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Chapter 061 - Prelude to Battle


“What demand?” (Erwin)

“I want you to stop thinking you can and will command our armies.” (Gerard)

Isn’t that means that you will reject my third demand? Well then, I will just look for a way to escape myself. I have no obligation to save this kingdom’s army. It is just that every destroyed armies will affect our manpower when fighting the demons’ invasion later.

“Won’t that invalidate my demand? Then, I won’t help.” (Erwin)

“You should know that even if we gave you the right to command, the soldiers won’t follow your orders.” (Gerard)

“Why is it?” (Erwin)

“You are an outsider and at the same time, a slave. Adding to the fact that you have black hair and eyes, the soldiers will not follow you. Your young ages will also hinder it somewhat.” (Gerard)

Now that I think about it, I am an outsider. I already said it in my mind but I forgot about it when I made my demands. How stupid of me. There is no way they will accept it.

“...Yeah. I understand.” (Erwin)

“Nevertheless, we are in a pinch now. I want you to tell us the plan if you have it. We will see if it is applicable based on our experience.” (Gerard)

“Then, I will change my last demand. I hope you will place me at a place that is easy to give advice to you.” (Erwin)

“That’s... Still acceptable. Alright. I will let you follow me to battle.” (Gerard)

“To battle? Are you not going to be at the headquarter?” (Erwin)

“What can we do in the headquarter? I would rather command my troops in the front line. I can cope with any unexpected events.” (Gerard)

“Hah.... I will stay at the headquarter. I am not fond of going to battle.” (Erwin)

“Can you even give advice from there without knowing anything immediately?” (Kojiro)

“Yes, I can.” (Erwin)

I should ask the soldiers outside to set up a drone. I can get an overview of the battlefield. Like that, I can see it as if I am in game. It is much easier to manage the troops, observe and grab any signs of ambushes that way since I am used to game interface.

“Oh right. Someone who has commanding right should be with me or I won’t be able to give orders-- I mean, advice.” (Erwin)

“We will see if the plan is plausible first. Tell us your plan.” (Gerard)

“Yeah. The plan first.” (Kojiro)

“Fine. Where is the map?” (Erwin)

We surround the map from four sides. Looking at the simple map, I can see that the battle might take place in the huge plain in front of us. The enemy’s camps are divided into three sections with each section controlled by one kingdom. They are placed right in front of the forest. I can bet that they also set up some camps inside the forest behind them to secure escape route.

Our camp are concentrated in the middle of the plain where one of the highest elevation is. From here, we can observe the entire plain nearly unhindered. This place is good enough to observe the battle when it occurred. Why does General Gerard need to be at the front? It’s harder to see the overall battle at the front.

“Where is this tent at in the map?” (Erwin)

“Here.” (Kojiro)

“Can you build a tower on top of the hill? We can observe the battle better that way.” (Erwin)

“Won’t it be hard for messengers to report to us? Beside, a single tower won’t affect the battle much.” (Kojiro)

“We won’t even need messengers to know the situation if we can see the battlefield already. Isn’t that the purpose of tower? We are not building a fortified tower here. We need an observation tower.” (Erwin)

I can use drone just fine but seeing it with our own eyes should be better since they also can see the battlefield with me.

“I see. How will it help then?” (Kojiro)

“In defensive battle, we need to act quickly to any situations. An observation tower will benefit us greatly. We can spot any unusual formation or units that come and take care of it effectively before they arrive. We can’t always wait for them to arrive before we do something.” (Erwin)

“Good thinking.” (Kojiro)

“Isn’t this basic in battle?” (Erwin)

“No, we never use tower. It takes too long to construct when battle can happen any moment. Other than fortress and cities, we don’t build any tower elsewhere.” (Gerard)

“You should from now on. It can act as an early warning system as well if build correctly. I read it somewhere so I don’t know the details.” (Erwin)

Sorry, I know it mostly from games so don’t ask me for details.

“For now, can you ask them to build a simple tower? Or you can ask the magicians to build a simple tower.” (Erwin)

“Alright. Guards!” (Gerard)

“Here!” Two guards come in from the outside and salute the general.

“Build a tower next to the this tent. A simple one will do. Go!” (Gerard)

“Yes, General!” The two guards go out at once and an commotion starts outside. We return to the map.

“Now then, I haven’t hear the plan yet.” (Gerard)

“We will start now. I will assume your troops know basic formations.” (Erwin)

“Of course.” (Gerard)

“Then, here is my plan.” (Erwin)

The long discussion last for four hours until it is late in the night. The tower is built with magic. It is a weak mud tower but it is sufficient since it is only used for observation. The other slaves who don’t know what to do are sleeping at the floor inside the tent. It might has been their most comfortable sleep in their life since it is warm inside.


“Where is that Erwin?” (Mary)

“Calm down, Mary. You can see where he is at the map, right?” (Yuni)

“Yeah. I know but why did he leave without telling us anything? We even had to ask the soldiers at the gate where he is going.” (Mary)

“Well, there is nothing we can do now. We just have to scold him later.” (Yuni)

“Mary-neechan is scary.” (Alishia)

“Ah! Sorry, Alice. How is your water ball?” (Mary)

“I can do this now!” (Alishia)

Alishia enthusiastically stands up in front of the campfire. She makes a water ball on the hand. The water turns slender and longer like a snake. She makes it dance around close to her body without wetting any of her clothes. After that, the water snake coils around her hand. This time, it rotates quickly and gradually turns into a small water tornado. It rotates for a while and then it throws itself to a big tree nearby. A big branch on the tree is wrapped by the small water tornado. It cuts the branch to pieces and slows down. Finally, it pours down to the ground.

Alishia is breathing heavily but her eyes are filled with excitement. She turns around to Mary with sparkling eyes. Mary, seeing her eyes like that, gives off a gentle smile.

“That’s great. You have mastered the control to a fine degree.” (Mary)

“Yey~ What’s next?” (Alishia)

“I will teach you more spells later. For now, just practice the control more. We need to find that stupid Onii-chan first.” (Mary)

“Okay~” (Alishia)

“Come, let’s sleep. We are leaving tomorrow before sunrise. We should reach Erwin by tomorrow afternoon.” (Mary)

Mary, Yuni, and Alishia enter their big tent. This big tent is only one of many more big tents in the campground. This is the campground of Magician’s Guild’s magicians. They are sent as emergency reinforcement to the front line. They travel faster than normal troops because they use magic to support the march. Mary and groups are just tagging along because Erwin happens to be at the front line.


“All troops, listen up. We will set defensive position at the center of this field. Send out orders to the second and third army to set theirs beside us.” (Gerard)

The troops start to assume a line formation. All of them are light infantries. They are equipped with swords, spears, bows and small shields. Archers are located at the very front of the formation. They are followed by lines of spearmen. Swordsmen formation are behind the spearmen.

Soon after that, the magicians come. They spread out to within the archers. There is no grouping of magicians like they are used to do. The magicians are now ordered to do a completely different things than they usually do.

On the hill a hundred meters away from them, a mud tower stands silently. There are silhouette of people on them. They are the First Prince and his royal guards with Erwin and the slaves. The slaves are watching blankly while the others are observing the preparation for the defensive battle intently.

“Will it works?” (Kojiro)

“I have no idea, Your Highness, but it is better than no plan at all.” (Erwin)

“This is a fairly new applications of magic. We never thought of using it like this.” (Kojiro)

“We have to think in a broader perspective or else we won’t be able to breakthrough the restriction. Every new things in the world appears because someone want to think differently.” (Erwin)

“Well said. Now then, we will see how effective it will be.” (Kojiro)

As the First Prince said that, there is a rumbling sounds from the front. The three kingdoms’ armies are marching. Their soldiers can be seen using different color on their armors so they won’t hit their allies by mistake. A marching blue, red, and white armies with fifteen thousands troops are indeed intimidating.

The three armies are facing another three armies. These armies’ troops are eight thousands in total with around two thousands of them are still injured from the previous battle. They have tried their best to patch up their injuries. They are both settled with line formation. A heavy atmosphere starts to set in. Killing intents are emerging from everywhere in the six armies.

“This is bad. They are more that we thought. Our armies are greatly outnumbered by them. Adding in our injured soldiers, we might only have seven thousands worth of troops. Our reinforcement will arrive tonight if they didn’t run into trouble so we should preserve as many troops as possible until then.” (Kojiro)

“Agreed. We have to endure this battle. This is going to be a hard battle.” (Erwin)

Three thousands more than reported? This is strange. How did they get it wrong? The number is too great to be missed.

“Keep the plan. There is no changes.” (Erwin)

“Even if we changed, there was no way we can tell them to every company’s leader now.” (Kojiro)

I open my bracelet and access the drone’s view point. I asked the soldiers outside the camp to send out a drone last night so I can observe better. Now, I have to use it to search for more hidden troops. I am not sure if there will be more troops than this. It will be hard to cope with them if we are too late to notice them.

Apparently, there is no more hidden troops around here. I don’t know if there are more troops faraway from here though. I will keep the drone on patrol routine.

“It’s beginning.” (Kojiro)

When I look up after I heard that, I see the enemies slowly march forward. There are currently five hundreds meters between them. The archers’ effective killing range is a hundred meters. There are still some time before the start.

“Mara, Mira, you shouldn’t watch. This is going to be scary. Keep the children away.” (Erwin)

I talk to the slaves beside me. They nod and move back. They then sit down in the middle of the tower. They shouldn’t be able to see now. I watch the battlefield again. The battle is about to begin.



*A/N: please inform me if I am wrong. I can’t find any sources that talk about effective range (with armor penetration capability in mind) of medieval bows.