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Chapter 055 - Tower of Magic (1)

(edited by Richard and me)


Early in the morning, a staff made of Ash wood and decorated with a big blue crystal is found lying on the floor with a message. The message is




Sorry for making you cry. I didn’t realize that my action was bad but I can’t go back now. I am fine so don’t worry. I will leave your personal staff for you.


Sincerely, Erwin


Yuni, who found it, looks around the room and discovers a slightly open window. She instantly knew where he came in from. After she woke up the others, she gives the staff and letter to Mary whose face is covered with dry tears. It looks like she cried in her sleep.


“Here. Your staff and a letter from Erwin.”


Mary’s face visibly changes from her shaken appearance after seeing her staff. She grabs the letter and reads it. After breathing a relief sigh and sheds a few more tears, she hugs the staff. Yuni and Felicia also breathe a relief sigh. Then, Yuni complains.


“We really need to lock the door and windows. He got in here when we slept. That pervert.” (Yuni)


“That’s right! How did he get in?” (Felicia)


“He used the window but this is the second floor. I want to know how.” (Yuni)


“Eh? The window? It is pretty high, right?” (Felicia)


Felicia looks down from the window. The height is around 6 meters from the ground. No one can jump that high. The noisy morning quietens fast.


“Erm.. I guess he came from the roof. Hehe.” (Mary)


“ “The roof?” ” (Felicia and Yuni)


Felicia steps away and disappears from the window. The outside suddenly gets noisy again. The girls are confused but they ignore it.


“Yes, using ropes.” (Mary)


“I see. It is like those police’s action, right?” (Yuni)


“What is police?” (Felicia)


“They are the ones that maintain order. They protect citizens, investigate crimes, and arrest criminals. Something similar to city guard.” (Yuni)


“I see.” (Felicia)


“More accurately, they are used by police’s special forces and military. Only trained personnel can do it.” (Mary)


“Special forces? Do you mean something like those elite guards?” (Felicia)


“Yes. That is right.” (Mary)


“I see. He is pretty good, huh?” (Felicia)


“Yeah, but he is also a pervert.” (Yuni)


Yuni’s comment invites laughter from the older girls. Alishia and Maria are playing with water ball again. This time, the water is rotating. It looks like a small whirlwind inside the ball. Somewhere in the forest outside the city, a sneeze can be heard from the top of a tree. A hunter, who happened to be resting underneath it, gets scared because he doesn’t see anyone on the tree. He runs towards to city and vows to never hunt in that forest anymore.


Mary, who has suddenly got over her trauma, starts to chat cheerfully with the other girls. Trauma shouldn’t be something that can be gotten over of just like that. There should be something special in that letter but it is so simple that they don’t know how. At least, how Mary acts has calmed the girls down.


They spend the morning chatting until Frank calls them to have breakfast. That morning, they have their breakfast in the girls’ room to avoid nobles.




“What should we do now?” (Mary)


Mary asks the question after they finished their breakfast. They are currently walking around the main road.


“I think you and Alishia should go to the tower and learn magic. We will accompany you. How about it, everyone?” (Yuni)


“I’m interested in magic. I will come along.” (Frank)


“I want to see it too. What about you, Alice, Maria?” (Felicia)


“I want to go!” “Me too!”


“Alright. Let’s go Mary.” (Yuni)


“Ah, yes.” (Mary)


They walk along the main road to the center of the city where the tall tower stands. The road is filled with many small and big shops. The shops along the way are calling out for customers. They are selling foods, clothes, cheap jewelries, and many other things. There is a big shop that stands out more than others. It is filled with expensive looking clothes so it might be a shop for nobles.


Anywhere the group passed by, the crowd will almost always turn around to look at them again. They stand out because of their beauty. Many couples start to fight among themselves. The girls feel guilty but they can’t do anything about it. They would have stood out too if they used a robe to cover themselves and that was in a bad way.


Gazes of envy and killing intents are directed to Frank who walks in the middle of the group and somehow he doesn’t get disturbed by them. There are also gazes of lust directed at the girls. Some people are tailing them from afar. The crowd, who are captivated by the girls, is now scattered from the road because of the sinister group.


The older girls realize that they are being followed shortly after. Frank and kids are still clueless. Felicia stops behind them and turns around. Mary and Yuni also stop behind Felicia. The others are still walking to the tower without noticing anything. Only after Felicia speaks do they turn around.


“Stop following us.” (Felicia)


Felicia stands in front of the group. The group following them instantly stops 10 meters from them. In the end, they just ignore the warning and get closer afterward. Mary points her staff at them and Yuni sets her compound bow ready. It is given by Erwin who carried it from Earth. It is a short bow and much more suitable for short distance battle like now than her own longbow.


Looking at the girls who are ready for combat, the group steps back unconsciously. They outnumber the girls but now they know that one of them is a magician. Magicians can easily kill them even if they are outnumbered. The only way to fight magicians is to use special shields that are only given to soldiers and city guards. They don’t have a means to fight them except to flank them and sacrifice some of their group. It isn’t profitable so they give up pursuing them. The group disappears into the crowd again.


“Why do these things always happen to me wherever I go?” (Mary)


“It’s because you’re beautiful. Who can resist trying to know you?” (Yuni)


Yuni pats Mary’s shoulder and calms her down. She can see some traces of fear in Mary’s eyes when the men followed them. The girls continue on their way to the tower. Frank is depressed because he can’t sense anything at all. He follows them from behind this time and keeps watch around. The sad thing is Frank still can’t see that they are being followed even with that vigilance. A man in a black robe is following them by jumping on the roofs. He follows them until they reach the tower.




“Welcome to the tower of magic. May I help you?”


The group has arrived at the tower. They are greeted by a beautiful receptionist when they get in. The lobby of the tower unexpectedly uses glass as their doors and windows. People can see the lobby from the outside like a hotel. Mary hesitates so Yuni grabs Mary and Alishia’s hands to go to the counter. The rest of them sit nearby.


“These girls want to learn magic. Is there anything we have to do?” (Yuni)


“New magicians? Have they registered here?”


“Not yet. We have just arrived from Zero Kingdom.” (Yuni)


“I see. You will need the approval from the headquarters at the capital. It is to prevent any spies so I am sorry I can’t help you.”


“Hmm. Can we just watch those magicians train?” (Yuni)


“We can only allow you to enter the beginner’s training area. Please understand it.”


“I understand. Can we use the area to train too?” (Yuni)


“As long as there is someone to supervise you. I will call someone to help you.”


“Please do.” (Yuni)


The receptionist excuses herself to the staff room behind her. After a while, a dream of every man appears from the staff room. Her face rivals the girls in appearance but her body is much more seductive. Her body’s curves are at the best locations and big at a certain place. She must be the best looking girl here. No one would even suspect if she says she is the king’s concubine. She walks with the receptionist to the counter.


Every single man in the lobby is watching her intently. Their eyes are following the swaying things. All the girls are looking with envious eyes. Oh, not everyone. Mary and groups are standing dumbfounded. Mary is a bit different because she is overwhelmed by her mana that overflows like a flood.


“They are the one who want to use the training area.”


“Hmm. I see. Welcome to the tower of magic. I am Jasmine and I will be your supervisor in your training. Nice to meet you.” (Jasmine)


“Nice to meet you. This two girls are the ones who want to train. This is Mary and this girl is Alishia.” (Yuni)


“Nice to meet~” (Alishia)


Yuni, who is the first to recover, quickly introduces Mary and Alishia. Mary is still in daze looking at the mana. The mana is being controlled properly even when she isn’t in combat. It flows around Jasmine like a massive  aurora. The flow is slow at some places and fast at others. Is she training her mana control even now?


“Mary?” (Yuni)


“Ah! So-sorry. I am Mary. Nice to meet you.” (Mary)


“Fufufu~ You are an interesting child. Tell me. What do you see?” (Jasmine)


“Eh?” (Mary)


“I can see that you were looking at different things than others. You were not looking at my body but something else.” (Jasmine)


When it is pointed out, a lot of people suddenly avert their eyes including Frank. Yuni and the girls shift their eyes to Mary because of the question.


“Erm.... I can see a lot of mana around you. It’s beautiful.” (Mary)


“Fufufu. So you can see it. Your eyes are special.” (Jasmine)


“I don’t see anything. What do you see?” (Yuni)


“Aurora.” (Mary)


“So lucky! I want to see it too.” (Yuni)


“You can even see the colors.” (Jasmine)




All magicians there turn to Mary. They have surprised face on their faces. Jasmine walks closer to Mary. She is taller than her and almost as tall as Erwin. She bends down to see Mary’s eyes directly. Mary is so nervous that she stands stiff in place.


“What do you mean by that?”


Yuni grabs Mary’s hand to calm her down. She asks the question that everyone in the group wants to hear. Jasmine steps back while still scrutinizing Mary. Shortly after, she answers.


“Few people can see colors in mana. There are so many people training to see colors but they can at most see white. Even then, people who can see white are sought for the army. Their wages are higher than normal magicians. People who can see colors are the most valuable person. I need to bring you to the capital.” (Jasmine)


“Why is white not valuable enough?” (Yuni)


“They can’t see advanced magic converging on clear sky. Advanced magic can easily decimate a battalion of troops (A/N: 300-800 troops) and so people who can see the colors are always needed in the army. Also, she will be able to determine the type of magic so countermeasures will be more effective.” (Jasmine)


“So, are you dragging her to war?” (Felicia)


Felicia, who is listening, cuts the talk and stands in front of Mary. She knows what Mary’s mission is so she prevents her from being taken to war. This is not her country and so she doesn’t have any obligation to participate.


“Who are you?” (Jasmine)


“I am Felicia Risca Castia. She is my friend.” (Felicia)


“Where is this Castia Kingdom? I never heard of it.” (Jasmine)


“My country is already destroyed.” (Felicia)


“Who did it?” (Jasmine)


“Demon King.” (Felicia)


The moment she says that, the whole lobby quietens down. Jasmine is looking surprised. Her mana control is disturbed and the aurora disappears.


“We... need to talk at other place. This is not a good place, Your Highness. Follow me to my workroom.”


Jasmine walks to the counter and speaks a few words. She beckons the group to follow her. She suddenly stops before the stairs and turns around.


“I feel someone is watching us. Please, wait a bit.”


Jasmine uses magic to cover herself and it also slowly covers the group. Mary doesn’t give any warning because she knows this magic and it is harmless.


“Now, he can’t see us. Let’s go.”


Mary and the group are wondering who is following them. They don’t have time to think about it now so they follow Jasmine for the moment. In a short while, they will be surprised when they arrive at Jasmine’s workroom.




“Shield troops, brace! Magicians, take cover! Archers, retaliate!”


Yamato’s First Prince is currently commanding his troops at his army’s camp behind enemy’s line. Their camp are currently besieged by three combined armies of Zero, Gama, and Arch kingdoms. Shower of arrows are raining down on their camp from three sides. Half of his troops are in disarray and scattered. The other half have already reorganized themselves near the headquarter tent.


“Are the preparation to retreat ready?”


“Not yet, Your Highness. A bit more.”


Some magicians are converging their magic for an advanced magic. They planned to flood the area outside the camp with huge amounts of water and then retreat to the border where their allies are waiting. Relentless assaults from the three kingdoms are pressuring them. His army is now at the limit. The supply lines were cut off a few days ago. When they were preparing to open it again, three armies suddenly appear and attack them.


“Your Highness! General Gerard has opened an escape route for us!”


“Good! How long until the magic finish?”


“We are finished.”


“Greet our enemies with flood!”


Large clouds are converging around the camps. Thunder resounds and lightning falls to earth. Some of the unlucky soldiers die while some others are paralyzed. Shortly after, heavy rain drops on the area except the camp and the escape route. Water starts to accumulate quickly and drowns enemies’ soldiers. The magicians roughly control the flow so their escape route won’t be closed.


“All troops! Retreat!”


With a shout, the First Prince commands the entire troops to retreat. They abandon their camp and retreat while being chased by the enemies that managed to get across the flood. Even the scattered troops hear the command and retreat.




This marks the first defeat and the end of the First Prince’s long winning streaks in this war.