Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 002 - 1 - 2 Summoning formation Fall-dawn.

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Summoning formation Fall-dawn.

Then he suddenly collapsed and felt death embrancing him, with the last thing he saw being an old man in a blinding light, frowning at him as he whispered, "Tsk tsk. This is what you get for reading this here."


Then he suddenly collapsed and felt death embrancing him, with the last thing he saw being an old man in a blinding light, frowning at him as he whispered, "Tsk tsk. This is what you get for reading this here."

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 Himself defeated the demon king, then summoned again to the world 20 years in the future.
Is that really the truth of the circumstance..

(If the Adventurer Guild was really created… Then Plea and the others must have kept their promise with me)

But the result of that thing is, that the demon race got suppressed?

The cornered demon activated the summoning formation, then summoning themselves.
And thus, themselves presently, arrive at this place.

(It means like that huh? )

Although it was a result after putting together pieces of information
Presently he still, cannot say anything.
What the heck happening in this world.
Firstly he need to ask various things.

(Even if that's really the case, it's not good to reveal my own identity huh.)

When those side still didn't tell anything , it's tremendous to start a battle.
Let's act like a tripper who doesn't know anything of this place.
Just like the other three people.

「By the way, that, how did you summon us? With a magic square?」

Dyutyu is looking at the witch Shirubenia.
The witch was nodding.

「I used a super magic square different from something shoddy like the human kingdom's summoning magic square 『Crimson』 nano」

Although it is his first time hearing that girl's voice, but her lisping is childish.
Somehow it feels like it similar to Plea. (TL : Heroine vibe here~ )

「Even though in exchange that it didn't use maximum magic stone it only can be used once in 400 years, it's suction power of 『Fall Down』 to be able draw anything and everything at random is four time stronger than the one of the kingdom's nano」

She talks on and on rapidly.
Throwing her chest with “eheen”
Isagi makes scornful eyes.

「But accidentally it also can draw something weird」

She points her finger to Yankee and Eyeglasses.
Witch averts her eyes.

「There’s still a lot room of improvement in it's accuracy」

The condition which she applies on the formation is, intelligence, wisdom, talent, and potential power.
As for the reason why it gathers Japanese people, it must because there's also race and possessed belief in it.
If someone wanted to input a specific religion then the rule will be numerous, thus it can't be said as exemplary tripper.

Summoning magic is a high class magic.
If it's really true that Witch summoned four people and moreover simultaneously, then it really is an amazing thing,
but as expected, a person who was un『Demon Lord』-ish was also mixed in it.

(Is this really convenient? )

If she doesn't know what will come out, then isn't that somewhat subtle?
Even with a lot of consideration, he thinks that the kingdom's summoning magic square 『Crimson』 system is far more superior.
With that summoning magic they able to get Isagi in first try after all, in some way perhaps it really have tremendous ability. (TL : Super Rare drop at the first gathca try … GJ witch )

(Although last time I was totally panicking, this is totally abduction right)

Isagi scratched his face.

(That’s why Yankee also got into rage. If possible after they take an appointment with telephone or email beforehand, then telling us when we will get summoned, and if they could perhaps they able to make request for an arrangement)

He wanted to have a smooth summoning.
The enactment of the 『Summoning principle』 of the whole universe, should be more advance.

Number 1: Someone with lingering feeling of their present world cannot be summoned.
Number 2: Someone who has never read a book about an other world trip cannot be summoned.
Number 3: someone with excessive ambition cannot be summoned.

The thing about number 2 is it has 『Come after you properly read the instruction』 like meaning.
Something like that.

(Hey, god of summoning)

Though, only if such a thing did exist.
Presently he ended up thinking about such a thing.

And here Eyeglasses who was keeping silent until now stands up.
He murmured while trembling.

「….. Ar, ar, aren’t you gonna send me back? 」
「Eh? 」

Dyutyu stare in wonder,

「Af, af, after all in this world, games, anime and Manga do, do , don’t exist right …. That is… that is….」
「Anime? 」
「… Manga? 」 (Eyeglasses said it in katakana while the other three said it in hiragana)

Succubus, Witch, and Angelia look like they were confused.
Eyeglasses with terror-filled face, hold his head.

「Aaaah, really, this is what they called another world trip right…!
Who would have thought that i would get caught up on it …. aaaah…. It's hopeless. It's already over…. !」

His is murmur change into a shout.

「In this world they're no computers. Right?! The toilet system does not have a flushing system. Right?! I can't take bath everyday. Right?! There's also no soy sauce and rice. Right?! The bed is also hard. Right?!
I will never again be able to watch or read anime and manga. Right?! I'm sure I will experience a lot of painful experience. Right?!…. aa aa a aa」

Shrak shrak shrak he scratched his hair.
Seeing this from afar was quite frightening.

( Having to much information regarding another world will become troublesome. Right? … ) (TL : here the intelligence, I think Isagi is potential power, the Yankee is talent, and Ikemen is wisdom )

You can enter bath every day.
Though, it's if you able to use magic.

「I beg you. Please return me right now back to my former world please!
Someone like me is no use to you !」

Eyeglasses stood up, and approach Dyutyu just like he was rushing at her.

「Come on, I've never gotten into fight you know! There is no way for me to kill people you know!

Isn't it alright if you just leave it to person who looks brutal over there! That is whyy !」

Though Yankee threaten him with 「Aah?」.
Rather than that.

After Dyutyu who got her shoulder grasped stiffen,
she dropped her candle and screamed

「Hi,HyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………… 」

A scream that seems like she has spit out all of the air inside her body.
Swordsman broke apart Eyeglasses and Dyutyu in panic.
Shirubenia then supported Dyutyu who seemed to have fallen down.

「Eh ? no, eh? ah , eh ?」

Eyeglasses then was filled with confusion on what was happening and started to look around his surroundings.
His complexion turned pale.
After Ira thrusted away Eyeglasses, she went to look after Dyutyu, along with Shirubenia.

「Princess! Are you alright princess?! Princess, is your consciousness still there!」

Dyutyu convulsed with twitch twitch.

Isagi exchanged glances with Ikemen.
We communicate with each other from eye to eye.

What is this.
Beat me….. (TL : Perhaps this is “eye to eye” conversation between Isagi and Ikemen)

Sort of exchange.

The light of the fallen candle had gradually becoming smaller as time went on.

「Pr, princess’s physical condition is falling! You guys stay at this place! We will immediately send an emissary!」

As she shouts like that, Swordsman started to carry Princess’s Body. They came out from the basement.
Following behind them, was Witch who was walking with a bob while holding her hat.

Leaving behind the other four people.

「Eh, I, I am, I am innocent. I didn’t do anything you know! I didn’t do it.I say!」

Eyeglasses felt the gaze that everyone was send towards him and now was panicking.

From somewhere a sigh has been leaked out.
Is it Yankee's or Ikemen's? Or possibly perhaps that was Isagi's sigh.
Yankee spit this out, as if he generalizes what happening.

「… Don't joke with me」

Just like what he said, thus Isagi thought.

(In the end myself, was the one who killed Dyutyu’s father 20 years ago after all …. )

Why did it have to become like this.

Is this Demon Lord's candidate thing gonna turn out alright?

(It's not alright. It's a troublesome thing. Alright….)

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Sadly the gods have spoken.