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Chapter 024 - 2 - Ex term inside the story

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(in the middle of translating :9)2-Ex2 Terminology inside the story
■ Five Demon Generals

Chosen by the Demon Emperor Anrimanyu,, they are the higher ups of the demon race.
Currently, they work as senates of the real constitutional monarchy.
By the five demon general conference, the policies of the demon race federation stats are decided
Yet even though it has the name “five demon general”, it consists of more than 5 people.

■ Continent Formal Swordsmanship

During the bronze age, a swordsmanship was created by a human race swordsman, Beilou.
There are various theories about where Beilou came from, but the most plausible theory is that he is someone who came from a different world.

■Magical Eyes

The pivot of a magical ritual. A skill for the sake of reading code.
A thing that is similar to spiritual eyes.

■Examine Eyes

The power from the heroes age.
It’s said that it allows one to be able to read the physical 『Weakness』of the opponent.
At the present, it is being conjectured that it was formerly one of the forbidden techniques.

■ “Let’s think about something hard, the me from now on.”

The words that were said by the character of mother 2.That day, when Rimino started to move forward, they were her words of determination.

■ Lolicon.

It means being a pedophile.
Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s book with the title 『Lolita』.

Originally, it’s about someone who couldn’t forget his lover and was separated from him because of bereavement. The main character keeps on chasing her. It’s a story of lonely longing and perversion.

The thing that was used inside the story was an incurable illness.
Yoshinobu is infected with it.

He said.

『 Even though someone that’s already 17 year old cannot date someone who is 10 year old, while someone who is a 29 year old man can date a 22 year woman and it being considered as normal. If we are looking at the problem on the surface, aren’t we just forgetting about something important? It’s not like I was in love with Lolishia-chan who is 10 year old. I lover Lolishia-chan as a woman. I love her very much.

Just because she is by chance a beautiful girl, I want for everyone to stop calling me a pervert or a person who has lolita-complex. The one who said such a thing is just a fool who couldn’t grasp the truth or rather than that, if we think about it, aren’t the ones who are minding over such things are the ones who have the mental disorder. Right? If someone can look at it with clear eyes, the can see that here, it has this thing called 『Love』.
C○MIC LO is my bible. Ami Mami is justice. Yes, - Ro○Byuu ! Everyone should also read Ichigo Ma○allow. Then everyone will also understand what I am saying. We , who love the beautiful flowers and want to keep their beauty, are truly the Lolinomix Holder』

The patient said such an ambiguous testimony and his motives are still unknow.

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TL is not into Lolita (the more you know)

Btw the references is for “Idol Master , RoKyuuBu also Comic LO

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