Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Undead Seeks Warmth

Chapter 009 - Chapter 7.2

Intermission: Fate quickens.



...... It's urgent.

Yes... This situation is very bad.

On the edge of our country, just the other day, another village was burned down. Moreover...

When I say the edge of Heisen Bolt then... isn't that the "Black Lake"?


I have thought "Nightmare Queen Lilith" to have behaved herself well those past few years, but...

... being an existence that can be classified as one of the greatest demon kings, I doubt this quiet can last.

To add to that, people have recently started to gossip that the shrine maiden's substitute had already been chosen.

For a while... it might become stormy.


It can very likely only be settled by him, the King of Mashenoisas. 

The problem that should be the priority now, however, is how to contain the expansion of the Eternal Night Domain.

Am I mistaken though?

... Certainly.


In comparison to how things have been 10 years ago, the Eternal Night Domain has expanded by a remarkable margin.

The way the things are going, the world will be completely covered by darkness in less than 100 years. 

Then, with both the S and SS class monsters wandering around all of the 6 other parts of the continent, they will finally be able to step into the domain of human beings. If that does happen... that will be the end.

Even the people our three countries boast about cannot even begin to oppose the S call monsters even while working together.

However, there are no means to keep the "Night" from undermining our world.


... Exactly how on Earth...

... It's a simple story.

The Demon King needs to be exterminated.

However, King of Mashenoisas, do we have a chance to do that, even after gathering everybody here?

Who can possibly oppose the monsters with over 100 000 total magical power and their great numbers? If it’s not the “heroes” your ancestors spoke of, it wouldn't be enough...


...There is.

That hero you spoke of.

!? Hey, is that really so?!


Literature regarding the ancient Shrine Maiden has been destroyed.

Even with the pride which is our country's priestess, it had been a hard nut to crack and required three years, but just a month ago...... it, was successful.

The summoning of the hero... was used to recall "the brave man".

Oh... Oh!


Is it the brave man?! Just like 1000 years ago, when the 6th Demon Lord "God of Death Thanatos" was eradicated, by the hero who redeemed the world, Shilla Sakagari!

If so, surely this, and even the demon lord...!


...... Do it.

The brave man, can you use him?

But of course.

I saw him pull out and wield "the Saint Sword" from its pedestal, that thousand years old relic, that not even warriors nor archmages could pull out.

About the fight, he has yet to go beyond an amateur's level... although he is now showing quite a good growth after training.

And if given another one or two months, he might be able to put up a fight, even against a demon lord.


It's a good fortune... !

No armies of millions are able to fight against a demon lord, but brave man is necessary.

I will spare no effort in order to help bring up the brave man.

Of course, Heisen Bolt has the same thing in it.

Something that everybody would want a brave man to accomplish is to kill the 5th greatest Demon Lord by all means!



The first Demon Lord, Golden dragon Oriharkon.

The second Demon Lord, Vampire Lord Road.

The third Demon Lord, Beast Emperor, Kaiser.

The fourth Demon Lord, Demonic Emperor of Death Perryville.

The fifth Demon Lord, Nightmare Queen Lilith.


As long as the top demons are killed, the demons following them will begin slowly losing power over time.

If that is done, this world will belong to human beings...!

This earnest wish that continued existing endlessly since the country's founding.


I pray, for nobody other than us to accomplish this. 


"""All for the world where light overflows!"""