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Chapter 051.5 - Intermission - Fall of Halgenia

Third person PoV (Halgenia side)


Halgenia, a world thousands light years away...


The inhabitants are being invaded by a force much stronger than even their 2 large empires’ forces combined. Years of war has depleted their manpower to barely half of their original strength. With those manpower, they can’t hold their lines. One by one, their villages, cities, fortress, capital cities fall.


After 5 years of war with the invaders, today will mark their last stand. Their numbers are only 2.000 left with more than half are women and children. Their enemies number more than 10.000 strong.


“Today, our countries will fall. Today, our loved ones will follow us to our death. Today, our world will end. Today, we will perish.”


The sorrowful air floods the remaining inhabitants of Hargenia. Human’s soldier clad in their heavy armors with their knowledge of tactics and strategy in group battle. Beast kin with their superior individual strength carried with them great weapons of destruction such are great hammers, clubs, great halberds, battler axes. Elves with their sharp eye, protectors of forests, stand with long bow in hand and arrows in quivers. Dwarfs with their remaining melee weapons and siege weapons of great craftsmanship. In their last days or even hours, they all stand side by side.


Even in sorrow, the human forms a defensive line in the very front of the formation. Beast kin stands behind them guarding their back and ready to jump and strike at their enemies. Elves stands beside the dwarves with their bows. The dwarfs stands as their final defense line with their great shields and pikes. The siege weapons are manned by the remaining few dwarfs.


“BUT! We shall not fall without a fight! We shall not fall before we show them our might! We shall not fall without taking them with us! We will show our loved ones, our countries, our race and the heaven that We. Stand. Here. And. Fight!”


“We hold no more hatred nor distrust against our fellow companions! Today! They are our beloved brothers and sisters. We will fight as one!”


“Help your brothers in trouble. Help your sisters in danger. We shall stand even a little longer to show them that they will defeat us only with great sacrifices. We will return to our loved ones with pride in hand.”


“For our loved ones! For our pride! For HALGENIA!”




The last stand of Halgenia begins with the shouts of their soldiers. Waves upon waves of Orcs and Goblins storm their ranks. The invaders’ beast riders clash against the cavalries of Halgenia. Winged beasts fly on top of them looking for a chance to grab a few soldiers and throw them from the sky.


Their last stand lasts no more than one hour.




Third person PoV (Invaders side)




A man sits on a throne in the middle of the monster army. He is surrounded by many women of all ages and appearances. From succubus, lamia, arachnid to more normal looking humans, elves, and beast kin. He is the Demon King.


“Why did every worlds we conquer this weak?”


He is watching the battle that is currently underway in front of him. The last stand of this world is much weaker than other worlds he invaded due to luck of magic. His monster army can just crush them with sheer number.


“Bring me the leader and a child of theirs!”


The Demon King gives the order that is instantly transmitted to all monsters. Even with their low intelligence, the monster can carry out the simple instructions. Soon after, the prisoners is brought before the king.


The prisoners is last surviving member of a large empire’s royalties and an unknown child. The royalty is a princess due to her brothers and father already perished and the child is a girl of fox tribes. The child is hiding in the princess’s arm and afraid to see the outside.


“What do you want?”


“Hmm... Your eyes still have a bright flame. I like it.”


“I would rather die than serve you.”




The Demon King laughs so loud that the entire plain can hear him. The princess stands strong in front of him. After a while, he stops and turns back to her.


“I will let you live but you have to give me a hard time. This whole invasion is very boring. Think you can handle it?”


“I will show you that I can.”


“Good. Good. Hahaha. I will send to another world I am going to invade. Struggle all you want there and satisfy me.”


“I will not let you succeed next time.”


A silence spread. In that silence, the child tightens her grip on the princess. The princess suddenly remembers about her.


“Why did you let this child live?”


“A mother will struggle harder to protect her child isn’t?”






The princess is astonished. This child is the only one left of this world with her excluding the ones helping the Demon King or his slaves. The child has lost everything she had and the only one she has now is the princess.


The princess is in lost. She can’t abandoned the child but the road she will have to take might be too hard on the child. She decides to take care of the child and will have her live no matter how hard it is. As the last members of Halgenia and as the family of her. In that instant, her mother’s nature comes out.


“I accept the deal.”


“Very good! I will show you despair. I will kill that child in front of you later. Remember! You have one year. Enjoy them to your fullest!”


The Demon King lifts his hand and a winged beast comes. Its height is 4 meters with overall length of 10 meters. It has a body that looks like a lizard with four arms and a wings like a bat. It settles behind the king and is looking at the prisoners. Sharp fangs can be seen when it opens its mouth.


“Oh right. I will send you in a grand way. I hope you can survive it.”




In the next moment, the beast grabs the two of them with its arm. It flies to the sky and drop them after reaching 40 meters. In the way of their fall, a hole with sinister aura opens and swallows them both.


“Did I overdo it? No, they will survives that short fall. Let’s contact Gavar.”


The Demon King still nonchalantly sits on his throne. Usually people will die after falling at that height. But his common sense is different after all. He use his own body as standard. He should have think about it from human’s perspective.


He sets up a magic to contact Gavar, the one who is responsible to prepare the invasion to the world of Talmatir. After a few seconds, a mirror-like object floats in the air. Gavar who can be seen in the mirror, gives a bow to the Demon King.


“Cease all plans to weaken the world. Prepare an area for our invasion and guard it.”


Gavar hesitates for a bit before mustering his courage to ask the king.


“May I ask why?”


“The worlds we invaded are too weak. I want to have some challenges.”


“I understand your orders. Long live the King.”

Then the magic disperses. The king still sitting, starts to laugh a bit. Before long, another loud laugh resounds through the plain.


“Hahaha. How will they struggle this time? Will they push my forces back? Or will they be the same of before, crushed under our might?”


The king has a twisted smile on his face. He looks like a child who finally gets a toy he always wanted. In front of him are thousands upon thousands of monsters. His army is the first toy he got. And now, another toy is being made. A toy that will stand against his toy.


“This is going to be fun. Hahahaha!”


His spirit is being lit up after a very long time.