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Undead Seeks Warmth

Chapter 003 - Chapter 3

Damn... Is she a cleric?



The first thought that ran through my mind at the girl's appearance was how hopeless the affinity between us two is.


Although it could be said that I have become a half-angel, I'm essentially an undead.


Clerics, wielding the magic of purification, are extremely troublesome, regardless of the other party's combat efficiency.



I thought "I must get this child to leave before Nee-san's return".


... Nevertheless, that was careless.


If one were to look at this church again, there appear to be signs of repair... here and there... there is neither dust, nor that many cobwebs even though it was left alone.


In short, there are signs of it being "used".

Although my physical condition is quite poor, for me to not even think nor notice such things at all...


I cursed my own naivety as I roused my body, not yet used to the dizziness and tiredness, forcing myself to think.

What to do?

This condition is the worst, even the sword doesn't want to appear, not even mentioning fighting,


Running away is not an option.


This child would be killed by Nee-san if she were to be found in the middle of here, not that I would be able to escape in such a barely conscious condition.


... It's useless.

My hand doesn't want to move.

Has the other side noticed that I'm a monster? Her eyes were wide open as she stared here.


... Although it's a shame, there is no helping it... The other party is just one person.


She's also a cleric.

Even though our compatibility is the worst, the other party might not necessarily belong to a fighting profession.


If that's the case, the possibility of scaring her away if I were to show hostility, was there.

I used what little strength I had left to my utmost and pulled out my ice wings.


I can’t possibly fly indoors, let alone during the daytime with sunlight.


Those wings, which I pulled out in desperation, are so fragile that if anything hard were to hit them, they would shatter.


They became the bluff.

The girl finally showed surprised expression and edged back a little.


Good... Keep it up!


Feel fear towards me, be afraid of me.


Just run away, without thinking of fighting.


You will be murdered if Nee-san were to come back here.


I don't have the strength to stop her, nor do I have any qualifications to do so either.


But, I at least don't want Nee-san to murder that person in front of me.

Therefore, run away!


That person’s can’t sense the miniscule human life signs at all and so, if she were to turn back and run away, Nee-san hardly ever actively chases to kill.


She is, however, a person who never pardons those that defy her.


Therefore, do not think about fighting against me.


I wasn’t so different from humans and so, I do not know how my existence is viewed as by clerics.


You who would harm the one I serve, must be defeated as you’re my enemy - maybe.

But, please escape now.


Don't linger around and Nee-san won't murder you.


Do not let that person commit homicide in front of me.


... That thought was unreasonable, I have to admit so myself.


So absurd, I could only laugh at myself for thinking so.


It is, however, my true intention.

Truly without a doubt, for me, it was a sincere cry from my heart.

----- Alas.


Such a desire was smashed into pieces like ice.

From the door located in the depths of the church, where the cleric was heading to.

Figures casting shadows emerged one after another.


There were more than ten of them.


One elderly, another young, a mixed group of males and females.


... Perhaps, the other side of the door is connected to the underground passage or something.


I could still hear many more footsteps ascending the stairs.

Those people, all clad in uniform black mantles, looked towards me at once.


Expressions of surprise surfaced on them.


Not too long after, it turned into hostility directed towards me.

Ah... It's useless.


Nee-san will come back here soon.


Then, they will die.


They can only be killed by Nee-san.


Those kinds of things, I don't want to see.


Nee-san murdering human beings.


Can the spectacle before my eyes... Can I see Nee-san the same way I did until now?

I don't know... Don't know; don't know.



What I'm the most afraid of wasn’t for Nee-san to kill them all.

To see Nee-san's figure performing the homicide was what I so wanted to avoid.



Can I be afraid of Nee-san?


For me to end up hating Nee-san, was the most frightening thing of all.

That's the worst scenario for me.


The appearance of me turning my back towards that person.


A tremor ran through my body when I imagined that even a little bit.

I hate it.

I don't want to dislike Nee-san.


Then, what should I do?


Should I try to persuade Nee-san to not kill any of those human beings here?

Do you seriously believe that I'm qualified enough to do so?

The right to stop the action of that person, towards whom I've a great debt of gratitude?


... Of course not.


However, but.


Then, what should I do?


What do I… do?

In my head, ideas started rotating in a broken manner.


Still... I was unable to find any means of escape.


I felt despair.


I seemed to be going mad.

At such a time.

.... An Angel.

From the group of around 20 people that I can see.


Someone muttered so in a dim voice.


When the word was spoken, the expression on everybody's faces changed in an instant.

From surprise to delight.


If I were alone again.


They clasped their hands to pray and knelt before me.

------ Heretics.


A group of people sometimes holding deep affection towards a great number of monsters, in particular the divine Angels.


A person believing in this tenets, "a heretic".


In general, they are not allowed to worship in the open and are forced to hide in underground caves to offer their prayers.

And... As for me, I am only an imitation, just half an angel.


However, to them, I was an existence that should be worshiped and prayed to.