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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 022 - 2- 10 The Sixteenth Night.  

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2- 10  The Sixteenth Night.

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[Ehehe, I come ~]

That night, the one who suddenly come with a smile was our princess.
Her simple mind and foolishness had her name well known among throughout the dark continent (?), it was Dyutyu.

[No, umm, why did you come here?]
[Since everybody seems to be gathered here and looking like they were having fun. So I came to play, desu!]

Isn’t there a better reason to say why she is at this place, or so Isagi wondered.
At least say that you came hero to cheer, or such.
The princess is doing as she pleased today too.
The neetriper Isagi, these days have become the coach for these guys. Maybe she has become impatient in her own way.

[ ...... What a noisy brat ]

Renzou muttered silently.
Recently he learned how to treat Dyutyu. He didn’t shout too much at her anymore. To shout at a girl (who looks younger), even Renzou is reluctant to do it.

[Eh, uummm , Dyutyu-san.
I think there are no fun things even if you look at us. You know?]
[It's alright. I am, even when I look like this, is quite profound in swordsmanship you know.]

Shuu had a bitter smile. He meant 『Get out』. However Dyutyu exceedingly took the literal meaning while smiling.
It was a smile that looked like she was happy.

[Well well, isn't it alright even if she comes here right ~ , deyufufufu ]
[Oh my~ !  Thank you very much, Yoshinobu-sama]

The sole one who is on her side, is only Yoshinobu.
Dyutyu who politely bowed her head.

By the way, she is wearing a pure white one piece dress too today.
Surely from Yoshinobu's place he will be able to completely be able to peek over her cleavage.
Yoshinobu who had a slovenly lewd face on his face.
Isagi wanted him to decide properly, whether he has a lolicon fetish or big breast fetish.
Perhaps Yoshinobu is just devoted toward his desires.
Even though Isagi thought that the creepy laughter of his has already disappeared recently.
For sure, the man who's the closest to a demon lord is Yoshinobu.

By the way, Dyutyu hasn’t become attached toward Shuu, or even Yoshinobu.
In the end, Isagi who's the first person for her is special, or maybe it's something like that.
Isagi didn't quite understand how 'those' kinds of people think.

[Then, I will watch from here. Okay?]

She sat down at the bench, and then waved her hand towards them.
Well, she's just noisy. There's no harm in it.
At most, she just watched them writing code.
It's something that happened a lot during the war.

Let's just leave her alone, or when Isagi decided that.
Dyutyu covered her mouth with her hand, and made a cute yawn.

[Fuaah ~ ........ ]

She looked like she is really exhausted, and then looked away.
Dyutyu rubbed her eyes just like a little kid, as she muttered.

[ .... Uuh , Isa-sama,  I have become sleepy .....
I'll go back to the room ~ ............ ]
[Why did you come here then ! ? ]
She waved her hand while not looking in front of her. Dyutyu with unsteady steps went back to the Demon Lord’s castle.
What a truly care-free princess.
It made Isagi want to add a collar to her. (ED: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

They made a sigh as they saw her back as she walked away.

[ .....  Suddenly I feel tired, even though I haven’t even done any practice,]
[Haha, well she's not really a bad person though ........ ]
[Just leave her alone and quickly start the practice oi]

While Isagi and Shuu were lamenting over it, only Renzou is still in his own pace like always.

At this time, Rimino who has already exhausted her magical power at noon is sleeping like log.
Lolishia who's just 10 years old is doing the same.

Though Ira is awake up at this time, but she stands guard in turns. Also she seems to has some other things to do.
Since Shirbenia never comes out from her room --- the spire at the top floor of the demon lord's castle --- except at the time of the lesson, Isagi didn't quite understand why.

Because of that, the only ones in the midnight courtyard are the four young boys.

In the middle of the training,  Isagi understood one thing.
That's, the way Renzou used his magical power.

He wasn’t able to grow with swordsmanship and magical formation.
Isagi was able confirm the reason for that.

That's 『Fighting spirit』.

Renzou had a particular way to use his magical power.
At the moment, he is already naturally able to use fighting spirit which is supposedly isn’t able to do unless being taught.
That's why, Renzou is tough to the extent that the other two cannot be compared with.
That's again, surely that's Renzou's talent.

If he is being compared with Shuu or Yoshinobu, maybe it looks like his growth is slow .
but that's it, because right now he already learned how to use fighting spirit which is suppose to be learned in the future,
Since he already poured the great amount of magical power into that fighting spirit.
It's not something that everybody is able to do.

If it's swordsmanship it's Shuu. If it's using magical formation then its' Yoshinobu, then Renzuo is the one who excels at the fighting spirit.
Those three, everyone has their own merits and demerits.
From Isagi eyes, there are no great differences between them.

At this rate, there's no need worry about Renzou anymore.
However, Isagi cannot say that from his mouth.

Just one word, [no worry] he said.
Surely the time for practice like this, is by no means becoming something useless.

After moving their body for a while, they entered a break.
Each of them gnawed over the dark continent’s fruits which was already prepared by Rimino in the evening.
Though it's appearance looks like an apple, but it's sourness is strong just like a tomato.
It is said that it had a bit of an effect to restore magical power.
Though for demon lord candidates it is just an insignificant amount. However they were happy with her consideration.
The sourness spreaded over their tired body.

[It really helped eh~]

Or, just after Isagi muttered so.
Yoshinobu moved towards him with his eyeglasses glitter.

[Senpai lately hasn’t been able to get together with Rimino right.  It must be sad]

This guy always searched for a topic to make fun of Isagi.
What a vulgar fellow.
Perhaps actually Isagi always thought『It's better if he can quickly became bored with it』all this time.
Isagi softly denied him.

[It's not actually something like that I say.
Also, it seems that kid also has a target that she wants to reach after all]
[It's lonely eh for your little sister to graduate, Onii-chan]
[Shuu too, don't make fun of me please. .... ]

Isagi scowled at him.
Recently there's a lot of cases where Shuu joined to mock him like this.
This is perhaps, his way to shorten his distance with Yoshinobu.
Actually, it seems that finally both of them are able to have a conversation about what happened in their world.

Renzou casted his eyes down, while still chewing on his fruit.

[So I've taking your time with your sister eh. Sorry about that, Isa]
[Renzou is heavy after all. Rimino is not something like that okay]

He considered someone called as "little sister" as something that's really important.
In what kind of world is there an elf little sister that is trying to make a baby.
Is this a galge, or so Isagi thought.

[Rather than that, what about you, Yoshinobu. How's the progress after that?
I never see your figure talking with her you know]

As Isagi suddenly changed the topic, Yoshinobu’s eyes swam around funnily.

[O, of course de gozaru. This one has already entangled with Lolishia-chan from the deeps of the deepest of our souls ...... ] - (TL : he speak with wagahai also use degozaru )
[So nothing has been progressed eh. Even though I risked my life to that extent]
[ ....... Sry]

Yoshinobu who hanged his head powerlessly.
It seems that the dark of his heart, wasn’t able to disappear even after he came to a different world or even after being able to use black magic.

[By, by the way ! Is possibly that Shuu-san has an eye for someone?]
[Eeh , me ? That's right umm]

While Shuu smiled, for some reason he looked over towards Isagi.
Seriously? or so Isagi thought.
No way, isn't this is mutual love, Isagi thought something like that.

[...... Please stop it, shuu]
[Eh, stop what?]

Shuu asked plainly.
Does he have no self-awareness
or is it just Isagi misunderstanding.
Shuu, the emergence of the theory of his natural airheadedness.

Thus, today, Isagi tried to drag Renzou in who is usually all silent in this kind conversation.

[Then, what about renzou?] - Isagi
[Aah? I don't have time messing around doing something like that.
I don't have time to play around in this world after all] - Renzou
[Uaah, so straight-laced] - Isagi
[Renzou-senpai, totally is the real thing] - Yoshinobu

Yoshinobu made a salute.
The man who gets admired by another man, perhaps renzou is the perfect example of it.
He is so stoic.
Over there followed by Yoshinobu's sleazy smile.

[Then then, Renzou-senpai, who are the ones who make you hard then]

Isagi who spontaneously sprouted.
This guy, doesn’t he use his bravery in a wrong place, or so he thought.
He'll beat you you know, or when he is being fearful over what will be happen.
Renzou absentmindedly looked toward the sky, one word.

[ ...... Ira, maybe]

Again Isagi sprouted.
So you answer, at that.

[I understand that ! It was all jiggling right ! ]
[I always get beaten up after all ......
At least I want to give it to her just once]
[Let's work hard for that one day okay, Renzou-senpai ....... !]

Yoshinobu laughed “hihihi” towards Renzou.
It is completely the midnight tension.
Just like that Yoshinobu shifted his gaze.

[The~n the~n, how about shuu-san? Who makes you hard?]
[Eeh ~ for me ~]
[ I don't want to hear Shuu preference ! ? ] (TL: isagi goes dere)

Unintentionally Isagi retorted.
and so Yoshinobu changed his target.
What an unpleasant smile.

[Then , senpai ? who for you ?]
[ I , I don't have any obligation to tell it to you damn it]
[Aah, but, after all senpai already has specific people for him  ..... ]
[Hah, haah ?]
[Senpai always flirting with Rimino and princess Dyutyu after all ....]
[Haah ! ?]
[To think that the first one who built his harem is senpai. Senpai is totally awesome ....]
[Just shut up ! ?]

His face became bright red as he shouted.
What a vulgar person.
I've never had such a story for whole three years you know, Isagi thought.

Shuu laughed amusingly.

[You're awesome, Isa-kun. Aren’t you the most suitable person for the other world. Right?]

Surely he didn't intend pour the cold water on Isagi.

[Even though you didn't do that sealing tech you know]

With that one word from Renzou, the mood in that place rapidly grew cold.

That's right.
at this place, Isagi is the only one who doesn’t possess any 『power』
..... or that is what they thought.

What did they think about it, he never asked them.
Surely they didn't think of it as something pleasant, or so Isagi guessed.

Suddenly, there's a thought that crossed his brain.
These three person, are different from Dyutyu and the others.
Is it alright for him to tell it to them.
No, rather than that, maybe he should have to tell them about it.

The fact that Isagi is the brave of this world.
in the end, he will have to go to adventure leaving this caslte.
that he can't be together with them

[.... umm guys]

It's at the time Isagi started to talk.
He got his neck entangled with Renzou's hand.

[Stu~pid, don't sweat such thing]
[It doesn't matter. you is also our friend]

Those eyes looked gentle.
Same as him, shuu too.

[There's different suitabilities for each person right.
or rather than that, thanks to Isa-kun we're able to have super power up.
If Isa-kun is not here, I think that we wouldn't become this friendly with each other you know]

Not to fall behind, Yoshinobu too.

[Tha, that's true, senpai!
I am, totally didn't want to stay in this world after all .. !
If senpai didn't get summoned here, I'll seriously broken .....]

Different from the usual Yoshinobu attitude who is always messing around.
From his word, a familiarity emotion can be felt.

Spontaneously, Isagi replied while make fun of him.

[.... In exchange of that, it's ended up with me taking part with your lolicon fetish right]
[That is that, this is this, right ! ]

At the same time with Yoshinobu shouts, laughter broke out.
Renzou, Shuu, Isagi, also Yoshinobu who came a little bit late.
Everyone, just like an old friend who has always been together since they're small.

That it’s just like something that comes naturally.
Or maybe, a thing that has already been decided from long ago.

[We will absolutely came back home]

Renzou held out his hand.

Shuu add his hand on the top of it.

[We will achieve our objective right]

Timidly, yoshinobu.

[So that lolishia-chan can live in peace.
Let's make a such kind of world]

Everyone gathered their gaze at one spot.
The last one while giving a big nod, Isagi added his hand.


I'll surely find Plea, so he thought.
While hiding an unexpressed determination inside his heart.

The demon lord candidates training days, passed just like that.

Illuminated by the moon, it was the midnight story of the boys.

Episode : 2  It was a happy day without them realizing it   End

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If you   are seeing this message, you are probably reading this chapter on one of the content-stealing websites.

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