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Chapter 021 - Bandit Attacks! (Part 1)

At the mansion minutes before the attack on the gate...

“Sir, the five of us are guards sent to prepare the defense here.”

“Go on. Get the women, children and the olds inside the house.” (Harold)

“Yes, Sir!”

The mansion is soon packed with villagers. The guards are fortifying the mansion. Starting from blockage at the gate to sealing off the doors and windows of the mansion. There are villagers who help with lifting smaller objects like planks of wood.

Mary is sitting inside the living room with the village children. A few young wives are accompanying them. Mary keeps looking at the wall of the mansion once in a while.

Nina, who notices this, informs Harold about it. He then instructs one of the guards to watch the wall on the left of the mansion. Nina goes to accompany Mary.

A while later, a guard comes over to Harold.

“Sir, why must we watch the wall and not the gate?”

“Feeling. Beside, the mansion gate need not to be watched over as the village’s gate hasn’t been broken through yet.” (Harold)

“Why the left side?”


Seeing that Harold has no interest in answering, the guard leaves with doubtful feeling.

Harold then watches in the direction of the village’s gate. Smokes is rising high to the sky outside the village. He gazes silently.

“Did Mary predict the attack?”

He can’t help but murmurs it. A while later a roar resounds. The bandits start to advance.


I stare at the incoming bandits. In a swift motion I setup the MG3 on the parapet[1]. With drum magazine attached, it is more easier to move around.

“Get ready!” (Roland)

Each villager prepares their own projectiles. Rocks, coals, sandbags, arrows, and many other things. Roland stands tall in the middle. His raised hand holds steady.

He stares at the incoming bandits with a calm, dignified expression. He is like a large rock in the stormy sea. Nothing can shake him. Though I won't know his inner struggle.

Yuni is holding my rifle unsteadily. It is quite heavy for a girl after all. I sigh.

“Yuni, use that. When the ammo is out, call me.” (Erwin)

I take away the rifle from her while I talk. I see the safety of the rifle. It is still on. Looks like she didn’t switch it off because she is too tensed.

I shake my head while switching the safety off. I then see Yuni takes the position behind the LMG. She picks the stock up timidly. I glance at the running bandits and go over to Yuni.

“Place this stock on your shoulder. Your right hand on the grip with a finger on the trigger. Your left hand here on the stock to further steady your weapon. Your eyes aim through this.”[2] (Erwin)

“Got it.” (Yuni)

“Have you killed anyone before?” (Erwin)

“No but I will be alright. I won’t let the village I was born in gets destroyed.” (Yuni)

“Huh... Alright then. Call me when you can’t fire anymore shots.” (Erwin)

“Okay.” (Yuni)

The bandits have entered thirty meters zone. This time they aren’t divided into waves. All of them come at once. More than a hundred bandits swarm into the plain to the gate.

“Steady.” (Roland)

“Captain, permission for Yuni to start attacking! This range is fine.” (Erwin)

“Are you sure?” (Roland)

“Yes!” (Erwin)

“Go!” (Roland)

“Yuni, shoot the ram!” (Erwin)

A barrage of bullets storms the ram right after. The surrounding of the ram turns into a bloody spectacle. Five bandits are killed instantly while others are injured.

Yuni keeps shooting sporadically without aim. Her eyes are closed due to shock. I tap her shoulder.

“Stop shooting.” (Erwin)

Yuni instantly stops. She opens her eyes slowly. Once she sees the scene though, her body shakes involuntarily.

“Don’t think! Aim there and shoot in short burst. Tap the trigger for only two or three seconds each.” (Erwin)

Yuni turns the MG to another direction and opens fire. Another bloody scenes appears and many villagers get shaken. Their bodies tremble non-stop. Quite a lot vomit on the spot. Roland turns a bit pale but he still stands steadily.

“Steady!” (Roland)

“Fellow villagers, we are fighting for our family! Steady yourself!” (Erwin)

Half of the villagers regain their calm. Although they are still trembling, their weapons are ready in hand. The rest of the villagers are affected by them and gradually calm down.

The bandits enters fifteen meters zone. This is still quite a distance but archers even if they are lightly trained can already do some damage. Roland shouts.

“Archers and hunters! Release!” (Roland)

A volley of arrows drops on the bandits. A few of them are killed. The scene is less bloody than Yuni’s.

I place the rifle on the ground while crouching beside Yuni. Her MG will run out of ammo soon. She fires a few more times when suddenly clicking sounds ring out of the MG.

“Give it to me.” (Erwin)

I swiftly change the mag into a fresh one. Pulling the belt of bullets into the chamber, I close off the chamber again. I give it back to Yuni.

Meanwhile, archers and hunters have released their second volley. The bandits is inside ten meters zone. I pick up my rifle.

I glance back at the mansion where Mary is. The mansion is now filled with people. A few guards have fortified the mansion gate. I catch a glimpse of Harold at the front door with his father.

I look back at the bandits. Some of them have entered five meters range. The siege ladders quickly approach with them.

“Attack with everything you have!” (Roland)

The moment Roland shouts, the villagers quickly throw everything they have. The projectiles injure the bandits but none really incapacitate them.

Using every strength they have, the villagers throw stones after stones. A strong mercenary throws a particularly big one. It hit an unlucky bandit in the head. He drops dead right after.

I keep my rifle ready but I don’t do anything. I watch the battle unfold. The sensation of battle is very different from games I played.

In games, every fighter has the same status. They will fight equally all the time. Their strength is dependent of their class. If I was in game right now, this village has no way of winning against the bandits even if they have me.

However, reality is very different. The feeling. The tension. The horror. The fighting spirit. The morale.

Shouts of anger. Shouts of pain. Shouts of desperation. Shouts of joy for battle. Shouts of insanity.

I watch as a villager throws a sharp stone at a bandit. It hits squarely at his shoulder. The bandit shouts out in anger while he can’t do anything.

I watch as a bandit archer releases his arrow. It grazes a mercenary’s face who returns the favor. The bandit dies from an arrow to his throat.

I watch as a siege ladder reaches the wall. A bandit quickly climbs up and starts to swing his sword around. He grabs a female guard and pulls her into his arm. The guard struggles while she is disarmed.

I raise my rifle and aim at him. At that moment in the corner of my eyes, I see another guard quickly swings his sword at the bandit. The bandit swings his sword to meet the approaching sword. With a hostage in bandit's hand, the guard can't do much.

The swords clash a couple of times. The guard is clearly struggling. Another villager arrives behind the bandit’s back. He attacks with a pitchfork.

The pitchfork hit the lower back of the bandit. He screams out of pain. The male guard quickly slashes his throat. After that, he quickly takes the captured guard away from the bandit.

I aim at a bandit who have appeared suddenly from behind the guard. When the guard panics as he suddenly realizes who appears behind him, I fire at the bandit’s chest. A hole appears and he dies.

I fire at another bandit who threatens the life of another villager. I watch quite a lot of scenes both heroic and sad scenes. A few villagers are hit by arrows and die. Others from swords when I am not looking there.

When I shoot at a couple of bandits, Yuni shouts again.

“Erwin! I am out!” (Yuni)

“Take this and shoot at any bandit who threatens the villagers life.” (Erwin)

I push the rifle to her. She quickly takes it and looks around for any help she can offer. I take out a box mag from my bag and replace the old mag. I hear a few gunshots fired by Yuni at the side.

“Yuni, with this you can fire longer. Kill any bandits near the ram. Don’t let them use it!” (Erwin)

Currently the top of the wall is holding fine. The few siege ladders can’t accommodate a lot of bandits at once. The mercenaries are holding the bandits back. If we can hold it for a while longer, the bandits will retreat.

“Erwin! The mansion! Look!” (Yuni)

Startled, I quickly look at the mansion. Harold with four guards and an old man are fighting against six or seven bandits. I can see Mary at the front door while other villagers frantically run out of the house.

“Damn it! They really used that route! Yuni, I will go there. You help here. If the MG is out, use your bow!” (Erwin)

“Go!” (Yuni)

I give a nod to Yuni and then turn to the captain.

“Captain! I will go to the mansion!” (Erwin)

“Why?” (Roland)

“Look for yourself! The bandits sneaked behind us!” (Erwin)

“What!? Go! Help them!” (Roland)

“Yes!” (Erwin)

I jump down from the wall. A few villagers below scream when they see me jump. Landing and then rolling to dissipate the force, I run to the plaza. I replace the rifle’s mag while running.


A few minutes after the bandits reached the wall.....

“Sir Harold.” (Mary)

“What is it?” (Harold)

Harold watches as Mary walks out of the house. Nina follows behind her.

“How is it?” (Mary)

“The bandits have just reached the wall. It won’t fall anytime soon.” (Harold)

“I see.” (Mary)

Nina places a hand on Mary’s trembling shoulder.

“What is it?” (Nina)

“I feel something is wrong. Those bandits that attacked the wall... Something doesn’t feel right.” (Mary)

“What is not right? This kind of attack has happened a few times before.”

A elderly guard speaks out. He has heard what Mary said. According to him, this attack is very normal.

“Don’t worry. They won’t reach here. There are still others in the plaza before they can reach here.”

“Just put your mind at ease. Erwin is also on the wall. It won’t fall quickly.” (Harold)

“I don’t know. Something...” (Mary)

Mary holds her head as if she is struggling with a headache. Alishia comes out of the house at that time. Jenny follows shortly after.

“Elder Sister, come inside.” (Alishia)

“Yeah. Go inside. You can be at--” (Harold)

“Sir! Bandits climb over the left wall!”

The guard sent to watch the left wall shouts while running over. Harold and all the guards are taken aback. Mary stiffens up.

“It... Happens again...”

Mary murmurs in a very low voice that even Alishia who is grabbing her arm can’t hear it. Harold recovers quickly. He shouts.

“How many of them?” (Harold)

“At least five! Maybe more!”

“You! Go call the guards at the plaza now!” (Harold)

Harold points at a young guard nearby. He is Frank, one of the brightest youth. He is the fastest runner in the group here. Frank salutes and immediately runs down the hill.

“The rest of you. Pick up your weapons. We must defend this place until reinforcement arrived.” (Harold)

“Yes, Sir!”

“Father, please go inside.” (Harold)

“I can still fight. Give me a spear.”

“Huh... Here. Be careful. Nina, bring Mary and the children inside. Bar the back door.” (Harold)

“Alright. Mary, come with me.” (Nina)

Soon, the only one outside the house are Harold, four guards and an old man. Ten bandits appear from the direction of the left wall. Harold brings the guards and his father over to fight.

The clash between the two group is about to begin.


[1] Parapet: a low wall on top of the rampart to shelter the defenders. Rampart is an elevated fortification. In this case, the flat part on top of the wall for people to stand is the rampart.

[2] Here is what it looks like. In the story, he is using a bipod on the MG unlike the pic so just imagine it.