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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 017 - 2-5 Catch it at the Yotogi field.

2-5          Catch it at the Yotogi field.


In the end, it's a plan to show the good parts of Yoshinobu,

and thus it's decided to leave it to Rimino's ability.


And so, it was the time in the middle of cleaning the Demon Lord's castle corridor.


[Hey hey Lolishia-chan. Can I have a moment?]



With a dust cloth in one hand, Rimino closing by gleefully.

That girl inclined her head to the side expresionlessly.


[It's about Yoshinobu-sama though. Do you know him? Yoshinobu-sama]


That girl *kluk* *kluk*   give a little nod.

As Rimino rubbed her hand.


[Th, that person is really kind right ~]


[ Furthermore he's really brave, and his daily routine is to protect little girls or rather,

one day a million good things is Yoshinobu-sama's policy or rather ...

A, anyhow he is a really good person thus umm.

When Lolishia-chan has time, it's okay for you to treat him kindly too you know - - ?]

[... ? ? ]


Rimino who spoke with a cramp smile.

Lolishia always made a face that's stared into wonder.


On the other side, the mens group.


[ .... Hey Yoshinobu. what do you think about that ]

[Aah, lolishia-tan cute lolishia-tan ...... ]


He didn't heard it.

Secluded themselves at the pillar's shadow, Isagi and Yoshinobu watched over the two girl's situation.


Or rather, it's already this far after we asked the help from Rimino, but everything is a lie.

What is that everyday a million good thing. (TL - usually it's one day one good thing)


[Yoshinobu, are you really alright with that]

[Why are you suddenly talking with me?

.... Not that,  eh, isn't there really no problem right?]

[No, but]

[Ha- ha-- senpai is really stiff eh!

the thing that's important for now, is to make her turn her face to me.....

Isn't that so!?]

[ But - ..... ]


Isagi ended up restained by his comment.

Though he felt that this is somehow different, but he can't express it into word.

As expected it's better to ask it to Shuu.


And then as he thought, there's not really any visible result.

It's obvious thing.





[Why is it not good -- . As expected because it's a lie ?] - Rimino

[No , I think that's not really the problem here] - Isagi


At the courtyard.

As always while looking at the three demon candidates who are zealously practicing wih Ira,

Isagi and Rimino were sitting side by side at the bench.

A clear clank clank sound of the wooden sword clashed at each other can be heard.


[As expected, maybe it's better to just ask her to do "yotogi" even by force eh]

[But if it's like that then Yoshinobu wouldn't feel any good about it right. What a selfish person he is]

[But but, a man is after all the type of human who is thinks with his lower half right?

Then isn't it alright to just create the love later?}

[ ..... You, really said that to me?]

[ehehehe, don't worry.

Rimino understands that Onii-chan has love for her after all]


Rimino who made a embarrased smile.

She poked that squishy lips of her.

It seems somehow that's not her act to tempt him, it was just a habit of her.

It's something that is called as lips desire.

He had heard that it's something that a woman that wanted to act spolied or feels lonely.


That Rimino, turned her expression back to that a bit of a serious expression.


[But more than that, Lolishia-chan, she is always alone you know] - Rimino


[Even as a misstress, if she gets the support from the Demon Lord candidate-sama, Rimino thinks that she will be happier like that.

Though it's not what should Rimino can say, but Rimino want to Lolishia to become happy after all..... ]


That thought of Rimino must be the common sense of the people of this world.

Something like love, it's a luxury thing.

On the contrary, it's just an unnecessary emotion that brings numerous disasters.

Something like a political marriage between the household of  nobles, that's a perfect example for it.

In this Albarisus, there exists a muddy dirty society that is totally didn't come to Isagi imagination who comes from the modern japan.


Compared to that then what about this.

Yoshinobu's phiosophy of love, isn't it rather something that's perhaps really gentle.

Supposedly he would never hurt Lolishia.

It felt like that is soemthing that's even for Lolishia is a happiness.

Thought he is just a lolicon.


The commander in sengoku era, there was also one that took a 12 years old girl as it's wife when he was at his 20s.

If it's compared to that, for 17 years old Yoshinobu to have a 10 years old wife, is also not something that considered as weird.

Yoshinobu is just a Lolicon.

For sure he is not someone who posses the disposition as a pervert.


...... Isagi didn't have to much confidence in this though.


[In other words, everything after this is up to Yoshinobu himself, right]


If he is able to summon his courage then everything will be solved.

As excepted, they had to forcefully make her as his attentdant eh.

Or maybe the other thing. There's only a need for an event that can make Lolishia's affection suddenly rise.


[Oi , you ]


It's at that time.


There's a shadow that fell to Isagi who was in thought.

When he looked up, there's Ira who was putting her hand on her hip.

It felt like the breasts that stick out in that shirt which was wet from sweat can be seen.

Though the one who felt that thing, in the end was just Isagi's personal impresion.


[You, what are you doing to the Demon Lord candidates-sama] -  (she use "Kisama" whch is a rude way to call someone)


Ira's cold gaze.

So at last, she has finally seeing Isagi with such kind of eyes.


[What is happening? What are you talking about I wonder.]

[Don't play the fool]


Ira was grabbing Isagi's collar.

At her back, there's the sight of the three people which who was worn out and collapsed on the ground.

This is also a scene that he became used too though.


[.... Even Shuu-sama, and Yoshinobu-sama too, their movement obvously became better.

When I ask them, they said that both of them got advice from you.

What the meaning of this. What are you hidding]


So it's like that.

It seems that she already got into that thing.

There's no need to object at this place.


[I just said something that I realize after seeing them okay]

[What are you saying....]


He looked back at her eyes from a close range.


[If Ira is fighting at  land, it seems that you aren't quite used to it when taking distance with steps right.

That there's a hole in the defense. if it's a one hit ko absurd battle maybe it's alright,

but I think it's better to weave together a small scale attack a bit when practicing]



At the time Ira let her power down, Rimino came to cut in.


[Wa, wait! Don't do violent things to Onii-chan !]


Hmph, thus Ira snorted.


[..... Princess Rimino eh. I don't know when he was able to win you over but, there's nothing good if you cling together with that man you know]

[Ah, you know, Onii-chan is really awesome you know, Onii-chan is .... !]


This is bad.

Isagi once again came between those two.


[It seems, somehow I have this kind of power you know, Ira]

[.... What are you saying?]

[When I see it then somehow I am able to understand about it.

What is bad about someone, I am able to notice it you know.

Is there's perhaps such kind of power  in this world?]


Of course the first half is just a random speech.

However, it's also mixed with a thing that's not a lie.

Ira backed away.


[.... it's certainly, exist. it's a power that's called asExamine Eye.

Though it's a story from the heroes age, I had heard of it. You said that you're the possesor of that power?]

[I don't really quite understand too myseft thougt]


Ira's gaze pierced isagi.

Her sole purpose is to battle with the human race.

That's why, even though it's to the extent using the summoning formation to summon them.

For Isagi who can't become any battle power, it seems that Ira harbours something that surpass resignation and becomes hatred.


It seems that she indulges herself in thought.

At this time, though it seems that there's no way to suddenly change over her attitude, but even so she approves it.


[ .... I understand. from now on said it when you realized over something. I'll take it as reference]

[Oke~y, Ira]

[I'm sorry for using violence]


While averting her gaze she bowed her head slightly.


Using everything that can be used. Perhaps that's what is in Ira's thought.

That's why she didn' object the use of the summoning technique and also the seal technique.

Now it come this far what about one more suspicious male appeared ,right.


At the time she left, she muttered.


[ ....... Demon Lord candidates eh. Every one of them ,are full of monsters (bakemono) eh.

But, maybe we can win with this]


Deep inside those serious eyes, there's reside a colour of joy.



Isagi let out a sigh.

It's good that he prepared an excuse beforehand.

Of course, the thing that's called as Examination eyes, Isagi is not the possesor of it.

The only thing that he has is only the abundant fighting experience, and then the trusworthy eyes of a swordman.

On the contrary, only those things are enough, it can also said like that.

With this not only the Demon Lord candidates, he can also be able to level up Ira too.


However, it seems that it's ended up ruining Rimino's mood who was standing at his side.

She jeers in a low voice.


[......... Onii-chan, why did Onii-chan behave modesty to that extent?]

[About what?]

[After all Onii-chan, is a really awesome person after all .......... ]

[I'm not really that great you know. It's just, I am is a bit better in murder than the common person okay]


To that Rimino who said it sound annoyed about it, Isagi easily told her that.

It's not like I am something that can be made by humans or anything, or that's what he thought.


That's really the true thing that Isagi thought.

It's the result of seeing himself in an objective view point.


In these three years.

The human race who is betrayed and goblin race also demon race at the same time on the other side that's elf race and dwarf race too, he already killed countless of them.

Pilling up numerous number of corpses, and thus he succeded in defeating the Demon Lord.

Isagi didn't have any grudges to neither the human race or the demon race.

However, if it's for the sake of fulfilling his goals, then he will not give any mercy towards everything that turn their back against him.


Though the result of that thing, is everything that happened right now.

Rimino raised her eyes.


[That way of speaking!]


At that threatening face, Isagi unintentionally gulped a gasp.

However after that immediatelly that girl lowers her voice.


[........... Only that way of talking, is something that you musn't do you know Onii-chan.

Rimino was saved by Onii-chan, and is always very happy about it after all.

Onii-chan's power, is a strength that is able to protect anyone you know.]


Their palms completely touched each other.

Their fingers entwined with each other.

Thus Isagi realized that he ended up saying something stupid.


[ ..... That's, true eh.

Sorry, Rimino]

[Ye~p, it's okay]


After she smiled sweetly, she hugged him.

Though, at this rate the sins that Isagi commited will not dissapear.

However only the feelings of Rimino, he was honestly happy about.


[However, if Onii-chan is getting liked by any other person more than this,

then Rimino's share of Onii-chan will dissapear eh~.....]

[Eh, what are you talking about?]


Rimino who separated from Isagi, suddenly put her hand on her chin and started to get troubled.

If it goes poorly, it seems that it was totally a more serious face than some times ago.


[Uuh uuh, what will happen if Ira-san started to aim at Onii-chan ....

ah, but maybe it's alright if with that Onii-chan able to make harem ..... ?]

[Harem you said]

[Yep, with that then everyone will altogether become happy after all....

If it's become like that like that, Rimino will once again be going to Yotogi, and then turn over Onii-chan's feeling again after all....]

[Though I've never doing it even once you know]


Rimino who has turn over here with *zap*

because of that girl who approaced really quick, he got pushed off from the bench.


[It's okay to do it too !?]

[it's a no right]



Rimino clinged and sticked her whole body onto him.

As usual, that small head of her pushed into his chest.

Is she perhaps aiming for this isn't she, or is he worrying endlessly.

The feeling of her silky hair is really, ticklish.


Somehow, it can feel that from far away Yoshinobu emited an negative aura.

Is he perhaps finally able to awaken his fighting spirit.


[Ah, that's right!]


At the time when he wanted to pushed away Rimino away, she raised her face.


[That's right, it's a plan when we are about to get caught then it get swapped !

For Lolishia-chan, a good thing comes to Rimino's mind]



Isagi wasn't able to read her intention who suddenly announced it.

And ended up raising a hysteric-like voice.




After that, as they talk together Rimino and Yoshinobu came into a mutual agrement.

Both of them made a certain plan.


That's name is too A big allies of justice plan.

And then the bad guy is ---- for some reason, was isagi who get dragged into this.







That night.


[Umm...... excuse, me ....... ]


Gave a little knock on the door, nerveously entering the room there's a lone girl.

that was Lolishia.


is it perhaps because of her get-up that well ordered, it felt that she was more cuter than the last time she was seen.

she wore a lingerine that seems to be easy to take off.

That thin fabric, didn't even hide her immature body line and made it stand out.

That bulge on her chest, also the waist line that still undeveloped on that childish body is catching one's eyes.


(This is impossible .... )


Isagi mutter so in his heart.

Saying it frankly, he cannot think of her as a target of sexual desire.



[Today, the one who will aid Isagi-sama, is named Lolishia .....

Plea, please, please to meet you ....]


That little girl *kluk* bowed her head.

To that figure which stimulated desire to give protection, instinctively gave his heart a beat.

That appeareance who conviced herself that this was her duty, was pitiful.

It made him want to hug that girl who is shaking in anxiety, and pat her back.

That was not sexual love, or that's what he thought.


[Yep, I'm Isagi, best regard too]

[Ye, yes ..... ]


Though it's inside Isagi's room, Yoshinobu was not there.

It felt like, Rimino already won him over in various things.

However, having that thougth right now is already too late.


Beside Isagi who's sitting on the bed, Lolishia slowly came over.

She made an expression that looked like she had to ponder hard about something.

He felt bad for it, thus without him realizing it, he started to talk to her.


[Uum, did you learn various thing from Rimino?]


[ ..... Aren't you scared?]

[ ..... ] <- this felt like some starting conversation in some AV , not like I've watch them ~ :9


The girl kneeled beside Isagi, and thus casted her eyes down.

That body trembled slightly.


[it's okay to say your true feeling right now you know]

[ ..... ]

[ Lolishia-chan ]

[ .... umm , it's a bit, scary.

 Rimino- oneesama, said too, that the first time seems to really hurt. .... ]


What in the world did she teach

to this little girl.


[However .... if I am able to overcome this.

.... Then the happines as a girl will wait, that's why I have to hang on, she said ....

That's why , umm, I am .... ]


Lolishia's body came closer.

That little hand approached over Isagi's trouser.


[ I will, try my hardest ..... that's why ...

 isagi-sama too, please make me feel good a lot too ...  ]


Rimino .....

Isagi become greatly perplexed about it.


(What the hell did she teach to her .... !)              


Or maybe, this kind of thing is perhaps something normal in this world.

Is this perhaps how people normally treat maids.

Isagi didn't quite understand about it.

In the middle of his adventure he never drop by to that kind of place.

He already didn't understand what is what.


Lolishia one by one undid Isagi's shirt's button.

Though her movement is still awkward, it seems that she understands the procedure.

Is it perhaps that Rimino taught her, or for the sake when such a day would come, she trained by herself.

That girl who was lightly leaning over to his side, while slightly raising one of her feet, moved her lips closed near to Isagi's ear.


[Isa, sama ... I am, umm, will try my hardest, that's why .... ]


*lick*, Her tongue crawl over his earlobe.

It made Isagi's body jolt with a start.


No good.

This is trully not good.


(Oi .... Rimino, Yoshinobu, is it not the time yet ......... ! )


While his body was being pushed down by a 10 years old maid.

Isagi's body become hard solid just like a little girl.



Rimino : These days get particulary lively.

Lolishia :  Obedient. Got teached with "not good" things.


Isagi :These both hands of mine are already painted with blood . 8th grade disease. (A.k.a Chuunibyou)

Yoshinobu : This person is no good. Someone has to do something about him quickly.


Ira : Ira who is Irritated. Irritated Ira . (Actually a Pun . Ira mean rage . RAW : Ira ira suru Ira. Ira ira Ira-san)