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Chapter 016 - 2-4 The Beginning of <Yoshinobu> Demon Lord Tale.

2-4   The Beginning of <Yoshinobu> Demon Lord Tale.


When Isagi listened about it, it seemed that it was love at first sight.
Even though she is simple, docile, and didn’t stand out. She was a gentle kid.
By no means she is a cute child.
If she was at a class,the she would seem like the girl who at break time will always read her book at her seat behind the class.
That was the impression which he got from her or so he said.

[Tha, that’s why sempai…..]

At the time when Yoshinobu was tired out because of the swordmanship training, she brought a wet cloth to him or so Yoshinobu said.
Here, thus she held out to him.
He didn’t even care if that was just her duties, Yoshinobu said.
Because of that he fell in love with her in one shot, he said.

[I see]
[Please! Please make me and that girl stick together!]
[No, something like that is ….]

Why don’t you do it by yourself? Isagi wanted to say it.
Looking at Yoshinobu who was bitting his lower lip with all his might and had a face that looked likehe was about to cry, he stopped.
That’s so.
If this guy is someone who posses the courage to talk with a girl, then from the start he wouldn’t discuss it with Isagi.
Or rather, it’s already made him muster a lot of courage to just consult this to Isagi.

[………… I understand. It’s for Yoshinobu]
[Thanks Senpaaiiiiiiiii!]

As Yoshinobu tried to give a hug to over here, Isagi promptly evade it.
He(TL :Isagi) can’t forget about his setting.
He is a demon king candidate. And over here is Neetriper.

[You fool. If you hug me with all of your strength I will die. Right?
You can do it, when you are able to control your own power. You know. ….]
[S, sorry! Fuhihihi!]

Yoshinobu’s laugh looked happy.
That smile somehow made Isgai feel like it showed the sign of something evil.
Is this really will be alright.


As promptly, they’re wandering around the grounds.
It seems like they’re able to immediately found the objective person.

[Ah, that’s the girl, sempai]

Ahead the place where Yoshinobu point at, there were two girls who were cleaning the windows.

The first one is the elf princess, Rimino.
She was standing up straight with her green hair tied up behind her.
Even from far away that beautiful face looks like it was shining.
These days her appearance had a shadow just like the first time she was at this place us now hidden and also the simle in her face is standing out

At last , it mustn’t be Rimino.
Yoshinobu didn’t show that kind of behavior after all.

If it’s like that then inevitably, there’s none other than the other one.

A girl with long black hair.
But that girl is, how should I say it, ummm.
She was a daughter from the Goblin race.
She had a head like that of a collapsed ogre(oni) child.
Though it was a unusual preference………
No, Isagi already expected it.
Every person had their own values of looks.

[……. Is that so. It’s nice eh. That green skin. It feels gentle on the eyes right]

As Isagi mutters that, he received a puzzled like face.

[Haah? What are you sayin sempai. It’s not that one. The cute girl over there you know]

The one which is in the direction he pointed at is.
It’s Rimino.[1]


Involuntarily Isagi kept silent.
Isagi didn’t think that it will come into this.

This is quite….
A complicated problem…..

Sentimentaly he really wanted to reject about this.
Rimino is precious. She was someone who is like a sister to him.
Is this present world, she is the only person who is able to know about Isagi.
Though Isagi thought that Yoshinobu is not a bad person, even so he was very reluctance about this.

But, if he thought about it without a thought about the love or suc, this is not that bad.
Yoshinobu, as a Demon Lord Candidate then he supposedly will stayed at his castle.
If that so, then Isagi will be able to entrust Rimino to Yoshinobu, then Isagi would be able to do a journey alone. [2]
He will also be able to make progress on searching for Plea.

Either way, Rimino will think that Isagi is throwing her away.
Will Yoshinobu be able to be the head of her heart?
Presently, Rimino, who just got surprised because of the joy of their reunion, will she eventually choose Yoshinobu?
What if Isagi told Rimino to go out with Yoshinobu, what face will she make.
That is something that is too cruel for her.

With just a few moment he thought about too many things.
Isagi was groaning.

[Aah…. is that so, so this is it eh, Yoshinobu]
[Fuhehehehe, that’s true you know that actually ….. ]

Isagi who surpress his forehead.
Thus on his side there’s Rimino who is bringing a bucket, smiling while waving her hand she passed by.

(….. eh?)

But, Yoshinobu who was still making a smile and was grinning.
His direction he go towards is still same.

[……….hmm? Is it not Rimino?]
[Hah? What are you sayin]

Are you stupid? Yoshinobu gave such face.

[There’s no way Rimino-san is a good match with me right if you thinking normaly about it.
That kind of sparkling person will make my eyes crushed if I see it with naked eyes you know.
That kind of person is 『This creepy otaku. Can you please don’t speak to me?』like that,
She is a perfect person to give me a scorn, with a cold eyes you know]
[O, ooh]

He drew back because of that vigor

[It’s that one, over there]

If one looked from right at Isagi’s position, it become Rimino’s shadow and he can’t see it.
No, though he indeed saw it. However, he never thought that it will be that girl.

Un sho~, Un sho~, like that.
Her look was someone who was doing something very hard, there’s a girl who is brushing the floor.

From that earnest look of her, it to the extent that over here who is watching it is surprised.
Sweat is spread over that darkish skin of her.
Just like what Shinobu’s said, she is certainly not a cute girl.
Her hair also almost didn’t get any treatment.

If compared to Dyutyu or Rumino then it’s like day and night
If she does poorly, perhaps in class it is faster to count her down from the below.[]
That is how plain that girl is.

She still looks like a girl who calls her father as Papa.
She still looks like believe about Santa Claus.
She seems to suited for carrying a ransel on her back.
She seems to suited for her to wearing school swimsuit which had a name plate on it…. [3]

Isagi’s rage slowly cooled down.

[Haa, Haa. …… Wha, what a cute girl……
……. eh, ah what is it?]
[That girl, how old is she?]
[Eh , umm, I don’t know though…..
Well, perhaps it’s around 10 years old right? It’s a suitable age for marriage right.
I want to get closer to her. I want to play together with her ….. Dyufufuu…… ]

What is this person saying……

Isagi got taken aback.
It’s too detestable.
It’s a violation of child protection law.
It’s hatefull to see that face that looked like he felt like he didn’t do any wrong.

….. This is the Demon Lord Candidate attribute eh.

Isagi trembled with fear.

Before going to the bed, at that time when they’re called Rimino to their room to confirm it.

[Ah, Lolishia-chan? Yep, she is 10 years old just like she looks]

She told.
With this the theory that she was actually already an old Lolibaba(Loli-granny).
However to think that her name is a Loli too.
What will it become if she was a granny, thus Isagi thought about it a bit.

Three people gathered the chairs towards the center of the room.
Sitting across Yoshinobu, was Isagi and Rimino who was sitting stand in line is a usual thing.

[What kind of kid is she?] – isagi
[Umm, if I remembered correctly. Originally she was a kid from Minfest city.
Though after that place got attacked by adventurers, she ran away from her home.
Her father and mother both died because of the wound at that time you know.
And now she is all alone.
But, she is a good kid you know. She always does her best after all]

The Minfest city is, a dark continent land which was invaded by the Human race a few years ago
Port city Black Round.
Bellfest city. Mintfest city.
And then commercial city Relkus.
Those four city, it was the four city in the southern part of the dark continent which was stolen by human’s adventurers

[Tera poor thing…..]

Yoshinobu made a sad face.
Though because of his tone, the seriousness about it has become dim.

[Actually, Yoshinobu over here you know.]-isagi
[Seems to like that girl you know]-Isagi
[Eh…… ]-rimino

And thus Rimino suddenly extinguished her expression.

Is it perhaps Isagi said something weird?
That girl nodded her head with a stiff-like voice.

[I understand]

Those two boys blinked their eyes.
Rimino putting her hand on her stomach, and then gave a bow at that place.

[Yoshinobu-sama. Since I will preparing for the “yotogi”, please wait for a moment][4]


She intend to leave the room.

[Yo, yotogi!?]

Yoshinobu spout out.
Isagi who tried to halt her in a panic.

[Wai, wait for a bit Rimino. It’s not something like that, not something like that]
[Eh, it is not?]

She who is turned around, made an expression that seemed reliefed.
Isagi turn his sight over to Yoshinobu with half opened eyes.

[…… is wrong, right?]

Yoshinobu who swing both of his hand in panic.

[I , I even played eroge is an cons-absolutism after all!
I dislike something like brute-scenarion okay! I wanted to to begin an plantonic love you know!]
[EROge- ……..?]

Rimino is incline her head to the side but.

[Well whatever. But thanks god.
Rimino, have a important position among the maid right,I am the one who have to order her to do that.
But you know, Rimino is always keeping her body to keep pure with all her might right?
[I don’t know though]

He never checked about it.
……. even if he did check it, he would be troubled though.

[Even though Rimino absolutely didn’t want to do it, to tell that to a girl who was younger than Rimino is a bit, right]

Ehehe, thus she laughed.

[Now that you said it in this castle, every important person is female right]

Dyutyu, Ira, Shirbenia.
Though among it(female important person) there must be some that is choosen because of the conduct among the fellow female, but it seems that those girls are different.

[Yep. But all of the Demon Lord Candidates are males. Right? As expected it will become something like that eh, or so Rimino thought.
But to think that Onii-chan will be the one who told her about it, it’s unexpected………… ]
[I’m glad that the misunderstanding is over ……]

But, that’s true.
Rimino and the others are at the position where they’re can’t refuse if Demon Lord candidates wish for them.

[Surely it’ll alright okay, even after this.
I think that Shuu will never do something like that after all]-Isagi

[No, you don’t understand you know. Someone like him is alternately is someone who is actually a sexual prodigy you know]- Yoshinobu

[You have too much prejudice to handsome people I say]-Isagi

Shuu is a saint. Even though he is just a highschooler he is being too good for a human.
A type that will not discriminate to get in contact against anyone, a true Ikemen.

Even though he said that if Yoshinobu tried to get along with Shuu then it’s alright, he earnestly didn’t want to try that.
For him Riajuus are an enemy.
It said that his complex is aching. Though Isagi didn’t quite understand.

[I think that if there’s someone who will do it then it’s Ashikaga though ……. ] – Isagi

He doesn’t look like a yankee type that have has too much interest in girls.
Constantly alone. He seems like a deliquent from the Showa era.
Thought if he can Isagi wanted to get along with him, but he wasn’t able to get the chance.

However, even when deducting that impression in mind, Rimino’s appearance is too attractive.
If Yankee ordered Rimino to service him………..
He doesn’t really want to think about it.

As Isagi thought about such a thing, Rimino act flirtatiously.

[….. Onii-chan. That’s why before that, she think it’s better to eat it quickly you know~] – Rimino

That girl slowly started to raised her apron skirt.
Isagi stopped it with both hand.
Yoshinobu made a really sad face after all.

[leaving that aside now we are talking about Yoshinobu you know] – Isagi
[Yep. Showing yours flirting right in front of me, it made me about to died in anger you know] – Yoshinobu
[Ye~s] – Rimino

Rimino sat back on her chair.
She thought hardly while stroking her lips.

[But if it’s like that, what should we do?
For now shall we make Lolishia as Yoshinobu-sama personal maid from tommorow on?] – Rimino
[Eeh! Such a thing, suddenly is impossible. No no no no!] – Yoshinobu
[Then what should we do] – Rimino
[Tha, that is eh…. something, like, naturally both of us will fall in love, or such of a kind of plan is good right …. ] – Yoshinobu
[Doing at your own Convenient….. ] – isagi
[He~y he~y, that is perhaps similiar to Rimino and Onii-chan?] -Rimino

Rimino who smiles sweetly.
The two boys ignored it.

In the first place, Isagi is not too good with this kind of thing.
The one who is Isagi’s first love is Plea.
Furthermore that is present continuous tense.
At the present, he’s at the condition where he doesn’t have anyone as a love interest in his whole life.
He has a lack of experience to the extent that it’s hopeless.

The thing that he is able to think up is.

[….. Then, let’s give her the good part of yoshinobu, then let’s make Rimino tell about it to Lolishia-chan, how about it?
it seem that knowing each other is important right] -Isagi
[isn’t that is a bit hitting around the bush too much right~]- Rimino

Rimino inclined her head to the side.
Certainly, or so he also thought about it too.
But unexpectedly Yoshinobu was in high spirit.

[That’s good! let’s do that!]
[Are you serious]

[ Lolishia-chan who got protected from far away by me, unoticed later on she realized the one who did that with her own eyes, thus she will noticed the faint love of her right…..
good, that’s good, that’s really good, it’s romantic, ……. Dyufufu ….. !]

Rimino is drawing her seat a little, annd was taking a distance from Yoshinobu.
Perhaps Yoshinobu’s dream is to get an achievment to get despised by her is one step nearer.

[… Well then, for now, let’s do that okay?]

Yoshinobu is in high spirit too so it can’t be helped.

Rimino came bringing paper and quill pen . [5]

[Yep, it’s ready]

As expected for the Elf-race’s princess.
She is able to do something like reading and writing without any problem.

[Then Yoshinobu, give her about the good parts of you]
[Aah, leave it to me!]

*Zwap* Yoshinobu raised her thumb.
He’s all smile.

[Ummm right……]

But however.
Gradually that smile is fading away.
He moved his finger on the empty space.
Rimino looked at Yoshinobu in wonder.
Isagi who is watching over them while resting his chin on his hand, is he perhaps [6](TL : this is isagi’s thought), thus he realize.

[…… Oi , Yoshinobu]
[…… ]

Yoshinobu became harden.

[No way, you …… ]

(This guy …. perhaps, he wasn’t even able to give out not even one good part of his …. ! ? )

Isagi fell into surprise.

[Yoshinobu-sama ….. ] – Rimino

Even Rimino’s gaze, gradually become that of seeing a pitiful thing.

[Eh, ah, tha, that’s it !]

As Yoshinobu stood up from his seat, thus he annonce.

[I ,I , since I like anime or manga or such.
Umm, when I secluded myself, I got quite serious practicing drawing cute picture you know,
Lo, lolishis-chan 2D version then I can draw it you know….. ]

Even though his face is laughing, those eyes at the deep of that glasses were hollow.
It’s hard to know where those eyes were seeing.
His voice also trembled.

He’s pitifull.
It’s really unbearable to see it.

[it’s alright ….. let’s rest, rest …]

That guy’s shoulder, Isagi gently clapped it.

Isagi : His amount of love experience is still not enough. Still jobless.

Yoshinobu : A Demon Lord among the Demon Lord. Wanted to violate the child protection law and a man who challenged the world law.

Rimino : A flower on a high peak. A beauty that will crush one’s eyes if looked with naked eyes.


Lolishia : 10 years old girl . Run, Run quickly.

[1] (ED: Well looks like someone is dying today. )
[3] (TL : a.k.a school swimsuit.)
[4] (ED: Yotogi = A women sleeping with a man at his bidding)
[5] (TL ; quill pen is unexpectedly sharp, just buy one(actually g-pen) few days ago ~ =w= it is really sharp)