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Chapter 057 - Emissary from Earth

(edited by me)

“My legs hurts.” (Mary)

“Did you never walked that long before?” (Yuni)

“No, I always stayed at home to study magic.” (Mary)

“So unhealthy. You should exercise more. It isn’t good for your body if you don’t. Even the kids are fine.” (Yuni)

“I thought I would use magic to compensate but my mind is tired after the test yesterday. I need to train more.” (Mary)

“Hahaha. Leave it for later. Come on. We have to go to the tower again. The others are ready.” (Yuni)

“Ugh...” (Mary)

Mary walks with sour look on her face. Yuni walks beside Mary slowly to match up with her. The others are currently eating lunch at the diner below. After lunch, they will go to the Tower of Magic again to meet Jasmine.

Earth has prepared a group of diplomats to negotiate with this world’s residents. The gate will be opened outside the gate at the beacon location. The location was transmitted to both Earth and Mary. It is on an open plain between the city and a forest.

The lunch is less noisy than before because some of the nobles staying there are checking out. They bide farewell and express their intention to meet again. Some are asking if they will go to their territory. The group declines all of them because they still have things to do. After the lunch is finished, the “Poor Earl” comes.

“My Lady. Please forgive my absence. I have been trying to secure an audience but unfortunately, we have to wait for a month. Please stay in my mansion in the meantime.” (Harvey)

“Earl Harvey... No need for that anymore.” (Mary)

“Excuse me?” (Harvey)

“I don’t need the audience anymore. I have got what I want.” (Mary)

“But.. But...” (Harvey)

“I also have no need for it anymore. I have been granted audience and now, please excuse us. We need to meet someone.” (Felicia)

Completely ignoring the Earl who is still standing with gaping mouth, the group walks to the tower. The other nobles, who see it, laugh lightly while preventing Earl Harvey from noticing them.


“Welcome. What can I help you with?”

A different receptionist greets the group today. A cool looking man stands up from behind the counter. The mana around him disperses when he speaks. He seems to be a magician who is training when he isn’t busy. Yuni steps back a bit.

“Hello. We want to meet the guild master Jasmine. We have appointment.” (Felicia)

“Understood. Please wait for a moment.”

The man leaves the counter to the staff room. While the group are waiting, Mary is looking at Yuni with teasing face.

“Yuni? Hello?” (Mary)

“Eh. Ah.” (Yuni)

“What’s wrong? You have been in a daze for a while.” (Mary)

“N-nothing is wrong. Don’t worry about it.” (Yuni)

“Suspicious... Ah right. He is pretty cool, right?” (Mary)

“Yeah... Wait! What are you talking about!?” (Yuni)

“Fufufu~ Don’t worry. I won’t snatch him.” (Mary)

“Mary!?” (Yuni)

Felicia laugh lightly when she sees them. After a while, the man comes back.

“The guild master is waiting in her room.”

“Thank you. I also want to take my guild card. Can I get it now?” (Mary)

“Let me check. What’s your name and when is the application?”

“My name is Mary. I registered yesterday. The guild master said I can get it today.” (Mary)

“I see. Please wait a minute. I will check if it is finished.”

“I want to see the guild master immediately. If you find it, can you give it to her?” (Mary)

“Wha--” (Yuni)

“Yes, I will give it to her. May I know your name? It is so I can call you later.”

“Her name is Yuni.-- Yuni, I will leave it to you.” (Mary)

Felicia knows what she is thinking and she also leaves Yuni alone with the man. Frank and the kids are still clueless so they are dragged by Felicia and Mary. Yuni wants to follow them but she can’t leave now. With red face under her hood, she sits down on the nearby chair.


In the room where Jasmine is, there is another man standing beside her. They are discussing something when Felicia knocks the door.

“Come in.” (Jasmine)

“Excuse us.” (Felicia)

Felicia comes in followed by Mary and the others. The man in the room has a surprised face plastered on. Jasmine lightly pat his shoulder.

“This is the branch guild master, Jason. He came back this morning. This is Your Highness Felicia Risca Castia and her companions.” (Jasmine)

“Pleased to meet you. I am Jason.” (Jason)

“Pleased to meet you. I come here to talk about the emissary from her country.” (Felicia)

“Yes. I have confirmed that they will come outside the city. I have the location. It is on the open plain.” (Mary)

“I see. Jason, gather some magicians and soldiers. We will meet the emissary.” (Jasmine)

“Understood.” Jason goes out of the room while the others are waiting inside the room.

“Now then, where is the boy and the girl from yesterday?” (Jasmine)

“Erwin is busy but didn’t say anything about it. Yuni is at the counter waiting for my card.” (Mary)

“I see. I am interested in that boy that can still move around in this town. Also, I can see a person following you until you enter this tower. You should prepare for intruder. He might have known where you live by now.” (Jasmine)

“Eh? Really?” (Mary)

“Yes, I brought you all to lunch yesterday is to catch whoever followed you but he is not there. In the end, he didn’t show up so I put some surveillance magic around here. I picked up some strange movements on the roof before you arrived.” (Jasmine)

“You have my gratitude. May I know where he is now?” (Felicia)

“He has gone for now. He was on the roof of a big shop around the tower before leaving just now.” (Jasmine)

“I see. I will keep watch on the roof from now on.” (Mary)

“You better ask Yuni for it. She is an archer so she has better eyesight.” (Felicia)

“Hmm. Right. I will ask her. I will cast some spells too.” (Mary)

“I have gathered the people, Master.” (Jason)

“Understood. Let’s go meet your emissary. Lead the way, Mary.” (Jasmine)

“Alright. This way.” (Mary)

Mary looks at her bracelet and confirms the location before moving out of the room. Outside the room is Jason. He leads the group down the stairs. Then, he goes to call for the soldiers to come. They are waiting in the nearby room. There are 10 heavy infantries, 20 light infantries, and 5 magicians in total.

“Yuni, we are back. How is it?” (Mary)

“I got your card. Here it is.” Yuni replies while pulling out the card and hands it over to Mary.

“Then, how about the other matter?” (Mary)

“The other?” (Yuni)

“Did you talk to him?” (Mary)

“Not much. I only know his name.” (Yuni)

“Hmm? You don’t ask if he got a lover?” (Mary)

“Wait! I am not looking for that.” Yuni replies in a fluster.

“Really?” (Mary)

“Se-setting that aside. You got quite a strong group.” (Yuni)

“Yes, since we don’t know about the other party.”(Jasmine)

In the middle of teasing, Jasmine and the soldiers come. Losing her time to tease, Mary looks disappointed. She then looks at the gathered group.

“Are they ready?” (Mary)

“Yes. Lead the way.” (Jasmine)

“Then, please follow me.” (Mary)

They walk through the main road to the East gate. Along the way, the pedestrians are giving way and are wondering what is happening. Shortly after, they arrive at the gate. The guards there have been informed about them so they immediately instruct people who want to get in the town to give way.

Outside the gate, there is a huge open plain. In the middle of it, there is a strange black object. It looks like a thin rod stabbed into the ground with a ball on top of it. The ball is constantly emitting signal waves. The signal wave is harmless because they are incorporating mana and can reach nearly one fourth of the world. Mary stands in front it.

“The gate will appear around here. I will send the signal.” (Mary)

“Alright. Get ready. Box formation with magicians at the center.” (Jasmine)

Eight heavy soldiers surrounds the group in 8 directions, 20 light infantries fill in the gap and 2 more heavy soldiers stand near the guild master and other magicians. Golems appear around them.

“You may begin.” (Jasmine)

“Understood.” (Mary)

Mary presses a button near the middle of the thin rod. A few seconds later, there is a crack in the space to the left of the beacon. Slowly, the crack expands and more cracks are appearing around it. The golems stand around the cracks while the soldiers are moving to face them.

The cracks reveal a black space in it but slowly light starts to appear from the other side. The light is not strong but also not weak. The soldiers squint their eyes to watch. The cracks expand again and the size is already the size of a door. However, there is no unpleasant loud sound like the cracking of glass.

After a while, a large circle of light appear floating in the air. Mary moves in the circle and disappears. The soldiers are startled and increase the vigilance. A short while later, Mary appears again from the circle along with five people. All of their clothes looks expensive.

Four of them are using jet black uniform and black glasses. They vigilantly look at the soldiers and golems. Disregarding their young age, their pressures don’t fall behind those of the soldiers. Maybe even more.

The last person is a normal looking young man with glasses. He is using a formal suit and didn’t seem to have any combat capability. Mary is talking with him and then they walk to the group.

“This is Hansen Geroy, the emissary from Earth Federation that will negotiate for agreements. This is Jasmine, Guild Master of Magician Guild. She has authority at the level of kings.” (Mary)

“I am Hansen Geroy from Earth. Pleased to meet you, Ma’am.” (Hansen)

“I am Jasmine from Yamato Kingdom. Pleased to meet you. You are quite young.” (Jasmine)

“Due to some circumstances, we cannot send older emissary. Please forgive us for this.” (Hansen)

“Will you be able to accept any agreements immediately or we have to wait for your king to accept it?” (Jasmine)

“I have been given full power in that aspect so I can negotiate in equal terms. Please be assured.” (Hansen)

“Understood. Then, just for confirmation, can you open this circle elsewhere?” (Jasmine)

“We can only open one gate at the moment but we can move it.” (Hansen)

“How can I be sure that you won’t suddenly open a second one and invade us? I cannot feel anything when it opened and I also do not know when that thin rod was placed here.” (Jasmine)

“I will bet my life and honor on it that we will not invade.” (Hansen)

Hansen swears with confidence and conviction in his eyes. Jasmine looks straight into his eyes. After a while, she silently nods.

“Very well. I will hold you on it. We will provide protection for you here.” (Jasmine)

“Yes, Ma’am.” (Hansen)

Hansen nods while knowing the meaning of protection. It means that Hansen will be under their watch all the time. He believes that Earth’s good intention will be transmitted over time so he cares little about the watch.

‘He is still young and doesn’t know the dark side of politics yet’

Jasmine murmurs her thought when she looks into his eyes. This kind of young man will eventually see it either in Yamato or back in his country later. She ponders for a while and then asks.

“May I station some soldiers here?” (Jasmine)

“Yes. I also ask for permission to send soldiers from other side to help here.” (Hansen)

“I cannot allow it without the city’s governor’s permission. Speaking of which, it looks like he comes.” (Jasmine)

“What are you doing here?” (Harvey)

“Eh! He is this city’s governor!?” (Mary)

Harvey shouts from faraway. He haven’t recognized Mary’s group because they are blocked by the soldiers and Earth’s group. He comes on horse with 50 other soldiers. When he gets near, he shouts again.

“What is that circle? I don’t want any strange things in my region. Destroy it.” (Harvey)

“ “ Yes, Sir!” ” (Soldiers)

Two soldiers stop their horse and pull out their bows. They aim at the circle and shoot two arrows. Two golems near the circle intercept them.

“Who are you to def---!?” (Harvey)

“Good afternoon, governor.” (Jasmine)

“Ah! Good afternoon, fair lady. May I know your name?” (Harvey)

“ “ Not again....” ” (Mary’s group)

The rest of the conversation is just pleasantries and some negotiation. They manage to get permission to station troops around the circle with condition that more than half of them are the Earl’s troops. They return to the city around evening. Alishia and Maria have fallen asleep on Mary and Felicia’s laps. They are tired after playing around the plain during the boring event.


At night in the inn.

Felicia is packing Maria and her things. She will go to the capital tomorrow with Maria who insisted to go with her. It must be hard for her to separate from a mother figure after losing her family. No one objects and Felicia herself seems to want to take her along.

“Mary, why don’t you go back home? You have finished your mission, right?”

Yuni abruptly asks. Felicia pauses for a while and then continues to pack with slower movement.

“I would like to but Erwin is still here. I have no idea where he is right now. Do you want to go to Earth already?” (Mary)

“I want to but I have no idea where to go so I want you to guide me. Why don’t you call him again? He might have already returned.” (Yuni)

“Wait a minute.” (Mary)

Mary calls Erwin again through the bracelet. She quickly finds the code and calls him. After a while, there is still no response.

“No response. I wonder what happens.” (Mary)

“He might be in the middle of something. Don’t worry about it.” (Yuni)

“It’s already night. What do you think he is doing?” (Mary)

“Going to play?” (Yuni)

“Play what?” (Mary)

“You know. Things that men do.” (Yuni)

“You don’t mean!?” (Mary)

“Hahaha. Don’t worry. He won’t leave you alone.” (Yuni)

“I should find him.” (Mary)

“How?” (Yuni)

“Hmm.... Let me think.” (Mary)

“Is there something that bracelet can do?” (Felicia)

“AH! I forgot that it can show where he is!” (Mary)

Yuni drops her head on the table when she hears it. Mary quickly search for the function on her bracelet. After a while, it shows where Erwin is.

“Found him. On the other side of the city..... That is slums! I will bring him back.” (Mary)

Mary goes out of the room in a hurry with a pout. Yuni is stupidly looking at her.

“Why did she suddenly run?” (Yuni)

“Yuni... In city, red light district is usually located near the slums area. Go with her. There are a lot of bad guys there.” (Felicia)

“Oh right! I will go. Take care of Alice and Maria, Felicia.” (Yuni)

“Don’t worry about them. They are sleeping soundly.” (Felicia)

Yuni runs out of the room with her short bow, quiver and Mary’s staff to chase after Mary.