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Chapter 065 - Small Reinforcement

Faraway from the battlefield to the north, a group of three girls and one boy is running with the help of magic. They don’t use any wagon or carriage because it is troublesome when they reach the battlefield nor they use horses because none of them can ride them. With their pace, they will arrive in one and a half hours.

“There are sounds of battle ahead. I think we are near the front line.”

“This area... See those trees. We are still far from there. I wonder if they are retreating.”

“Hmm. You’re right. We are still far. Why can I hear battle from around the corner?”

“Let’s go and see!”

“Wait for me, Onee-chan.”

The group quickly run towards the sound. There, they find a group of cavalry is chased by a much larger group. One of the leading cavalries being chased spots them. He sees the flag of Yamato carried by the small group. The flag is brought so they won’t be mistaken as enemy by their allies at the front line.

“Quickly! Run! The enemy is here! We will stall them.”

The cavalryman shouts at the small group. Seeing their small number, they won’t be able to fight against the large group of cavalries behind him. Even if they are magicians, the enemy’s number is too great. Unless they are the rumored top ranked magicians, they won’t stand a chance. He has no idea that the group has one top ranked magician.

With that shout, the small group knows that the one being chased is their allies. The cavalries are also turning around to stall for time for them. The small group, instead of running away, runs towards the group. The cavalry leader grits his teeth at this.

“What are you doing!? Do you want to die?”

“Mary, make a wall like before.” (Yuni)

“Alright. [Earth Wall]” (Mary)

A wall suddenly raises in front of the chasing cavalries. They turn to either side to avoid the collision but the wall is long. They can’t get through the wall without taking a large detour. They stop in front of the wall with frustration.

“Should we kill them?” (Yuni)

“No. I think Felicia will like that we don’t reduce too much forces.” (Mary)

“Hmm... Right. We don’t know how big the invasion will be.” (Yuni)

“I should hold them here so they won’t cause trouble. [Earth Wall]” (Mary)

Three walls are raised around the enemy’s cavalries, confining them in the middle of the walls. Some of the further away cavalries are not confined and they run away before they are also captured. Mary strengthens the walls so it won’t break from continuous attack from the cavalries inside.

There are sounds of swords and spears striking the walls but they do nothing to the walls. Inside the confining walls, numerous angry shouts are heard. Yuni stops the Yamato’s cavalries from retaliating.

“We have to go the front line first. We can deal with them later after we win. They won’t go anywhere.” (Yuni)

“....It is as you say. The front is already under massive attack. We should go back to support them. I will leave some troops here to watch over them.” (Cavalry Leader)

“Carry us on your horses. We can’t ride and it is still too far to reach quickly.” (Mary)

“Understood. Please hold my hand. I will pull you up.” (Cavalry Leader)

“Alright.” (Mary)

The group quickly rides some horses with the cavalrymen’ help. Mary rides with the leader while the others ride with the adjutant. At this time, a very small explosion sound is heard from the front line.

“This is... Gunfire!” (Mary)

Mary quickly recognizes the source of the sound because she has heard similar sound before. That was when Erwin was checking the weapons and tried to shoot with it on the way to Arn Village. Afterward, he trained with it several times. The cavalries advances towards the front line with steady pace. They will arrive in forty five minutes. Another small explosion resounds after a while.

“....That is that sniper rifle’s sound! Quickly! We have to get there in time!” (Mary)

“Wh-what happened?” (Cavalry Leader)

“That is my friend’s strongest weapon. He won’t use it unless it is serious. Quick!” (Mary)

“Oh! All unit! Increase pace!” (Cavalry Leader)

The group of cavalry increases their marching speed. At this pace, they will arrive at the front line in half an hour. A few more explosions resound when they are on the way. The closer they get to the front line, the more explosions mixed in with the gunfire.

When they arrive, they see rocks flying towards a hill in the middle of the battlefield. There are small walls and moats around the hill like a fortification. Magics destroy some of the rocks and a gunfire resounds when the last rock is destroyed.

“Why would they use trebuchets? This is just a small fortification.” (Cavalry Leader)

“We have to help them. That weapon has a limit.” (Mary)

“We have to charge through the formation in front of us. Everyone! Get ready to charge!” (Cavalry Leader)

All of the cavalries unsheathe their swords. Frank follows with his own sword. Yuni readies her bow and quiver filled with arrows. The cavalryman carrying Alishia moves into the center of the formation to protect her. Mary readies her staff.

“I will break their formation. Use the chance to charge in.” (Mary)

“We are waiting.” (Cavalry Leader)

“[Air Cannon]” (Mary)

Air starts to gather in front of Mary. It compresses itself while still gathering more air. It has become as big as three people standing side by side. It is then launched to the center of the enemy’s troops at the back who are cautious. The compressed air pushes the tightly clustered troops back. It creates a large gap in their formation due to the compressed air also pushed them to the side.

“Forward charge!” (Cavalry Leader)

“ “ “ Charge! ” ” ”

The cavalries quickly take the chance and charge straight into the gap. The enemy is slow to take action. The gap is only slightly closed when the cavalries arrive. Mary shoots out another [Air Cannon] and widen the gap in front of them. Then, she creates some water balls and uses them to keep the enemy at bay.

The cavalries charge straight to the hill. As they are currently not following any order and have no way of receiving any, their priority is to meet the general and report their status. At the same time, they are escorting the small group as reinforcement. Even though they are just a small group, the magician can provide much support.

Halfway through the enemy, Mary sees that the tower on top of hill was hit and destroyed by a rock. Her heart tightens for unknown reason. She quickly dismisses it and continues to help the cavalries’ charge. Some of the cavalries fall in the charge.

Her water balls hit anyone who wants to come close. Sometimes, one or two enemy passed through but they are dealt with quickly using her staff. The cavalries are killing enemy’s troops that hinder them unlike Mary. Slowly, hey progress through the enemy.

The enemy trebuchets keep attacking with rocks. The magicians are having a hard time destroying the rocks. From time to time, there are one or two rocks fall onto the hill. There are some that didn’t hit anything while others crushed something or someone. There is an increasing amount of casualties from Yamato’s side.

The cavalries finally arrive at the first line of defense of the hill. They sweep through both sides of the hill, cleaning them from the enemy in the process. Seeing reinforcement from the cavalries, Yamato’s troops’ morale rises once more. A couple of cavalry ride to the top of the hill.

Mary sees that the magicians are tired. There are five rocks flying to them. She raises her staff and raises nearby rock. Next moment, she crushes the rock into five pieces. She points her staff to the incoming rocks. The five fragments accelerate to the rocks and hit them with high speed. The momentum and force of the fragments destroy the rocks to pieces.

Mary points her staff to mounds of soil outside the camp. The soil is gathered from the time the ditches were dug. The magicians don’t know what to do with it so they just dump it outside the camp as an obstruction for the enemy. Mary raises all of the soil and dumps them on top of the small walls. Three meters tall walls suddenly appear in front of the enemy surrounding the base.

The troops inside are cut off from their allies outside. All people from both sides suddenly stop fighting. They are all stunned by the sudden emergence of the walls. At this point, Mary suddenly shouts.

“Erwin! Come out! I know you are here!”

All people simultaneously look at Mary and stunned on the spot. She is looking around for someone. She is glaring at everyone, trying to see through their faces. Unfortunately, she still can’t find him. She is now filled with anxiety that she didn’t make it in time. Yuni, Frank and Alishia also look around. They are trying to find Erwin at different direction but they still can’t find him.

For a while, only the sound of people outside the walls are heard. They are trying to get in but they don’t have any ladder. They can only help each other to climb up. They peek their head out to see the inside but they are all confused as to why there is no fighting at all.

Looking at where they look at, they see a beautiful girl with silver hair looking around restlessly. The peeking troops are all stunned similar to how the troops inside are. Only the cavalries from before are still conscious but they also stop fighting. They are only confused as to why Mary suddenly shouted.

First Prince Kojiro is the first to recover because he is somewhat used to see beautiful girls in the palace. He approaches Mary to talk.

“May I know who are you, young lady?” (Kojiro)

“I got no time to talk. Tell me. Where is Erwin?” (Mary)

Mary only glances at him and then proceeds to look around again. Yamato’s troops are all stunned speechless for different reason. She is so bold to disregard a prince! She even acts like she is someone of higher status than the prince. The only people who can do that are the King, Queen and Prime Minister of the kingdom. Even a Prime Minister still refrains from doing it because he is the First Prince and that means he is the Crown Prince.

“Erm... Who is Erwin?” (Kojiro)

First Prince Kojiro disregards the attitude because he thinks that Mary doesn’t know who he is. Also, he is curious as to who Erwin is to have such a beautiful girl follows him to the front line. It is extremely rare that a girl will try to find her friend in the battlefield itself. This is a field filled with death and no one knows when they will die.

“He is a young man with black hair. His cloth is green colored with an unusual pattern. If you know him, tell me where he is.” (Mary)

Mary is staring at Kojiro with eyes full of anxiety. Kojiro is taken aback but he forcefully recovers himself.

“There are three man with black hair here. They are over there.” (Kojiro)

Kojiro points to a big tent nearby. It is half destroyed by the rock but the people inside already came outside. They are the slaves that has been brought here on the order of the king. Mary anxiously looks at them and then shakes her head.

“Is there still someone inside?” (Mary)

Her face is filled with worry, grief, and hope. Her voice quivers a little. The slaves quickly shake their head to confirm that there is no one else inside. Mary heaves a slight sigh of relief. Then, she turns back to Kojiro.

“You said, three of them. Where is the last one?” (Mary)

This time, there is also a slight anger inside her tone.

“Err... Well....” (Kojiro)

Kojiro is having trouble to answer it. He can’t say that the last one is on the tower when it is destroyed. Even he can’t confirm if he is alive. His eyes swims around. Mary is still staring at him.

Suddenly, a slight noise rings out beside them from the remnant of the mud tower. Both of them looks at it. There is a slight tremble like something is trying to get out of it. A dirty hand comes out from the middle of it. It pushes some of the wood splinters aside and then pushes away some of mud away.

Next, another hand comes out. It touches around and then pushes a wooden plank to the side. In the middle of those hands are another wooden plank. Those hands grab the plank and push it away. Finally, a youth with dirty face covered with mud comes out.

“Now I know what mud tastes like.”

The youth uses some cloth lying around to wipe his face. The cloth is dirty too so it didn’t help much. At least, his face can be recognized now. The moment Mary recognizes him...


She throws herself at him.


Slightly before that....


After bracing myself, I jump down. The moment I hit the ground, I immediately roll to the front to dissipate the falling force. Then, I quickly look back at the tower. The remnants of the tower are falling towards me. I can jump away with my exoskeleton but I can’t right now. Oh, how fortunate I am with that suit. I am going to take it back for sure.

I look around and see a large wooden plank beside me. I grab it and place it on top of me. I curl up so that all of my body are covered by the plank. It is a big plank so I can fit myself behind it.

Crashing sounds resound around me. Splinters of wooden planks used to reinforce the mud tower are hitting me, leaving small scratch wounds all over my body. Then, a heavy weight suddenly presses on me, accompanied by a big crashing sound. I lose consciousness when the plank hit my head hard.


Fortunately, it is only a mud tower and not a stone tower. The plank holds out fine. After a while, I regain consciousness. I look around and there are soils all around me. I can barely hear the battle sound outside...

No... There is no sound outside. How long did I lose conscious? Or do the soils prevent sounds from coming through? The soils shouldn’t be that thick. Ah! I hear a voice outside so I think there are still people around. I pray that they are not enemy.

I dig my hand out of this lump of soils. Yes, I can dig out so I didn’t get buried deep. I touch around and clear out some splinters of wood. My right hand has also come out. There is a plank obstructing my hand so I push it away.

Next, I need to push away this plank that saved me. I put both hands on it and push it. It is heavy but I can still push it away. After a while, I come out of it.

“Now I know how mud tastes like.”

Geez, some mud fall into my mouth. Unpleasant. I look at a cloth nearby and take it. This is a dirty cloth but I don’t care. I want to clean my face from this mud.

Now then, who is outside, I wonder? I look up...


And see Mary jumps at me! Hey! That’s dangerous!