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Chapter 011.5 - Brief History of Devil War

Fifteen years ago, a group of magicians in distant country used a terrifying magic. They have summoned countless monsters into the world. Large bats, monstrous creatures combined from different animals, and even humanoid creatures with animal’s features decended onto the world.

The magicians contracted them all. Each of them contracted around a hundred of them. They then commanded them to strike the capital city of the country they were in. Calamity descended. The capital fell in one night despite their army’s desperate efforts.

Afterwards, they expanded their territory to the surrounding towns and villages. Towns fell in almost an instant and many other towns surrendered to them. No armies could stand against them. Massacres happened everywhere there were resistances. In just a month, they have conquered the country.

The evil magicians then issued a recruitment. They wanted more and more magicians to come to them. They promised overwhelming power to achieve what they want no matter what it was.

Around a fourth of all magicians gathered there. Even ordinary people came. The evil magicians has quickly gathered a force which can rival any large empire. 

The other magicians were disgusted by their acts. They combined force to put a stop to this once and for all. The surrounding countries quickly gathered their armies alongside the magicians.

They formed an alliance of humanity and aimed to stop the evil magicians. This is the start of Devil War. A sort of crusade against the devilish magicians and their devil minions.

Nobody would have been able to imagine they would lose. However, their expectations were betrayed. The alliance faced heavy resistances. Every single one of enemy magician were able to fight five to six their own magicians. Their power was inconceivable.

Heavy casualties appeared on both sides. As the war progressed, more and more countries sent their armies to stop them. The bitter struggle continued for five years. In those years one more country was destroyed completely. More than half of the world’s magicians population perished. Total military forces of the world dropped significantly by at least forty percent.

When they finally managed to reach the evil magicians’ last stronghold, the alliance met their fiercest resistances. More and more monsters kept descending to the world. The alliance paid a high price for every step forward.

In the end the alliance managed to destroy the circles where the monsters appeared almost continuously and killed the evil magicians. They also managed to kill most of the monsters. The remnant of the monsters ran for their life deep into the large mountain range.

Hundreds of million of people lost their life in this war. Many small countries were unable to maintain themselves and merged themselves to bigger countries around them. At this time the church increased their influences.

In one year the church has established their own authority. They commanded many countries  regardless of big or small. They managed to merge them together into the Holy Empire of Gran. Then, representative of the church said that magicians were too dangerous to be left alone.

Many countries raised their voices to support it. They have suffered the consequences of the war. Many of them were countries with no magicians remained. They felt fear for invasion from other countries with more magicians. Thus they didn’t feel anything when going against the magicians.

On the course of war there were also some betrayals of the magicians from the alliance. This further increased the damages. They felt that magicians shouldn’t exist in the first place. They were afraid that the next Devil War will occur if the magicians were left alone.

Of course, there are also countries who were against that. The magicians who heard they will be prosecuted against quickly gathered in those countries. Another war erupted.

The already tattered world was further ruined by the war. By the time the war started, only a twentieth of the original magicians remained alive. The countries which harbored the magicians were destroyed one by one.

Now there is only one more country who opposed the notion of killing all magicians. That is Taros Kingdom which has changed their name into Yamato. The country has became the only safe haven for magicians. They will desperately defend it.

Thus Yamato Kingdom continued to survive in this terrible war.

The population of magicians has dropped to only a few hundreds left. A thirtieth of the original numbers.

-This is in world's PoV, thus while I can name the creatures, I won't. This emphasized that this world have no idea about their name. they will only say "horse monsters", "flying lion monsters", etc instead of Centaurs, Griffin etc.