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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 015 - 2-3 Ex Hero, Work Behind the Scene.

2-3 Ex Hero, Work Behind the Scene.


At the most Isagi had to do it in a casual maner, that is it.
He who was viewing the practice at the courtyard. Isagi came up to and talked with Shuu.

[Come to think of it, at the time of rushing in, doesn’t it seem like Shuu puts the power into your left leg?]
[No, I just thought about it after seeing it]

He claps his hand.
So that it doesn’t look transparent.

[Ah, perhaps it is because you played soccer?
Maybe you hurt your foot before and are corcerned about it]
[Eh, yep, certainly a very long time ago there this time it got fractured ….. ]

He seems to be pondering about it for a moment.

[Everytime I tried to go around and cut over Ira-san, my response always got a little bit late. Right?
Perhaps maybe it’s because of that. But how were you able to realize it that, Isa-kun]
[No, You know. Aren’t I always doing some kind of an inspection. Right?
That’s why I thought that at least I had to say something that will become useful. You know?]
[Ahaha, I understand. You’re awesome eh, Isa-kun]

Yoshi, it went smoothly.
As he made a guts pose in his mind, Shuu gazed over this side.
He got only a little bit surprised by those gaze.
However, he(shuu) immediately floated a smile.

[It’s something called as the bystander vintage point. Perhaps maybe I have some habits which myself couldn’t notice.
If you come to realize about another things, please tell me kay]
[Eh, aah, leave it to me]

*bwok* Thus Isagi clapped his chest.
With this rhythm, let’s also walk and teach Yoshinobu and Yankee.
Though he didn’t think that Yankee will obediently listen to him.
Well, it can’t be helped but he had to do something about it.
Isagi in Isagi’s own way will strengthen the three people.




Changed the place, this is the room which once was called as the office.

Maybe this is somehow similar to a principal office, or so Isagi thought.
Now that the junk are randomly crammed inside it, it has turned into a storage room.

In this place sleeps the books that remains inside the Demon Lord castle, that are few in number.
Though he can also bring it to his own room, but because it feels somewhat troublesome Isagi spent his time at this place until the training is over.
He also brought along Rimino to fill his loneliness as he is inside the room. After all he can also give her a job called 『 Cleaning 』if it’s at the office.

And thus he sat at the chair which the dust are pilled over it. Isagi continued his reading.
Each and every of it is about the story of the Demon race at the Heroes age.As expected,The things that can become quite helpful seems to be nonexistent.
Well, the thing called research is often something like that.
From the fact that this place is not off limits, it seems that it’s degree of importance is low.
Let’s leave that alone.

[Eey, Dyutyu]
[Wha, Wha~~t?]

Dyutyu who is at the corner and just like him reading a book raised her face.
However this Princess, is an idler.
She is only wandering around all over the place.

When he thought that today she is unusually reading a book, but he was wrong.
Somehow this world has something that is similar to a crayon, and thus it seems like she is doodling over the paper happily.
Is she a baby.
Maybe she is a baby.
Let’s stop the retorts.
He decided to ask, to her who comes inside the office by chance.

[What are the current conditions of the financial affair of this castle right now?]
[Financal Aafeeir ….. ?]

Dyutyu incline her head.
Ah, it’s not good.
He felt like he asked the wrong person.

However, Ira and Sirbenia wouldn’t want to tell Isagi about it for sure.
He also wouldn’t think for the soldiers who are below them to know about the information.

He changed how he spoke and he asked.

[Uuum, ah that’s right.Firstly, what happened with the food situation in this Demon Lord castle?]

From what he has seen, it seem like there’s no one who wwas engaged in the primary industry.
It’s because there are no territory after all, thus they can’t expect any tax yields.
However where are the materials being delivered from. The warm meals which they carry everyday, where does it come from.
He can’t help but wonder about it.

[Aah, it’s the “Five demon general council” eh] -Dyutyu
[Five demon general council] – Isagi

He pondered over it.

(Is that so, so it’s Five demon general council eh)

In the the loyal retainer of the demon king’s forces, there are the ones who are called as the five demon general.
They’re originally are the monarchs or the kings of the demon race country union. (or federation.. I forgot :9)
Among them who have especially strong influence are called as the five demon general.
As for the Fighter faction of the five demon general, there’s also a time when Isagi clashed swords with them several time.
Every last one of them is strong to the extent that he got tired of it.

[At the five demon general council that is held every year, they allocate the budget for the Demon Lord castle you know~]

Dyutyu who throw her chest with *Ehe~een*
Isagi is shivering.

[Dyutyu is amazing eh. To know about such kind of a difficult situation ….. ]

Dyutyu who became very happy and was smiling broadly.
Though he never intended to praised her.

[In exchange, for them to give us support of soldier and meal bit by bit.
We will become a shield to protecting everyone of Demon race]

So that’s it.
In other word, this is the reverse Demon race empire
Originally Anrimanyu was the one who was governing over the Demon country union.
But now the Demon country union is the one who is governing over Dyutyu and the others.

Their objective is, of course to treat them as decoys.
The Anrimanyuu’s daughter who is residing in the Demon Lord castle, the name of the Dyutyu, is a suitable target.
Furthermore her defense is insufficient compared to the other fortress cities.
There’s no way that the adventurer won’t aim at it.

And more, it seems that Dyutyu sees this duty as a honor for her.
It’s glad that she is a fool, or so he thought.
If a normal person then they will never take up such a thing.

Perhaps Ira and Shirbenia also got the bad end of the bargain.
Maybe actually, even the summoning of Demon Lords was not something that Dyutyu decided but those five demon generals.
There’s a great possibility for that.

[That thing called as five demon general council, are they also holding it this year?]
[Yes, it’s about four months later. Right]

For that four months, it’s accurately different from the calendar of the earth.
However, since Isagi felt like remembering about it, he can only roughly understand about it.
If he remembered about it correctly, then it means that it is about 120 days later.
In any case, it seems it is better for him to participate in that thing.

[But this year is surprisingly due to the Demon Lord, and thus they will hold the meeting and be combining it with the Demon Emperor Inauguration ceremony!]
[Because of that the demon race will deepen their bonds, and under the emblem of the Demon Lord-sama, they can launch themselves upon complete change to an offensive you know!]
[I see]

It’s a pipe dream, he can’t say such a thing.
The reason is because over here there are even three forbidden technique users.

[Then it doesn’t mean that everyone is selected, but from those three then someone will become the Demon Lord is what you mean. Right?]
[Then they will be elected in four months later, yes]
[It will become like that~]

Dyutyu who is happily nodding.
However that face gradually became pale.

[But Ira-chan said, I must never say about this thing to anyone, and she forbid me to speak about it]
[Especially only to Isa-sama, I must never tell him, she said …. ]
[O, ooh….]

That is of course.
The present Isagi’s is not even a Demon Lord candidate or such thing anymore.
Even if they talked about the internal affair to such a person, it wouldn’t make them gain anything.

The present himself is just a person from another world, furthermore someone who has set his hand on Dyutyu is a suspicious man.
No, that just what it seems to be.
But he is certain that Ira didn’t think anything good about him.

[I will get scolded ….. ]

*Zuu~~nn* Dyutyu who got depressed.

[Isa-sama~~ …..]

She made a pleading eye.
It’s just like a puppy that has gotten thrown away.

[It’s okay, I will not tell anyone about this]

Her face brightened.
Just like an On-Off of a lighting.
Dyutyu who tried to hug him, while she was pushing out her lips just like that.

Thus, at that time.

[Dyutyu-sama! Watch out!]

*Gwaash* she got her back grabbed. Rimino was pinioning the Succubus princess.
Where in the world did she come out, with such vigor.
No, she properly entered from the door though.

[Watch Ouu~~~~t !]

Thus just like that, Dyutyu got thrown away.
He felt like that was the same thing as the Sumo wrestling technique.
Dyutyu who got knocked on her back hard at the bookshelves.


On the top of her head the books fell over *thud* *thud*.
Rimino in her maid clothes wiped the sweat on her forehead like she already did hard work.

[Fuuuh ……. Dyutyu-sama, it was really dangerous you know.
A little bit more and it was about that will do this and will become that after all right]
[Nyuuwaah …… ?]

Dyutyu whose eyes are whirling around.
Though he can only think of it as Rimino was preventing Dyutyu who tried to hug Isagi.
Rimino these days, it seems that she already ended up raising her hand against her employer.
However even if someone told about it to Dyutyu, she seems to answer it with [It has made me happy that Rimino became lively. Right~♪]

Actually even now.

[Th, that iss ~, for saving me from that dangerous thingg~, thank you very mash~…..]

He felt like a tear was about to come out.

[Well then Onii-chan, since Rimino still has another job, until we meet again at night kay]

Rimino who lightly waved her hand and got out from the room.
Dyutyu started tidying up the books while she held her head which was hurting.
Though his thoughts ended up straying a bit.
Isagi looked up towards the ceiling.

(The five demon general council is in four months … eh)

As for who will become the demon king, he somehow felt around that time is suitably a good time.

As turned over the books that’s not really useful.
Isagi was determined.
If he was going to depart, he will do it 4 months later.



Isagi who returned to his room, became stiffen for a moment.


There’s Yoshinobu in the middle of the room.
However, he has thrown down his body on the floor, and prostated himself.

No way.
Just like it’s name, forbidden techniques will always have a side effect.
Of course the Seal Skill is also the same.
Though he didn’t know what is that thing, but finally it’s already coming.

Isagi was also carefully paying attention to his application of his forbidden technique.
Eyeglasses who had the weakest body among the three, is the first one who collapsed.

Should he call for Shirbenia?

No,firstly he had to make certain of eyeglasses condition.
If there is a need for it, if he(eyeglasses) didn’t priorly get treated by a healing skill.
It’s not the time for him to hide his own identity.

He spin his thought for a moment.
At the time Isagi tried to rush over to him, he realized.

It’s wrong.
Yoshinobu is That, he didn’t collapsed.

It’s a dogeza.

[SEMpAAaiiiiiii ! I have a Requeeeeeeeeeeeestt!]

He raised his face.
The light which reside in his eyes, it’s the first time Isagi saw such a thing.

This man in his life, he has made a momentous decision.
It was a man among men face, he had a face which made people think like that.

[Wha, what is it …….]

What in the world did Eyeglasses want to say.
Isagi’s throat made a *gokuri* sound.
It’s an intensity which made a long military service brave hold his breath.
This man among men(TL: eyeglasses), has resoluted himself to do something.

In the surrounding, magical power was whirling around.
The magical power which overflow from Yoshinobu, made the curtains in the room shake.
*flap* *flap* like that.
The room which had a voice that sounded like a bird flapping their wings.
Yoshinobu announce.

[I, I am…..
….. n, no, This one is!(TL : Yoshinobu use “me” which is usually used by samurai “sessha”)
For the sake to get this one to get along with a certain maid-chan!
Please lend this one your heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllppp!]

Yoshinobu who shouted.

For a moment his brain refused to understand it.
However, he came back to his senses.

As he came back to his senses.
Isagi thought.

What is this person saying.

Isagi : Works behind the scenes.
Shuu : Received an advice from Isagi . Ikemen
Dyutyu : Simple (Tears)
Rimino : Raise her hand against her employer.

Five demon general council : the meeting that is planned four months later on.