Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 013 - 2-1 The Clear Way to Protect the Demon Race

2-1   The Clear Way to Protect the Demon Race

Three weeks have already passed since they were summoned into this world.


As for what happened with the three Demon Lord candidates which were given the forbidden magic.
Let’s now start from that first.


『Seal technique』is divided into 3 processes.


1 : The summoning magic formation summons only the magic power of the Divine race which dissappeared in the other world.
2 : The sealing magic formation fixes the magic power into the body.
3 The absorption magic formation fuses the magic power which is already fixed into the body.

This is the true identity of the sealing technique.
Every three of these steps have a risk of death. It is a very dangerous sorcery.
Though that’s the reason it’s called the forbidden technique.

Firstly regarding the first step, the magic power that’s goes rampant will scatter in the surrounding. Together with the priest, the candidate also has a possibility of death.
After that for the second step, the total amount of magical power that exceeds the seal far away will break the candidate’s soul.
And then even when one’s already reached the third step, as expected without fusing the magic power, there’s a case where the technique user would wither away.

Even among the thousands of excellent test subjects, there was no one who was able to clear all of it.
In other word, the probability of success is not more that 0.01%.
Of course, if tried randomly then it is possiable for someone to end up being successfull, but it’s not like that.
Someone with an absolutely strong mind and body, and is among the hundreds of which who holds special qualities, are the ones who are able to attempt it.
In other word, substantially the success rate is almost zero.

That’s why Shirbenia thought about this.
Isn’t it fine to just summon “A person that will absolutely be able to succeed the seal technique” with a magic formation.
As for what happen about that plan.

That was a success.
Without even produce any casualties, the ritual is complete.
Over here the three Demon Lord candidates who have been subjected with forbidden techniques were born.




[Today too Isa-kun is inspection?]
[Well yeah]

Beside Isagi who was reading a book while laying down.
Shuu who was drenched with sweat come over to Isagi.

[It’s quite fun you know, the sword practice too] – Shuu
[It’s really other world-ish right~] – Isa
[That’s of course, this is the other word after all] – Shuu

Saying that, Shuu was laughing.

On those guys body, various tattoos were engraved on them.
Abdomen, back , both hands and both legs.
That all was the magic squares.
Summon ・Seal・Fuse it was those 3 magic square.

Even though you are such an Ikemen it is a waste , or that’s what Isagi thought.
Though in Shuu’s case, this is somehow matched him. [1]

Not only them but Isagi too, had a difference in his outer appearance.
It’s a eyepatch which was equipped on his left eye.
Though at first Isagi also got [What happen?] which caused Shuu to worry.
Isagi continued to answer [It’s a thing like charm you know].

Though actually there’s no problem even if he was without it but, if by some chance his “eye” is functioning then he will be troubled.
And for that, Isagi asked for Rimino to made a black eyepatch for him.
For most of the people, it must be hard to get the perspective right with just one eye.
However, Isagi even for a moment is a man who held a title of the brave. There’s completely no hindrance for him.


Right ahead of Shuu’s and Isagi’s line of sight, there’s Eyeglasses and Yankee.
Those two held wooden swords, and were assaulting Ira.
Two body with one. However they were at a disadvantage.

[However, didn’t you guys improved a lot]-Isa
[Ah, so it’s really looks like that?]-Shuu
[Ira last week, she was able to handle it while mixing it with a yawn after all.]
[Hahaha. It’s because I moved my body after all, I understand that even myself is rapidly getting stronger.
Even I know in the soccer and such, that learnign by rote is the crux.
But to grasp the trick this easily, it make me fell as if myself is becoming a genius you know]-Shuu

[It is such a thing]
[Aah , even though if I return to the present day with this body, surely I will be able to go to national]
[Hiding the tatoo will be a bother though]
[Ahaha, that’s certainly true eh]

Shuu looks somewhere delightful.

Three of them was wearing training – like clothes.
While Isagi was wearing casual wear of this world.


The Demon Lord candidates received full-fledged combat training .
In the morning it was a lot of swordplay.
Interposed by lunch and there’s magical ritualclass in the afternoon.
That was their schedule for one-day.
Among those thing, Isagi only participated in the magical ritual class only.
Even by now thye servants in the castle does not even call Isagi as a Demon Lord candidate anymore.

Even inside the caste the only ones who kept in touch with him was Dyutyu and Rimino only.
Thought it can be said that Shirbenia’s attitude also did not change at all, but she always had that same kind of attitude even towards the Demon Emperor’s daughter. Thus she was an exception.


[Then, that is, what kind of book?]
[Hm? This is something like a tale from this world]
[It’s awesome eh, so you are able to read it]
[You can read it you know, look]

Isagi opened the book and showed it to Shuu.
Thereupon Shuu became surprised and his eyes became round.

[It’s true. Even though I don’t know what is written on it, I can understand what’s written on it eh]
[Though I don’t understand what Shuu is saying]

Both of them laughed.

Every knowledge about language from this world, for some reason was crammed inside their head.
That’s one of the functions of summoning technique.
There are other thing like gravity, constitution of the atmosphere, adaptation to the water composition and so forth.
In the first place, they started with the condition that every fundamental issue when living was already resolved.
The immunity against the virus that only exist in this world and so on is also applied.
They didn’t just get summoned, the after-care was also perfect.

Everything of that was included in the summoning technique.
This is similar to when someone fires a fire sorcery from their palm, even so themselves will not be burned.
The so called, (複合作用) composite effect. [2]
Let’s leave that alone.

[What kind of story it is?]
[It’s a story from the Hero age you know.”Ore TUEEE” like thing about the Hero Mashu and his lover Luna was traveling all around the place while consistently giving judgment to the villains][3]

[Mashu? Somewhat it is similar to me eh, the name]
[aah, certainly]

Hiyama Shuu . In short Mashu. (hiyaMA SHUu)

[Should I call you Mashu from now on?]
[Please stop it]

Shuu who waved his hand while laughing.

However, one cannot make light of the story in this world.
After all it contains the things that’s actually happened.
It’s something similar to Trojan Horse. [4]


If one’s tried to actually asked that place, there’s also a possibility to obtain the divine article which the hero used.
Though in Mashuu’s case, it seems he can’t expect too much.
At the time when his lover Luna died, he continued to endlessly grieve about it for the rest of the 40 pages
Even if this is the truth, for a reading material it is somewhat.

Come to think of it though he didn’t add it inside the list of the things of which he must do.
The St.treasured sword Claiomh Solais which Isagi used 20 years ago.
He must search for it.
At any rate, how to master it is really give him some hardships.
Though by any chance, maybe there’s already someone who already become it’s successor.

[Yoshi, return ! Next, it’s Shuu-sama! Come! ]

Ira’s command soared.
In the end, both Yankee and Eyeglasses appeared to end up sprawled on the ground.
With this it can be said that it was the hundreds consecutive defeats.
Shuu stood up while rotating his hand.

[Otto, then I’m going kay]
[Ou, go for it]

As Isagi raised his one hand, Shuu striked it with his palm.
High five with dry sound.
Shou waved his hand, to go towards Ira with light step.


The one who came in return was Yankee and Eyeglasss.
Either of them were in a state where they had shaky steps.

[Good work good work]
[…. …. ]


He greeted them.
And thus as usual, Yankee ended up going away.
As usual, he’s a man who didn’t let his guard down to anyone.

On the other hand.

[I’m tired y’know~, Isaku~n]
[Iya iya, but it’s a great thing right, Yoshinobu]

Onodera Yoshinobu.
That was the Eyeglasses’s name.

[But how to say it, umm when you exchange blows with that person, it’s a poison for the eyes right~]
[Aah, well, it’s shake after all]
[Yes yes, you understan’ too right. Tha~t it is really boing boing you know. That thing is another weapon you know. Weapon]


Said something like that, Yoshinobu laughed Uhihi.
Yep, vulgar.
He is the vulgar type.
Except for Eyeglasses’s medium build, for he who almost does not have any special traits on his appearance.

When he laughed, in one go that vulgarness become distinct.
How to say it. It’s a sticky smile.
Though of course, Ira with her casual clothing is also one at fault.

[…… Then next !]


As that Ira look toward this direction, she immediately averted her gaze.
It seems that Isagi ended up being hated by her.


(Well can’t be helped right)


In these three weeks, he kept on continuing to refuse her request of the seal technique.
If seen from Ira’s side, Isagi will not fulfill his duty, or maybe it something like that.
Though he thought that if he was careless, they might do the seal technique ritual after they make him faint.
However, if they really do that then at the time Isagi opened his eyes then the one who would become his enemy would be those girls.
It’s not a good plan.

And because of that, they somehow decided that Isagi is beyond their control.
He becomes, an other worlder without any occupation that only wanders around the Demon Lord castle.
But then, even when they summoned over four person then at least one “miss” is mixed in it can’t be helped.
Maybe they felt such a thing.

Though he is by no mean only fooling around…..
But, if it was seen like that then it’s not weird, or that is what he thought.


The Angelica Ira,usually seems to stowed her wings on her back.
Tied up the blonde hair to the back into a ponytail.
On her upper half only wear a one sheet of a shirt.
As she continued the hard exercise, the lace bra which becomes clearly visible because of sweat.

[…… It’s outrageous right] -Yoshinobu
[…… Aah, it seems so] – Isa

What Yoshinobu said is also plausible.

[ The amount of the cute girls in this Demon lord castle is too much or so I thought right, senpai]
[Who is your senpai huh who]
[…. Even though you got yourself called as 『Onii-chan 』by the maid chan]
[No that is]

Thought he added chan to her name, Rimino has the age about the age of Yoshinobu’s mother.
However it’s not like he has to tell him, so he just decided to keep silent about it.


As he was trying to open his mouth to defend himself.

[ …… that is , ummm, the other side is as they please]

As he declared the truth like that, then.

[Aaah ~ Moo~ ! This is why popular people is ~ ! It must be nice ~ it must be nice ~ ! Senpai it must be nice~ !]

He became jealous with all of his might.
In addition he went flapping around his hands and legs too.
What is with this man.

[I said that it not like I was something like that you know]
[Even though I think if I got stronger then I will quickly become popular, but nobody come to me and said『Embrace me』you know!
Didn’t she say I will become rich, become popular and my height will increase right! Ira-san is a liar you know!?]
[ ………. I wonder if she really said something convenient like that]

He tilted his head.
At least for the three years, when Isagi who went on a journey as the brave,
didn’t have any partners to have this kind of stupid talk together.

Selder is a serious person after all, and also Balzado is an adult.
That why if he said it honestly.
This is quite fun.

*Fwap* Yoshinoby raised.
Pointed his serious eyes over this direction.

[Senpai, may I call you as Master !]
[No way]
[Specter Eye senpai!]
[Please stop that]

In these three weeks, Isagi got thoroughly teased about his eyepatch.
For several times he really thought about hitting Eyeglasses.

[Sry! but in exchange, please tell me the secret of becoming a popular man! ]
[I think it’s better if you ask Shuu though …… ]
[Since my face is already has a different deviation value with that person!
Thus maybe I can use the advice from a person like senpai as a reference or so I thought~ ]
[You …. ]

Isagi scowled with half-opened eyes.
And thus that boy reveal a dry laugh.

Good grief.
He had a thought about what will happen at the time he(TL : eyeglasses) feel down and kept on saying that he wanted to return.
It’s a good thing that he surprisingly became cheerful.
Even so.
When he had to associate with a girl or Yankee.
『 U, A, E …… 』, he can’t seems to mutter any word.

Nevertheless it’s a good thing that he opened his heart to this way.
Though it seems that his livelihood without being able to watch anime or manga is painful.

[Haaah. To think that I will think that 3D is good too eh] – Yoshinobu.

Making a lewd look, He’s flooded in self-satisfaction as he gazed at Ira.
Anything is ok eh, this guy.
That’s what he thought.


On the other way.


Shuu striked Ira’s wrist with a wooden sword.
To the Ira who grimace, Shuu continued his pursuit.
At last in this day, it seems that Shuu is able to get one win against Ira.
It seems that Shuu is talented for sword, and was showing it’s result.


Three weeks.
Even though naturally they will still learn about the basis, it’s at the stage where they build their body.
In reality, It’s hard to say that Shuu is still learning about the ways of swinging the sword.


As how to express it, this.
It’s just like that of a lion and cat are not equal since the time of their births.
The three Demon Lord candidates which possessed forbidden technique, are already not able to be placed in the common sense category.
Even Yoshinobu who is still saying something and is idle beside Isagi is too.


The aggregate amount of magical power didn’t simply only affect the power of black magic and white magic.
The more magical power someone has, the more they can reinforce their own body.
Fumikomi. Furioroshi. Keriashi. Chakuchi. Ukemi. [5]
The magical power affected every possible action.

However, for the magical power to just exist over there then it wouldn’t have any meaning at all.
For driving the way to use it into the body, one must learn about it.
The afterglow of the magical power which leaked from the strengthened soul. That thing is the 『Fighting spirit』for sure.


From what Isagi saw, Ira’s swordsmanship is at master level.
The one she taught to them is the continent’s official swordsmanship.

It is said that it was brought by an otherworlder knight in medieval time, slice, stab,swipe, it’s a swordsmanship with a very well-ordered balance.
It’s also superb for receiving attack. It seems to be the swordmanship that spread widely the most in this world.
As with the Demon Lord candidate, it’s the most suitable way to go to learn the basics.
The fusion of every main secret of swordsmanship in this world, that why it’s the continent’s official swordsmanship.

Everyone who already became an expert, are able to add an arrangement to their own.
Ira had a lot of swinging the sword downward style.
It must be because she’s an angelica, and thus for her fighting while flying is her main.
Though she is now equally altering between attacking and defending.
Originally she must be leaning over the attacking style.
It’s actually perhaps something that is close to a weird sword style.

Isagi style is also a special one.
By the person who he apprenticed himself, he didn’t get taught with the continent formal swordsmanship.
Although now he was able to cope with most opponents.
At that time he was relatively bearing a grudge.
Leaving that aside.

[Senpai~……. I also want a brave little sister maid that will take care of me you know, what should I do to achive that …….]

Yoshinobu who was emitting some kind of an eerie aura while approaching him.

[……….For now, how about you try to become able to get one win from Ira]

Isagi irresponsibly said such a thing.
Supposedly a hard working man is cool.

[Though, I wanted to quickly have a partner to practice my night swordsmanship ……. ]

Perhaps it’s impossible.



Isagi : Neet also Tripper, Neetripper.
Hayama Shuu : Ikemen. Already in relationship of a person who exchange high fives with Isagi.
Onodera Yoshinobu : Eyeglasses . Vulgar.
Yankee : Still, didn’t let his guard down around anyone.



Ira : Poison for eye (TL : Temptating ) .Boing Boing.

[1] (TL : well that’s ikemen for ya, everything is good for them ….. DIE!!! )
[2] (TL : if someone have better name or know the name of the theory -if it’s really exist tho – )
[3] (Ore TUEEE : Is an actual genre for WN at syosetsu, for novel version (it’s also slang for Gamer mean “I’m awesooome” ) when the power and the ability of the main character is transcendence.I think it’s slang from saying ” ORe Tsuyoooi!!! “)
[4] (TL : Trojan Horse start from a tale and then they found the actual thing, that’s also the reason people believe that atlantis is exist)
[5] (TL : judo term I think?)