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Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi

Chapter 000 - [Isagi’s] Confession. V2

ITL : The character thoughts will be in italic



Long... It was an unbelievably long fight.

They’re fighting while risking their own life.



Swords tearing the sky.

Axes splitting the earth.

Black magic making loud explosions.

White magic protecting against huge destruction energy.


The location is the throne room in the Demon Lord’s castle.

Bearing humanity’s strongest dignity and will in their chest, they keep on fighting.


What dwells in those eyes is resolution.

What those hearts wish is peace.

What those fists destroy is ambition.

What those souls desire is victory.


It was without doubt a mortal combat.

A combat that will be carved in human history forever.



The wall of the Demon Lord’s castle was damaged and now is in ruin.

There’s one man who leans on one of the collapsed pillar.


「Now …. Can’t move... even one of my fingers …..」

He is a man that stands at the summit of all warriors in that continent.

His short red hair are dyed by his blood.


When one looks at those wounds, he would feel fear and wonders how he could still be alive.

That man —the master warrior had receive a blow to his throat.


「Don’t kid with me …. Even though that person is still fighting …..」


Even while he is losing consciousness,  he continues to glare at his sworn enemy.



The surrounding were set ablaze.

It was the fire of black magic,a fire without ignition.


A girl crumbled down onto the floor like a doll which had its strings cut.


「…. No …. Why?! ...I am still !! …..」


She is a girl who stands on the top of all wizards in the continent.


She’s covered in dirt to the extent that there’s no trace of her white skin.

She is drawing mana from the surrounding but that is not enough.

Even when she tries to draw out the mana from the depths of her soul, there is nothing left.



「Please ….. Make it …. Please …..」


She could not do anything but pray. That girl —-The wizard shed tears from her eyes.



In the surrounding there’s a barrier stretched out.

The strongest barrier holds the Demon Lord, but in exchange it also holds the heroes.

It’s an absolute wall that separate the outer world from the inner world.


From outside of the place, a war cry can be heard.

Even now human and demons are still clashing their swords.

The brave heroes and Demon Lord, each of their own follower wished for their victory.



The Demon Lord unleashed a magic bullet with all of his might, but was strayed from his target by an anti magic barrier.




「Ha...ha ...ha…. I already ... can’t do it huh…..」


He is the young man who stands at the top of druids in the continent


That smile , floated with a deep color of fatigue that one can only see it has the look of death. He drops to his knees while vomiting blood. He has already gone over his limit a long time ago.

However, that boy will protect, just for that thing he will reduce his own life to keep chanting white magic.



「… It can’t be helped huh…. I leave ... the rest to you …..」


Until the end he didn’t bow down, that young man — The druid closed his eyes, just like sleeping.




The Demon lord wears a jet black armor over his body. He has utter confidence in his victory.

Even though the battle was a four versus one, there is no one that could defeat him.

The Demon Lord exceeded common sense, he is nothing but strong.

The Demon Lord is power itself.



「It look like you're the last one.」


「Do you still want to resist? Brave one」

「… Ha~」


In the hall which had fallen into ruin, the boy made a little sigh.

And then, the Demon Lord figure reflected inside those black eyes.


「These three years, it was long you know.」


He was a boy who was standing on the top of all humans on the continent.

He was holding a shining sword, with a red mantle covering his body.


He came from another world, with the power to manipulate one of the four forbidden elements art to bring down the king of the demon.

The name is brave, as an incarnation of destruction, a person with absolute judgment.



「When I think that finally this time has come, I am really happy, so happy」


The left eye of that boy with black hair and black eyes changed its color.

Red just like a ruby,a glittering light.


That boy broke into a run.


「What a silly thing !」


The demon lord once again brought forth magic balls from his palm.

He made a total of 16.

Each one having the power to destroy a castle.

The magic balls came from all direction.

It’s not something that human’s kinetic vision is able to capture.




The boy’s red eye is shining



「… It’s the end.」


Right at that time.

The boy’s body was about to get engulfed by the magic balls.

In the next moment, all of the magic disappeared just like soap bubbles popping.



「Wha —」


The Demon Lord became speechless.

He then started reciting a new black magic but.



But, at that moment the victor and defeated are decided.

The boy jumped.

Sweeped his sword.

Its slashing speed is not something that can be seen by naked eyes.


「No way —」


Demon Lord’s body was slashed in two with that single slash.

He got cut diagonally


「Why, why this is —- I am — I am—」


The Brave landed into the ground.

He covered his eye with his hand.

The boy took a big breath.



「This is my last resort… to come all the way here without showing it was a problem after all」




The Demon Lord’s corpse was burned with black magic’s fire.

「To think, we really were able to defeat it」

said the girl, laughing with relief.

The barrier will keep continuing for a moment.

At that time let’s strive ourselves to recover our stamina.


「With this it’s really over right ?」


The girl is smiling.



The long golden hair which looks like silk and porcelain like skin.

Slender limbs,slightly pointed ears,and big blue eyes which have it’s own charm.

Everything about her is beautiful.

Her striking presence was akin to a miracle.

The boy got his breath taken away.


「…. No , it’s not end yet」


「You know that I have a dream.」

「Aa, that’s right.」


Squinting her eyes, she puts her hand in front of her mouth and laugh,



「I always said it right : “Adventurer Guild”」

「Un, well...」


After defeating demon king, they were filled with excitement,

Even the thing that usually made them feel embarrassed, if it’s now it would feel like they would be able to say it.


「Even though we already traveled around the world, as expected a knight alone can't protect everyone.」


「That’s why, for the sake of helping people who are in need, I am thinking to make an organization dedicated to do these things you know 」



With a relaxed face that looked like she was hearing a calming lullaby, Tte girl beside the boy was nodding.



「Look, with the Demon Lord’s treasures and when we received the reward from his majesty, I’m sure I will be able to established it 」

「The money which you can use to play around for the rest of your life, you will use it?」

「No, that’s...」


A ticklish voice come asking a question. she had mischievous-like smile.



It’s not like she wa serious when she said it.

But the boy seriously replied.


「…. Un.After this I think the world will fall into chaos.

Perhaps the demons who lost their leader will run amok, that’s why when that happens, there will be people with power to protect the weak.

I want to make such system.」


The girl’s small hand was laid on his clenched fist.



「If it’s you it’s possible, Isagi」


His heartbeat raised sharply.

The girl smiled sweetly.

It was a dazzling smile.

I really can’t look at her in the eyes.



What are you thinking at the time like this!? She will get angry at me.

But I could not hold the excitement in my heart.



What should I do.

Should I say it.


Let’s say it.



「… But, if I’m alone it’s gonna be hard you know」

「Eh ?」

「I’m asking you, Plea」


I decided it.

I’d tell her if I defeated the demon king.


「From now on... do you want to accompany me ?」


Gradually, the girl’s face became redder.

Plea averted her eyes from Isagi.


「Eh, umm, that’s ... it’s」


That girl who never failed to recite any aria calmly without any mistake at every possible condition became flustered and was not able to utter a single word.


「That... so suddenly telling me those thing,..」


「Well said !」


Suddenly a shadow came down.





It was a man who was wearing an armor.


「Balzdo-san …. I just applied curing magic to you, please don’t move around too much」


While holding his head, a boy in robe came after him

But that man in armor kept making a lively smile.



「Don’t say such stiff thing Sel ! Just now Isagi became a man you know ! ?

We must celebrate it !」

「It’s Selder….. Well, it’s alright though, mou」


Even on Selder face who was sighing and shooke his head, floated a smile



「We just defeated the demon king and Isagi is already proposing to her !

Is there any thing better than this?!  Huh ?! Gwa ha ha ha !」

「I !!  it’s not like... !!! I still haven’t said OK you know ?!! 」


Plea who had became red started shouting.

Looking at that, Balzdo made a surprised face.



「Pe, perhaps, you intend , to say no ….. ? then, then if it’s like that….」

「E, eeeeeh ? tha, that is ….」


Groaning plea turned even redder.



「Haa~ …. no matter how you look at it, I think you didn’t intent to reject him right ….. 」

「Yo, you’re noisy, Sel !」


Selder who seeing those conversation shrug his shoulder.



But at that time.

The boy suddenly started holding his chest.



「Guh ….」


The one who realized the unusual action was Selder.



「…. Ar, are you alright Isagi san?」

「Commander ! ?」


Balzdo expression also changed.

Plea kept blinking her eyes, making an expression that looked like she didn’t understand what was happening.



「Perhaps, this is one of Demon Lord’s black magic…. ?

Something that will affect the one who finish him off maybe …. 」

「O, oi, Sel ! heal him quickly !」

「I am already on it!」


A small light of magic come out from Selder’s hand.

Plea expression was frozen.



「…. Isagi ?」


Isagi kept on groaning.


「It’s lie right!? this is... Isagi ! Isagi … !」


Plea held tight Isagi ‘s hand.

To that voice, Isagi couldn't reply .

He crouched.




(This is wrong... this is ….)


But , those sensation are something that Isagi remembered.



(Plea, Balzdo, Sel …. This is, different. … ! )


No matter how many times he try to say it, it was useless.

The phase space is distorted.

The world became hazy, it became more distant.


(It’s the same! Like that time …. !)


He could not go against fate.

No matter how strong of a person he was.



( It’s a lie right, even though it was just the beginning ! )



In the world that’s seemed trapped in a mirror.

Isagi stared at Plea.



「Plea, I've , I've always loved you —-」


That shout didn’t reach her, It was already to late.






◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆





When he open his eyes once again, there was darkness.

It smell like mold, perhaps this is in a basement.

The candles fire was swaying.

I felt the presence of human.


「….. It is a success…. ?」


It is?


Isagi observed his surrounding, still lying down.

This room is spacious.

Perhaps it’s about 15 meters to every direction.


「…… eto, They didn’t wake up though…」


The voice belonged to a girl.

There’s also 6 other human presence with that girl.

There was three more people around Isagi, separated a little, including the girl's 3 people.



(There’s no injury …. huh)


It seems like his wounded body from the war against the demon lord is also completely healed.

Though that kind of things is impossible without using the fourth forbidden element “resurrection” .



「U,umm…. hello ….. someone….」


The girl voice was mixed with tears.


…… For now, let’s stand up.


According to Isagi guess, these people didn’t hold any ill will toward him.


Even if something was to happen, the present himself is totally different than three years ago.

There’s no need to be too cautious.

Thinking like that, he got up.



「A, a a , w, wak, he is awake !」


A frolic voice.

The face that appeared after being illuminated by candles fire was ,as expected, a girl.


I’m beaten.

It’s as expected.

At his feet, there’s a dim light, the remnant of mana clinging to the summoning magic square was here.



(Is this real ….)


Unconsciously a sigh leaked out,

Somehow he was once again summoned.

How mean.


(After this, this was the end right? and then after that retiring leisurely.

Making the adventurer guild and then….. )


Becoming happy with Plea.

thinking about it, He shooke his head.


(My luck is to bad right…. )


He Lightly held his left eye.

After all, the next thing they will say is already decided.

Just as usual those guys summoned him at their own convenience.


(It’s already decided... right?)


This is what they’re gonna say to the guests from another world like Isagi.


「P, please, Demon Lord-samas…….

Please save us demons, from evil hand of the adventurers ….. ! 」


…. eh ?


Isagi stared at her.

That girl’s body !! Fluffy amber colored hair, a white skin which seems that one can see through it.

Her body was wrapped by an elegant while dress.

From her spine grows bat like wings.

A pair of sheep like horn and perhaps is it because she’s nervous a tail which move left and right.


It’s a demon.

A bewitching innocent, a virtuous obscenity, she is a beautiful demon girl that will dazzle one’s eyes.


That girl join her hands together, she’s begging like she’s praying.


「Please, please lead us… Demon Lord-samas」


Isagi fell in deep thought


(This is, isn’t this weird?)



■New character appearance.


Isagi : The strongest brave man

Three years ago summoned from a country called Japan.

Plea : Adept wizard.

15 y/o

Balzdo : Mercenary king.

28 y/o

Selder : Church’s young genius.

18 y/o


Beautiful demon girl : ???



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