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Chapter 014 - 2-2 Demon Lords Training : Swordsmanship Part. 

TL : I think to change the [Technique] to [Skill] so it’s sound better … should I just leave it as [Technique] or change it to [Skill] ?

2-2   Demon Lords Training : Swordsmanship Part. 

Inside Isagi’s room.
Rimino talked with him in a small voice.

[Ne~Ne~, Onii-chan]
[Onii-chan, won’t you go out again?]
[Go out?]
[Umm, I said it right.
Umm…. searching for Plea Onee-chan…. or such]

Hsss~, she pressed her finger on her lips.
Isagi’s hand which was moving the quill stopped.

[There are things that I get a little cornered, you know.]

Isagi thought that the『Seal technique』is a thing that at the time it is engraved into the user and then the user will become stronger.
However, actually it’s something like an extreme doping for the sake of increasing the aggregate amount of their magical power.
Until they are able to raise their strength to a certain extent, they must have to do a strict combat training.
Until then, it would be troublesome if the adventurers come.

Isagi doesn’t know how much strength『Adventurers』had.
Though, so far they probably got repealed by Ira and Shirbenia.
At least, he wanted to go on a journey because he wanted to ascertain those power.
If it’s not like that, then it would be irresponsible.
Protecting the demon race, or he wouldn’t be able to achieve that entry.

All these three weeks Isagi’s activity is actually simple.
As he found free time, he would go to give maintenance to the Demon Lord’s castle.
Mending the collapsed tunnel. Reinforced the walls and ramparts.
If there’s a place which is insufficient, then he will cover the whole place completely.These are important jobs.
Consultation to Shirbenia if there’s a barrier magic formation that seems to still be able to be used, and restore its function

Though maybe all of it is not something that Isagi should do, but there’s no other hands to do it.
If at least if he is able to make the Demon Lord castle as strong as 20 years ago.
Though it’s not to the extent that it’s impregnable, but it is suppose to gave Isagi some peace of mind.
And thus, at this place recently, it was Isagi who was devotedly doing the only public works.
For his body that was only wielding a sword and killing for three years, this was fresh and enjoyable.


Though Yoshinobu who saw Isagi who was earnestly strengthening the Demon Lord’s castle without doing combat training said [So this is domestic affairs type of main character eh……. ]or something like that.  Isagi didn’t quite understand.


[A~h, even thought it’s good if Onii-chan is always here so we can be together] – Rimino .


From his back, Rimino was leaning forward.
*Gyuu**gyuu* Went the thing that was being pressed. It was her breasts sensation.
Though it’s not to the extent of Dyutyu, but Rimino size is also abundant. [1]
Sometimes there’s a hard thing that touched Isagi’s back, and at the time when the bump is rubbed, her body will jolt and tremble. [2]
Though he doesn’t know what in the world is happening.
He really can’t concentrate.

That girl for sure is just messing around with Isagi.
That’s must be it. Certainly that must be it.

[…… You know, Rimino]


Every time she got her name called, that girl really looked like she became delighted.
That’s very lovely though.

[Hey~ Hey~, Onii-chan, Rimino just thinking something good you know] – Rimino
[You know, Rimino in future-ish will become the Elf queen, and then she must revive the Mistrondo kingdom right?]-Rimino
[That is true]-Isa
[It’s also for that time sake, Rimino thinks that she must make a strong soldier from now on]-Rimino
[Soldier, eh]-Isa


It was a way of speaking that somehow is not realistic.
Rimino surround Isagi’s neck from his back and embraced him.

[That’s why Onii-chan, won’t you try a little bit of child making with Rimino?][3]

The ink scattered on the top of the paper.
It was because he unintentionally smash the quill pen.

[No, you know, Rimino?]
[Though because of her low fertility rate, you have to do it many and many times over before she can properly pregnant.
But if it’s a kid from Onii-chan then it will surely become a really strong half-elf kid you know.
[No, umm….]

*smile* Rimino who’s smilling.
She is just fulfilling her duty as the Elf queen….. Perhaps that is so.

[Don’t worry, Don’t worry. It wouldn’t bother Onii-chan okay.
Rimino will somehow show that she can do it alone after all. Leave it to me] – Rimino.

Is this perhaps the thing that is called as the other worlder that is summoned to become a breeding horse.
Even so, he wanted her to stop whispering something like that with a healty-ish smile.
He really wanted her to stop.

[No, you know, there’s no way that is possible right…..]
[? Why ? Rimino will be alright even alone you know?]

She is begging for it so they can make a kid, and then cast away Rimino and depart from Demon Lord castle?

There’s no way he can do it.

This is Rimino-kind of propose.
Though what she said is extreme, but honestly that’s brave.
She didn’t wanted to cause Isagi to worry about her.
That’s why she replace it with a compulsory word such as “Child making”.

She didn’t say a word such as I like you, or I love you.
She understood that the word of this world is already meaningless.
That’s why, she requested it with her body.
As if she knew that they cannot be tied together except that way.

That’s no good.
Isagi wasn’t able to answer those feeling.
He also wasn’t able to reject it directly face to face.

Rimino asked with the same tone as always.

[Ne~, Why it’s no good? Why?] – Rimino
[ … I never heard of such of a thing, such as a Human and an Elf royalty copulating]
[That’s probably so, but since we are now in a state of emergency then it can’t be helped right?
Even though, Rimino thinks that she will be able to make Onii-chan satisfied]
[….. You understand it right. Such a thing is a no]

Until he is able to meet with Plea, that’s it.
If he made a kid, then it will become more hard for Isagi to separate from this castle.
Perhaps, that is what Rimino is really aiming about.
But even so, he cannot blame her.

[Rimino is able to meet with Onii-chan again makes Rimino really happy,
…. but, actually she feels a bit scared.
That Onii-chan will be gone once again, right.
That’s why, she wanted to have a relief.
A baby with Onii-chan, want to have it na~.
……. This is for Rimino’s sake Onii-chan, even so it’s no good?]-Rimino.


Her wholehearted love, had vanilla-like scent which sweetly and gently wrapped around Isagi.
However, Isagi shook it off

[……………………………………………….No way]

Though until this far he also had considerable hesitation.


But even so Rimino was still fawning over Isagi.





As expected Yoshinobu was unable to put up with it anymore.
Yoshinobu showed his face from under the blanket and shouted.
Good job, Yoshinobu.


Though there’s also a suggestion from Dyutyu for him to get a one person room.
Isagi humbly refused about it.
If he moved to a one person room, then Rimino will surely come and crawl into his bed every night.
There’s also a possibility that Dyutyu will come too.
If that’s true, then he felt like he really wouldn’t able to have self control.
That’s why he refused it.

………. Though he felt guilty towards Yoshinobu.

Rimino who got downhearted because she got shouted at, return back to her own room.
She understands about moderation, but she is also determined to not open her heart to another Demon Lord candidate except Isagi.
Her own body is only Isagi’s thing, or perhaps she also seems to have such self-consciousness.

Though he remembered to have a question regarding that matter about the other Demon Lord candidates.
But because of [Elf royalty is, someone who is willing to devote themselves to the first male she takes a liking to] or such kinds of words of determination from Rimino they were able to avoid any further problem.
Although because of that, it made Yoshinobu resent him more.

[………. Damn it, why , why, only sempai …….
What is the difference between me and sempai ….. for such cute girl …..
…. why , this is weird, Misato-san…..
Why did you….. why …………. uuuu…………][5]

While Isagi ignored such a kind of voice.
Isagi restarted his work.

It’s the plan for his journey.

For him crossing over from the Dark Continent to the Suraosha continent. He must use a ship.
Since 20 years ago, the sea was the Demon race’s territory, but he transoceanic journey was riding the back of a dragon.
But it seems that somehow now the Demon race has made a port city.
Though now that place is being ruled by the Human race.

Isagi is also a human. Surely as long as he had the money, they will let him go on a voyage.
Is there a need for something that will ensure his identity? He must research about it beforehand.

It is said that along the way to the harbor there’s also a few cities of the Human race.
It seems that there’s no problem about resupplying.

(But, cutting across the Dark Continent, even so it’ll still take 2 weeks. Right?)

But even so, it’s the story if Isagi was alone.
If Rimino said that she wanted to come along too, then the marching speed will become slower.
Sleeping outside, and also the food provision, if he’s alone he will somehow manage it.
However, if he had to protect Rimino too.
It’ll be hard.

About that, perhaps he should make Rimino learn about whitemagic.
So that she will be able to protect her body by herself.
Since she is an elf, she have qualities for it. Surely she will be able to master it skillfully.
But in that case.
He estimated the shortest time for her is a half year.
Even though a half year after 20 years already passed. It feels like there will not be much of a change………

(The thing is that it would be better if I meet with Balzado faster is also true. Right?)

Isagi completely understood, which one he must put into his priority.
Firstly he had to solidify the defense.
As long as he is in this place, there will be not a single person that will die.
If he starts it at the time that something is about to happen, then it’ll be to late.

And thus, he will also participate in the sword practice from tomorrow.
So that it’ll be safe even if he leaves.
He must temper the Demon Lord candidates.

(Even saying so, making the plan about the journey is not useless)

The thing which he is able to do if being alone is restricted.
Isagi with the help of the light from the lamp moved his quill pen.

[……… Anzai-sensei …….. me , want to become popular, too………! ][6]

With Yoshinobu’s sobbing voice in the background.




It’s the next morning at the Demon Lord castle courtyard.
As always Shuu, Yoshinobu, and Renzou strives themselves to practice swordsmanship.
Well then.
Just like the usual for Isagi, he sat around that place. He gazed at their state.

At the time of the Adventurers guild establishment.
Before, there’s a time when Isagi had a talk with Balzdo about some suggestions.
That’s, to make so that there’s a 『Digitization 』 to the adventurers power, it’s about that.
At first, Balzdo was sceptic-like about it.


『The ability of a warrior, can’t easily decided like that.
If there’s also a fellow who is a strong in adversity, there will be also fellow who gets extremely weak in a pinch.
If there’s also a fellow who has a surprise attack as their strong point, there’s also fellow who is able to show their true ability at a group fight.
Several men, several minds kay. It’s different from black magic you know?』 he said.

Of course Isagi understood.
But even so, he thought it must be something that they have to do.

But as expected, something like classifying swordsmanship per skill is not simple.
The main point of the battle is divided into three point which is sword attack, defensive, and footwork.
As for seeing through it for each and everyone of the adventurers, it is not something realistic.
Isagi and Balzdo were at a loss.
Is there any good way to do it, they thought.

Over there they also consulted it to Plea and Selder too.
They’re also became sceptical-like and 『For what reason …… ?』
However, isn’t it two heads are better than one.
The result of the three from the brave party seriously thought about it.
That is come into realization.

It’s a technique from combining the earth ・Wind of black magic and white magic.
First, at the surrounding of the target person, and spreading out over 1000 layers of barriers that will break when they walk through it.
Next is give a fixed burden to their hands and legs with the earth black magic.
And then pressure the whole body with the wind black magic.
Thus it will give a measurement from the reaction value from all of that, and it’ll derive the numerical value according to the remaining or the magical power.

Though he didn’t understand what he had said about. [7]
It’s alright.
The mechanism, was something that Isagi also didn’t quite understand about it.

Plea and Selder left alone Isagi and the other(TL : Balzdo), and rapidly evolved this technique.
At the time he realized, with the attribute value of ,ATK (power), DEF (defense), and SPD(speed), the technique which is able to give a measurement with quite accuracy was completed.

On the top of it, they lowered the degree of difficulty to use it, as long as someone knows the《 Code 》then almost everybody will be able to use it.
As expected for Plea and Selder. The big two technique user in Arbarisus.
To make such a complex technique, for even Isagi who is not very good with black magic, is able to apply it without much of a problem.

With this, he will be able to manage the adventurers in the whole world evenly.
Even dividing them into ranks depending on those strengths is also possible.
If the contents of the quest are distributed to match with the rank, supposedly the number of casualty will be dropping sharply.
Said that, Isagi get extreme happy about it.

Again for that, the name is.
(…… Analysis technique)
He muttered it with a low voice.

In the next moment, those three status are showed inside Isagi’s brain as some intuition.


ATK : 66
DEF : 58
SPD : 62

ATK : 37
DEF : 50
SPD :38

ATK : 40
DEF :36
SPD :37


Generally, it’s fine to think that their 3 ability scores are the same as the typical average soldier.
Though it’s a story, if this is 20 years ago.

When he saw it like this he understood that Shuu’s growth is outstanding.
But, even so.

(For Yankee to fall behind this much , it is unexpected)

Much less about the part that didn’t really differ from Yoshinobu, his inferior part is also standing out. [8]
As expected, he still doesn’t get on how to use the magic power.
It’s because he was imprudently getting into fight with his body repeated. That might be it.
He must have not been able to grasp the feeling.

(Let’s also try it to Ira too)

Analysis technique is as long as the receiver themselves didn’t concentrated much about it, then they wouldn’t be able to realize the technique.
Because of the released《Code》is compressed to the amount that only necessary, seeing it is also difficult.
That’s how Plea and Selder arranged it.
Now, for Ira who was coaching the three people on swordsmanship who supposedly will not able to see through it.


ATK : 125
DEF : 83
SPD : 136

If the total amount is crossing over 300, it’s perfectly master level.

However, the Demon Lord candidates with just three weeks, progressed this much.

(That’s since they’re the one which posses the same power as Demon Emperor Anrimanyu after all….. )

Let’s think about it again.
These Demon Lord candidates, hold the power that’s outside of the norm.
Truly a cheat group.
These people who in the future will grow into Demon Emperor Anrimanyuu class, and three at the same time.

(After a half year, no matter how strong the adventurers guild will become, as expected they wouldn’t be able to match it. Right?…… )

He glads that he didn’t get summoned as the brave at this age.
Isagi thought of such a thing.

Isagi : Wouldn’t cheat. Absolutely wouldn’t you know, it’s absolute okay.
Rimino : Wanted to have a baby with Onii-chan.
Yoshinobu : Wanted to become popular.

Analysis technique : The technique that was thought for the guild establishment.

[1] (TL : it’s D right! D!)
[2] (ときどき固いものがイサギの背中に触れて、突起がこすれるたびに彼女が体をビクッと震わせる。I’m not sure =-=;)
[3] (Ed: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
[4] (TL : Rimino talk in 3rd PoV using “rimino” when mentioning herself , not using “watashi”(me))
[5] (TL : yoshinobu ntr-ed by his sempai ….. =w= maybe?)
[6] (TL : Anzai-sensei’s quote(Don’t know if read the name right =w=’) – Become very useful in your live!)
[7] (TL : honestly me too ….. =-=;)
[8] (TL : 50(Yo) > 36(Ya))