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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 020 - 2-8 Demon Lord Candidates’ Study : Magical Ritual Part 1.

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Changing in terms ~
Sorcery - > Black magic
magic - > white magic
Witchcraft - > sorcery

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2-8 Demon Lord Candidates’ Study : Magical Ritual Part 1.

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Isagi also attended the black magic class.
Different from swordsmanship, black magic hardly got better with the user experience.
Actually, Yoshinobu and the others, already are able to use magic far better than Isagi.
As expected for this kind of thing, is cannot be expressed without sense.

Though Yoshinobu is just as it can be seen, Shuu also is able to use black magic quite well.
For Shuu, he already possessed the ability of a first-class sorcerer.
Yoshinobu is at the level of an elite sorcerer. Surely he can match even the imperial court magician.

As expected, the difference between their amount of magical power with a common person is big.
They're able to draw the code for even several tens of minutes or even several hours.
They also are able to practice as much as they want.
If put into an example, then they have all of the tools for drawing a picture present before them, and they also have an infinite amount of time for drawing the picture. Maybe it's something like that.

Though for Isagi who's just an ordinary person, he supposedly boast of an uncommon magical power quantity, but even so compared to these three then he is considered having low magical power.

But not less than Rimino. It's an everyday activity that makes her about to collapse on the table
and be out of breath. There are beads of sweat covering that smooth skin of hers.

[Uuh ....... I'm, I'm tired .......... ]
With just using sorcery for 20 minutes, this is what happens.
Even though the tribe called Elves, is the tribe that has more magical power compared to any other tribe.

Though, what Shirbenia said about it is.

[This is how you guys are supposedly become like nano. You guys are insane and it's not fair nano]

Or so she said.
She muttered so while being sullen

For a beginner to learn a magic, generally speaking, the time is insufficient.
The time given for black magic per day is 20 minutes. If one is able to write one code in just 10 seconds, then theory-wise they will be able to use sorcery 120 times in a battle in a day.
However, with only just 20 minutes of practice a day, and wanting so that one’s able to write a code in 10 second, needs at least 20 years of practice.

If there's someone who is able to practice like this for 12 hours a day. What will happen then?
It's not simply a 36-fold of the differences. They will be able to quickly catch the theory on a long time practice. 100-fold, or possibly they will be able to master it faster than that.
That is the cheat that the Demon-lord candidates have.

(And so, I'll try doing my best from the basics.... )

It's decided that Isagi will learn about black magic again from the basics.

Black magic, purpose-wise, is something quite convenient.
If one can remember barrier magic, then there surely will be a life that can be saved by it.
This environment where he can quietly learn about magic is different from three years ago.
After all, at that time he only wished for the utility only.

[And so, today I'm thinking we should learn about a new thing nano .....
but, before that ....... umm ]

Shirbenia knitted her eyebrows, and stared over Isagi.
Even if you stare at him...

The seating is different from yesterday.  Shuu stepped back one seat behind.
and then in exchange, there's Dyutyu sitting over there.

[Ufufufu , I'm excited ~ , excited ~ ]

Clapping both of her hands, it was the daughter of the demon emperor.
It looks like that it has become something difficult and unusual for Shirbini to do something.
It seems that this girl also has some people she can't deal with.

[ ..... What are you doing here nano? Dyutyu]
[E~h , after all everyone looked like they're having so much fun. Ri~ght , Rimino-chan?]
[Even though Rimino didn't come here to play uuh.... ]
[Isn't it alright, please let me join to ~, ri~ght, Isa-sama?]
[ummm ..... ]

Frankly, this never crossed his mind that this princess will come to the black magic class.
It felt that she will fall asleep 5 minutes after the lesson starts.

[I can't wa~it ~. He~y , Shirbenia-chan, what we will play today~?]
[ ............ ]

For a moment Shirbenia withdrawn herself while pinching the brim of her hat.
Is this perhaps she ended up secluded herself in her own world, or so. Isagi became slightly worried.

But, after that
grasping chalks with both of her hands , she thus started to write on the blackboard with terrific speed.

While everyone was dumbfounded, she kept on writing something that looked like a sorcery-code packed with complicated words.
Despite the fact that she used two chalks, those complexity seems like that fine details was one of her secret techniques.

In around ten seconds Shirbenia finished writing.
As she put the chalk down, with cold eyes she order Dyutyu.

[Dyutyu, you have to decipher all of it without any exception of this nano.
Unless you able to finish it you mustn't get out from this room and if you come out I'll kill you until you die.
Then, for the others, today we will do the lesson outside nano]

*clap**clap* with that she prompted everyone to get out of the class.

In the middle of when the students were in process of getting out from the room
from behind, the cry of Dyutyu’s sorrow  can be heard......

and so, it's the usual courtyard.
Even though it's a class under the nice blue sky, Shirbenia looks like she is always in displeasure.

[Today we will try to learn about white magic nano.
Even though it so bothersome but there's also request about this too after all]

Rimino who sat at the most front row nodded her head repeatedly.
It seems before Isagi realized about it, Rimino already got completely absorbed in magical rituals.
Leaving that alone.

[Black magic is a power using the magical power to disturb the magical world.
Then, what about white magic]

As usual, shirbenia was using an invisible brush, and started to write the code into the world,
but that is just a drawing that got painted.

[This is one kind of white magic, the most simple <<barrier>> nano]
[Eh, what is this ~ ?]

Rimino inclined her head.

[Wall come come]

With that voice Shirbenia activated her barrier.
and thus the border of the world waxed with a pure white radiance.

[In other words, it's about defending the explosion of the energy at the magical world, with the same explosion.
This is what is called as barrier nano,
but even so, if we keep it just like this then it lacks power. So if you are aiming for further above, you need to write more.
But for barrier tech, I think for someone who learned about black magic then they will easily get the knack of it nano.
Since the code is really easy, then when the time comes when two tech users at the same level fight each other, then black magic will always lose to white magic nano.
As for black magic it has to be written in various kinds of order.
『Fly』,『Aim』,『Faster』, 『Sharper』, it needs a lot of code nano.
However, since white magic is something that can be done with just one code 『Protect』thus it's easy as a pie.
That's why, for black magic to defeat white magic, then a lot of practice is needed.]

The white magic's barrier tech and black magic is basically the same thing.
The black magic that is used as a protection is called as white magic. Such classification is not wrong.
However, there's one only exception.

[However, the healing type tech is something different nano]

Both black magic and white magic, is a magical ritual that connects with the magical world.
Be that as it may, only healing tech is only different.

[ That is a forbidden tech. So that we will be able to meddle with the spirit world, it will dilute our soul until it's possible to do so nano.
Although that magical power is a power that meddles with the magical world, but exceeding that there's a spirit world(or soul world) nano.
For that, it needs to write a code at the magical world to go cross the magical world
and then arrive at the spirit world. Over there we tech-user will hand out our soul to the soul over there.
This is healing-tech.
A limited one-way ticket forbidden-tech.That's the true form of the healing-tech]

Rimino opened her mouth wide, as she kept on listening attentively toward Shirbenia's explanation.
Shirbenia knitted her eyebrows. After that she started to write the code.

[....... Umm, this is healing-tech]

As expected it is really complicated.
Furthermore, the inner composition is totally different from black magic.

[On the top of that, the healing-tech user will shave their own soul, so it's not really recommended to use nano.
Though with magical power one will be able to fix it to some extent, but if the soul got completely shaved up then the user will dead.
A healing-tech user that has excellent sense is something that is as important as an axis magician]
[So it's like that .... ]

Shirbenia straightly told the truth.
As expected Rimino's expression became dark.

In this world, something that came out from an RPG, the literal healing magic doesn’t exist.
A healing-tech is in the end just something that is used for boosting the target's life force. It can't do something like healing a wound.
It will give no effect on a cut or a graze, or maybe body part loss and such.
Everything, is just to boost the recovery speed of the target.

Of course, something like resurrecting someone from death is also impossible.
Just like that detox is a white magic that pinpoints and stimulates the resistance against the poison. However, it cannot remove that poison itself.
While the healing-tech user(priest) is someone who use healing-tech,  it can also be pointed to someone who use cure-tech.

The one who heard those things and is surprised, is not only Rimino.

[ .... In other words, if you by chance get injured and your finger gets blown off. It'll stay just like that?]
[Of course nano]

Toward Shuu's question, Shirbenia nodded.
Continued with Yoshinobu.

[Eh, then, it mean that you will remain dead when you die?] (TL : people die when they're killed)
[That's obvious nano. It's something that is so obvious nano]
[*Gaa---n*] (TL : sfx for dejected)

Yoshinobu who jolted his head as he received a shock.
Shirbenia added another thing.

[But then, if it's just a finger then if you keep pouring healing-tech over it then maybe it'll somehow grow again..
The soul will get back into it's former shape after all.
But I think it'll take a quite long time]

Knowing that, was not quite comfortable.
Once again knowing the harshness of this world, Shuu and Yoshinobu made a sorrowful expression.
Though only Yankee who's as always sitting at the place separated from them, made a disappointed expression.

[After this, I want the demon lord candidates-sama to choose the ritual that will become their own speciality nano.
Is it fire or water or wind or even earth. Maybe tracking or AOE or maybe something long range or rapid fire type.
Maybe barrier or healing or even reflect, multicast or maybe continous-cast even quick-cast.
Anyway, to win against the black magic that the adventurers use, the important thing is to find what is the strongest power of yourself nano.
In the swordsmanship aim or all-rounder, in black magic aim to become an expert.
This is the proper practice of battle nano]

Fwip, Shirbenia pointed her finger towards everyone.

[And so, all of the important people of the demon lords candidates.
You have to understand your own battle style, and before long you have to decided the path you aim at nano.
Quickly Quickly]

Just like choosing a desired course.

For example, for shuu who's good with the sword then it'll be more useful for him if he learns barrier-tech.
If he had earth or wind tech to obstruct the opponent’s movement, then surely he can dominate his opponent even more.

In contrast for Yoshinobu, he isn’t quite skilled with clashing swords with the opponent.
Then it means that he needs heavy use of fire sorcery. He will be cut out for a sorcerer that won't give an opportunity that his opponent will use.

For Rimino, it seems herself wanted to polish her skills centering at white magic.
Though it will not be at the level of the demon lords-candidate, but it'll be great if she is able to get into her target, or so Isagi thought.

and then.

[ ......... ]

Even when Yankee heard Shirbenia's talk, he kept silent.
He already got a late start in swordsmanship. Furthermore his ability at sorcery is not something that's satisfying.
Isagi thought, that he must also felt impatient inside himself.

or so, Isagi realized.

[Shirbenia, now that I think about it, why did we go out?]

He thought that it will be a practice to defend black magic with white magic magic, but it seems that's wrong.
and so, Shirbenia nodded with a triumphant face.

[Dyutyu is noisy nano]

[Even there's a limit for being honest ..... ]

He was astonished. It's none other than astonished.


That night, Isagi opened his eyes detecting someone’s presence.
There's a plank placed on the floor. It's the result of the room after gotten temporary repairs.
By the way, Yoshinobu still lives in the different room.
Since it'll be dangerous if the sealing skill runs wildly once again, he is now, under the surveillance of the soldiers.

That's why, maybe it's Rimino who snuck into the room ,or so Isagi speculated.
Although recently, she has always been using black magic until she collapsed. On the top of that she had to finish her job as a maid, thus because of that she sleeps like a log at night.

But even so sometimes she wanted to take a breather, or maybe it's something like that.
As Isagi opened his half opened eyes while waiting, the door slowly opened.
Someone, while concealing their footsteps came closer to him.

What should he do.
Maybe he should surprised him.

However, he quickly realized.
It's not Rimino

[........... Oi , you wake up right]

It was Yankee.

[Why are you here?]

As Isagi raised his body, Yankee turned back.
Even in the dark he understood.
That Yankee slightly blushed.
He can also feel that Yankee's body temperature slightly raised.

Eh, wait.
It's a lie right.

As Isagi body become frozen because he felt a bad premonition.
While his hands still inside his pocket, Yankee said.

[Do you want to go out with me?]

It was a straight ball.

In some way Isagi felt admiration for him.
What a guy.

About Yankee, Isagi never saw Ashikaga Renzou directly from the front.
However, he is actually quite handsome.
Even his long slit had it's own charm
Granted because of his rude way of talking and wild image, it's hard to notice that.

In addition, his body's musculature is well-proportioned
He is also tall.
If it's in the present-day Japan, then surely he will be crowded with girl.
Saying it frankly, Yankee has a good appearance as a man.

That kind of guy said to go out with him while blushing.
Isn't this perhaps an emotionally touching situation.

Furthermore since he came to this world, he always lived as he was never concerned with anybody.
Even the time when he exchanged words with Shirbenia or Ira. He did it with the bare minimum.
He didn't even try to get closer with Shuu or Yoshinobu.
That kind of Yankee, opening his heart toward Isagi.
It can't be helped that Isagi ended up thinking that this have some special meaning behind it.

Well, about this and that, everything.

That the case if Isagi is a homosexual.

(So it's like this.
I decided, that until I am able to certain that Plea is save, I'll never cheat on her.
However, if it's among men, then it doesn't count as cheating, is that so)

He came to an understanding, then nodded.
Wait wait.
There's no way that's alright.
After all, if it had to be something like that, then Isagi will choose a better opponent.
If he had to chose, then Shuu is more preferable for Isagi than Yankee.
After all Shuu is a handsome guy with a feminine face. The smile he always made look gentles.
Isagi never seen he angry.
In the present japan surely he is a popular person.
it's different story when he has to embrace Shuu, but with Yankee it's a bit....

Well, if he have to actually embrace Shuu then it's a no.
Isagi is  normal.

and so.
Isagi bow his head.

[I'm sorry, Ashikaga .... there's already someone, in my heart. .... ]

Yankee's face warped as he asked back.
but then, he suddenly realized what Isagi meant.
His face became deep red and then shouted.

[It, it's wrong dammit ! Are you a fool hah ! ? ]
[S, so it's wrong ? Then it's good. ]
[ What weird thing did you imagine!? . Are you a fool?]
[But you know Ashikaga, you looked quite serious about it after all .... ]
[kh ! ]

Yankee scratched his head while looking like he was feeling annoyed.
In these several weeks, even his hair had the black part increased quite much.
It's the so called, pudding head right. (TL : watch "ore-tachi wa tomodachi ga sukunai ~ kodaka (MC) have pudding head. - correct me if I got wrong XD )

[ Why do I have to this kind of guy ....... dammit ]
[Then what? Ashikaga. Where should I go out with you ]
[For now, It's okay to just call me as Renzou]
[Is that so, Renzou]

Yankee ---- revised, Renzou point to the outside with his chin.

[Get out, Isa ]

While Isagi looked up to him, he thought.

Is that so, so this isn't an invitation to a date.
but was his challenge to fight, or so he thought.

Shirbenia : Sharp tongue. The skill to bully Dyutyu is high.
Dyutyu : Seems to be someone who's annoying. Got leave behind alone and then she cried.
Renzou : A man with nice muscular body. But have puddinghead.

Isagi : Got attacked by Renzou in his sleep. Though his preference is Shuu but he is not a homo and absolutely not a homo okay. What are you saying there's no way I'm a homo and isn't it the matter of course that I'm not a homo in the first place what is homo mean I don't understand it okay after all Plea is the only one for me also my heart throbs when seeing Rimino or Dyutyu alright it's different from homo I'm normal I'm totally normal okay too normal maybe after all Homo is just an urban legend after all oi stop it fool let's just quickly end this chapter okay. (TL : Isagi said this while flustered thus there's no spacing XD)

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