Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 011 - 1-EX Character Introduction

■Asaura Isagi —- Isagi

Main character of this series.
Summoned to another world Arbarisus at his second year at the middle school.
After that three years, continued his journey as the brave to defeat the demon king.

Since he understand that in the end he is a person that came from another world, he determined to didn’t unnecessarily meddling with the things that happened in that world.
The only thing that he thought by himself to achieve, it was establishment of『Adventurer Guild』which is the organization that will safe the world.
His dream is to become the receptionist at the adventurer guild and become a person in charge of said this [If you can’t equip that armor and weapon it have no meaning you know] to the beginner.

Because of he got exposed in every kind of fear and danger of death, his emotion undulation is thin.
Quite popular with the humanoid race other than human.
Again , because of the effect carrying the forbidden magic , there’s seems to be various side effect in that body.

■Asaura Shuu — Ikemen

A boy in his second year in highschool which summoned from japan present-day.
Sweet mask with bright hair. Tall with long legs.
Couldn’t ignored someone who tease woman, stopped Yankee.

■Onodera Yoshinobu — Eyeglasses

A boy in his second year of highshcool which summoned from japan present-day.
Medium build, without particularly any special traits and wearing an eyeglasses.
Like thing such as anime and game, manga work.

■Ashikaga Renzou —- Yankee

A boy in his second year of highshcool which summoned from japan present-day.
Tall, good physique. His short hair are dyed in blonde.
Thought to came back to the japan present day as fast as he can.

■Dyutyu —  Succubus princess

The heroin of this series number 2.
Born between demon emperor Anrimanyuu and succubus mother. 19 y/o.
Long amber colored hair and white skin. Overall appearance look childish.
Possessed demon’s horn and wings, tail like typical demon race.
War power number unknown.
For pass the time inside the tedium castle, she love fun things.
Because of she is easy and a fool , she called as “choroho”.

■Shirbenia — Witch

One of the axis summoner. Age unknown.
Deep navy robe with wearing a pointy hat.
Her appearance is totally look like beauty from human race. Had a silver hair and Blue eyes.
Though she is emotional instability girl which is like a bomb, her skill is certain.
Seriously tried to kill Yankee.

■Ira — Angela.

A race that seems like a angel in the japan present day, swordsman from angela-race.
Blonde with white skin, she have a white wings.
Serious and stubborn person. haunted byb revenge.

■Rimino — Elf Princess.

This series heroine number 3.
Mistrondo kingdom third princess.
She had green hair with green eye, also white skin.
Though her appearance is that of 16 years old, her real age is ……
Because of she got a higher education as a Noble elf, she is powerless and felt helpless.
An important person among the maid.