Rebirth Online World

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Chapter 900 - First Arc Glossary

Important Characters

Erwin: A young scout in the Earth Expedition Force. Adept in using weapons and sword handling. This is his first expedition.

Mary: A young magician girl and partner of Erwin in the Earth Expedition Force. Expert in magic handling.

Alishia: A very young magician girl. Separated from her parents and currently under the care of Harold. She is going to Yamato Kingdom to meet with her parents again together with Erwin and Mary. Hopefully.

Harold: A retired special unit soldiers and witch hunter. Currently a craftsman. He has a wife and a daughter. Expert in sword handling.

Nina and Jenny: wife and daughter of Harold.

Yuni: A female archer from Arn Village. Considered as the flower of the village, many youths tried to court her but failed miserably. Expert in bow handling.

Frank: A swordsman from Arn Village. Considered as one of the most skilled youths in Arn Village. Adept in short sword handling.

Yaza Thorada: A knight of Zero Kingdom. Formerly a bandit leader but after his accomplishment in capturing witches, he has been knighted. His habit as a bandit leader can't be forgotten so he still acts in banditry.

The Duke: A mysterious high ranking nobleman.


Side Characters

Harris: Mentor of Mary and member of the Earth Expedition Force. Separated from them after the attack on the HQ base.

Karotius: Leader of Warrior Guild in Frontier City of Ashator

Atlas: Leader of Merchant Guild in Frontier City of Ashator

Baron Barg: Leader of the Frontier City of Ashator. A muscle head who likes to fight strong opponents including magicians.

Roland: Guard Captain of Arn Village

Ken: Best friend and rival of Frank. One of the most skilled youths in Arn Village. Adept in great sword handling.

Jessica: Friend of Frank and Ken. One of the most skilled swordswoman. Adept in rapier handling.



M-AK45: Assault rifle

USP: Sidearm.

DSR 50: Anti material sniper rifle

MG3: Light machine gun

RGR2: Anti personnel railgun

Grenade: Flashbangs and Fragmentation Grenades



Earth Trap: Opens up the ground and makes a pitfall

Search: Sends waves of mana to search the surrounding. Operates similar to sonar but more detailed.

Silent Sanctuary: Creates a barrier to cut off sounds. Can be adjusted to many different types such as cutting off sounds from inside but can hear outside voices.

Language Comprehension: Transfer the understanding of a language from the caster to other people. Must know the language to use it.

Wind Blade: Compress the air into a sharp blade with high speed.

Body Reinforcement: Stimulates the circulation of bodily function to enhance the body. Has many side effects on the target and the caster cannot move while casting it. Needs high concentration and control of magic.

Air Hammer: Compress the air into a warhammer.



Ashator: A frontier city of Zero Kingdom

Arn Village: Harold's hometown

Yamato Kingdom: Safe haven of magicians in the new world. The only country that supports the magicians and still standing.