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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 026 - 3-2 Z’s Beat

3-2 Z’s Beat



A man with a bird viewing hat with a big visor was chewing dried meat as he looked over that fortress.

The wasteland that was shined by the sun was mostly calm.

It’s a perfect day to do whatever he planned to do.


He is a tall man who is carrying a big bow over his back.

Black eyes with black hair, his aura gives the resemblance of a young wolf head that leads his flock


The name he registered with is Zed, but of course that is not his real name.

He didn't look that old too.

He’s a mysterious man who looks like he is in his teens, twenties or possibly someone in their thirties.

His past is totally unknow. Since he has that black hair, it can be said that he was born as a commoner.

However, his parentage is a trivial thing.


In this kind of business, “what are you are able to achieve” is what is important.


[Leader, everybody has already done their preparations]


Through he got called by his friend who brought a wand, Zed didn’t move his sight.


[It’s weird]


[It’s different from what I heard]

[Is that so?]


The tech user man is Zed’s best friend. It’s already been more than 3 years ago when they formed a team. However, that man still isn’t able to understand that subtle character of Zed.


First of all, someone who uses a bow in the Arbarisusu land, is considered to have strange taste.

It’s said that the bow is used by a one part of a tribe that hunts, it is also is the weapon that is used by someone who has a low level of education and isn’t able to use black magic.

If it’s needed to aim from long range, then everybody will use black magic.


A bow is only used for killing monsters.

However, if it’s black magic, it can almost do all the things that a bow can do. The livelihood will also become easier.  More than that, it doesn’t use any funds.

The string will not snap in the middle of battle. The arrows will also not run out too. 

As long as the user’s throat didn’t get crushed, then they can keep on continuing to chant.

Zed is a strange man.


The other guy, estimated his target's height from the sun’s altitude and it’s shadow length .

After that he frowned


[The rampart is one sized bigger. What’s more the bushes and  the cave around here have been completely crushed. Is there someone who is prepared for invasion? ]


Zed didn’t ask his friend that. It was just him asking himself.


(Did the informant send false information? But the informant is a B rank though.

What should I do….? Should I stop? The rushing team will surely get annihilated. Right? Well, what should I do... I wonder…)


Other than Zed, there were 9 other human race at this place.

8 men and 2 women.

Everyone of them are wearing clothes that blend to the wilderness, have their face painted with paint.

However, that place is still out of their black magic range.

Just a little more, they have gotten closer. But….


There’s a sound of a sword that slashed the sky.

The only one who realized this was Zed alone.


He looked up to the sky.


Over there, there’s one demon race that was flying while spreading its white wings over the azure sky.


Since when was she looking over her?


Or at the moment when he thought that and their eyes met.

Her blonde hair made a trail like that of a shooting star, and os that woman attacked.


Gliding over --- Swooping over them


[It’s Ira Izarl ! Subjugation rank A!

----- It’s the “Angela Ira izaaaaaaaaaaa!”]


Or so the man who shouted disappeared. The wind that came out late passed through .

It was a terrific speed.

It’s Ira Irazarl’s prided one his secession strategy. 


The skilled man got his heart pierced in an instant by the surprise attack and was taken away,

And then Ira Izarl has already soared high to the altitude that black magic cannot reach.


Even if that man was still alive, if he got pushed off from there. It would still be death.


Zed gave an order to his subordinates to spread. He clicked his tongue.


[To come to kill without even giving any warnings after finding us. As expected for a demon race.]


However, their side too, didn’t even go into panic.

They didn’t even think that they were at a disadvantage.


-----It’s because he came here for this reason.


Zed prepared the long bow on his shoulder and put an arrow on it. Then drawing the bow and aiming at Ira Izarl.

He focused on the queen of the sky, who was soaring around the sky freely.

Zed narrowed his eyes.

[With this, the sign to withdraw is gone eh.

Well, with this, let’s do my job.]




At the same time, in the front of the Demon Lord's castle.


[Thanks for taking the time to come to this Demon Lord's castle] - (TL : Very politely)


At the front gate of the Demon Lord’s castle, there were two beautiful girls standing in line.

One's Dyutyu, and the other is Rimino.


Not a long time ago, the two were in preparation for the ceremonial hall, but now they have already changed their clothes.

They changed into a dress for the sake of welcoming the emissary.


[Oooh, oooh. Jou-chan! You already have become this bigeh!]


In front of those girls, one great man stood up.

One of the five demon generals, the one who once governed over the west capital Jarwana. The duke Myornen.


He is a demon race with the head of a tiger and wears black armor over his body.


He was followed by several escort soldiers behind his back.

[Also, hasn’t the castle too become looking more solid than before!

Gahahaha, if it’s like this then there’s no need to fear from those human race, Gahaha! ]


Myornen made a big laugh. He is a senior statesman who works for the demon race since the age of the Demon lord Anrimanyu.

However, rather than the military thing, he is the type of man who can display his ability in territory domestic affairs.

As he is someone who is in the frontal line of the demon empire troops, his power is reclined to something that’s called great.

[Ooh, it’s great that the Elf jou-chan also looks energetic! Gahahaha! ]

[Myornen-sama has also hasn’t changed at all]


Myornen who patted Rimino’s head with his big hand.

Rimino made a sweet smile.


The one who introduced her to Dyutyu was Myornen.

Even though actually, he wanted to helter her inside his own region, or so he said it until the end with an apologetic face.


Since the time when the Demon Emperor Anrimanyu was defeated, Myornen’s practical ability almost was gone.

For the sake of avoiding any official quarrel with the human race, the Jarwana city was independent of itself, and introduced a city council system.

The Jarwana city, for emphasising that they didn’t have any intention to have any quarrels with the human rance, their parliament members occupied the majority by the pro-human fiction/

Though looking for the whole demon race, Myornen is holding the name of the five demon generals, but in the Jarwana he is just one of the members of the parliament


Right now, he is in the status as something like a diplomat, in the pretext of attending the dark continent’s event.

He is running errands, or so Myornen laughed.


But, rimino and Dyutyu didn’t hate that scary faced general.

Without giving hedge between the demon race and the human race, he is a man that is struggling protecting the people in his territory.

The reason that he join-forces with the Demon Emperor, is not more than because the fact the the Jarwana’s citizens have become hostages.


The Demon Lord’s castle slowly opened.

Inside the three Demon Lords candidates are already waiting.

Dyutyu entered first leading by Myornen.


[Please, Oji-sama, over here]

[What, so from the five demon generals, the only one who is coming is me alone eh?] -  (TL: He use washi , mean I used by elderly males)

[The ceremony starts tomorrow after all. Maybe it’s almost the time where everyone is about to come.]

[Really, everyone of them. Lately none of them is coming out at all]

[Ufufu, it can’t be helped. Outside the territory is dangerous after all. ]

[Even though Dyutyu jou-chan are hanging out in this place. It’s a pathetic story ]


Myornen who sighed with yare yare - (TL : insert "kyon" meme here)


The gate was completely opened and the next moment when the demon general took one step inside.


---- a sword sprung up from his stomach


Dyutyu and Rimino gasped.

The subordinates that came together with him is six heads.

Among thme, there is one who rebelled.



[Dyutyu-sama, go behind me! ]

Rimino who came to the front to protect Dyutyu who’s shouting.


The one who is doing the treason is not the only one head.

All of the six, one after another, opened their overcoat.

Every single of them are the human race.

The one who stood in front, a man with long hair and  scar on his face, spit to the ground/


[Aah, it’s so damn hot. This is totally a good for nothing plan oi I said ]


Why did it become something like this.

To think, that the demon general would hire humans as his guard.


However, Myornen also opened his eyes in surprise.

Hr groaned while spitting out blood


[Why did you guys…. The army from Jarwana,why….

At the time we set, everyone, supposed to be a demon race….!

It’s like your figures are the same….!? Since when did you guys replace them……….!]

[The~n the question]


The man raised one of his fingers.


[Who is from the demon race that betrayed you?

First, hellhound mayor. Second, the bodyguard troupe leader Bessa. Third, the parliament itself. Which one desired for your disposal.

Well then, who do you think it is?]


Myornen extracted the sword that pierced his body.

Furthermore, with his big hands, he grabbed the head of one of the men of the human race that stood next him.




At the same time when Myornen put power into his left hand, the man’s head popped like a fruit.

He then swung the sword and severed the human’s. It was too late to evade it.

In an instant, the comrade who massacred two of the human race howled.


[Run tot he castle! Princess Dyutyu and Princess Rimino!

I’ll hold them back here! ]



The man with the long hair whistled


[As expected from the five demon general “The Gaol Hang Myornen”

Even though that will be an instant death for a normal demon rance and in spite of your old age you’re still energetic you know.]

[Don’t mess around with me]


Palpitate those big body, Myornen went to assault that man

In the front of the strong pressure of an attack that seems to be able to smash a fortress in one hit, that man said with a cool-looking face.


[But disappointedly. It’s checkmate]


That word is the key to activate his black magic.


Myornen neck and downward suddenly disappeared.

It’s exactly looked like that  a dragon was lurking inside the earth and bared it’s fang toward the demon.

Myornen’s who had his body bitten off by the earth, became the appearance of only his head remaining and tumbled over the place.


The long haired man ----- Sparda, is the user of the installation spell.

For a common <> to see through that skillfully planted code is impossible.


Sparda, in the middle of it, said that and launched a rock in the exchange of a cannonball.


[Elrand Shield!] 


That rock is obstructed by the barrier that Rimino spread right away.

Uh-oh, or so Sparda scratched his head.


[The elf over there is a tech user eh.

Well that’s not a problem. Hurry up and get things done you bastards

Ah, don’t throw away the five demon general head away.

If we bring it to the guild as an add-on it can bring a good amount of money after all. ]


Ordering his members, Sparda looked over the fortress.

He didn’t mind the fact that he let Dyutyu and Rimino slip away.

From the start they didn’t have the intention to give chase to far.

Their job is only to this extent.


Booom, with such great sound the castle gate closed.

He brushed up his hair that swayed and then Sparda laughed.


[with this, the great us’s job is over.

We wouldn’t even let one rat that is frightened and secluded themselves run away.

It’s too easy, seriously. ]


Those remarks with the two of his members killed.

He, in front of the gate , over there sat down.


[The storming team didn’t do any unnecessary mistake. Right?

Well then. Let me look to what extent you guys can do]


He looked up over the Demon lord’s castle and then muttered.


[My earning is depending on this.

I beg you, hey.

The Brave Plea]


Ira: Her real name is Ira Izarl. Angelica chivalric order. Her power is equal to one brigade/

Dyutyu: One of her close people is killed right in front of her. As expected she can’t keep smiling.

Rimino: Protected against the black magic with the white magic that she casted quickly.

Myorene: Tiger headed demon five general. Died in below 37 line.(ED: Don’t you mean headless demon five general? Hahaha….. I am a horrible person.) (TL : He got mami'd)


Zed:Human. An eccentric archer.

Sparda: Human male: A tech user belonging to


The brave Plea: ???