Rebirth Online World

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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 023 - 2-EX Character


2-EX Character


Asaura Isagi


The main character of this novel

Right now, he is not even a Demon Lord candidate. He is just jobless, but occasionally is a carpenter.

Even though he stands at the peak of being the most charismatic person between the boys, he’s a chuunibyou

His left eye behind the eyepatch sometimes throbb. He is the possessor of spectre eyes.


Being pushed down by a 10 year old girl and finally after getting his trousers striped, his thing was grabbed by a little sister maid elf princess.

However, he himself claims that it was not cheating.


Since he lived his life in nothing but doing nothing but battling in his youth

Remembering the carefree feeling and the fun of messing around between men, he cannot feel other than touched.



Hiyama Shuu



Demon Lord candidate . Excels in swordsmanship.

He seems to be Isagi preferences. How Shuu thinks about that is still a mystery.

The incarnation of communication power, always opening his heart to Yoshinobu -  and also Renzou.

Has a kind personality that makes him liked by everyone.


Onodera Yoshinobu


Demon Lord candidate . Excels in using magical ritual.

Though he feels down for a long time, in the end his demon lord nature started to wake up.

For the sake of living for only fulfilling his own desire, he will adapt to this world.

He made a carefully arranged plan so that a little girl will fall to his hand.

His greatest joy is being abused by a beautiful little girl


Ashikaga Renzou


Demon Lord candidate. Continues to make a great effort.

The reason that he wants to go back to his old world, is for his stepsister’s sake.

The result of him ignoring his pride and consulting Isagi, he become one of the Isagi group.

His personality is stoic. A man that admired by another male.

His "that" is Ira.  Though what is "that" is unknown.





The heroine of this novel. Number 2.

She didn't entangled with the story too much.

Her activity is expected to come out in vol 3 and upwards.

A really healthy 19 year old girl, who already sleeps at 10.





Magical Witch .

In volume two, she did a job change to a magical teacher.

Though she doesn’t hate Dyutyu, but Shirbenia is in a complicated age.





Since she is irritated, she is irritated Ira-san. (Ira irashiteiru node, ira ira ira-san)

Changed job to angel teacher in volume two.

It can be felt that she is happy that she is one step closer in her plot for revenge from her personality.

Has a relationship as Dyutyu’s foster sister.




The heroine of this story number 3 .

Loves her job, learning magical ritual, remained fourteen (Presumption)

Don't know if she is being impatient or what, but it can be seen clearly that she is has an aggressive nature.

Though she has the habit of poking her lips, it's not like she was inviting someone to  do something.

Wishes for Isagi's happiness the most.




Yoshinobu's heroine.

10 years old maid apprentice.