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Undead Seeks Warmth

Chapter 006 - Chapter 6

Second day after meeting the heretics that hid themselves in the underground cathedral.


I was seated on a table of a private room opposite to the nun, who was also their organizer.

What we were speaking about... Well, she wanted to confirm this matter one last time.


Nee-san will wake up tomorrow.


Thus, I want to evacuate heretics to a nearby forest just in case, so that they wouldn't get found by Nee-san, till we depart.


And remain hidden for a few days, just in case, then come back to this demolished village afterwards.


It was such an arrangement.

The nun that met me seemed to have been awfully grateful, as she bowed frequently.


For heretics --------- them, the sincere believers of the "angelic religion", only a very small number of them managed to meet an actual angel.


I have heard this story... Anyways, the angel family is of few numbers and, besides that, angels rarely appear in public.


Although it's only half a sham, I still possess some characteristics of an undead here and there instead of being of pure angel class.


Although my fingernails and fangs returned to normal, my skin's deathly hue still remains as usual and my pupils are thinly open like those of a snake too.


Where does such an angel exist?


... Correction, I am here.

However, the talk doesn't advance.


We clash when we talk.


We collide when we move.


It could not even last a second.


Come to think of it, I'm the object of their worship, considered even greater than their own religion founder in a way, so it could be said that it can’t be helped… but I would like if she were calmer.


When she was with the others, she was the manager of all their affairs and I judged her to have fortitude. However, when it became just the two of us, this happened.


The difficulty of doing this is unrivaled.


... After all, what should have taken just 5 minutes ended up taking 30 minutes and more.

The final plan was confirmed and in conclusion, the believers will leave tomorrow morning.


Because nothing in particular was left for me to do, I sat down on the cathedral's altar and closed my eyes.

This was another part of the play.

I merely sat down with my wings put out, without stirring.


The appearance of me doing so, they seem to consider it awfully mysterious and fantastic.


Actually, there were even some people offering their ardent prayers near me.


... Even if I am prayed to, it's embarrassing.

However, I might as well give a little service.


As it stands, my physical condition has recovered.

Although it still seems impossible to take out my sword, by the time Nee-san gets up tomorrow... When the night comes, I will surely completely recover.

It's about time to move my body, shall I start?


While thinking so, I lifted my eyelids slowly.

The previously folded ice wings, now spread out vigorously.


Innumerable, starlike ice crystals poured down over nearby believers with a flutter of wings.


At the same time, shouts of joy emerged.


Even though it was only something so small, they were exaggeratedly pleased.


... It didn’t feel so bad.

In addition,


Also, their desires as well as their thoughts, weren’t that hard to figure out.


Their existence of being reliant on a monster, probably stems from them not being saved after calling for help.


The gathering of such fellows, the last hope of people that weren't saved, heresy.


It’s simply that. Just that.

However... it’s like that, isn’t it?

When have people, regardless of their partigular ages, not hoped for "Salvation"?


Because they understand that they are too weak an existence, they cling and stick to those stronger.


I’m not saying that it’s bad.


Because only a strong person like Nee-san can say that clinging to another to be weak and foolish.

I am not that strong.


Rather, I... surely, I'm weaker than anybody else.


Therefore, I stay reliant.


Just like those human beings.


No, it's much deeper than that.


Even more so to Nee-san.


To the person named Vermont Elzarod, I cling.


The strongest demon lord there is, will never be broken.


I push against my own weakness.

... Those fellows as well, the degree is different, but it's the same as me.


Then, at least for the short time left till we part.


I will be their "help".


Even though I can’t do much, healing someone was all I can do - such an unreliable help.


Still, even if it’s only a little bit of something that can be clung onto I can provide to them.


That's enough.

Doing what I do, in the end I was strongly trying to evade being deprived of things important to me, it will be the hopeless self-satisfaction.


I want to keep death away from myself.


I have only helped those human beings because of this, then I tried to find a valid reason to justify myself.


Really, I.... I really am a hopeless person.

Only taking lives, and giving death.


Therefore, I enacted this play when I could not even be called their saviour.


That being said, if this isn’t foolish, then what is?


And, although I understand that, I'm not going to change.


I’m really a "hopeless" guy in the truest sense of the word.


If they pray to such a me, to a fellow that can save them even slightly.

You should simply pray without reserve.


That's enough.

As for me, that's already  too damn good.

----- At the same time, I who was neglected as well, with similar “desire” to cling and similar “thoughts.”.


I did everything a fellow like me could do.

And all was in vain.