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Chapter 017 - A Peaceful Day


After having a lively dinner and a good night sleep, I wake up sleepily. The fatigue from sitting on the shaking wagon for a long time has somewhat gone. I open the curtain to let in sunlight.

Squinting my eyes at the bright sunlight, I then open the window. Fresh air flow inside. The refreshing breeze blows away my sleepiness. The village is already busy and its liveliness can be heard from here.

I look at the scar on my flank. It is the first scar I got. This will remind me to not be reckless. I have to consider everything I do. Forgetting my rifle at that time is a fatal mistake that nearly cost me my life. Fortunately I am still alive.

Ah... Even if I want to challenge others with just swords, I must think of the consequences first. If at that time I used my rifle, I won’t be injured so badly. Seeing an unfamiliar weapon and extraordinary power, they would have thought I was a magician anyway. Mary could also still hide her ability to use magic.

A feeling of regret surges out from the depth of my heart. There are so many things I could have done better. Alas I didn’t think of them at that time. I quickly throw away the gloomy thoughts.

I put on a simple tunic and cover up the scar. After that, I go out of my room. The corridor is bright. The sunlight shines through the windows. There are few decorations along the corridor. I go downstairs.

The front door in front of the stairs is opened. I can see the large yard. Harold with his father are sitting there. They talk vigorously.

“Good morning...”

I look up the stairs at the voice. Alishia and Jenny sleepily rub their eyes. They yawn once in awhile.

“Good morning Alice and Jenny. Go wash your face.” (Erwin)

“Okay...” (Alishia)

Looking at the back of the two children, I smile. Then I hear a hissing noise from the kitchen accompanied with a nice smell. I walk there and peek in.

Nina is teaching Mary how to cook. Mary is quite proficient in handling it. I guess she is learning this world’s dishes. Quite a few dishes have been prepared.

“Hm? Good morning Erwin.” (Mary)

“Ah. Good morning Mary. Good morning Nina.” (Erwin)

“Good morning. The breakfast will be ready soon.” (Nina)

“I will be waiting.” (Erwin)

Half an hour later we have a breakfast together.


“What are you going to do today?” (Mary)

“Should we go look for that girl?” (Erwin)

“I guess so. Wait for me to prepare.” (Mary)

Prepare what? Before I can ask that, Mary runs up the stairs to her room. Ten minutes later she returns. She wears the dark blue one piece dress I bought her. Her light blue eyes looks dazzling compared to the cold tone of her one piece. Her silver hair looks more gorgeous than usual.

“Erm... Can you stop staring?” (Mary)

I advert my stare as I notice her blushing face. I scratch my cheek in this awkward moment. I bought the dress without thinking much but the result is outside my expectation.

“Err... You look pretty in that dress.” (Erwin)

“...Thanks.” (Mary)

Mary smiles sweetly. I quickly shift my stare again as to not be rude. I have no confidence that I can extract my stare if I stare at her now.

“Let’s go.” (Erwin)

“Where are we going? Do you know where to find her?” (Mary)

“We will go to the guild first. I want to see if there is any jobs we can take while we are here. She might also be a guild member and tasked to be a lookout at the tower. If she isn’t, we will go to the guard house to find out.” (Erwin)

“Hmm... Sounds good.” (Mary)

Mary and I walk down the dirt road down the hill. There aren’t that many trees on the hill but it is still much colder and fresher. We enjoy the fresh air with light mood.

Soon after, we reach the foot of the hill. The villagers are busy with their work. Blacksmith, carpentry, baker, and many other shops. A few of them glance at us and stiffen up. Noticing the strange behavior of the few, more glance at us.

Somehow, the whole section of the street has became quiet. Mary quickly hides behind me. I smile wryly. Then I break the silence.

“Alright. Time’s up. No more watching.” (Erwin)

“Hah! Good one kid!”

“You have good eyes.”

“Bring her here. I will make her some clothes.”

“I wonder if my son will bring a girl like that.”

The street turns lively all of sudden. Mary peeks out from behind me. The older villagers smile at her. When she returns their smile, the younger ones burst out in uproar.

“I think it’s wrong to wear that dress out.” (Erwin)

“I also didn’t expect these kind of reactions.” (Mary)

“You should. With your beauty, it’s hard to not attract attention. I guarantee it.” (Erwin)

“Even yours?” (Mary)

“Yes. Even mine.” (Erwin)

Hm? That question... Forget it.

“Let’s go. Hold my hand so you don’t get lost.” (Erwin)

“Okay.” (Mary)

We walk through the busy street hand in hand. The passing villagers usually stop to stare at her for a while. Especially the youth groups. We pass through the street quite fast as the villagers usually give way to us.

We arrive in front of the hall in no time. When I look back to Mary, she is holding her head down. I can’t see her face at all.

“Hmm? Mary, what happened?” (Erwin)

“No-nothing ha-happened!” (Mary)

With a swift motion, she raises her red face and denies. Then she shyly looks down again.

“Er... You haven’t hold hand with others before?” (Erwin)

“....Only my father.” (Mary)

“Well... Should I release it?” (Erwin)

“You’re not embarrassed?” (Mary)

“I held my sister’s hand and brought her around a lot of time in my youth so I kinda get used to it. It’s kind of embarrassing but you will get used to it. Come on. Let’s get in.” (Erwin)

I release her hand. It’s slightly regretful as her soft hand is nice to be held but I think it will be more awkward if I keep holding it. I lead the way into the hall.

Early morning is the time where the hall will be the busiest. It’s already past the time so there aren’t that many people around. A few people carrying weapons sit in the lounge.

We walk directly to the job board. A few jobs have been taken. The remaining ones are mostly repeating jobs such as hunt in the forest for meat or chop firewood. We browse through it.

“What kind of job interest you?” (Erwin)

“I think I will take a shopkeeper job. I can hardly do anything else.” (Mary)

“Sounds good. What should I take?” (Erwin)

“Chopping firewood for the elderly?” (Mary)

“Not interested.” (Erwin)

“It’s a good deed.” (Mary)

“Err.... No thanks.” (Erwin)

“Fufu. I know you will reject it. Look. That one at the edge.” (Mary)

I shift my gaze at the job notice. It is an old paper that looks like it has been here for a long time. It is a guard duty job. There are three jobs in it. Manning watchtower outside the village, manning the wall, and patrolling the village.

“Oh. This is quite a good one. Which one should I take?” (Erwin)

“Why do you like a guard duty that much? Nevermind. It is said there that the guard captain will assign you the job.” (Mary)

“Hmm. I will take it tomorrow. Which shop will you be working in tomorrow?” (Erwin)

“The grocery store near the plaza.” (Mary)

“Alright. Let’s go look for Yuni now.” (Erwin)

“Are you always thinking about her?” (Mary)

“I am curious on what she wants to talk about. Let’s go to the guard house.” (Erwin)

We walk out of the hall while ignoring the strange silence in the hall. The guard house isn’t too far away. We reach the building in five minutes. There are a lot of noises from inside.

The moment we enter, we see a man sleeping at the counter with a hat covering his face. Even the bell that rang when we got in can’t wake him up.I deliberately walk with heavy steps.

He is still sleeping soundly when we reach the counter. I tap the table to wake him up. This time he wakes up with a startle. He look around and then finally look at the two of us.

“Hello.” (Erwin)

“Ah. Hello. What can I help you with?”

The man smiles. There are a lot of wrinkles on his face indicating that he is quite old. He doesn’t seem to be stunned while looking at Mary.

“We are looking for a girl called Yuni. Do you know where to find her?” (Mary)

“Why are you coming to the guard house to search for her?”

“It’s because we met her yesterday at the watchtower. We thought she will be either in the hall or here or in the archery range.” (Erwin)

“Yesterday? What business do you have with her?”

“She said to come find her.” (Erwin)

“Hmm. Ah.... I remember. Yes. Yes. She told me that there might be someone looking for her. Go into that hallway. The door leads to the training ground. She should be there.”

”Thank you.” (Erwin)

“No problem. Just be careful. That girl can be quite troublesome sometimes.”

“Why?” (Mary)

“She has a delusion. She talked about something that didn’t exist. We have a hard time convincing her.”

“I see. We will be careful. Thank you for the warning.” (Mary)

“Go then. She should be there.”

We say our goodbye to the old man and proceed to the hallway. Along the way we glance out of the window. There are a lot of youths in the open field outside. They are practicing swinging the swords. I can see the youths from yesterday including the two girls, Jessica and her sister.

“They are the ones from yesterday right?” (Mary)

“Yeah. That big guy is Ken. The thin one beside him is Frank. I believe you already knew that short haired girl.” (Erwin)

“Yes. She is Jessica. The one beside her is Julia, her elder sister.” (Mary)

“So, is there Yuni around?” (Erwin)

“Over there. She is reading some books.” (Mary)

What a luxury. Harold told me that books are expensive. Books in Medieval Earth were expensive as well. The production of paper is limited in that era.

“Let’s go.” (Erwin)

We reach the middle of the hallway and see a door. I open it and enter the training ground. Voices of the youths practicing instantly invade our ears. The instructors yell once in a while. There is no one who pay attention to us since they are facing the left side.

I close the door after Mary gets in. Then we walk to the right side. There are benches over there. On one of them is Yuni. She is reading intently.

When we come close to her, she lifts her head to us. Instantly she smiles brightly. She closes her book and puts it down. She beckons us to sit down beside her.

“Good. Both of you are here.” (Yuni)

“ Eh? What do you mean?” (Mary)

“I know you will come along if I called him out. Sit here. Come on.” (Yuni)

Yuni shifts her sitting position. Mary and I sit down with Mary in the middle. Yuni puts aside her book.

“So what do you want?” (Mary)

“I want to see this cutie’s jealous face.” (Yuni)

Yuni pinches Mary’s cheeks who pouts with a smile. Mary struggles to release her cheeks.

“You have a smooth skin, round cheeks and beautiful eyes. Your silver hair is rare and beautiful as well. You have a slender body with right curves. Why are you so perfect? I am jealous.” (Yuni)

Yuni continues to pinch Mary’s cheek. Releasing her cheeks, she brushes her hair. Her hand brushes pass smoothly. Is Mary’s hair really that smooth? Then she pats her waist.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Mary protests.

“You are too perfect to be real. However, you are really here.” (Yuni)

“Stop it!” (Mary)

“Alright. Alright. This elder sister will stop.” (Yuni)

“Can we talk now?” (Erwin)

I interject when she finally stopped. Mary moves to other side of me. Now I sit in the middle.

“Alright. It’s now the real deal. Though the previous one was also a real deal.” (Yuni)

“Okay... What is it?” (Erwin)

“I want to see your weapon.” (Yuni)


As expected. She is interested in the rifle.