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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 019 - 2-7 Let's Think About Something Difficult . Me from now on.

2-7 Let's Think About Something Difficult . Me from now on.


Rimino was prepared for the attack that she expected to come.

The girl eyes that closed tightly, slowly opened.


[.... e, eh?]


And then , Yoshinobu who's rampaging until some time ago,

collapsed in front of her just like his strings has been cut.





Feeling a dull pain on her head, she turned her head.

Over there, standing Isagi who's holding his eyes with a complicated face.


[Don't do something dangerous okay, Rimino]

[O, Onii-chan .......... ]


Rimino stared over Isagi from top until the bottom, then made a sigh of relief.


[Okay ........... nowhere, nothing happened right .... ]

[Of course ....]

[Truly, thank goodness ........... !]

[ah, oi]


Though it was right in front of Lolishia, Rimino without minding about it, hugged him.

She was worried to that extent.


[...... Onii-chan, onii-chan ..............

Don't go, don't go anywhere, don't go ...... ]

[........... Rimino]


Rimino who rubbed her head on Isagi's chest,

though she understood why Isagi didn't have any answer.

However, Rimino still wanted to feel Isagi's warmth.



[ ......... hmm?]



By the way, Isagi still didn't have anything on his lower half.

As she randomly stretch her hand, she ended up grabbing something.

Just like that she kept stroking.

It's a long cylinder shaped thing, That is  hot and hard.

What is it?


[Wait, ummm, Rimino ....... ]



Isagi who made a face of unpleasantness.

In the distance that he can feel her breath, Rimino smiled sweetly.


[Onii-chan. In the end, Onii-chan wasn’t able to do it until the end with Lolishia-chan right?]

[A, that. Of course]

[Then~..... ]

She brought her face near towards his ear, while blowing a long breath, said


[ .......... Just once at this place, why don’t Onii-chan let it go?]


*mishiri*, with such a voice Isagi stiffen.

Faster than before he wasn’t able to shout anything. Rimino separated with a smile.


[ Well, it's just a joke , just a joke okay ~ ]

[Rimino .... ]

[ Lolishia-chan, please help carry Yoshinobu-sama !

We also have to clean the floor. Ah, Onii-chan wear a trouser before everyone comes okay]

[Ah, aah]


Even while being overpowered by those vigour, Isagi still nodded.

From somewhere there's a loud voices with footstep that could be heard.

Surely the soldiers of this castle are rushing to his place.

At the time when Rimino left the room, she gave Isagi a slight glance.


(Onii-chan )


To Isagi who's alternately seeing the hole on the floor and Yoshinobu.

While seeing him, she thought.


( ......... Rimino also, wanted to become someone who is able to protect onii-chan )


Raised as a powerless princess.

The first time she saw him.

If she was able to follow him on his adventure.

How happy she will be.


That's why she was jealous.

To Plea, someone who's able to adventure together with him.


To Plea who is even now is always on his mind.

She was so jealous of her, to the extent she felt like that her chest was about to burst open.


Even though it will get harder to breath.

However, she will do her best.

After all, the one who decided on the one sided love was herself.



Even if he will never turn around.

She will be able to stand by his side.


(Yep, but .......... Rimino just needed to start again from here, right......... ?)




Thought they intended to do this in secrecy.

but in the end, Isagi had to explain the situation to Ira who rushed toward his place.


About Yoshinobu who suddenly started rampaging.

About him who smashed the floor in one hit, and just like that he fainted.

Looking at the hole which go through until the floor below, Ira knitted her eyebrows.


[ ......... I'm sorry, but I don't know.

Even for us, we don't understand the structure about the seal technique.

Maybe it has a connection between the user’s mental condition with the demon's seal ... ]


or that, Ira speech.

Just like her, it seems that Shirbenia also didn't know anything.


Maybe, this problem will bring a big effect afterward.

But, right now there's nothing they able to do.


They moved Yoshinobu to another room. At that place he immediately opened his eyes.

However to take precaution, he had to rest one full day.

There was Lolisha serving by his side.

Rimino inspire her.

she said [Yoshinobu-sama is fighting to protect Lolishia-chan right]


Though, it seems that she didn't quite remember the thing that happened at that time.

However, it was something that gave an impression to her.

The distance between the two has become shorter ..... Though if that happens then it is good.


Also, Rimino's state, once again changed slightly.







Several days after the Yoshinobu rampage incident.


From outside of the window, the bellows of Ira training  the soldiers can be heard.

More or less, even in this castle there's something like soldiers.

It must be the thing that Dyutyu said, they're the ones who're borrowed from five demon commanders.


Though because of that, they're not a decent war potential, but it seems that each of them are ex-thieves.

It’s not mistaken that re-making the ruined soldier is something that's not easy.

but, rather than that.


[So it's like that, the necessary attribute to use white magic and black magic is the imagination power to draw your own wish. Also the power to implement those to strongly pray for those thing to pour the magical power. Those two things nano.

Take a note, you must properly take a note nano]


*clack*  *clack* The chalk runs along the blackboard, the teacher Shirbenia.

That room was something like a school.

it was no doubt that this is also the culture that person from another world bring.


It seems lately, Shirbenia's biorhythm is always on the stable side.

She hasn’t suddenly fire black magic just like before.

It seems as expected because of being suddenly surrounded by four humans, it was a shock for her.


The usual her who's calm, is just like a kid.

thougth there's also very much of a troublesome side too.


[ The superior demon lord candidate irritatingly greatly have more magical power than me nano.

That's why there's no things that you aren’t able to do nano.

It’s unfair. Totally unfair nano. Just do like what I teach you nano]


It feels that Shirbenia is not quite good at teaching.

However, for them to be able do mostly what she teaches is one of the amazing thing about the seal technique user.

The class truly made  progress smoothly.



[Muu ~ ......  It's quite hard eh]


Just excluding one person, Rimino.


That girl suddenly Rimino too wanted to learn about white magic and black magic to Isagi.

It seems that she already got an approval from Dyutyu.

Thus since there's no reason for Isagi to object her, just like this now they are taking the class together.


In the front row there's  Shuu, on his side there's Isagi, and then on his side Rimino.

Turn around to the back there's Yoshinobu.

And then a bit to the back there's Yankee, that was the seating order.


Yoshinobu’s physical condition has already been greatly restored.

It seems that he doesn’t remember about himself when he rampaged.

He knows that he raised his hand toward Isagi, so he repeatedly apologized.

From now on my mental will get stronger !so he said, thus for quite a while he meditates.

Let's leave that alone for now.



[Since there's a new student entering the class after all, we will take this chance to review once again .......

The thing called as magical power, is the world weird raw power. If you're a demon race then it is the power that you possess. Whoever are you nano.

But it's a big mistake to think that everyone will be able to use black magic nano.]


Shirbenia *pyon**pyon* jumping, while she wrote at the upper part of the blackboard.

As it's tilted to side it's really hard to read.


[Our world is consisted of four layers.

Physical world, magical world, soul world, and god world.

These four worlds exist pile up over each other, thus it's this Arborists.

The physical world is just like it's name implies. It is the world where our physical bodies exist.

There's the magical world which is really unstable that's interspersed with the spirit world nano.

Let's just leave aside the god world nano. In the end it’s just something as theory, the world that is  just a theory]


Shirbenia drew a diagram.

It's a diagram of a threefold line that's surrounding a person. They topple each other.


[The power for accessing this magical world is the one that's called as magical power.

Look closely nano.]


The moment she said that

Shirbenia, threw the chalk to the floor.

The chalk was destroyed into pieces. The fragments scatter everywhere.


Shuu easily caught the chalk that flew toward his side.

On the other side, Yoshinobu leaked an [Ouch] voice.


[Just as you see, the chalk is broken nano.

This is my physical strength.

The power for breaking the thing at the physical world nano.

Then the thing that is called as magical power, is not wrong to call it as a physical strength inside The magical world nano.

The magical world is really unstable, with only just one blow of a breath it can bring a great amount of energy nano.

The raw power absolutely cannot be used.

Over there, there's filled with the direct order toward the magical power.

Okay, the one who can see it please raise your hand high nano]


Shirbenia raised one of her index finger.

Thus, everyone except Rimino raised their hand.


[Eh, ehh?]


Rimino who's checking her surroundings in confusion.

Shirbenia without even a hint of finding it amusing nodded.


[This is the real way to use magical power.

Carefully write the order ------ Code in the physical world toward the magical world by force, then it'll become a passage that connects the physical world

and then because of the reciting then it'll shake the magical world, and it'll stimulate the energy to explode instantly, transformation on a phenomenon. That's the mechanism of the black magic nano.

By the way the chant word is up to you. the one which is important is the code.

If you get the code wrong then the black magic will not activate after all. On the contrary at the case when you insert the code and it damages the magical world, Boo~m.

The sorcerer will receive the black magic spontaneous discharge at point blank range. Of course you'll end up dead nano]


[ueeh ..... ]


Rimino face became pale.


That's right.

This is the true reason, that even though Isagi holds a great amount of magical power, he isn’t able to use any magic beside the basic magic.

Isagi until the end, wasn’t able to understand those feeling of writing the code.


This is something similar as something like drawing a picture.

The time limit before the code diffusion is ten-odd seconds.

and Isagi is unskillful with such kind of brushwork . It is a lethal thing for a sorcerer.


Even when someone draws unskillful drawing for several hours, it will be no match against the drawing that a really skillful person drawing in a short time.

That's to Isagi, the thing that is called as black magic.

By the way, Isagi is actually bad at drawing.

At the art lesson he was always left alone until the end.

This is again, can't be helped.


[By the way, is there someone who is  able to decipher this code?]


Isagi concentrated into one of his eyes.

To be able to see the black magic code, it the basic principle of the fact that you're a sorcerer.

In this case, even though he doesn’t have any experience as a sorcerer, Isagi is still able to see it.

This skill is called as magical vision, it is an indispensable ability even for a swordsman.


However, whether he is able to understand it or not is a different matter.


Even though Shirburnian handwriting is extremely bad, the code which she drew is something that is so beautiful.

If it's a swordsman, then it's a same thing by exchanging blows to roughly grasp an opponent’s ability.

The way to guess a sorcerer’s ability is not with their magical power, but the code which they draw.


(Totally don’t understand ....... )


Among the four element, if the code is inlayed with a rune that express fire, then it can be understood that it was a fire black magic.

The next the fact that reduce of it's power, the range into minimum.

It's not something for attacking purpose, to that extent he understood it.

Above that it cannot be understood with knowledge, sensing is needed for it.


[Yes, sensei ! ]


Over there, Yoshinobu raised his hand.

He said with delightful face.


[That black magic, is drawn with a beautiful spark pattern, it's a fire black magic right !]


Shirbeniea just like her usual sleepy looking half opened eyes.





With that one word she shook the magical world, and thus incited the energy explosion.

The code shed light, then bursted out.

Right before Yoshinobu's eyes, there's an outbreak of small mass of flames. It's scattered around and changing into various different colour.


[Hot, hothothothothototot! ]


Yoshinobu flapped his hand while screaming.

That was a black magic that is very similar to the thing that's called asFireworkin Isagi and the others world.


[Hie~ ..... will Rimino be able to understand this ~  ............... ]


For black magic there's another different technique to use.


black magic also has other various techniques.

Writing several codes at the same time, multicast technique.

Drawing many codes beforehand, at the time when the opponent enters the range then manually the user will activate the black magic, installation spell cast.

Drawing the complete picture of the spell beforehand, after the opponent fires off pointless shots of black magic or white magic then the user will write the key to activate the spell, counterspell cast.

The way to decide the end is boundless



Even so, there's one sorcerer that demonstrate the outstanding sense, among the people in this place.


[Hii ~  ............ Shirbenia-sensei, seriously scary]


That is Yoshinobu.

Certainly he said that his hobby is to draw.

It means that he secluded himself and then everyday he practiced to draw cute pictures.

Maybe it was one of his motto to say Aim for self-sufficiency !


Though it is quite hard to understand, but surely he has talent for it right.


He is a natural sorcerer.




Rimino : stopped being the bird inside the cage, decided to join the magic class.

Isagi : though 'that' got grabbed it's not cheating. No count , no count !


Yoshinobu : sleeping on the ground below Isagi and Rimino and Lolishia.

Shirbenia : extremely talented first class witchcraft user . The talent to teach other none.


Magical eyes : The ability to see code. The basis of technique user.