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Undead Seeks Warmth

Chapter 005 - Chapter 5

As expected, my words seems to have reached the heretics.


I thought so, while looking at their hurried appearances as they were moving around, settling the necessary things.

These human beings, I cannot bring them to introduce to Nee-san.


Although it's hard to think of her as somebody that would kill those that run away... It wouldn't be wrong to call her cruel.


And, essentially, the vampire race is quite whimsical.


In the chance event of her thinking "I don't like them" even for an instant, their lives will end up disappearing.


Because I don't want to see such a spectacle, I led them out of here.

I don't have it in me to stop Nee-san or hinder her actions at all; this is the most I can do.


Although it could be considered roundabout, it's only possible to do it that way for me.

... Really.

What am I even doing?


Not following my heart; I fear, I run, and these actions constantly get repeated by me.


And, I become what?

What can I do?


Because I am like this, even Misha... Let's stop.

There is no helping it, even if I regret it.

Regretting the change that already happened.


It's painful, because it cannot be changed.


Eventually, no matter how logical the arrangement is, one's own intentions are given priority.


Therefore, I cannot kill any more living beings, nor can I stop Nee-san from killing others.


Shameful... I'm so shameful.


Having accepted my weakness, I can't even inspire myself.


I am awfully shameful, I thought wryly.

I sat down on the altar and closed my eyes while remaining motionless, thinking.


Was it a dislike towards myself, or just a sneer?


It's likely that I wouldn't have been able to live upright.


I wonder how others do it, holding their hearts on their sleeves.

While I was thinking, somebody knelt down in front of me.


An old man and a child.

Is there something wrong with the child's foot? He was using a walking stick as support.


While lowering his head before me, the old man entreated me feebly.

Angel, could you please... please, cure this child's foot.

... Indeed, it has come.


I stopped my roundabout thinking and stood up.


My knowledge on medicine is no good and I do not know the diseases of this world.


Even for an untrained eye, the child's foot seemed to be in a fairly bad condition.


The discoloured, darkened skin, by no means looked like foot.


Can this even be cured? Aren't you mentioning something unreasonable?

Still, their trust in me will be lost if I chase them off or say that it's impossible to cure.


On the contrary, they might fly into rage if I do a bad job and attack me.


If it so happens, this will be the end.


I cannot attack, nor flee because I can't take out my sword due to bad health.


And they would all end up killed by maddened Nee-san, just like the Lesser Devils back then.


In other words, all these plans will be in vain if I don't show some kind of divine grace here.


... Oh dear.

If it’s about curing the foot, when asked: can I do it? The answer is yes.

I knelt down on one knee in front of the child and told it to put out the foot here.


The child was helped by presumably their grandfather or something, and managed to stretch the bad foot out.


I do not know how could a child's foot become like this.


Even if I don't understand it in particular, it's still possible to cure it.

I gripped the child's foot slowly.


I thought it would scream at the coldness of my hand, but the child's foot appears to have no sense of pain.


While feeling the expectant and tensed gazes directed at me from the surroundings.


I made some theatrical movements and inhaled a breath I don’t usually need.

At the same time... from my indigo blue eyes, a tear spilled out and fell.


I don't understand why I cry.

However, they spill without permission when I use my power that way.


When I started doing it, I heard the sound of people holding their breaths from surroundings.


They're most likely thinking it's a sign of benevolence.

I blew on the child's foot while shedding tears.


The white breath clung to the whole foot... sparkling, it began to emit warm light.

After a few dozens of seconds, the light disappeared.


Like mist, the breath gradually faded away and then.

The previously dark foot of the child changed to a normal, skin colour and any abnormality was nowhere to be found.

The name of this skill is called "The Angel's Breath"


It's the special kind of magic only permitted to use by the Angel kind.


Although neither mortal wounds nor fatal sicknesses can be cured, the foot that simply couldn't move was cured this time.


It's no problem.

Because I cured the foot of the child, shouts of joy sounded throughout the temple.


It was a miracle, and when miracles happen commotions are bound to break out.


Apparently, it seemed to have been a kind of fatal disease or something of the like.


Human Beings... Why are those creatures so fragile?

Anyways, the credibility of my words has largely increased after this.


While I kept my eyes on the people, who knelt down and offered their prayers to me, somehow, good expectations seemed to have appeared.


Thinking so, I sat down on the altar again.

The feelings of dizziness and languidness are slightly stronger than a while ago.


Was it because I used my powers in such a state?


Right now, my body is in a stage where it forms antibodies, against the virus that is the sunlight.


You could say that it's like catching a cold.


I cannot exercise my usual power, so naturally, the burden is also large.


It helps a lot that the inconveniences such as pain and headache do not bother me at all, because I'm an undead.

However, it was troublesome to work in that condition and I was dead tired for a while.