Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 012 - 1-EX2 Terminology inside the story



■Human race


The battle race which had their residence everywhere around the Suraosha Continent.

Holding a terrific fighting spirit and survival instincts.



■Elf race


Resides inside the Mistoral great forest since ancient time.

Their ability to use tech formula is surpassing any other race.



■Dwarf race


Lives at the northern part of the mountain range Tainania.

Met their destruction beause of the war with the Human race.




■Dragon race – Piril race.

Once they played an active role in the Demon Emperor war as the vanguard.

Now they have secluded themselves inside their own country, because of the scars of the war.



■Goblin – Orc – Troll – Lizardman etc


The races that lived in the Suraosha continent.

After the end of the Demon Emperor war,they got oppression by the Human race.



■Demon race


The race excludes of the races mentioned above. The generic name of the race which lives inside the Dark continent.

Has a various of appearances, and various fortes.

In the middle of a war with the Human race.








■Tech Formula (Or should I translate this as spell?)


Sorcery- Magic etc, the generic term for a technique which uses magical power.





Making use of the magical power to meddle with the devil world. A tech formation which raises miracles at the body world.

That is why the magicians are polishing they’re chanting technique called as 《Code》






Making use of the magical power to meddle with the devil world, a tech formation which raise miracle at the body world.

All of the magic except of the healing tech, had the same mechanism as the sorcery.





Without using《Code》, an ability to be able to take out the power from the devil world with the use of thoughts and magical powers.

It needs an innate talent, and the ones which are able to use witchcraft are called as 《Witchcraft Master》


As for the magic item which already has《Code》written on it with the magic formation or magic square so that anybody able to use it, it can not exactly be called as witchcraft.


■Fighting Spirit


Making use of the magical power to raise the strength of the soul. A technique to strengthen oneself in the body world.

A realm that appears beyond physical training.


■Summoning Technique.


With the use of summoning formations, the secret technique which is able to summon various thing from another world.

A special witchcraft masterare the only ones who are able to use it.

They are called 《Axis summoner》


■Forbidden Technique.


The four types of taboo that is handed down to each race. The Demon race, the Dragon race, the Piril Race, and the Elf race.

Because of the technique user wouldn’t be able to bear the reaction from it, the application is forbidden but ……. ?


■Magic gem


A crystal that keeps magical power.

Due to the remaining magical power from the corpses of living beings that are pilled up inside the earth, naturaly it’ll generated by itself.

The place where the magic gem is born, there will be 《Labyrinth》that appears. It waits for even more magical power from the death of its prey.

A Magic gem that become exceedingly huge is called as 《Great magic gem》, and it’ll become the catalyst of an Extreme technique ceremony.