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Chapter 064 - Yamato's Defensive Battle (3)

“What happened, youngster?” (Gerard)

“We are going to have a hard time...” (Erwin)

“We are holding them just fine. Why is it?” (Kojiro)

“Do you remember that these armies of theirs are holding a campaign to invade Yamato?” (Erwin)

“Of course. We are fighting to defend our kingdom. Why?” (Kojiro)

Both General Gerard and First Prince Kojiro don’t understand what I am implying. Do they really not understand it after I said it like that? Argh! No time to complain about it.

“They are setting up their trebuchets!” (Erwin)

They are originally invading and will have to take cities and fortresses so they must have siege weapons. We stupidly forgot about those because we are not defending a city or fortress. Now that we have moat and fences, we have a small fortification. Though it isn’t at the scale of cities and fortresses, it is still hard for only infantries to attack.

To think that to reduce the amount of their casualties, they will deploy their siege weapons. Unbelievable but at this rate, we will lose the battle. I look around at either flanks of us. The left flank is still strong but the right flank is slightly slacken. The problem is it is still unlikely to break through them.

“General, quickly shift two hundreds of archers from our back to our right. The back is already fine but we need to break the right side.” (Erwin)

“What do you plan to do?” (Gerard)

“We will have to gamble on our cavalries’ might. They are already outside after all. Before that, we need to open up a path for them to attack the siege weapons.” (Erwin)

“I see. Two hundreds archers from the north are to move to the west! Attack the enemy there!” (Gerard)

“You! Send order to the cavalry to prepare themselves. Their time to shine is approaching.” (Kojiro)

“Yes, Your Highness!”

I might need to use the anti-material sniper rifle to break the rocks later. I just hope I don’t need to use it. Well, I can just shoot the siege weapons from here just fine but it will unnecessarily cause chaos. Besides, it’s better to get a better hold on how armies in this world operate. It will help to know when the demon invasion begin.

“Your Highness! I can’t contact the cavalry!”

“What happened?” (Kojiro)

“We also don’t know. My friends and I tried to contact the magicians over there but he didn’t reply at all.”

“I will check them.” (Erwin)

“How?” (Kojiro)

Kojiro and the magician are confused but it is really hard to explain.

“Secret.” (Erwin)

I will just leave it for later. I control the drone to move to where we have sent our cavalry over. Our cavalry is five hundreds meters to the north. They were asked to hide themselves in the forest near that area. The drone moves from the south to the north.

Along the way, I observe the battle everywhere. Currently, the first line of defense is nearly overwhelmed. However, because we have already predicted it, majority of our troops has slowly retreated to the second line of defense without major losses.

The enemy is taking heavy losses because of our archers and the moat. The small bridges lower their chance to dodge the arrows and falling into the moat have a possibility of drowning. However, the amount of losses is still small compared to their number. Out of ten thousands troops, they have lost only around a thousands troops including the injured. Our losses is around a few hundreds but our morale is dropping faster.

I move the drone hurriedly to search for our cavalry. Once the drone arrived there, the scenery is shocking. Our cavalries are currently engaging enemy cavalries. Their number is much larger than ours. We have no idea where they came from. At this rate, our cavalries are done for. We can’t send reinforcement to them too.

“Our cavalries has met enemy cavalries. Their number is much larger than ours. They are fighting a losing fight while retreating to the north.” (Erwin)

I sigh because we can’t rely on our cavalries now. General Gerard and First Prince Kojiro are having an ugly face and then sigh. They then look at our first line of defense. It is now full of our enemy. Our troops have retreated to the second line.

“Their trebuchets... How is it?” (Gerard)

“They are nearly finish setting it up. They are about to aim at us.” (Erwin)

“How to deal with it?” (Kojiro)

“I don’t know. Can the magicians do something about it?” (Erwin)

“No way. Even if they are advanced magicians, they can only handle so many of them. How many trebuchets are set up?” (Kojiro)

“Five of them.” (Erwin)

“Yes. There are too many of them. Even if these magicians work together, they can only handle at most four rocks at once.” (Gerard)

That will mean that I have to use the anti material rifle to destroy them if I don’t want to be hit. Depending on the size of the rocks, I can use the exoskeleton’s maximum strength to somehow break it but I don’t have the suit on right now. I don’t even know where it is right now.

Come to think of it, why do they want to set up so many trebuchets to attack us? It’s not like we have a sturdy city wall. Is it to intimidate?

“Anyway, gather the magicians. I will handle what’s left of the rocks. I can handle one or two so tell them to destroy as many as they can.” (Erwin)

“How will you--” (Kojiro)

I take out my DSR87A1. This is an anti material sniper rifle left behind by our retreating expedition force. It operates in semi automatic so I can shoot consecutively without much delay. Next, I take out its mags and ammo. I fill in the bullets to the mags while keeping watch of the enemy’s progress.

General Gerard and First Prince Kojiro are shocked with the big unknown weapon I took out. I can understand it but can’t they recover faster? They are the commanders of armies.

“What are you two doing? Go!” (Erwin)

“...Then I will leave it to you. Magicians! Gather around! The rest of you, hold the line!” (Gerard)

The magicians are gathering with confused faces. General Gerard steps down from the tower to take command. The battle will become harder that the magicians are gathered. He will raise our troops’ morale by personally command the front line. Our most vulnerable position is at the front since the enemy has largest force over there. Our flanks are affected by his action and they fight harder. Our defenses are getting momentum.

First Prince Kojiro will take command of the magicians. He is explaining the reason why they are gathered. The magicians are surprised that they knew about the enemy’s trebuchets even before they start attacking. In the end, they just assumed it was because the view from the tower is much larger.

By the time i filled up half of the second mag, the enemy’s trebuchets are ready. They are waiting for command to attack. I lock one mag to the DSR87A1. After ensuring one bullet in the chamber, I take out a large box container from storage and put it at the middle of the tower. This way, I can quickly adjust my aim anywhere I want. I could have use a table but this makeshift tower is empty.

I rest my rifle on top of the box with the second mag nearby. Using the attached bipod, I can aim easier without strain. I confirm that the enemy is about to attack.

“Incoming!” (Erwin)

“Get ready!” (Kojiro)

I hear Kojiro’s voice from below. It looks like the magicians are ready. In a few seconds, five big rocks are in the air. The trebuchets have attacked. The troops at the front turn pale at the sight but General Gerard quickly recover them from their astonishment.

“Take them out!” (Kojiro)

“ “ “ YES! ” ” ”

“[Fire Lance]”

Five lances made of fire fly out to intercept the rocks. It is the most powerful attack with minimal strains they could muster because we have no idea how many rocks we will have to intercept.

“[Wind Blade]”

Second wave of magic follow up closely behind the lances. It quickly catches up with the lances and empowers it. Fire and wind are compatible so it further increases the lances’ destructive power.

The enhanced lances pierces through the rocks and explode. The rocks are scattered to little bits. The magics are a bit excessive so I think they should restrain themselves more.

Hmm? Won’t it be fine to just leave it to the magicians? Why would the general and the prince said that the magicians can’t handle them?

I look down from the tower and see five magicians standing with slightly disordered breathing. It looks like they aren’t trained enough to fire the magics consecutively. I return to the rifle and take up position once again. I have to be ready for the time when they can’t destroy them all.

Five minutes later, another five rocks are flying towards us. This time, the magicians use magic with less power.

“[Earth Spear]”

“[Water Jet]”

Five spears fly out to intercept three rocks. They break two of the rocks completely and crack one more. Soon after, water flies out with extreme speed to intercept the rest of the rocks. It breaks the cracked rock and breaks one more. The last one is still flying. This is mine.

I aim carefully with my rifle. I have been watching with the scope so I quickly target the remaining rock. I pull the trigger to fire.


An explosion sound is heard from the tower and swallows all other sounds. In less than a second, the rock is destroyed. For a while, the battle’s sound stops. There is no sound of swords clashing, spears thrusting, arrows flying and even the injured fell silent. There are only some cries of pain from heavily injured troops because they can’t hold the pain.

General Gerard and Kojiro are the only one who know what happened. Even then, they are still shocked at the powerful attack which speed is astonishing. They have never see something that can attack with such speed that their eyes can’t see anything at all. All of the troops can only watch small fragments of the rock fall.

Suddenly cheers erupt from within Yamato ranks. From the way things ended up, the one who caused that strange explosion should be on their side. The enemy troops’ morale drops slightly while our troops’ morale rises. The battle continues.

Soon after, five more rocks are thrown at us. We counter the rocks with magics and bullets. Each time one or two rocks pass through the magics, one or two explosions are heard. The battle continues without being interrupted after the same thing happened a few times.

After the sixth wave of rocks, the magicians are all slightly out of breath. The seventh wave comes. Out of five rocks, we can only destroy four of them. The last rock unexpectedly hit by a stray magic and change direction. The magic aimed at the rock miss their target. The rock falls on a cluster of battling troops and rolls a few times. The troops from both sides are crushed by the big rock.

The gruesome scene scares the surrounding troops. The magician who shot the stray magic drops on his knee. His aim is off because he is tired but who knows that he will cause the death of some of our troops.

“Get up!” Kojiro shouts at him while pulling him up.

“Our battle hasn’t ended yet! If we don’t stop the rocks, there will be more deaths. You, you and you bunch. Go and rest! The rest of you! We must stop the rocks to prevent that thing from happening again!”

Kojiro quickly shouts out commands with level voice. He is aware of the mental state of the magicians after this. It will be better to make them rest before they take more mental attacks due to being tired and caused incidents. Especially that magician.

The fragments of destroyed rocks can also kill the troops underneath them. However, the impact is much lower than this. The scene of crushed bits of bodies is more terrifying than being killed with swords and spears alike. Some of magicians who go to rest are vomiting.

I am holding my urge to vomit. I move my sight from there and focus to see the trebuchets. They are about to attack again.

“More are coming!” (Erwin)

The magicians quickly hold back their anxiety. They are looking at the horizon with pale faces. After a while, five more rocks come flying. The magicians destroy them to smaller bits than before. Looks like their anxiety are clouding their control. I shoot the rock that passed through.

I have two bullets left. After that, I can’t help them to shoot two rocks anymore. I need to manually reload the rifle for each shot. When will our reinforcement come and their attack stop?

At this moment, I heard gallops from behind us. I look at the back and find a group of cavalry is charging towards us from behind the enemy. Their flags and uniforms are Yamato’s. How did they win against the enemy’s cavalries?

When I am thinking about it, magics are shot towards incoming rocks. I look back to the front and get ready to intercept. Four rocks are completely destroyed and I shoot the last rock. After the rock are destroyed, I quickly take out the mag and put in a bullet. Then I lock it to the rifle again. With this, I can still handle two rocks. It’s just that filling the mag takes time and time is what we are lacking right now. The trebuchets’ crews are getting faster.

I glance at the incoming cavalries and see that they are currently breaking through the enemy’s formation from the back. There are magics occasionally shot out and hold back the enemy. This magician looks like he has never kill anyone before. All of his magic are restraining one. Even when the magic is used to attack the front, it will only push the enemy to the side. He is too soft-hearted.

I leave it at that for now. I can’t blame him since I don’t know him at all. I look back to the front and sure enough the rocks are already flying towards us. The magicians destroy three of them and crack the fourth. Looks like they are tired.

Now then, time to shoot. I aim at the incoming rocks. I shoot twice consecutively. The first shot destroyed the first rock. The second shot...

‘I.... missed?’

The second shot only hit the rock at the side. The rock changes its trajectory because of it. It is getting bigger and bigger. It’s coming here!

I try to shoot again but there is no more bullet. I hurriedly check the rock and it is already quite close. Magics are fired but because they are cast in panic, their power isn’t enough to destroy it. I don’t have time to put in bullet!


I quickly jump to the left because the rock is falling to the right side of the tower. It crashes against the right side of the tower. The tower is falling because some of its feet are destroyed. I brace myself for impact.