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Chapter 031 - Epilogue: End of the Nobleman

“How is it?”

After I climb onto the wagon, Mary looks over and asks in a low voice. She is currently brushing Alishia’s hair gently. Alishia has cried herself to sleep on her laps a while ago. I answer in equally low voice.

“I have taken care of them.”

“One of them has already ran away. I thought I told you about him?”

“I know. I intentionally let him get away. That way we can take care of more bandits and lessens the damage on the village later.”

“What will we do if there are a lot of them chasing us? There are only four of us excluding Alishia.”

“We will take out their leader first.”

I pick up my rifle and check the mag. Then I prepare the anti material sniper rifle. It is a heavy weapon that uses .50 cal bullets capable of piercing an unarmored and a light armor vehicle. The devastation it can create when hitting a person is unimaginable. Mary flinches after seeing the big gun.

“Now then. The next problem will be from where they will come.”

“Hey. That strange feeling just now. Is it magic?”

Yuni pops her head in from the front. She carries an excited expression. Frank peeks in while driving. The pace has increased a bit since I killed the group from before.

“Yes. That’s magic.”

“Amazing! I finally meet a magician! Ah no... I have met you for a long time.”

Mary and I smiles wryly. Yuni excitedly asks again.

“What magic is that?”

“[Search] magic. It is used to find things or people. It’s pretty useful.”

“How far is the range?”

“It depends on the terrain, scoop, and your skill.”

“I see. What other magic can you use?”

“I can use a lot of them. I will let you know later. I need to keep my magic on so we won’t be caught unprepared by the bandits.”


Yuni goes back to her spot and looks around. Frank who listened silently just now, also looks around once again. I close my eyes to rest for a bit.

Mary keeps sending wave after wave of mana every half a minute. However she controls it away from Alishia so it won’t disturb her. While her hand keeps brushing Alishia’s hair, her brows knit together as she concentrate on the magic.

Half an hour later she opens her eyes. She says.

“They come from behind us. On foot and on horse. The horsemen will arrive in a minute.”

“Alright. Time to scare them away with this big guy.”

“I will cast a barrier around you. That thing is too loud. It will scare away the horses including ours. Also there is someone sleeping here.”


Mary tells Frank to stop the wagon. It decelerates and soon stops.

I drop a box on the ground and steps down. Then I put the sniper rifle on top of the box. After that, I take out a few large bullets and place them beside it. Putting in one bullet into the chamber, I lock it up.

Mary lifts her hand and a veil of light surrounds me. It soon turns transparent. All sounds are now cut off. I take out an ear plug and cover my ears. The loud noise of discharge will disoriented me if I don’t.

“You can see them now.” A small message window appears on my goggles as Mary warns me.

On the horizon sands are kicked up by the hooves of the horses. There are twenty horsemen. They stop as soon as they come into view.

A man walks out from the group. He is Knight Yaza. The damn noble that keeps haunting us since we met him. He sends a messenger. The messenger shouts at us.

“Surrender! You can’t win! We have more than fifty men.”

I keep silent and pick up the sniper rifle. Through the scope I can see the group behind clearly. They are well inside my attack range. I see them squint their eyes, probably because of the reflection from my scope.

The messenger keeps shouting for us to surrender. More and more people are coming. The bandits on foot have started to arrive behind the horsemen.

Yaza soon loses his patience due to our lack of response. He turns around and lifts his sword.

“We are going against witches. Be prepared. We will go around and pincer them. Spread out so that the witch will waste her magic power.”

Wow... His voice is so loud. Well...

‘Now!’ I pull the trigger and open fire.

“It’s time to--”

The moment I pull the trigger, a hole opens up on his chest. The bullet still holds enough power as it pierces through a few horsemen and infantries. A line of blood appears in a instant.

I pull the bolt and insert new bullet. After locking it, I peek into the scope once again.

The bandits are still in shock. They panicked as they try to save their leader. Some bandits hold their shield in front of them as they retreat.

I pick another target to shoot. I try to find a line that has the most numbers of target I can hit. Once aimed, I pull the trigger again. Then I pull the bolt back again.

After three shoots, the bandits disperse. I stand up and signal to Mary. The veil of light once again appears and soon dissipates.

“It’s done. The leader has been taken out.”

“Well. I can’t see that far but I can still see the blood.”

Mary says with a pale face. Frank and Yuni also have a pale face. I pick up the box and rifle. I also carefully pick up every empty cartridges dropped. I load them up the wagon and says.

“Time to leave. They won’t be back for a long time.”

The wagon once again moves forward with a quick pace. The scene of destruction soon leaves our sight.


#End of Arc 1: The Unknown World