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Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 001 - 1 – 1 Four Demon Lord Candidate. V2

Isagi grew used to the darkness .

There was a dim light below Isagi’s feet. It was coming from a magic formation laid on the stone floor.

There’s no mistake. It’s not the imperial capital where I’ve been summoned before.

I wonder where this place is.


The clothing which I am wearing right now, it’s not the one I used when fighting with the Demon Lord

It’s the same like 3 years ago when I was summoned in the Imperial capital.

It’s a school uniform.
There’s also something different than before.

First of all, there were also 3 other boys who were collapsed around me.

They are the other summoned people.


「Haa ! ? What are you saying ! I don’t understand !」


The boy who was screaming was wearing a broken school uniform.

His hair looked like it was dyed blond. His build is also big and brawny thus his intimidating air is amazing. (TL : just think of “ga*agori Ira” )

In my previous world, my way of speaking didn’t match with that kind of people, thus that’s the type of person I’m not good with.


It’s so nostalgic huh , or so I thought.

That’s also how I reacted when I was summoned before.

Though I didn’t became mad like that.



There was one with an absentminded look, like he was dreaming until now, he was in a blazer.

Though the candle light reflected on his eyeglasses, thus I couldn't see his expression.

While holding his head, he sometimes mutters something.


「This is a dream …. This is a dream …. 」.


Yep, scary.

The boy who was muttering something is the scarier one.


The only one who sane is, a refreshing looking-boy in a gakuran uniform .

He got up, and started looking at the surrounding with curiosity.

He’s calm.


He is tall with long legs. It seems that he is most likely a sportsman.

He is calmly watching over the course of events.


(Yosh, in turn it’s, Yankee, glasses, Ikemen, and me (read : normal ))


For now let’s call them like that.



Then the summoned so called “Demon Lord” are those 3 people.

+ Isagi (ex-hero).

Well this is a mess.


(Then, the one over there is ….)


Somehow all of them are girls.


The first person.

Holding a candle, is a demon girl who wears a white dress.

It was the girl who spoke to me some time ago.

Since she’s the one with the best attire from the three of them, it make one thinks that she’s the head of this basement.

I give her the name Hime.


And then partially away on her back, there’s literally witch over there.

She wears tricorne with a wide brim while also wearing a baggy and thick robe that is overall in a dark blue color.

On her finger which come out a little from the tip of her sleeve, she holds the wand like she is pinching on it.

Perhaps her white hair is because her pigment is low. Growing long and straight.


Her appearance is not much different from a human’s. Or rather I wonder isn’t she is also a human.

Perhaps her age is not much different from Hime right. Her height is even smaller, about 150cm.

Let’s call her Witch.


And the one who stands beside her, is the only warrior in this place and also the only one who brought a weapon.

She wears plate main on her upper half which also covers her breasts.

And yet the long-sword on her lower-half is make it unbalanced.

In this world swordsman with such attire is numerous.


Since metal armor can’t defend against black magic,

they only wear the type of armor where they have already applied barrier, charm or ,anti-magic process.


Supposedly she have confidence in her skill on dodging.

Or possibly it is because of the pair of wings that grow from her back.

With that slightly tanned body, and slender long arm and legs.Her golden colored hair is also long.

Even in my eyes she is considerable skilled swordsman.

About that girl, I named her Knight.


At this side we have, are Yankee, Glasses, Ikemen, and Me (read : normal )

and then at the opposite side are, Hime, Witch , and Knight. Those three being girls.

Four versus three.I think that the balance is a bit bad. Though it’s not to be the case too.



Yankee puts his hand in his pocket and moves near the demons.


「What is happening explain it to me oi ! 」

「U, umm, you guys, with this Shiruberia-chan’s summoning magic, you all have been summoned into Arbarissu  …. that’s …..」


Yankee, he doesn’t have anything that he is afraid of, huh.

Didn’t he think that something is weird by seeing their appearances.

I am groaning.


「Aah ! ? I don’t understand ! Quickly bring me back to my house oi !」



Hime had lowered her head because she is being yelled at by blonde Yankee.

The role is usualy reversed. Right?


Usually he would go to save the princess, though, it seems it’s just the so called man’s logic.

However, My attention is else where.


(Arbarissu…. she said?)


It’s not a name that he can hear anywhere.

Is there something like coincidence where that names overlap with each other?



It was the place I was summoned — my previous world. (TL : where he become hero )


Supposedly I already defeated demon lord, and brought peace to that world.

And then, this time the demon’s side is the one who came to ask for my assistance?


(I’ve been repeating the same thing like that … ?)


The defeated Demon Lord’s side asking for his assistance.

So now I’m going to go to defeat the human’s king?

What are these things.


He fell into shock.

Is this knocking a misfortune domino?

Unconsciously he began pressing his left eye.



It’s wrong.

Hime said it like this sometime ago.

『Please save us from the evil hand of the adventurer』.


In the world where I came from, the adventurer title doesn’t exist.

The war potential are just knights, mercenaries or soldiers.

It’s just that.

Something is weird.


(Now, in Arbarissu, what year is it…. ?)


I have to confirm that.

Meanwhile, Yankee got his hand caught by Ikemen.



「Let’s stop it.I think it’s a problem to tease a girl you know.」

「What are you doing….」


Ikemen said something like that.

His behaviors are also those of a gentleman.


「Furthermore, you're not the only one who didn’t understand what is happening, we are all  in the same boat. (TL : he use Boku.


Shouldn’t ,at this time, we need to calm ourselves and ask for an explanation ?」


On the top of that, persuading him rationally.

He also seems to have leadership.


(This person is “winning” huh …. ) (TL : like “jackpot” thing, in the ice cream stick where you can trade for one more)


Calmly, he analyse those things.

A summoning magic able to set various 『Conditions』.



Total Mana. Human nature. Potential power. Future prospect. Moral sense.Age.Gender.

Talent. Possessed belief. Intelligence. Wisdom. Health. Luck. Skin color.

And then the last is, vitality.

To make descendant, it seems ther is also times when they summon a breeding horse with talent. 

Though I don’t know about this world.

Leaving those thing aside.


Ikemen calmly asked her.


「Umm.By the way some time ago, you call us as Demon Lords right?

You also said, you want us to save the demons from the adventurers.」


It’s an attitude of a person that understand how to treat a girl.

As expected of an ikemen.


「Y …. yes !」


That demon girl, nodded frantically.

She holds her hand against her chest.



「I . I am very sorry.

I am the current head in this demon lord castle.

I am the Succubus of Dyutyu = Fainarite = Beronemia」


Raising the hem of her skirt, crossing her feet and bending down a little.

This is this world lady's etiquette.


Fainarite household.

Even among demons, it’s a good family with ancient background.

For generation the kids with superior mana were born,

Sometimes they are born as monster which is called a mutation.

Rather than that.


(Speaking frankly, it’s the household of the demon lord that I defeated right …. )


As expected , this place is the world of Arbarissu where Isagi has been before.

Parallel world, or perhaps something like that.

Though it’s just a talk, or if such a thing is exist.


「This is Shirberia the witch.

and then, Ira the Angel 」


Deyuteyu-Hime pointed at them with her hand.

Though the swordsman Ira was bowing entirely, Shiruberia just bowed her head a little.


「Thank you. My name is Hiyama Shou. This one is, umm 」


Ikemen laughed with a troubled face.

Yankee pulled of his hand from Ikemen ‘s.


「It’s Ashikaga Renzou」


Clicking his tongue.

Though his eyes are still sharp, but it seems like he already calmed down a little.

Putting his hand in his pocket, he moved back a little.

It seems somehow that Ikemen have the disposition of a wild-animal tamer.



Naturally everyone gaze switched to the next one .

「 …. 」


they were directed at Glasses. (TL: Poor Isagi the norm )

He was still holding his head and kept on muttering about something.

It seems that he didn’t hear anything of talk at this side.


Is it because it couldn't be helped? Ikemen switched to me.


「You are ?」


What should I do.

Although he hesitate a bit, but in the end he decided to call himself as Isagi without change.

This is one of his bet.


「I am Isagi. Asaura Isagi」



What reaction will they show?


The change is actually happening.


The atmosphere inside the basement completely changed.

It felt tingling like something was crawling under my skin.

Perhaps that Yankee and Ikemen realized this uncomfortable feeling, they gasped.

This is what they called one kind of fighting spirit: “thirst of blood”


「Isagi, you said?」

The one who reacted to his name was the beautiful swordsman.


(Again this is really easy to understand…. )


she released her fighting spirits, i had to maintain nonresistance.

Patience is pretty much necessary

The swordsman started to close the distance between her and Isagi while griping her sword on her hips.


「You... perhaps that...」

(Cut it off already)


One more step.

If she get closer one more step.


(Hold it, me)


It’s hard for Isagi to not emit his fighting spirits.

He pinched his thigh to control himself.

The swordsman’s foot moved  even closer. ….

「H, Hey , Ira-chan !」


At that time Hime’s rebuke came flying.

Suddenly, the swordsman’s foot stopped.


「Y, you mustn’t do such rude thing to the Demon Lord you know !」


Though it’s like someone scolding a kid, Ira disperses her fighting spirits.

That girl honestly started bowing her head.


「…. Sorry for my impoliteness.」

「Emm, yes.」


Isagi had his face plastered with confusion on what was happening.

But unexpectedly, to think that it has an effect to this extent.


(This is... seems like that I didn’t have any connection with this)


As expected the name of Isagi, is widely known.

Then that means, what is really happening?


The answer, came from Dyutyu


「Furthermore, that Isagi the brave who slayed father.

He was last seen 20 years ago.

There’s no way all of sudden he would come out at this place right!」





It’s already 20 years since that time ?


(eh, then, what happen with everyone from that time …. ?)


The fate of his party members.

And also.


(It means, that Plea, is in this world …. ?)


■New Character Appearance.

Dyutyu : Succubus princess.

Demon Lord’s castle present head.


Shirbernia : Witch girl (TL : M@DOKA~~~ aaa ! ! ! )

Ira : Blonde swordsman.


Hiyama Shou : Ikemen.

Ashikaga Renzou : Yankee.

Glasses : ? ? ?


Proof read by truck-sensei