cladded in a unique aura. That is the woman called as Plea.

That appearance that is so fragile as her lifespan gets chipped away and those insecurities are what maintain the perfect balance of her beauty. (TL: mean she's not an immortal , so as she got older, the appearance will changed and gone something like that - if you confused with the wording XD)


Yes, Plea is just like a goddess.

She is the incarnation of beauty.

Whenever she stood up, she was an angel. If she sat down she was a fairy. She walking figure was just like a goddess…..


(......No good. I beautificated it too much…… )


Isagi who as expected still realized it, shaked his head.

If he keeps like this, there’s a possibility that she will only end up as a disappointment when they reunite.


At any rate, she is not the plea that Isagi know


[Ah, are you perhaps someone who got captured and was put into this Demon Lord's castle and was enslaved by them or something like that!?

If that is so then you can rest in peace! Since we have all come here to save you from here!]


The girl who threw her chest and laughed cheerfully.

Maybe her age is about the same as Isagi’s


[No, it’s wrong you know, Plea.

Perhaps, this person is that...ummm……..]

[Eh? What, Isagi?]


(And now there is also an Isagi here…..?)


Unconsciously Isagi knitted his eyebrows.

At this rate he wondered if Selder and Balzdo will come out too.


And thus, there were another two human males that came out from the hole.

It really happened.


[Ah, Riji and Sludge, it seems that there is a human kid that got captured at this place.]


So Plea (?) told these two.

Those humans named Riji and Sludge seems to be sorcerers.

Those guy’s at the same time strengthened their vigilance.


[.... Brave-sama, This is perhaps, the so called “Demon Lord candidate”]

[Someone who later will become the replacement for the Demon Emperor Anrimanyu]

[Eeh!? No way!]


Plea got quite surprised.

She alternately looked over the boys and Isagi.


[Alright. Isn’t it better if we just ask him. Right!

Ey ey you! Are you a kid that got captured in this place or are you a Demon Lord candidate?!]

[Well no. I am now jobless]

[Eh you're jobless!? I think it’s better if you search for work you know! ]

[Yep, sadly that’s true….. But not that]


What should Isagi

After being troubled, he asked.


[More or less, I am the ex Demon Lord candidate………. Or if I said so, do I have to fight you? I wonder.]

The girl unsheathed her sword.


[Yep, I’ll kill you!

I’m sorry, since it’s already decided to be so!]

[A~h. I don’t want that you know]


Isagi ended up groaning.

Only her power to pressure someone is no different from Plea’s.


The glitter of the sword is a violet coloured like the sword itself is emitting magical power.

It is surely something of famous sword she has there.

Even though she acted like that, she didn’t have any gaps.

Different from her attitude and appearance, she is a skilled swordsman.


[We are the Neilwine kingdom’s adventurer guild <Walkure>!

For the sake of defeating the later Demon Lord and Demon Emperor’s daughter, we have come from the earth!]



If she’s came from the Neilwin kingdom, then it was the kingdom from the west side of the Suraosha continent.


It was one the lands that Isagi and Plea saved from the hands of the demon race.

As expected it didn’t have any connection with the Plea that Isagi knows.


In front of the girl that made a stance with a high spirit.

Isagi folded his arms and then groaned.


[It’s  just my assumption you know, but are you guys possibly, if I let you guys pass here, will kill Dyutyu and the other Demon Lord candidates? ]

[Evil- kill- at once !]

[Our conversation doesn’t connect! ]


He spontaneously shouted.

Perhaps the beings called human race, in just these short 20 years, has already degenerated so far.


And then the rest of Plea’s group, also took their stance.

Though it seems that they still didn’t cast anything. Maybe they are still waiting for Plea.

Isagi tried to restrain them.


[I understand, but for now, please hear this one thing]

[What --?]

Unexpectedly it was going according to his plans.

However, there was a thirst of blood that resided in those eyes.


[That name. What is the meaning of it?

Plea, and also you Isagi.]


The young shivered with a start as soon as Isagi pointed at him.

It’s surprising on how he can come out to the battlefield with that kind of attitude.


Plea inclined her head.


[The meaning of it you say…….

I think it’s a quite common name you know?]



At least in isagi’s time, he never found anyone who had the same same name as him.



[It was 20 years ago you know. Isagi-sama and his partner Plea-sama exterminated the Demon Lord.

After that, it became the name that was popular all over the world. Right?

Honestly at primary school and even knight school there were about 10 people with the same name. It’s really unpleasant]

[Yep, me too  (TL: use boku)

After all the name Isagi is uncool. It also sounds like a fish. Also it doesn’t sound right in the throat]

[Don’t say that]


The Isagi over here spontaneously muttered that.

[I want a kind of that name that’s more cuter you know.

Candy candy maybe?]

[Plea-chan I think that sensing of yours is a bit…..]


The Isagi over there retorted with a small voice.

Isagi over here also had the same opinion with him.


With this Isagi understood.

It seems, that the name Isagi and Plea is just a craze.

Perhaps there’s no need for him to get too vigilant with Dyutyu and the others.

Though it’s already too late for that.


[Well, it’s already fine. Right?

For the sake of this world, you will become the rust of my sword. Alright? ]

She said something unreasonable.

However. She has the power to accompany those unreasonableness of her’s.

Isagi took a deep breath.


[That’s true eh. Well whatever.

The next is just that after I beat you guys into a pulp. I will hear anything that I want from your bodies.]

[Ooh, some badass words….. Something Demon Lord like…..!

It makes me shudder! The tension is rising!]

[Why do you look that happy?]


He muttered that tiredly toward Plea


At the same time, the sorcerers at the same time fired their tech.


Analysis tech !




However Isagi easily warded it off with one hand.

He didn’t know what in the they wanted to do to him.


[.......An, analysis was undone !?]

[Since I knew it would come, of course, anybody would be able to react to it]


Though Isagi said that straight out, but it seems they still weren’t able to understand

To “ destroy a code” at this level, it’s so easy even that he didn’t need to use his eye.

They lack knowledge, or so he thought.


Plean then ran towards Isagi.


[Now, fairly ~ !]


Her afterimage approached.

Due to her rushing speed that was really fast, the basement’s stone floor, which she stepped on, got smashed and turned over.

That girl in an instant covered the distance between her and Isagi.




The diagonal slash that goes from under to the overhead is truly a one hot deadly attack.


(It’s fast eh)


Isagi was astonished

It’s gonna be hard for another Demon Lord candidate to do something with this first attack.

In contrast Isagi’s weapon in his hand is just a wooden sword.

It’s a foolish thing for him to try to ward it. With just a touch to his wooden sword, surely it will be broken.

That’s why he evaded it by opening”hanshin”. (hanshin : kendo stance with legs in an L-shape, with one leg bent in front and other extended behind)


[ ------ Uwee !?]


He lightly strunk Plea’s back who made a shout.

As she accelerated to that extent she failed with her break, and fell over to the floor.


All of the sorcerers looked towards that place with a dumbfounded face.


(Her speed was over 350 ……. Maybe it’s around that?) 


Such a speed in this small room….

If she battles outside, even Ira wouldn’t become a match for her.

In that case, since Ira has wings, so her position is on even grounds against her.


(Possibly, everyone will get massacred by her)


As he imagined it, it became an unpleasant feeling

He too only started to take this road just 4 months ago.

Perhaps this is what is called as disgust towards the same race.


Thus, Plea who fell down in a flashy way stood back up vigorously.



[Ooh, you’re so energetic eh]


[I don’t understand]


While blood was still dripping from her nose, the girl pointed her sword towards Isagi.

Isagi flappingly waved his hands in front of his face.


Isagi over there raised his wand.

However, that code is not that of a black magic.

What is it? Or so Isagi observed him.

A light dwelled on Plea’s face

And then, the nosebleed quickly stopped.


[Y,you, what is the meaning of this!

How can you cleanly evade over my slash like that!]

[Well you know, I’ll die if i get hit after all]

[Get hit and then die will you!]

[don’t say an absurd thing kay !?]


What a frightening girl

Isagi took back his words. It’s not detest towards his own race.

At least he himself does not lack common sense to this extent.

Rather than that.


(Just now, what was it? High- class recovery tech…. Is it?

There was not a code like that in my age… )


Well, whatever


[The next will ----



Along with her scream, Plea came assaulting Isagi.

Her sword school is the continent’s peer official swordsmanship

Her swordsmanship is straightforward but…..


(That violet afterglow is really troublesome….)


In one attack there were three lights overlapping with it.

In addition, the timing of each had a slight difference.

It’s out of question that it’s a famous sword. The sword that she posses is the type of sword that can emit a magical power from itself <<Magic Sword>> type.

It felt like that Isagi was fighting against three knight that are at the level of Plea simultaneously.


Perhaps the reason that she didn’t take another swordsman with her is, because there’s a possibility that she will accidentally kill her friend.

If one got captivated by the sword’s trajectory, they wouldn’t be able to evade the sword’s light.

If one focused on the sword’s light, then they will lose the sight of the real sword.

It is a well made murder skill.


(However, if it’s only like that then…)


Isagi kicked the ground

He evaded the overlapped magic sword attack by jumping over it.


The opponent Plea’s reaction was also magnificent

She already predicted that he will plunge from overhead and already took a took a stance to receive it, but at the same time, Isagi kicked the cellar’s ceiling and arrived at the ground


Isagi easily shook off himself from Plea’s kinetic vision

As he confirmed that the girl already lost sight of himself, Isagi brushed off of the girl’s leg.




Plea got overturned at that place and fell down hitting her face hard on the floor.

The sound was that like a frog that got crushed and a heavy blunt sound that resounded inside the cellar.


Perhaps the area around her nasal bone got crushed.

Although he didn’t have any intention of aiming at her face, he ended up doing something bad.

Even though this girl is a lovely girl, or so Isagi thought that in slight regret.

After all, Isagi can’t let himself get killed here.


Isagi put the wooden sword on his shoulder and looked over the sorcerers.


[Well then, you guys.Who is coming next?]


As from what Isagi can see, these guys are completely in the support role for Plea.

As long as plea got deafeated, he thought they will not have any will to resist any longer but.




The boy raised his wand.

Surely, that boy will chant the same tech that healed Plea’s nosebleed in an instant just like before.

Isagi wouldn’t overlook it this time.


He leaped and then gave a blow on the of his chin.




That boy raised a little scream, and then collapsed at that place.


Isagi made it so that the boy wouldn’t get hurt as much as possible. So he choose to give that boy a blow that will cause a cerebral concussion.

With this, he already made two people powerless

Therest are just the same. He only needs to make the other two faint


The two last sorcerers clearly hold a fear against Isagi

If he wanted to ask about a various of things then maybe these two people are fitting for it or so Isagi thought.


Thus at that moment


Though he didn’t have any intention to take his eyes off of her, but without Isagi realizing it, Plea already was closing on to him.




Those blue eyes stared directly at Isagi

Her face is full of blood, but even so the girl still held  aloft her sword with both of her hands.



[You’re just like a mad dog you know!]


As Isagi by reflex tried to receive her attack with his wooden sword, he stopped his hand. Because of that, his response was slightly late.

The violet light grazed Isagi’s hair.


(She didn’t even faint with that dammit…..!

This girl really is…!)


Isagi threw his wooden sword towards that girl’s face.

Plea warded it off with the back of her hand that didn’t hold the sword.

There was no gap in that

----- or so, what will a person who tried to slay her will think


Isagi rushed in at the same time as the wooden sword flew.

The magic’s inner part that lunged to make a counter is struck with his fist.




Even if the sword is not broken, even if it didn’t leave Plea’s hand, it was something that expected.

But right now Plea became defenceless.


[Go to sleep! Plea!]


To her solar plexus ---- from the top of her breastplate ---- he let out dozens of palm attacks.

The girl vomited the blood that accumulated in her mouth.

“Khaaah” she let out a small voice.


(Dammit... What is with this Plea thing……!

Having the same name, makes this harder for me to do. Dammit….!)


Standing in front of that girl that fell down limply in that place, Isagi wiped the sweat on his forehead.

As expected she wouldn’t be able to stand up anymore.

No matter what kind of strange powers that the people in this world use, the structure of the body won’t change.


As he wanted to constrain her for while,  he also tried to take her sword.

Immediately after Isagi extended his hand, Plea’s body once again was wrapped in a code.




Isagi took a distance in a panic.

The pale green light covered Plea.

Just like a cocoon.


Inside that light

A scene that will make one doubt their eyes happened.


---- Plea’s body was getting “fixed” rapidly.


As he turned around. The Isagi boy that was fainted not long ago who was still unconsciousness also got covered in that light.

There’s no sign that the other two magicians did something.


An auto cast magical formation?

But, he never heard of such a thing.




There’s only one thing that came to his mind.

There was actually something like this. He tried to remember.

Though he never actually see it.


His hair stood on it’s end

It’s something unexpected.


Right in front of Isagi, Plea opened her eyes.

Her mouth made a soft smile like some kind of holy woman.


Just like a little girl that got embraced by her mother, that girl muttered with a peacefull face.


[....... Aha haha,

Fifififinally it’s “taking effect”

The he he the pain is gone you know….

Fro, from now on, it is my turn okay.

Aha. aha……..]

There’s a faint light that resided in her right chest

It’s unbelieveable


(it’s a lie right……..oi…….)


Isagi groaned while

In front of the young adventurer who lost her mind

In front of a girl that has the same name as his first love


He shuddered.



That is a forbidden tech.

One of the four forbidden techs in this world.


Restoration Tech


Isagi mk I: frightened because of a big case of copy paste is in the middle of a problem

Plea: Human girl. A skilled swordsman. A junkie that’s already too late

Riji & Sludge : Mob


Isagi mk II:Human boy. Plea’s childhood friend. In primary school, and knight school he always followed Plea and thus became her follower. Actually is the young master of a respectable family, and is able to live just fine even without taking the adventurer job, but for the sake of protecting Plea he squeezed his courage and followed her to the Dark continent. Concerned with Plea’s body. When this battle ends he intends to confess to Plea and along with her retire from adventuring. Since he already ordered the wedding dress that seemingly suited Pela. There’s no turning back anymore.


Restoration Tech: A really dangerous thing. Really dangerous