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Chapter 008 - Warrior Guild

The moment I enter the guild, vulgar laughter and loud shouting can be heard. The bar which is the side business of the guild is filled with tens of men and women. The strong smell of alcohol permeate the entire hall.

Waitresses are walking around delivering orders. The few bartenders are working non-stop. There are small verbal quarrels everywhere. One of the groups are occupying a large amount of tables. They are cheering each other probably for the completion of their big job.

“So lively...”

My murmur is drowned by the liveliness of the hall. While I was staring at the bar, a rough voice comes out from the front.

“Hey kid! What do you want!?”

A few of the mercenaries look over to the door but soon lose interest. I look at the man behind a large counter. He is the only one there. Walking over there, the man greets me.

“Welcome to Hall of Warrior! What request do you want to submit?”

Request...? Even though I bring my sword and armor, he still thinks I want to submit request!?

“Err... I want to know what kind of jobs the warriors do. I haven’t decide which guild to join.” (Erwin)

“Hmm? What can you do? You will just be a meat shield with that muscle.”

“Just tell me. I know my limit. Don’t judge me when you don’t know me.” (Erwin)

“Kid. I advice you to stand down.”

A stern look appears on the man’s face. I grit my teeth and match his eyes.

“What if I tell you I am a rear guard? I fight from long range.” (Erwin)

“Hmm? Are you an archer? Where is your bow then? What is that thing on your back?”

“That’s my secret. Now, can you tell me what kind of work the warriors do?” (Erwin)

“No, I want you to stand down. An archer will only do well in an army.”

This is getting irritating. While I know he means well, why would you just decide someone has no ability at all? A warrior doesn’t have to be on the front line fighting. Even an archer is a warrior.

It is just a matter of where to put oneself. Some are better at close range while others on long range. Some archers can also fight at close to medium range with a short bow.

I turn over to the bar and look for possible archers.

‘Found them.’

There are a few archers in the big group of people eating there. Their bows leaning on the wall near them. All of their bows are a long bow type.

There are a few more bows scattered around the place but all of them are the same. They are all bows for long range.

Astonished, I look back to the man behind the counter. I ask anxiously.

“Don’t tell me that all of your bows are like that?” (Erwin)

I point at the bows at the wall. He looks over and says.

“Is there other type of bow?”

“You don’t have bows for close range? Really? Poor archers.” (Erwin)

“What did you say, kid? Just get out of here.”

“Fine. I am disappointed with the warrior guild.” (Erwin)

I wave my hand with my back to him. I am walking to the door when a big board enters my sight. The board is nailed to the wall. A lot of paper are attached to the board.

‘Why do I not think of it? I don’t even need to ask that man.’

I walk to the board with a bitter smile. When I am halfway there, the man behind the counter shouts.

“Hey kid! Don’t try my patience and get out!”

‘I am at my limit as well. Damn it. Whatever.’

I turn around and pull out my sidearm quickly. I aim it at the man. A few warriors notice my movement. They put their hand on their weapons. The bar turns silent after a while.

“You are annoying! I know my limit so don’t test my patience as well! I can put a hole in your head from here.” (Erwin)

“Try it then.”

I don’t want to kill him. He is a good man but he is too annoying. At this moment I see a wooden plate near him. I turn my aim to it while turning off the safety.

A gunshot rings out in the hall. At the same time, the plate flies up. It hits the wall behind it. A hole appears in the middle of the plate and the wall. I aim at the man again.

“Do you understand now?” (Erwin)

The hall falls into silence. The man freezes up on the spot he stands.

“He is a witch! Capture him!”

Someone in the crowds suddenly yells out. My heart skips a beat. Cold sweat flows down my back.

‘Did I make a mistake here?’ A thought flashes through my mind.


I turn to aim at the bar. Some warriors who are ready to run over, stop. I look around for the man who just shouted.

“Who just shouted!? Come out and give me a proof why I am a witch. Come out now!” (Erwin)

No choice. I have no more choice. I have to threaten them to buy time. I need to find a proof that I am not a magician.

“Calm down. I can tell that he is not a witch. He doesn’t have that feeling.”

An old man sitting at the corner starts talking. His voice isn’t loud but the old dignified tune calls over the warriors’ attentions.

“Hey, young one over there. I believe you also knows right?”

The old man points at a middle aged man sitting at the head of a long lines of tables. The middle aged man turns his eyes at me. He nods.

“Yeah. Yeah. I know that, old man.”

The old man smiles a bit. He turns to point at other calmly sitting warriors. They all nod at his statement. Then, he points at a small build young man near the wall.

“So, who are you then? Why do you want to cause trouble in my guild?”

All of the warriors in the guild turn to the youth. Their eyes are filled with hostility. The warriors who got baited at his words even have a murderous intent.

The youth tries to run but the warriors quickly catch him. He is taken to the back of the guild. A while later the bar regains its liveliness.

I turn and walk to the old man after holstering my sidearm. He just said ‘my guild’ so he should have a high position in the guild. The other warriors also respect him.

“Thank you for your help.” (Erwin)

“Sit down kid. Let’s talk for a bit.”

I sit down where he points. He looks at my armor and weapons intently. He glances over the sword without any interest.

“May I look at your weapons?”

“No, can’t do. I am sorry.” (Erwin)

“Nevermind then. I am Karotius, the head of this branch of Warrior Guild. I thank you for showing mercy to my son there.”

“I should be the one who thank you. I don’t know how to proof I am not a magician.” (Erwin)

“Oh, magician. It’s an old phrase. Barely anyone uses it nowadays except in Taros Kingdom... Sorry, its name has just changed to Yamato.”

“What do you mean by changing name?” (Erwin)

“I don’t know. Taros Kingdom suddenly changed its name into Yamato Kingdom ten years ago. It is a strange name and no one knows why they use it.”

‘Hmm. It is a new name huh?’

“Even their capital city changed their name. I wonder why they wanted to change them all of sudden.”

“Hmm? What is the new name?” (Erwin)


Are you kidding me!? Why are names from Earth’s cities suddenly pops out in that country!?

“Ho ho ho. I like the surprised face of young people.”

Hmm? Did he just joke around just now? No... It will be strange to be a joke. He shouldn’t know Earth’s names.

I look at him with doubt. He smiles a bit and says.

“They have their other cities changed names as well. One of them is their biggest trade city. Guess it.”

“I can’t guess it. It should another strange name, right?” (Erwin)

“That’s right! This one is Beijing!”

I pinch my arm hard and flinch at the pain. The old man laughs loudly. The surrounding warriors ignore him.

“Uh... Is there other strange name?” (Erwin)

“Hmm... There are quite a few.”

There are more!? What are they thinking!? Who is the one that caused them to change the name!?

“Hmm... Since I am interested in it. Tell me please.” (Erwin)

“Ho ho ho. Sure. Buy me a drink.”

“Sure. One beer here!” (Erwin)

I shout at one of the waitresses nearby. She smiles a bit and goes to the bartender. A while later, a big cup filled to the brim is put on the table.

“Young one, you don’t drink?”

“I can’t. I still need to meet my friend later. I will refrain from passing out.” (Erwin)

“Hahaha. Good reason.”

“Well, old man. What are the other names?” (Erwin)

Will there be more Earth’s cities name? This is quite fun. It’s like they are calling for us, Earth’s people to go there.

“Hmm... Their port city is named London. One of their strongest stronghold fortress is named Moscow. Another fortress is Berlin. Oh, I forget about a city.”

“Don’t mind them. I think they are just going crazy.” (Erwin)

“Alright then. By the way, what do you ask that my son wanted to kick you out?”

“I just want to know what are the type of jobs which are requested here.” (Erwin)

“I need to teach that brat a lesson.... Alright, I will explain to you.”

“Thank you, Sir.” (Erwin)

“Don’t mind it. As you have seen, the board over there contains the requests from all over the place in this city. Sometimes there are requests from outside such as contract for war.”

The old man gulps down some of his beer. Then, the talk continues.

“The requests are generally subjugation, investigation, bodyguard, and escort mission. In subjugation requests you will generally face off against groups of thieves,bandits, and rogue warriors. There are a few other types with higher risk such as witch hunt.”

Witch hunt!? There is such a thing here. This is more dangerous than I thought. I need to get Mary and Alishia away as fast as possible.

“Investigation missions are only for selected one so don’t mind it for now. Unless you show some promise and loyalty, you won’t get this mission.”

“Bodyguard missions are simple. You just have to guard the client for a period of time. This can be extremely dangerous sometimes.”

“Escort mission is a joint operation with Merchant Guild. Their merchants will sometimes request this from us for higher risk place. Generally their guild’s warriors will handle this themselves. Ah right, the Merchant Guild also has their own warriors units.”

“Other than those, there are high risk missions for groups. You can’t take them as individuals. That includes the contract for war.”

“That’s all. How is it? Are you interested in joining?”

“Ah. I need to ask my friend who will join together with me first. Thank you for your explanation.” (Erwin)

“Ah, sure. Be careful when you and your friend go around okay? The city isn’t that friendly anymore.”

Huh? Did he know? No way right?

“I will be careful. Now, I excuse myself. I hope we will meet again.” (Erwin)

“Sure thing.”

I get up from the chair and pay up the old man’s beer. I look at the board for a while.

Alfred, Fire attribute Witch, Bounty 50 Gold, Last known location : West of Haru Forest.

Hanny, Water attribute Witch, Bounty 20 Gold, Last known location : Uruho Village

Demetius, Earth.......

A few witch hunt posters with their details on them are hung in front of me. They have various high bounties. I can see some snatched posters remains.

I look at each of them. Fortunately, Mary and Alishia aren’t around here. I can just hope the snatched poster aren’t about them as well.

I proceed out of the guild.