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Chapter 056 - Tower of Magic (2)

(edited by me)

After the group climbed the stairs to the third floor, they walk to a big door. There are a few more doors in the entire floor. They are slightly smaller. One of them, which they passed by, has a plate written with “Storeroom” on it.

The big door in front of them also has a plate. The written words are “Branch Guild Master”. They are surprised and are questioning why the guild master is meeting them at the lobby. Jasmine opens the door and urges them in.

Inside the room on the right side, there is a table with stacks of folder on top of it. A board filled with books stands behind it. Various documents are scattered on the table. On the other side of the room, there is a long table used for meeting. The group sits on the chairs surrounding it.

Jasmine asks her staff to prepare some tea. She grabs some documents from her table, skims through them, and puts away some unneeded documents. Then, she sits at the head of the table with the remaining documents. She spreads a rough map in front of the group. No detailed legends drawn on it

“Now then, let’s start right away. This is a rough map of the continent. Your Highness, please tell me where was your kingdom before the fall?” (Jasmine)

“They are not here.” (Felicia)

“What do you mean?” (Jasmine)

“I can not say it here. I will say it in front of the king of this kingdom.” (Felicia)

“My authority is comparable to the king of any countries. The guild is also not affiliated with any country and can exist everywhere.” (Jasmine)

“I thought I read “Branch Guild Master” in front of this room.” (Felicia)

“I came here for inspection. The branch’s guild master is away on an errand I asked him to do.” (Jasmine)

“Any proof?” (Felicia)

“Wait for the staff I asked to make tea come in.” (Jasmine)

After a while, the staff comes back with a tray. She puts the cups of tea in front of each of them. Jasmine gestures for the staff to come.

“Tell them who I am.” (Jasmine)

“Yes. She is the guild master of the Magician Guild.”

“I will believe you for now.” (Felicia)

“Thank you. You are dismissed.” (Jasmine)


The staff proceeds to leave the room.

“Now, your proof of identity.” (Jasmine)

“This is a pendant passed down in the royal family.”

Felicia pulls out a pendant made of pure gold with diamond embed at the center. It can be opened to show the mark of Royal Family. A mark of five swords with their blade converged at one point at the center. A tower shield stood behind them.

“Certainly, this is very expensive but the Duke family can afford this kind of pendant.” (Jasmine)

“Since it is passed down in the royal family since a long time ago, few people wished to change it.” (Felicia)

“I will believe you for now.” (Jasmine)

“Fine then. Why would you be our supervisor before?” (Felicia)

“I read some interesting reports that might refer to them.” Jasmine replies while pointing to Mary.

“Can you provide a vast amount of manpower for combat?” (Felicia)

“I am not worrying about combat power.” (Jasmine)

“How many can be mobilized?” (Felicia)

“At least the strength of kingdom’s army.” (Jasmine)

“If it is not at the level of an Empire, it is not enough. You do not know how horrible the fights with the demon were. I will say this now to avoid misunderstanding. My country was not a kingdom. It was once an Empire.” (Felicia)

Jasmine is shocked. She is having difficulty to believe what Felicia said. She thought her country is just a small kingdom. If there was an empire fell, it would definitely become a huge news. However, there was no empire called Castia and no empire fell recently. Similarly, the pendant that can be obtained by a Duke is not something a Royal Family of an empire will hold.

She also didn’t read any information about her from Harold. Harold only mentioned that there are black haired boy and girl, silver haired girl, an ordinary boy and a golden haired little girl. In front of her, except for the black haired boy, Felicia and a girl by her side, everyone is present. She can see a glimpse of black hair from the hooded girl. Is there some errors in the report? She needs more information on it but she leaves it for later. Now, she needs to know just how strong the “demon” is.

“How strong are they?” (Jasmine)

“They can deploy a million of troops at two or more different places simultaneously. Not only that, there are monsters that need at least 5 warriors to kill. Some monsters need 20 or more.” (Felicia)

“It is amazing that you survived that.” (Jasmine)

“I would have died but the Demon King let me live. In exchange, he expected a great fight here.” (Felicia)

“I see. I will contact the king of this country. We might need to contact other country’s kings as well.  I cannot guarantee they will believe you though. It is simply too unbelievable.” (Jasmine)

“Please do so. The quicker, the better. No matter how hard it is, I will convince them” (Felicia)

“I will leave for the capital in two days. Will you follow me there?” (Jasmine)

“It will be my pleasure.” (Felicia)

“Then, we will meet again here in the morning two days from now.” (Jasmine)

Concluding the negotiation, Jasmine writes down some important things she needs to do. Next, she faces Mary and group on the other side of the table.

“Now then, are you referred here by Harold?” Jasmine asks while flipping a document.

“Y-yes. He said to meet someone called Jason.” (Mary)

“Calm down a bit. Don’t be so nervous. Jason is the branch guild master. I will help you in his stead.” (Jasmine)

“Thank you.” (Mary)

“Now then, he said you have a certain mission together with a black haired boy called... Erwin. Where is he now?” (Jasmine)

“He ran away from the guards yesterday. His black hair was seen.” (Yuni)

“I see. What is your mission?” (Jasmine)

“We were told to ask permission to open a gate here. Someone will come through it and negotiate with the king for trade agreement.” (Mary)

“Trade agreement?” (Jasmine)

“Yes.” (Mary)

“Anything else? Would you bring an army through it?” (Jasmine)

“We won’t until permission is granted.” (Mary)

“Can you guarantee it?” (Jasmine)

“Au....” (Mary)

Mary is fidgeting while not knowing how to reply. Certainly, there is no absolute guarantee that they won’t invade. That will depend on the politic on Earth. When they arrived here, there is no indication they will invade but it’s been months since then. Policies can be changed in that time.

“It will be safer if you just ready some soldiers on site when they come through, right?” (Felicia)

“It can certainly be done. We can do it now if you want. There are magicians in the training ground.” (Jasmine)

“I can’t do it. Only Erwin can set up the gate.” (Mary)

“Where is he?” (Jasmine)

“Please, wait for a minute. I will try to call him” (Mary)

Mary touches her bracelet and a small window appears. She operates the floating window with her free hand. She searches for Erwin’s contact code and calls him. Jasmine is interested in the weird device but holds herself back. After a few tries, she stops.

“I am sorry. He is not replying. I sent him a message about your offer.” (Mary)

“Tell me when he accepts it. I will still be around for a while. His time limit is tomorrow evening. After that, he will need to go to the capital to ask for permission.” (Jasmine)

“Understood.” (Mary)

“Then, should we go to the training ground? I want to see your ability. Harold didn’t mention much in the report.” (Jasmine)

Jasmine stands up, followed by the group. After returning the documents, she invites them to a private training ground. This area is usually used by advanced magicians to train as to avoid casualties if trained in general area.

The private areas are at the five top floors. In those areas, magicians can feel mana a lot easier because they are isolated from other people. Having a peace of mind can mean a lot in magician’s training.

Since it will take a long time to climb the stairs, they use magic on a round board to bring it up. It looks like a lift on Earth. The limit is 4 people so it takes two trips to bring everyone up.

After they reached the area, there are a lot of materials scattered around. Soft soil, hard soils, fresh water, sea water, stones, rocks, boulders, and many other things. There is even a small house nearby for the magician to stay in while they train. It is a very dedicated area to train.

“Whoa... So many things.” (Yuni)

“You can use whatever is here or create your own.” (Jasmine)

“What do you mean by that?” (Yuni)

“Beginners usually create their own material using magic like this.” (Jasmine)

Jasmine creates a fire ball floating on top of her hand.

“However, those who have trained for a while will use materials available around them. This will reduce the burden on their mind. You should know that using magic for a long time will get us tired.” (Jasmine)

“Yes. I saw Alice slept after thirty minutes of training.” (Yuni)

“Yes. So creating our own materials will put in additional burden in our mind. We usually use it to train the mind of beginner so they can handle more burden before advancing to another level of training.” (Jasmine)

While Jasmine is teaching Yuni, Mary is walking around the materials. She is considering what she should use. She can use most material because she is trained to keep her awareness of different mana. She stops in front of the freshwater pond for some time then she moves to another.

After a while, she stops in front of the pond again. She decides to use ice magic. There aren’t any ice around since it will just melt if left alone so she will use the freshwater to create ice. It is her specialty. She raises her right hand holding her staff over the water and draw the mana. Water starts to dance around the staff and then her hand following the drawn mana.

“Oh. No chanting. She is also pretty good.” (Jasmine)

“Is there many people who don’t chant?” (Yuni)

“There are few of them. The high ranking magicians usually don’t chant. There are many people that use chant out of habit though so they should be able to do it without chant. Her control over mana is smooth too. I believe she can already enter the rank of advanced magicians.” (Jasmine)

The pond is now empty and the water is gradually shaped like a eastern style dragon. A long scaled body with four legs coils around Mary. It has a 8 meters long body. Soon after, it freezes over into a statue.

“Impressive. Can you move it?” (Jasmine)

“Yes.” (Mary)

The statue starts to move. Its movement is rigid due to its solid body. Mary reverts some of its parts back to water as joints to smooth over the movement. It once again dances in the air.

Jasmine creates earth golems from nearby hard soils and moves them into formation. Their movement is smooth and they stand tall like a group of soldiers. There are 50 golems there.

“Try attacking those golems.” (Jasmine)

The ice dragon is now moving to attack the golems. It spreads its mouth and tries to bite down the golems. The golems spread out to avoid it. The dragon destroys one of the golems with its mouth and uses its tails to destroy 10 more golems in one swing.

“Good. Thirty nine to go.” (Jasmine)

“*pant* Y-yes. *pant*” (Mary)

Mary is having hard time breathing. Her ice dragon is still active but it starts to slow down. Another tail swipe destroys 8 more golems. Its mouth destroys another. Thirty to go.

The golems start to pin down the tail of the ice dragon. Its tail is now unusable. Its mouth bites down the golems one by one. After it destroyed 5 more golems, the ice dragon turns rigid and collapses. The remaining golems are twenty five. Mary is sitting on the ground while holding her head with one hand.

“Are you okay?” (Yuni)

“I am fine. *pant* Just a bit dizzy.” (Mary)

“Good performance. You are qualified as an advanced magicians here. Also, I believe you can even enter the rank of top magicians in the world.” (Jasmine)

“Even if *pant* I can’t destroyed *pant* them all?” (Mary)

“You have performed better than most of the advanced magicians. They can’t even destroyed twenty of my golems but you destroyed twenty five of them.” (Jasmine)

“Then, how many golems were destroyed by the top ranking one?” (Yuni)

“The most they can destroy are twenty nine golems. These golems is much more powerful than normal golems so be happy about it. If it was a normal golem, you might destroyed hundreds of them because they can’t restraint that thing. Even I need 10 golems to hold down the tail alone.” (Jasmine)

“Wow... That’s amazing, Mary.” (Yuni)

“*pant* How strong is *pant* one golem of yours?” (Mary)

“It can win against fifty soldiers easily.” (Jasmine)

“Well, that is amazing on its own.” (Yuni)

The group is amazed by the golem’s power. Looking at how she handled fifty of them easily, she is a really powerful magician and a valuable person to have. Having her cooperation in war against Demon King will be very reassuring.

“Are you the first rank magician in the world?” (Felicia)

“Yes, I am.” (Jasmine)

“It is my pleasure to have your cooperation in the upcoming war.” (Felicia)

“I will decide how to act after I heard the detail about it.” (Jasmine)

“I await the good news.” (Felicia)

“Now then, I can issue Mary a member card so she can use the training ground. I can issue it as a guild master. Do you want to use the private area?” (Jasmine)

“Yes please.” (Mary)

“Okay. Tomorrow, you can come here and get it from the counter. Also, if you want to meet me, use this as the appointment proof. I will be waiting for your friend.” (Jasmine)

“I am also the member of Merchant Guild. Do I have to withdraw from them?” (Mary)

“I see. Don’t worry about it. They have an agreement with us regarding magicians. I will take care of it.” (Jasmine)

“Alright. Thank you.” (Mary)

“Ah right. Teach the blonde girl magic, okay? I can feel she can use magic. I also feel magic from the white haired girl but it is your magic, isn’t it?” (Jasmine)

Jasmine points at Alishia who is playing chase with Maria around the small house.

“Yes, I have to disguise her because she is different from other people.” (Mary)

“How different?” (Jasmine)

“You will see it later after my partner come.” (Mary)

“Hmm. Okay then. I will be waiting for it.” (Jasmine)

“Then, let’s go back to have lunch. It’s late.” (Yuni)

“Come with me. I know a good place to eat.” (Jasmine)

“Maria! Alice! We are leaving!” (Felicia)

“ “ Okay~ ” ”

They leave the training ground and go to have lunch. The rest of the day is filled with sightseeing around the town while Jasmine is contacting the prime minister of Yamato Kingdom. Erwin replied to the message that night. He has reported to the higher ups and coincidentally they are connected.

The higher ups is readying the diplomats and tomorrow they will open the gate outside the city near the gate. Erwin has placed the beacon for it. Mary will give the signal when they are ready to accept the diplomats.