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Undead Seeks Warmth

Chapter 008 - Chapter 7.1

Digression: When Devotion turns into Insanity.


...... All.


Seno, Iruyana, Gattosu, as well as Over-san.


Bushuke, Colt, Miranda, Tsuweru, and Robert-------


--------All, all have died.


No... that’s not right.


They were murdered.

Yes, murdered.



By that woman.

By that monster.


With her blood-red eyes, and hair the colour of gold. 


She was an existence that I have had only heard about in fairy tales.


So... By that vampire.








Why? Why?

What did we do?

Have we angered her?

Have you had a grudge towards us?

No, it doesn't appear so.


We haven't done anything, nothing at all!

We did nothing that could anger a vampire or result in a grudge between us!

We didn't even do anything!


And yet, yet, yet.


That monster killed us.


Probably, there is no reason behind it.


We just happened to catch her eye by chance.


Surely, that's the only reason.


Only that, it's only that!

...... We were murdered.



Fortunately, I have survived, alone.


Rather, I also should have died.


That way, I wouldn't have to grieve so much either.


Then, I wouldn't have had to suffer so much either.


If only it were so, all this...




could’ve ended... without a grudge.




Why, why was that so?

Why weren't we saved?

Hey, why ....... Angel!


You told us that it was dangerous to us here, didn't you?


You cured Gattosu's foot, which no stately doctor nor spiritualist could do anything about, didn't you?


Before us, who were looked down upon as heretics, chased after and driven off to this town, you appeared.


...... Nevertheless, why, why?!



Why didn't you help us?!



...... No.


Not only that, you didn't do just that.




With that vampire... Did you conspire?



I saw it.


Right as everybody else was killed, just as I was about to run away.


I have seen your face, only a little bit.


The monster that was just as expressionless as a doll, only really a little.




Slightly, but clearly.


With eyes that you show towards your loved ones, that monster laughed.



Did you deceive us?

Did you bring us out to offer us to the vampire?

To us... Are you saying that all those smiles turned towards me, are you saying it was all a lie?!






I can’t forgive you.


I don't permit, I don't permit, Idon'tpermitIdon'tpermitIdon'tpermitIdon'tpermitIdon'tpermit.


I believed, I trusted you!

When, in front of us, deserted by both God and people, a helping hand was held out at last.

We, who continued to be despised and being thrown stones at, have kept praying!

However, you, have deceived us.








The way things are going, the way things are going it will not be the end.


Oh, please wait, angel.


You will compensate for what you did with us by all means, sooner or later.



Those beautiful ice wings, I will pluck them... and drag them through mud. 


Twist that beautiful face in humiliation, as well.








I will cut through your neck and send your blood spurting. That way, your head will never again be able to deny me.



Yes, absolutely.


...... Ha, haha, hahahaha.