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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 018 - 2-6 < Rimino > : Part 1

2-6 < Rimino > : Part 1



TL note : This is Rimino 3rd POV.  



In the end, Rimino was glad with whatever will happened.


Lolishia who's got ordered to do Yotogi with Isagi.

Isagi will mess up Lolishia. He will entirely devour and attacking her immature body.

At that time, Yoshinobu will barge in.

He will magnificiently save Lolishia.

And then that will make her turn her face towards Yoshinobu. That was the original plot.


Isagi got asked to do this bit forcefully, but it's a success stroy that got an OK.

He is really a nice person.

If it's for his friends sake then he will put his body on the line.

Thought that is what she liked about him.


In contrast.

That is, if by any chance Yoshinobu wasn't able to muster any courage.


[O, Ok, Okaay. ....

I go, I'll go, I'll go alright ....... ! ]


That was trully the current situation though.

Rimino was in standby in front of the door. Yoshinobu is trembling while putting his ears at the door.

In particullar, Rimino didn't hate Yoshinobu.

However, it's a fact that she didn't have any room to mind about other people.


They're the Demon Lord Candidates-sama.

The world that she lived in was different from their world. She clearly understood that thing.

She intended to not take too much action.

She also can't keep in touch with them too much.


That's why, Rimino watched over Yoshinobu.

If in any case that he wasn't able to barge in, she was wondering how far will Lolishia go.

As excepted for offering her body must be difficult.

If they're able to kiss then it's already great.


If it's like that then surely he will take responsibility.(TL : for kissing? seriously?)

There will be no doubt, that he will take responsibility for his whole life and will be looking after Lolishia-chan.

That was the kind of man Isagi is.


This is not just somekind of nursing.

Its different from such a kind of thing.

Its full fledged sexual intercouse.

Surely there won't be something like doing her and then thrwoing her away.

It was something that's hold more of a sacred meaning.


Lolishia surely will receive happiness.

How wonderfull is that.


But, at the same time.

If she is compelled, why did he only give his kiss to Lolishia, and didn't do anything to herself. (TL : Dyutyu already kiss Isagi once right?)


She can do it.

He supposedly will do it.

In 8 or 9 cases out of ten surely it will succeed.


Though Rimino understands it, that her time together with Isagi is surely not something that's long enough.

She didn't care even if she was the second. (TL : third, I'm sorry)

If she is able to become together with Isagi, that's all is enough.

For Rimino she wouldn't even care about the place of first wife.


(But, Rimino will get a bit jealous....... ) - Rimino


Wherever it will roll to,Lolishia will become the empress of the future demon lord.

From the view of demon commoners, it was kind of a cinderella story.

Though frankly, she was jealous of it.

But, well it's okay, or so she thought.


If Lolishia becomes happy, and Isagi will give her safety, that all is enough.


[What will you do? Yoshinobu-kun]

[Uuhh Uuuh .........]


Yoshinobu held his head.

By the way, because of the reason that If she used polite way of speaking that will oppositely make him nerveous, right now she used a casual way of talking.

Rather, if she called him while adding -Kun, it sounded like he was talking with the girl in his class and made him excited ...... or so he said,  but she didn't quite understand about it so she ignored it.


Altough it's not like Rimino resented or felt unpleasant with Yoshinobu.

Even her, when remembered the time when she got throwed at wasteland without being able to do anything, she ended up feeling sympathy to him.


[But, the girl you like, is in the same place with another man you know?

..........  Do you not feel anything, Yoshinobu-kun?]

[The, there's no way , I don't feel anything]

[Even though, when we talked about this at noon, Yoshinobu-kun looked eager to that extent ..... ]

[ Even I, will become something like this is .......  !]


Yoshinobu clenched his fist.

Just open the door, then shout [ Wait ! ].

Even though it's just something like that.


[I am no good]


Yoshinobu mutter.

While feebly hanging his head.


[It's always like this. At the crucial time, my body freezes and can't move.....

Even during middle school I can't decently go.

As I show up my face after a long time, everyone from the class all  at once look at my face......]


At what he is said, Rimino can't even understand half of it.

But even so, she understood what he complained about.


[Even at the high school, I think that it will become a fresh start so I will do my best, but it was futile.

That's why in the end, for me even in the other world is impossible......

Surely Isagi-kun, also Lolishia-chan too, will look at me with reproachful eyes.....

For me, who can't just simply open this door ...........]

[Yoshinobu-kun ..... ]


He must have felt frustated.

He grinded his teeth.

To this young boy Rimino is.


[Rimino doesn't understand]


[Rimino doesn't know anything about the past but...

Right now, it's about what Yoshinobu-kun wanted to do right]

[Rimino-san ......... ]


Even Rimino was like that.

In these 20 years, after she heard that Isagi had been gone, she never spent her day without regreting about it.


But even so.

Since now she was able to meet with him again.

She determined, that she will never once again waver.

For the sake of Isagi and her kingdom, she will continued to live.


That's why, when she saw Yoshinobu, it seems like she saw herself when she was still in the kingdom.

Herself who was tormented with a sense of helpessness, and was captured at the royal palace.


An elf princess is someone who is more precious the more powerless she is

It doesn't matter how great their talent or intelligence they had.

They were just a bird inside a cage that cannot live without their master.

Beautiful, and then those incompetenceness is the one for sure, the one which appease a man's pride, thus raised the Elf noble value.


The princess Rimino and below her, lived with their power to fighting called as black magic and swordmanship were snatched away from them.


But, she will not return to that time again.


[EEE~~ iii , ah really, too slugish ! ]


Rimino threw open the door.

Even though actually herself didn't want to see it.


The appearance of Isagi and Lolishia entwined together on the top of the bed came into view.

Spontaneously, she felt her heart squezed tightly.


(Ah really~ ! Because we were too slow !)

[Higyaa !

What what, reward ! ?] - yoshinobu (TL : or so it seems)


She kicked Yoshinobu inside.

And then after that ,Ah, so she realized.


(This is no good right !

Even though Onii-chan and Lolishia-chan look totally like are gonna do something delicious !

We weren't suppose to bother them doing that right ! )- Rimino


By mistake, in front that indecisive attitude of Yoshinobu, she ended up doing something according to her emotion.

It can't be helped. This was also the result of following the voice of her heart.



When Yoshinobu saw Isagi's and Lolishia's state, it seems that the blood went up to his head.

As he got up, he changed completely from not long ago and he dashed without hesatation.


[Uh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ]


Yoshinobu while waving his hand around jumped over toward Isagi.

Isagi promptly thrusted away Lolishia, and kicked away Yoshinobu.


[Wha, what you bastard - . I am right now gonna do some good things with this lady you know -.

Do, don't bother me bastard - ] - (monotone)


Even if it's monotone it's good thing.

Rimino went to beckoning Lolishia.


[Co, come here, Lolishia-chan ! ]

[Eh, umm, eh, the service ...... ? ]

[Yep, it's alright, it's already alright !

Umm, that, ah that's right ! Since Yoshinobu-sama has already came to save us after all !]


Although she who's half naked hestitated a bit.

However, immediately she dash over this way.

And then, she jumped out towards Rimino's chest.


[O, onee-sama ! ]

[Yep, here here, it's must be scary right, it must be scary right]


Isagi is being told to Attacked her just like a beastas much as possible.

How envia..... no no, how pitiful.


On the other side, Yoshinobu striked Isagi just like he lose all of his restrain.

Isagi roll over the bed, came down to the floor.

By the way, though he was wearing  a shirt over his top half, he didn't wear anything on the bottom.

He was complete exposured.


Even while protecting Lolishia, Rimino will never overlook that one scene.


......... it's great.

Let's burn it to memory, or so she thought.




[O, oi, Yoshinobu ! You, seem weird you know ! ]

[AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ]

[What are you doing ! ]


Because of Yoshinobu's fist that's striked to the ground,  it smashed the floor.

That shock surely will resound inside the Demon Lord castle.

Isaigi moved his body from the place he was before.

And then checked over Yoshinobu who raised his hand.


[I undertand ! It's my fault ! I'm the one who's wrong !

I will not put my hand over Lolishia once more ! That's why please don't kill me !

Please spare only my life ! ]


That was just some kind of act.

However, Yoshinobu didn't stop.

The tattoos that's engraved all over his body shed faint light.

By any chance.


[ ....... The sealing tech is on rampage ? ]


Isagi murmured with a cold voice.


And then, Rimino again.


[ .......... Onii-chan will  get killed ?]


Her heartbeat sprung.

Her pupils widen.


---- 20 years ago.

---- She flashbacked the memories when she heard about the news that Isagi is died.


She blamed herself to not taking care of him at his death bed.

She should just followed him until the end.

At the time she appeared at Isagi's state funeral, she talked a bit with Plea.

He is still alive. I promise that I will surely save himshe said.

Plea at that time, had the determination that it looked painful.

Different from herself that was only able to sob, she focused on what she was able to do.


------ She doesn't want it.

------ She doesn't want to come back to those time.


Throwing Lolishia away, Rimino started to dash.


Isagi and Yoshinobu.

Toward the center that connect between those two.


[Onii-chan ! ]


Yoshinobu drew his hand.

The throb of his hand to the extent it made a *snap**snap* sound.

He is unconciouss.

That's why. ----


[Don't come ! Rimino !]


Without even listen to isagi's shout.

The powerless Elf princess, stood in front of Yoshinobu while spearding both of her hands open ----






Isagi train of thought went into overdrive.


> Give a blow to Yoshinobu.

Make him faint with one blow.

It's unknown if this way is effective toward him who's on the rampage.

I can't be going easy, but it's possible that it will end up killing him.

--------- no


>Protect Rimino

The true nature of the magical power that he emits is unknown.

If it's the thing that scatter around the room, it will hurt Lolishia.

                > Use barrier magic.       

                  It is unkown if Isagi's black magic will be effective.

                  ------ no


> Use the "eye"

Possible to cover this entire area.

If seen by someone then his true identity will be exposed.

However its certain.

----------- All Clear.


Isagi tore off the eyepatch on his left eye.

At the same time when Yoshinobu thrusted his hand and howled.

Isagi raised his left hand, and declared.


[ I will behumble with you., you know ! LAST RESORT]



Rimino : Regreted about herself in the past. The news on Isagi's death become trauma for her.

Yoshinobu : In the middle of Berserk.


Isagi : Use his "eye". Currently in the middle of exposure of his lower half.

Lolishia : It seems that as expected didn't want to do Yotogi.