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Yora Chronicles

    Perhaps if the two were to meet again, they would be so warped by their own hands that they would not even recognize the other...

[Arc 0 - Prologue] Airen and Yuelei Casteya. Two twins that were separated in act of revenge not due to their own doing. One is sent to the frozen north, where they were adopted by a dying frost phoenix and taught to survive as a beast would, eventually meeting with the forces that govern nature itself. The other is sent to the southern deserts and is saved by a band of former slaves turned raiders who take him in as one of their own. Both of them sought power and the forces of the world would soon listen, but not without their own aspirations... 

Current Status- Written up to Arc 1- Knighthood#8, Disciple#7 

Chapters will be updated as soon as it is edited.

Note: There are two texts per chapter, but due to some url issues it is listed in chronological order in which it is written. Please refer to the titles for the actual chapter order.


Adventure, Fantasy, Tragedy, Light Novel