Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 025 - 3-1 Adventurers Attack

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3-1 Adventurers Attack

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Four months passed after that time.
Shuu, Yoshinobu, and Renzou, who went through training and more training, got ahold of a huge amount of power
and soon, among these three, someone will be chosen as the demon lord.


The peerage awarding ceremony seems to be held in name of demon lord rites.
Rimino and the others have already proceeded to prepare the Demon Lord’s castle since a month ago.
After cleaning up the courtyard, they made the place of ceremony over there.
Though at this time, they can't make something grandiose
but even so, the messenger from the five demon generals seems to keep on coming to congratulate the birth of another demon lord.



It was a thing that happened in the daytime when the demon lord rites is approaching tomorrow.

Lately, Dyutyu has always been looking like she is in a good mood.

[ Finally, finally this time has come right ~ , Aah , dear father, dear mother~ ]

Thus she prayed to the heaven.

The courtyard is decorated with decoration cloth, toned with also flowers and such.
The tasteless place that was always being used as the training ground, right now it looks like a garden.
Even the guards which who are always been worked hard by Ira, they're wearing a magnificent cloth like military band, and are guarding the courtyard,

Come to think of it, Isagi doesn’t know about Dyutyu's mother.
He doesn't know what kind of person that Demon Emperor’s wife is.

It's a nice chance before his journey, so Isagi decided to asked her.
[Hey, Dyutyu]
That girl made one great turn
He felt awkward when Dyutyu front was all smiles. .
[Dyutyu's mother, is she already gone. I wonder?]
[Yes, that's true]
[What kind of person was she?]
[She was really kind. I heard that she was a great person]
[Hmm.. is that so]

Dyutyu was still all smiles.
In the end, there's not even a colour of grief on that face.

What kind of tribe did demon emperor Anrimanyu belong to? Even now it has not become clear.
Even for Isagi who had direct confrontation with that person, he didn't quite understand it.
Though he thought that he is like a demon who can be found anywhere, but actually it's still unknown.
But since it's a certain that Dyutyu is a succubus. Surely she got that trait from her mother’s blood.
In the past there were no succubuses in the five demon generals.
Her mother, perhaps is a genuine demon noble.

[I am already happy, that she delivered me safely]
[Dyutyu is a good kid eh]

As her head got patted, she delightedly made a big smile.
Just like a meek large-breed dog.
With that behavior that is full of charm, if she was the flower girl at a town, certainly she will become popular or so he thought.
Thus, over there.

[Aah noisy]
While rotating his shoulder, Renzou who came while muttering alone.
His outfit is something different from usual.
It was a black mantle that was weaved with durable fabric.
Adorned with black ornaments all over the place.
From the accessory that furnished his chest, a strong magical power can be felt.
Surely that's some kind of famous magical item.

[Isn't that suit!!! You didn't it, Renzou.]
[It's superb you know ~ ! ]

Being praised together by Isagi and Dyutyu, Renzou clicked his tongue.

[They had to especially make it over to match it with my body.
It's bothersome. It's a tight like uniform you know.]

Renzou said that while rotating his neck.
His hair is the same length as when he first came to this world. Is it because he cut his hair?
Black hair and black eyes. That appearance is totally different from when he first came.  It was majestic.
If one were to look at him right now, surely there would be no one who would think that he was just like the boy from a half year ago.
It seems, that they had just do the final costume fitting to him.
[This is even though it's thick but it's still feels cool eh,  ehehehe ]
The one who followed after was Yoshinobu.
He had the same outfit as Renzou, but it's fabric had the dark brown color just like that of a bear’s fur.
Thanks to the effect of the sealing tech, for a long time ago he already didn't need to wear his glasses, but he still didn't remove his glasses.
It seems that he can't settle down when he isn’t wearing it.

He made a big turn at that place and then raised both of his hands.

[Fuhahahaha! this one is truly the demon lord Yoshinobu !
Human tribe, better to prostrate before this great one !]

Black magic at the same time as he shouted. From his back there were four pillars of fire that were raised up.
It's something that happened a lot in tokusatsu films. (TL : you don't know tokusatsu ? srsly ? )

Dtyutyu clapped her hands while her eyes shone brightly.

[Kyaa ~  ! Yoshinobu-sama, fantastic !
Yoshinobu-sama, looks like a dear farmer in the olden days !]

Wait, you never see him right, but Isagi cannot retort that.
There's no meaning even if he said that.
Being praised by a big breasted loli, it seems that even Yoshinobu wasn’t satisfied by it.
To make up for it, Isagi observed Yoshinobu from up to below, and thus he muttered
[ .......... Good cloth makes the man, eh]
[Fuhahaha !
That means, I'm cool right !]
If Isagi had to choose then it looked more like cosplay.
Renzou stared at Yoshinobu with an unamused expression.
[Hey Isa. Do I look stupid like that too?]
[Aah don't worry. if Renzou is the one who is wearing it, it properly looks cool okay]
[It makes me relieved from the bottom of my heart]
[Aren’t you guys just plain mean !?]
Yoshinobu shouted.
Well, if he can shut up he also looked somewhat cool in it.
At the moment he opened his mouth, the disappointment feeling floated around him. Maybe he is already one of his character.

Then, at that time, the last person appeared.

[Iyaah, to think that we have to appear with this kind of outfit, it feels slightly embarrassing]
While scratching his cheek, it was Shuu.
His bright hair is tied to the back, and he had that smile just like always.
His overcoat is the elegant grey color. For him who had a slim body proportion, it fits him well.
Furthermore, the sword that he hung on his waist, became a good accent for him.
[Kyaa ~ ! cool ~ ! kyaa ~ kyaa ~ !
Shuu-sama ~ ! kyaa ~ kyaa ~ ! ]
Dyutyu who started to have tears float in hers, right now, she already has the tension of a fan that has come to some performer’s concert
Isagi put his hand on his chin, and thought for a moment.
And then to those three.
[Hey everyone, try to stand up in line as I instruct.
Yoshinobu in the middle, yep. Shuu is on the left. Then Renzou on the right. Just like that.]
In the courtyard with the rites ground in their back, the demon lord candidates stand in line.
Shuu, Yoshinobu and Renzou.
With their whole body carved with tattoos, the forbidden tech users who were wearing the outfits of demon nobles.
Isagi looked at them, and nodded, and looked satisfied.
[Shuu and Renzou, both of you are cool]
It's not weird if either of them is were chosen as the demon lord.
If someone who has a beautiful face like Shuu wears that proper get up, people will seem to believe if it said that he was a prince from somewhere.
Surely there'll be a demand for a demon lord who is handsome and has a gentle aura around him in this world.

Renzou too didn't fall behind.
He was a demon lord who release strength from his sharp glint of eyes.
His unsociability look is again looked refined.

[Nothing will come even if you praise me you know]
Walking towards the three of them , Isagi clapped Yoshinobu's shoulder
And while giving him a smile, Isagi said.
[Yep, no matter whoever is chosen, let's do our best to serve them okay, Yoshinobu]
[It's already decided that I will not be chosen ! ?]

Yoshinobu’s shout resounded inside the courtyard.


Tomorrow, the awarding ceremony will be carried out. The demon lord will be chosen in front of many attendants
And then they will change the place, and they will go towards the dark continent capital ---- Brotherhouse.
The demon lord candidates will attend the five demon general conference, and over there formally they will bestow the chosen one as the demon lord name.
That's the plan from now on.
Isagi also will attend the five demon general conference, and over there he intends to announce that he was the former hero.
Though he didn't know how will the five demon generals will react to it, but surely their reaction wouldn't be good.
However, in these four month for the sake of that thing, Isagi already built up trust.
If it's Dyutyu and the other three, surely will understand.
They will hear what Isagi says.
Even if it didn't go as he planned.
At that time, it's fine if he just forces them with power.
Even if there's no one who will cooperate with him , as long as he can convey his intention then it's alright.
but, it's slightly sad.
After that and more is Isagi job.
He will go towards the Suraosha continent, and go to adventurer guild headquarters, over there he will tried to persuade the guild master Balzdo.
That guy surely, didn’t want to cause this war.
This side also had the power to deter their attack called as the three demon lords.
Surely he didn't want to shed pointless blood.
But if the adventurers are really that dreadful, Isagi only needed to enter the adventurers guild.
If the adventurers decided to assault them, then isagi will become their opponent, or so he planned.
The worst, the diplomatic relation between Suraosha continent and dark continent will stopped for a moment.
Maybe Dyutyu and the demon lord candidates will label him as [Betrayer]
But, it's better than starting the war.
Everything will be alright if he is able to change the human race world from the inside.
Then the next thing is to slowly search for Plea’s whereabouts.
That's the plot that Isagi imagined.

These four months, Isagi wasn’t just fooling around.
There's also the time when he sneaked into one of the four cities that the humans controlled in the dark continent.
The humans over there, Isagi can't say that they have high morals or even high skill.
Separated from the land which they were born and grew up, they're the self defense of the city in the dark continent.
It seems that the demon's cuisine and also water is not into their fitting.
All of the knights that are stationed over there, are longing for their homeland.

Said it frankly, it was a let down.
If the humans in the dark continent, surely they wouldn't even able to put a scratch to the three demon lord candidates.
It seems that the other cities are under the same kind condition.
That's why, Isagi's plan will surely go smoothly.
In front of the demon lords who appeared, they can only run with their tail between their legs.
That's right. Let's just close the sea.
It doesn't need to be the extent of a maximum magic stone.
With only a great magic stone, one can make whirling tides between the two continent that last for a long time.
Regardless of it, as long as they aren’t able to cross then it's fine.
If it's like that, both of the continents don’t need to shed any useless blood.
However, the true worry of Isagi is the maximum magic stone.
If Isagi isn’t able to found that thing, Shuu, Yoshinobu and Renzou will be delayed to go back to their own world.
About that,.........
Right now, Isagi isn’t able to find the exact solution to find that thing.
For that, Isagi looked over books. He checked if there's possibly any of the sacred treasures (maximum magic gem) still sleeping somewhere in the dark continent, but it still didn't bear any fruit.
But, if he collects all of the magic stones around the world, then maybe it will be enough to make a maximum magic stone.
If the adventurers start to move, collecting those things surely will become easy.
There's a worth in trying that.
Renzou, Shuu, Yoshinobu.
At least he had to collect the quota for those three.
.... Those three quota, without fail.
These four months, are really peaceful days.
Between the time when Isagi was summoned to Arbarisus three years ago and these four months, there  aren’t quite days like this.
The four months he spent together with Rimino, Dyutyu and his three other friends.
Actually, it was hard to separate.
(Well, it can't be helped)
Although it was fine if Isagi was a normal boy.
He would always stay in the demon lord’s castle, and he will pass his days carefreely and happily.
Isagi is the hero.
The hero, who once in this world brought down the demon emperor 20 years ago.
The one who said great power brings great responsibility, is whom he wondered .
(It's alright, let's just forget it)
These four months is just a dream, he decided.
( .... Hmm?)
Isagi raised his head.
It's some kind of presence.
He felt the back of his neck throbbing.
He called over Shirbenia who rarely is in the outside.
[Hey, Shirbenia. Do you know where Irais?]
Shirbenia who had her eyes half open looked sluggish.
Usually she wears a blue navy robe, but right now she slightly dressed up.
A ight camisole-like dress , and also the tricone that's one size smaller than the one she usually used.
When she is in such an appearance, as expected she is a beautiful girl, or so Isagi thought.
That girl who served as Dyutyu's guard who sat holding her knees at the edge of the courtyard, raised her hand straight.
The way she pointed towards was the sky.
With only that Isagi came into an understanding.
[Is that so... So she's patrolling eh ............ ]
Usually, Shirbenia and Irais took turns becoming the bodyguard for the demon lord's castle.
Especially Ira's "wing", surely it will bring threat to anyone who tried to come near into this castle.
something bothered him.
If someone wanted to invade this castle, they had to come from demon lord’s castle gate which is the front gate, or through the castle walls.
Though there's a secret gate at the behind of the demon lord’s castle, but over there is protected with barrier magic.
Carelessly trying to enter from the outside will end up getting a total fire loss.
It seems that the defense of the demon lord’s castle is perfect. Though it seems like that but.
( .... Nobody, realized it?)
Or maybe it’s just his misunderstanding.
Right after his last battle with the Demon Lord, he never did battles that really can be called as battles.
Perhaps it's just that his instinct become dull.
At least, in these four months, not even once did someone try to attack the demon lord’s castle.
(Aaah really, this feeling is bad)
Isagi decided to believe his intuition.
He talked with Dyutyu who looked happily over the preparation for the rites at the courtyard.
[Dyutyu, I'll go away for a moment]
[Ah, alright, take care ~ ]
Dyutyu who waved her hand with *flap**flap*
Rimino who prepared the dress asked to her.
[Eh, what happen with Onii-chan?]
[It seems Isa-sama is going to go pick flowers]
(You’re wrong !)
He shouted back with a soundless voice.
but even so Isagi with quick steps was heading towards his destination.
The big underground hall of the demon lord’s castle.
Not the underground room where Isagi and the others had been summoned. It was the big area that Isagi repaired a big hall that boasted of its size
If Isagi's intuition is right.
Over there, there's someone who has invaded.
Isagi  : Harden his determination
Renzou: Grown slightly taller in these 4 months. Manly.
Yoshinobu : Nothing changed. In various ways, nothing changed.
Shuu : A standing figure that is full of elegance . Tied his hair to the back.
Dyutyu : Niko niko nikoni~ niko nikoni ~ ! (niko : smile ~ ) (ED: )
Rimino : If it's about decorating the courtyard, leave it to rimino ! *vigorously*
Shirbenia : Even when she has gotten dressed up , she still looked sluggish.
Ira: In the middle of patrolling

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