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Chapter 014 - Fish?


I open my eyes with difficulty and see the roof of the wagon. Something furry is beneath my back. It feels like I sleep on bed of fur. It doesn’t give the feeling of a soft bed but still comfortable. A warm blanket is laid on top of me. My flank doesn’t hurt anymore.

I have thought I would die for a bit but it’s good to feel alive again. Something hot is wrapped around my right arm. I try to move my arm but that thing is heavy. It moves a bit when I try to lift it. It feels soft and hot..... Soft?

I think of various novels that describe the same exact feeling and it almost always end up to be embarrassing moments. I turn my head slowly to see what it is. That thing is hidden inside the blanket so I lift it up a bit with my left hand.

Alishia is sleeping while hugging my right arm like a hug pillow. Her hot breathes brush my arm when she exhales. I pat her head and she smiles in her sleep. I ignore my slight feeling of disappointment of not seeing someone else.

“How long is that brat gonna sleep?” (Harold)

“Don’t know. I am a bit worried.” (Mary)

“Is that so... Well, he will live.” (Harold)

“But if it is too long, his life will also be in danger.” (Mary)

“Why?” (Harold)

“Because... Ah! He woke up!” (Mary)

‘Because I still need nutrition to survive even if I am sleeping. I am hungry...’ I continue Mary’s answer in my mind while stretching. Mary is looking inside the wagon when she heard a rustling sound inside with a happy face. Harold peeks in with her.

I need to know why he doesn’t know that if someone sleep too long, they will die. Could it be that there aren’t that many people who is in comma? I really want to eat something now.



“Hahaha. See. He is hungry, isn’t he?” (Mary)

“Well, we are preparing the breakfast now. So just wait a moment.” (Nina)

“Haha... Good morning?” (Erwin)

That’s embarrassing. I scratch my head with wry smile. Mary chuckles for a bit.

“Good... Morning...”

That voice come from beside me. We all look at the source which is Alishia. She is still sleeping soundly. Looks like she is sleep talking just now.

Mary and I suppress our laughter while Harold just release it out loud. Alishia is startled by the sudden loud laugh and wakes up. She looks toward the loud noise and puffs out her cheek looking like she is angry. Harold laughs even louder.

Jenny peeks in at that moment with a curious face. Her eyes shine brighter when she sees Alishia.

“Good morning, Alice. And good morning, hmm.... Erwin?”

“Good morning Jenny~” (Alishia)

“Erm.. Good morning Jenny.” (Erwin)

“Un. Alice, let’s play.” (Jenny)

“Okay~” (Alishia)

“Alice. Wash your face first.” (Mary)

“Un~” (Alishia)

Alishia gets out of the blanket and rushes outside the wagon while being reminded by Mary. ‘Alice’ huh? That sound easier to say than Alishia.

I go out of the wagon and wash my face. Meanwhile, Mary and Nina are arranging dishes on a flat stone. My stomach growls a lot when I smell the dishes.

Harold gives me some fruits to fill it for a while. I eat something that looks like apple but taste like orange called Kuru fruit. It’s kind of strange in my mind but I ignore it because it’s still delicious.

“I don’t know you’re so famous, Harold. Your title doesn’t suit you though.” (Erwin)

“Don’t mind it. I only hunt bad magicians as a side job but it ended up to be more well known that my main job.” (Harold)

Harold is a former soldier. If he isn’t high ranking, it is obvious that his side job will be more obvious. I scratch my chin while thinking. Harold leans over at that time.

“Hey kid. What’s your relationship with the young lady?” (Harold)

“Hmm? We are partner.” (Erwin)

I tilt my head. Harold flashes a meaningful smile. That smile gives me a shiver.

“Wh-what?” (Erwin)

“You sure it is that simple? The lady is anxious the whole time right after you fell to sleep.” (Harold)

“Ugh. That might be because we are the only two sent to accomplish something. Won’t she be alone if I am not around?” (Erwin)

“Yes. That’s possible. However, her expression isn’t so simple. There are other things inside.” (Harold)

“Wh-what kind of thing?” (Erwin)

“At this time, you should think how to capture her heart. There are a lot of thing to do. I have once go through this. I will share what I do--” (Harold)

“Stop! Stop!” (Erwin)

I grab my aching head. It can’t be that there really is something else right!? I mean I would love to but it’s not good now.

Harold is laughing loudly again. Mary and Nina look over. I can feel my face got hotter when I see Mary. Mary is confused while Nina giggles. At that time my stomach growls once again.

“Go finish the meal. I am hungry!” (Erwin)

I forcefully change the topic. Mary arranges the dishes with a confused frown. Nina hums in front of Mary.

“Where did you come from? I never see that weapon and armor before. Its power is incredible.” (Harold)

“We come from over there.” (Erwin)

I point at the mountain where our gate opened before. Well, I can't just point at the sky, right?

The mountain range is tall and majestic. A lot of high peak can be seen inside the range. The beautiful white snow on top of them is.... unbelievable.  I am sure they will think there is a hidden settlement somewhere there.

“That mountain range? I never see any country inside before. Yamato is on that side” (Harold)

Harold points far to the south of the mountain range. That area has much lesser high peak compared to where we came from. The overall height drops drastically.

“Our hometown is special.” (Erwin)

“Hmm... I am interested in your weapon.” (Harold)

“I am afraid I can’t comply to any request regarding my weapons.” (Erwin)

“Breakfast ready. Jenny. Alice. Come, eat.” (Mary)

Mary calls out while she is putting the last dishes on top of the stone covered with sheet. The breakfast is filled with grilled fish, fish soup, fish... Why are all of them fish dishes!?

“Why are all of them fish?” (Erwin)

“It’s because you need a lot of protein. I used your protein reserves in your body to heal your wound and stimulate blood cell creation. So here it is. The easiest food to cook in a short time and full of protein. I caught them from a river nearby.” (Mary)


That was the magic Mary used to heal my wound. It is a magic that stimulate our body to have a much quicker regeneration. The fuel for that is the stored nutrition in our body. Protein is one of the important one.

“I think I don’t want to see fish for a while. I am losing appetite.” (Erwin)

“Why? Are you saying my cooking is bad?” (Mary)

“No! That’s not what I mean--!?” (Erwin)

“Just eat! Here!” (Mary)

While I scream out, Mary shoves some grilled fish into my mouth. The fish is delicious. It’s better than the grilled fish I bought back in the barracks. What fish is this?

“It’s delicious. Give me some more.” (Erwin)

“Here. This one.” (Mary)

Mary gives me a spoonful of fish soup. Oh! This one is also delicious. The soup is warm and I can feel it until it reach my stomach. I feel energized.

“That one is good too. Who cooked them?” (Erwin)

“It’s me. I tried to cook it with the help of Nina. Try this one.” (Mary)

I eat the sushi-like food given by Mary. It really is a sushi. Where did she learn how to make it?

Wait... Somehow I felt warm gazes. Mary and I look forward. Both of us see Harold and family with Alishia in tow are gazing at us. Alishia and Jenny looks like they want to eat too and their open mouth is drooling. Harold and Nina have a warm gaze in their eyes.

“It’s good to be young, isn’t it? I recalled being fed like that by Nina.” (Harold)

“Do you to be fed again, honey?” (Mary)

“Sure. Why not?” (Harold)

I just realized that I have been fed by Mary since a while ago. We turn to each other. I can see her face is becoming as red as a tomato. I bet mine as well.

Jenny is looking confused while Alishia is grinning with all her face. Alice... You should just keep your innocence. You’re still a child. Nina is feeding Harold now with a really lovely but annoying atmosphere.

“Let’s eat. I am hungry.”

I speak out to disperse the embarrassing atmosphere. We eat noisily and I eat until I am really full.

I learn that I slept for two days when I am eating. So that’s why I am so hungry just now. I eat for the portion of three people for the compensation of not eating for 2 days. That’s a nice feeling.

“Thanks for the food. It’s delicious.” (Erwin)

“You’re welcome~” (Mary)

Mary is in a really good mood.

“Well, I guess my job’s reward will be reduced now that I sleep for two days without doing my job.” (Erwin)

“That’s fine. The girl filled in for you. So you can get full reward.” (Harold)

As Harold said so, I look at Mary and she just smiles it off.

“Um... Thank you, Mary.” (Erwin)

“Don’t worry about it.” (Mary)

“Then it’s only one more day, isn’t it? When will we arrive at the village?” (Erwin)

“We should arrive in two days. Considering your wound, we have to slow down our pace.” (Harold)

“Ugh... Sorry.” (Erwin)

“Don’t mind it. I am interested in your relationship anyway. It’s a good thing to watch.” (Harold)

“Let’s go then. I rest enough I guess.” (Erwin)

“Wait a bit. We still need to wash the dishes.” (Mary)

After waiting for a bit, we resume our trip.