Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 010 - 1-10 < Plea > : Part 1

Before I forgot to told you guys ~ I think Plea is not an elf, well in the raw it said that she had a “slightly pointed ears” at most perhaps she is a half elf ~


1-10     < Plea > : Part 1

Plea was one of the axis summoners.
The first time they meet was just before Isagi’s audience with the king.
She came to the Isagi’s waiting room as she pleases.
She then gazed at him from top to bottom.
Thus she said this.

[Uwaah shabby] [1]

He remembered that he received a great shock.

At that time he was a middle schooler second year.
For Isagi who was a late bloomer, he almost never spoke with a girl.
Though he had self consciousness that his appearance was certainly unattractive.
But to think that he would receive that kind of super straight ball.
That girl at that time, is what people would say be an abusive language type heroine.

After that, the partner that King introduced to him was Plea.
Imperial court witchcraft master number one. That was her title.
The fact that she had to go on an adventurer along with a shabby guy like Isagi, seemed to make her considerable disgraceful.
He remembered that he started it with her affection in the lowest value.
And then when he remembered it again of course he felt depressed.

He never thought that along their journey she will become mellow.
Furthermore, that he will come to like such a kind of girl. That was a thing that was unexpected.
Certainly, that was Isagi’s first love.



Without him realizing it, he raised his voice.
Inside those word of Rimino, there was no sense of reality.
The scenery around him appeared to get distorted.
The buzzing in his ears won’t stop.

With that kind of Isagi.
Rimino looked at him with sad look.


[……. Rimino will tell the thing that I know okay, Onii-chan.
Althought I say that, on the top that I prohibited to get within touch with the outside world,and also since from that time I was wandering around the Dark continent….
The things which I know are not really that much ….. ]


With that kind of preface, Rimino started to tell him.
The last moments of his first love.




Defeated the demon king, those three who came back from the Dark continent.
The wizard Plea, the master warrior Balzdo, and then the antimage Selder.
It’s an splendid triumphal return.

However, their face didn’t look any good.
Above all else they ended up making a priceless sacrifice.

The brave Isagi.

Though he killed the Demon Lord, however he vanished because of the last power of the Demon Lord.
It was treated like that.
The brave Isagi got a state funeral, at the royal capital Dynacity,

『He still isn’t dead !』

Plea said that. She claimed something like that until the last moment.

[After those several years passed by, the adventurer guild was built at the Royal capital.
Balzado-ojisan was appointed as the first generation of guild masters.]

It seems Balzado borrowed the wisdom of Selder and Plea, and thus they establish various kind of rules.
Even though he was not the type of a man who is good at using his head.
He must have made a considerably great effort.

[But right after that, the country of dwarf-san and human-san country, war was happening]

It’s at the time when Balzado was managing the adventurers guild that’s somewhat just got born.
Selder and also Plea, seemed like to sturggled to stop the war.
Though Rimino didn’t know what exactly happened between those two

Rimino said,
[Perhaps maybe they thought that they did not want anymore fires of war to spread on the world that Isagi saved.]

However, their efforts didn’t bear any fruit.
Perhaps it’s somewhere about that time, when the newspaper stopped due to remote writing sorcery was being published around the world.

[The information from another country had become hard to enter …
The story from here on, became only fragmentary though]

Several years after the war started.
Bit by bit she received the news about Plea.

But it seems that somehow she was going to go capturing dungeon.
She traveled over and dive into various sizes of dungeon.
And it’s said that she captured it with an unprecedented high speed.
Her yearly record is wow, 32.

And then she received the title as the Labyrinth Queen.
What in the world did she do.

Even after that, Balzado always worked as the guild master.
The adventurers guild branch, built in the cities around the world with a terrifying speed.
Before one knew it, due of the remote writing sorcery the telecommunications skill, it seems that the Adventurer guild was monopolizing it.
Even after this, the Adventurer guild continued to monopolize many secret arts .
Repeated to make an innovation and strengthen the organization, and gradually their influence increased.
Nowadays their influence, is able to match with the major power Paraberiu King or so they say.


As for the thing about Selder, Rimino held her tongue.

[Selder……. san is, umm, I don’t really know]


From the start, he is a priest from the holy country Edra.
Prehaps he went back to his old duty.
For Isagi, he already didn’t have any power to ask the detail about that thing.

If the adventurers repeatedly made various disaster, then is it mean the one who caused all of this is Balzado.
The one who once stood at the summit of every warrior, is it perhaps the man who got title as the master warrior was dazzled in power.
Issued an order to murder man-kind all over the world, and thus he put on airs like that of a king.

No, he was not that kind of man.
That was what Isagi wanted to believe.
There’s nothing except belief on him.
For that kind of simple person, there must be someone who controled him from behind.
There’s no way that’s wrong.

For Isagi who was unrelated with the royalty power struggle, he didn’t know the darkness of the humans.
Thus he can only imagine it.
The lives of Balzado and Selder for these 20 years.


Isagi while clenching his fist, asked.

[Then about Plea, what happened to her]

Rimino cast her eyes down.

[Onee-chan is, at the time she captured a big labyrinth, just like that she became dead person , they say ….. ]


[I heard about it, at the time when I was wandering around in the Dark Continent.
Following the Brave Isagi , with this is the second person, eh ……. ]

Isagi folded his arms on the top of his knee, thus he thought.

*mozori* thus his eyeball moved, he gazed at Rimino.

[Her body]
[Eh?]                                                                                                                                                                                   [Umm, Plea’s corpse, it still hasn’t been found?]
[U, um… it seems, so]

*kluk kluk* Rimino nodded.
Isagi’s body felt like it was alive again.

[Is that so]

For just a bit, he felt relieved.
Isagi took a big breath.

[The thing that I must do, incerased one again eh]
[The thing, that you must do?]

Isagi made an entry on it on the note inside his heart

There’s no need to panic.
Where is the focus of this distorted world.
Let’s confirm the truth one by one.
Like that, let’s make a list of priorities.

Perhaps, the thing which is urgent is something like this right.


1 : Protecting the Demon race.
2 : Releasing the Humanoid race which was chased by the Human race.
3 : Do something about the Adventurer guild.
4 : Searching whether Selder and Balzaldo is safe.
5 : Confirm Plea’s survival.
6 : Obtain great magic gem.


In his heart he actually wanted to make number 5 as his first priority though.
But even if he couldn’t find her, Plea must be stubbornly staying alive somewhere.
Certainly that is.

The first thing he must do is the number 1.
He mustn’t let the victims increase any more than this.
He should strengthen the defense of Demon Lord castle and the Dark continent.
Proceed should be done after that.

The next perhaps is number 3 and number 4.
It impossible to settle it with just a letter right.
In the end it will be teared apart because they will think of it as a sham.
It can’t be done without them facing Isagi directly

Number 2 seems to require quite an amount of effort.
Number 6 is a thing that he wanted to share and do with other Demon Lord candidates.

For a thing that needed 20 years to become like this, he never thought that it would end in just one or two years.
From the place where within his reach, he will carry it out one by one.


And then when everything is over,
—- then he will return to 20 years ago.


Well it’s not like even if he doesn’t do anything in this world.
Isn’t it just fine for he to return to 20 years ago and correct everything, although he thought such a thing for an instant.

But, if it’s like that then it’s no good.

After all, the world where Isagi is summoned is this world 20 years in the future.
Doing something like neglecting this place and returning to 20 years before, that is not something that the Brave would do.
The fact that Isagi got summoned into this world, there’s must be some meaning behind it.
There must be something that he must do no matter what at this place.

That’s why,
he will return after he finished everything.


Isagi slaped his own cheeks.

[Maybe the thing will get busier after this eh]
[…… O , onii-chan?]

As he looked at Rimino.
She shook her hands in a panic.

[U, unn, there’s nothing.
But, I’m glad, Onii-chan became lively again]

isagi made a bitter smile.

[Unexpectedly you know,It’s because I, for many times has already passed through the spot called as 『It’s already useless』kind of desperate situation.
It wouldn’t make me believe anything if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. ]
[Is that so ……… as expected …. Onii-chan is, cool eh ♡]

She stared him with a gaze of admiration.
I’m beaten eh, thus he scratch his head.


At that time.
The door knocked twice.

[Ah, anooo~~…… Isa-sama~….. ?]
[Dyutyu? come in?]

As Isagi call out to her, the door opened a little.
The one who made an appearance, is the princess known as choroho. [2]

[Umm,actually I heard that you rejected the forbidden magic surgery, that’s why …..
Ah, oh my? Rimino-chan? What did you do,at this place]

Dyutyu’s eyes were blinking in surprise.
By the way Rimino is still clinging over Isagi’s arm.

[Somehow you know, it seems that I am resembling her lifelong separated older brother of this child you know.
And then she hugged me, and then she wanted to have a conversation over here.
I too wanted to know more about the situation of the demon race after all]
[……….. Th, that’s so , Dyutyu-sama]

Faster than before Rimino could talk about anything, Isagi quickly answered.
The princess of the Elf-race nodded *kluk kluk*.

Dyutyu in front of her chest, she stacked her hand with a smile.

[Araa~, is that so~.
Ufufu, it’s my first time seeing Rimino-chanbeing very happy like that]

It seems that this princess didn’t know the thing called doubt.
Easy. (Choroi)

[But but, you can’t be okay. It’s because all of the Demon Lord candidates are busy you know.
Rimino-chan also has to do her job properly or it’s “me!” okay][3])

Dyutyu who turned up her smile over here.
Where is her misanthropy setting is gone. (Misanthropy : scared of human )
It feels that Isagi is about to completely relax his guard.

She is too easy.

[Anoo~ Dyutyu sama~]
[Wha~t? Rimino-chan?]

Though she put chan at her name, Rimino age is more than twice of Dyutyu’s age.
Leave that aside.

[Rimino, from now on will become Onii … no, Isagi-sama personal maid okay!]

Not only Isagi, for some reason even Dyutyu reacted.
Rimino again put more her body weigh.

[NE~, Onii-chan, it’s okay right, Onii-chan? Ne, ne, ne?
Letting RImino in your side? I’ll do anything for Onii-chan sake ,that’s why ne?]

It’s a carefree smile.
But deep inside those eyes, floated violent emotion of love.

For Isagi, there’s a merit for letting Rimino beside he.
She is at the present time, the only one person which shared Isagi’s secret.
Also for the sake so that she didn’t carelessly open her mouth, it’s must be an advantage to always take action together.

The only problem is just one.
That is, will this is ended up with him doing an affair or not, that’s it.

[But, you know …. ]

He frowned.
If it’s really true that Plea is already gone from this world.
There’s no reason to refuse Rimino who approach him.


It’s also the same for Dyutyu.
While on it is also Shirbenia. [4]

A harem or something like that he can just make it.
That is the privilege of the Demon Lord.

If Plea is still alive, then the story is different.
20 years ago, Isagi proposed to Plea.
He still hasn’t received his answer from that time.
In the other word, he still held on to it.
Though it’s for a long period of time……

If at that time he indulged himself in love with someone, then it’s counted as an affair.
And that’s not good.
First he must meet with Plea, and only if he got clearly rejected then.

Plea at that time is 15 years old.
in other word now is …..

35 years old.
Thirty years old Plea.

It’s considerable severe thing.
The age difference between them is 19 years old.

But there’s still hope.
She is a witchcraft master.
Someone who keeps to oneself a great amount of magical power are also able to control their aging speed.
There’s still a possibility that she still posses the beauty face at that time..
In other word, it’s like this.

Plea 35 years old.
But her appearance is that of 15 years old

It’s enough.
Or rather if she get older and then that eccentric character would become mellow.
Isn’t that thing will become a matter for great congratulation.

20 years passed by, and Rimino would become proactive this much.
If that is so then if it’s Plea, she perhaps will become a devoted lady after going around for once.

[Un, sorry, Rimino]
[I want you to do the job you usually do. I will call you whenever I need okay]

And then at that moment.
Inside that big eyes of Rimino the tears start to *spwoosh* and overflow.

[O, Onichaan….
No way, So you came to ha, h”a”t”e” Rimino ……]

It’s no good.
Altough she is behave herself cheerfully, Rimino is still unstable
It was their meeting after 20 years.
How much important it’s to her, it seems that he still didn’t understand it.

He must take care of her for a moment.
Didn’t he constantly determine himself to treat someone kindly.


[Un, understand, I understand. I will let you by my side okay]
[Eh….. re….. really …….?]


An upturned eyes with eyes that get wet.
It’s incited his desire to protect.
Rimino is a pretty charming girl.

[E, etto~, umm …. ]

And then Dyutyu timidly raised her hand.

[The, then me too, umm, I will become Isa-sama’s personal maid ….]
[Why, you are my employer right]

That’s too unexpected.
As he coldly retorted to her.

[Hiiiiii …… I, I’m sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry ………….. ]

She is trembled with *tremble tremble* as she escaped until the corner of the room.


That’s true.
That girl also had this side of her.

……. he was determine himself to treat her kindly.

[L, lie lie. Sorry sorry, Dyutyu. For now I don’t really understand that meaning of a maid, but when I have free time I always accompany you okay]

In Dyutyu’s smile flower is blooming.

[I, Isa-sama, so ki~nd .. uuh. uu, I really love, desu …..
I want to Chuchu. chuchu him ……. ]

She walked *plap plap plap*, thus embracing Isagi’s other arm.


What is with these guys.

No, it’s alright for Rimino. He still understands about her.
After all at the time she is in the middle of the abyys of despair, and they were able to meet again after 20 years.


Then, what with this princess.
Is she possibly will follow anyone anywhere if given a candy.
Let’s try it for next time.

[From the start, didn’t you come here because of you have some business with me right? Dyutyu]
[Eh? Is that so?]


She didn’t play dumb.
That face really really looked like it forgot about something.

She is too much of a fool.
It’s to the extent that he wanted to write 『I am a Fool』on her forehead.
Addition to the matter which still unsolved.


7 : Doing something with the foolness of his employer.


In his left side.

[Isa sama~, so kin~d …… ]

Dyutyu who squinted her eyes just like a cat.
He felt it is impossible.

While at it this is too.


8 : Don’t cheat.


On his right side.

[Ehehee~ ]

Rimino who rubbed her cheeks.
….. perhaps it’s impossible.


But, for now, let’s try hard.
Little by little, do the things which he is able to do.

Start from the thing that is within the reach of his hand.
Just like 3 years ago, let’s take step one step at a time.

So that he can become, the “last hope” for everyone.
After all, for Isagi this is his new world.


Episode:1 The boy here once again started the beginning.     END

[1] (TL : what a rude woman eh)
[2] (TL : Choroi = easy to get , Aho : fool , stupid )
[3] (TL : “Me!” short from dame! or “you mustn’t” usually used for scolding lil child or animal)
[4] (TL : And thus~!!! This is our 3 candidates!!! )