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Chapter 062 - Yamato's Defensive Battle (1)


Fifteen thousands soldiers slowly march on the plain. Opposite of them are eight thousands soldiers in defensive formation. They are five hundreds meters apart and this distance is slowly decrease. The intimidating pressure of sheer number is lowering the morale of Yamato’s armies.

General Gerard has a grim look on his face when he saw the larger number of enemy’s troops. The plan has also consider they have larger armies but this number is much larger than anticipated. Unfortunately, they can only curse their insufficient scouting. When the enemy is inside a hundred and twenty meters away, General Gerard gives a command.

“Archers! Get ready!”

Four lines of archers at the very front of the formation all nock arrows to their bows. They stretch their bow together in a fluid movement. A harmonious stretching sound resounds loudly on the plain. The enemy is now inside eighty meters. General Gerard starts to give another command.


A volley fire. A thousand arrows are released at the same time. They are covering the sky like a wall stretch to both sides. The enemy’s troops are intimidated by their shadows. They hurriedly raise their shield and slow down their march.


At the same time as they raise their shield, another command is given out. The magicians who have been holding back their magics unleash their magic. Small holes with ten centimeters in depth appear at the foot of the enemy’s troops. They cause the formation to be broken. Hundreds of soldiers slip because of the holes and drag some of their friends down with them.

At that moment, wind blows from behind the arrows and gives them more power and less resistance. Their flight speed increases and some arrows reach a greater range than before. They then hit the broken formation. Countless cries of pain are heard from the enemy’s troops.

“Ready the second volley!”

Another harmonious sound of bow stretching is heard. At the same time as General Gerard gives the order, the enemy’s company commanders also give their orders.


“ “ “ “ Charge! ” ” ” ”

The rumbling sounds of charging soldiers can be heard across the plain. The pressure of numbers are settling in the minds of Yamato’s armies. General Gerard gives an order with indifferent face.


Another one thousand arrows fly to the sky accompanied with magics. Countless holes have appear again under the foot of the charging soldiers. Hundreds of them fall down and died from being stepped on. The less careful soldiers trip on them and also fall down, suffering the same fate as the previous ones.

The second volley bare its fangs again. Hundreds more soldiers are shot and collapse. They are either died directly from the arrows or stepped on resulting in their deaths too. The soldiers keep marching like madmen.

“Third Volley!”

Another harmonious sound of bow stretching is heard. This time, they ready the arrows faster under tension but they still ready them together.


Another one thousands arrows fly. As soon as the arrows and magics unleashed, General Gerard gives his orders.

“Archers! Fall back! Spearmen! Get ready!”

The thousand archers quickly move to the back of the formation. The spearmen lower their spear to meet the enemy as soon as the last archers slip through the formation. The enemy is now within twenty meters from them.


The troops collide with each other. Many of the enemy’s troops are skewered by the spear. Even so, many of them still slip through. They are met with another line of spears that protrude out from the gap of the first line of soldiers. They are also skewered by the spears.

Soon after, the fight breaks out as a melee close quarter combat. The swordsmen behind the spearmen start to move forward to meet the enemy at close combat. The spearmen maintain their distance and help the swordsmen that have charged to the front.

“They are different from before!”

A shout of panic can be heard from within the ranks of the three kingdoms’ armies. Their troops are slowly being chipped without being able to put up a decent fight. The company commanders of their armies are struggling to maintain order. Their formation is broken.

“They are fighting an attrition war. Damn it! We can’t retreat.”

One of the company commanders curses. His troops are decreasing at a fast rate. He wants to pull out his troops but the thousands of soldiers behind them are pushing them forward. They are being sandwiched between two great forces.


The archers of Yamato army have form another formation at the back. They are fifty meters away from the front line. Their bows are ready at hand and arrows are stabbed to the ground near each of them.

“Fire at will!”

Another volley is launched at the middle of the enemy’s formation followed by continuous rains of arrows. At this time, enemy’s archers have also start to fire their arrows at Yamato army. Their attacks are concentrated at the middle army of Yamato. They want to break through the middle and then attack the flank.

Wind magicians of Yamato are using magic to offset the enemy’s arrows and support their allies’. Earth magicians are making earth spikes to skewer the enemy’s troops. Water magicians are tending to the wounds of the injured soldiers who are being brought back. Fire magicians who are rare are preserving their magic for emergency.

A ring of a bell suddenly sounds in the plain. Yamato’s middle army are pulling back bit by bit. They are spreading out to the side. The flank’s armies also adjust their formation to handle attacks from two sides.

The three kingdoms’ armies see this as an opportunity to encircle them. They charge into the middle to take control of that position. Gradually, more and more troops are gathered at the middle. When they try to charge forward to move behind the two other armies, they are met with a thousand heavy infantries. The heavy infantries stand strong against the charge and push them back into the middle.

“Not good. We are trapped.”

One of the company commanders from the three kingdoms murmurs when he see that they are encircled contrary to their thought before. Arrows start to fall unto them. These concentrated arrows kill hundreds of soldiers at once and many more arrows start to drop down.

Suddenly, a big gap appears at the corner between the Yamato’s left army and the heavy infantries formation. Thinking that this is a flaw, the company company commanders of the three kingdoms order their troops to charge over there. The troops charge to there but they are stopped by a frightening sight.

Cavalries from Yamato army charge in from the gap. Soon after, they clash with the light infantries trapped inside. The infantries are killed with ease and the charge is unhindered. The infantries’ formation has long been broken since the encirclement. Archers have stopped attacking them and focus to give some breathing time to the two flanks.

Shortly after that, bells resounds from the back of the three kingdoms’ armies.


It is the signal for retreat. The company commanders quickly give out the order, fearing for their life if they stay longer. The thousands of troops rapidly pull back from the battle. Yamato army didn’t give chase to them. They are trying to preserve their numbers and strength as much as possible.

“We won....”

One of the soldiers of Yamato murmurs. One after another, they murmur. It slowly spread to the entire army.

“We won!”

Cheers are heard from everywhere in the army as the retreating three kingdoms’ armies are getting far away from them. Yamato army rejoices from the first win after a long streak of losing fights. Their long lost momentum start to surge out and their morale is now high.

“Don’t celebrate early! Quickly tend to the wounded and gather the still usable arrows! We have to be ready for the next attack!”

After General Gerard reprimanded them, the troops start to calm down and work fast. They tend their wounds and some of them help the archers to collect arrows from the battlefield. After that, they move the enemy’s corpses to one side. Their own dead troops are carried back to the camp.

General Gerard observes the army for a while before going to the headquarter tent. There shouldn’t be any attack soon. The sun is now high in the sky.


“General, here is the report on casualties.”

“Thank you. You are dismissed.” (Gerard)

General Gerard who received the report, reads it and frowns a bit. First Prince Kojiro and Erwin look at him with concerned eyes. First Prince starts the talk.

“How is it?” (Kojiro)

“We lost five hundreds troops and three thousands others are injured in which two thousands of them are heavily injured.” (Gerard)

“This is terrible. Even though we won the battle, our number are falling fast.” (Kojiro)

“How many of the enemy’s casualties?” (Erwin)

“Around three thousands dead and thousands more injured.” (Gerard)

“We have to use the third plan. I hope we can pass through today.” (Erwin)

“That plan huh? Looks like we have no choice.” (Gerard)

“We also have to watch the forest. After that battle, our enemy will surely search for other way to flank us. There is a mountain range on our left. The forest on the foot of it is thick. It’s hard to move but at the same time it is also hard keep watch over there. On the other side, the forest is thinner and easier to move while our scout can easily spot them.” (Erwin)

“The problem is, which side will they choose to move their troops?” (Kojiro)

“They might even use both since they have number superiority.” (Gerard)

“We can use fire to fight them but the forest might have valuable things. It is a waste to burn them for this battle.” (Kojiro)

“We will use that as a last resort. Let’s think of a plan of how to defend our flanks from attacks from those places.” (Gerard)

Is there any way to hinder their attack? What is the most useful defensive building? Ah! A wall.

“How about we build a small wall there?” (Erwin)

“It’s hard to be done.” (Gerard)

“Why?” (Erwin)

“The magicians don’t have enough enough magic power to do it.” (Gerard)

Really? Mary can build such a long and tall wall at the pass. Why do the many earth magicians here can’t build it?

“Tell them to try it. My friend can build it just fine alone.” (Erwin)

“Hmm? Well, we will just ask again. Nothing to lose.” (Gerard)

“Yes. We just need a thick wall the height of our waist.” (Erwin)

“Our waist? Alright then.” (Gerard)

General Gerard asks the guard outside to order the earth magicians to make a wall around them. The earth magicians are confused but they still carry our the order well. In a moment, a wall one meter thick is erected around them.

“Isn’t it good? Our position is now more fortified than before. This way, we can hinder the enemy and at the same time see them come.” (Erwin)

“Yes. I can see the usefulness of this small wall but this is still too little to have significant effects.” (Gerard)

“Then, we should also build a ditch. We can ask the earth magicians or the soldiers to dig it.” (Kojiro)

“So we are creating a small fort here? Interesting. Let’s get it done. We don’t have much time.” (Gerard)

“Yes. We do not know when the enemy will attack again.” (Kojiro)

General Gerard quickly call the magicians to work. He needs to keep the strength of the soldiers to fight. A shallow ditch is built around the wall. The supply troops are building simple wooden fences on top of the wall with haste. Soon, the simple fortification is finished.

General Gerard, Kojiro, and Erwin nod satisfied. At this moment, the soldiers no longer see Erwin as bad luck bringer. It is because after he and the slaves arrived, their battle got easier. He is also seen with their general and First Prince. If they don’t care about him, the soldiers will not make a fuss over it.

Three hours passed and their enemy can be seen across the horizon again. It is now considered to be late for an afternoon attack but nobody wants to know why they attack now. Yamato army is getting ready for battle inside their simple fortification.


“Enemy attacks! Magicians! Barrier!”

A big group of magicians is attacked suddenly by arrows. Barriers are quickly put up on top of them by various magicians. They block of the arrows. After that, they hear rumbling sounds coming at them from their front and flanks.

“Cavalries! Get ready to attack them!”

“Sir, you have to make a wall to hinder their charge!”

An enchanting beautiful voice can be heard from the rear. She is Mary who tag along with them. The magicians’ leader frowns but he considers the plan. Shortly after, he shouts.

“Make a wall!”

A wall encircles the magicians with in it. The wall is two meters high and one meter thick. Their views are now blocked by it.

“Get ready to use [Earth Spike]. We will skewer them.”

The leader quickly thinks up of a way to use the wall. Mary nods with a smiling face. The cavalries have gotten closer. The arrows are still blocked by the barriers.

“Get ready!”

Soon after that, cavalries appear from the forest on both sides of the magicians. The cavalries rise a panic shout when they suddenly see a wall in front of them. Some cavalries crash against the wall and die. More and more cavalries appear but they are now more careful. They are moving around the wall to search for a weak spot.

“Skewer them!”

“ “ “ [Earth Spike] ” ” ”

When the leader feels that there are many cavalries near the wall, he sends out the order to attack. Countless spikes appear from the walls and grounds skewering the cavalries. Cries of pain and panic sound out from outside the wall.

“Get ready! We will bring the wall down and attack them.”

The magicians are now covering themselves with barrier and are readying their offensive spells. They are ready to counterattack the cavalries. The wall has stopped the cavalries’ charging momentum and are now in a disarray.

“Bring it down! Attack!”

The wall is brought down and countless magics fill the area. [Fireball]s, [Wind Blade]s, and [Water Arrow]s hit the cavalries in quick succession. The cavalries suffer huge losses.


The cavalries retreat from that place. The magicians keep their vigilance for a while then heave relief sighs. They unexpectedly come out unscathed. The leader comes over to Mary.

“Thank you, Milady. You have saved our group.”

“I only tell you how to handle cavalries. The rest of them are your own thinking. I am undeserving.” (Mary)

“No need to be humble. Without that advice, we will not come out unscathed. You have our gratitude.”

“ “ “ “ Thank you. ” ” ” ”

Some of the nearby magicians are expressing their gratitude. They know the idea about the wall was from Mary. Mary doesn’t know what to do. She can only try to change the topic with a red face.

“W-well. I-I understand. Let’s s-save it for later. We have to go to the front line immediately.” (Mary)

“Very well. We don’t have time for other things. We will settle it later on. All magicians! Let’s move!”

The magicians group is about to arrive at the plain. They march quickly with vigilance.



A/N: A company is around 80-150 soldiers.