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Undead Seeks Warmth

Chapter 002 - Chapter 2

...We flew considerably far.


I said so to Nee-san and, soon after we left the domain of eternal night, I squinted my eyes.

There, on the other side, strange scenery spread.


It looked like a cut out, separated space, as if artificially attached.




Even the borderline looked like it had been pulled together.


Day and Night were divided... And yet were also adjacent.



Isn't that beautiful?

While I lowered my flight speed to not be blown off while circling around, Nee-san asked me that question.


Her expressionless face now showed a laughing expression, in the form of a slightly lifted edge of her mouth.


The ominously red night; the blue sky dancing on clouds.


This chaotic contrast, it possessed a beauty which could not be easily expressed by words.


While I was taking in that sight, we arrived at the bordering line... And left the night behind.


Momentarily, sunshine started pouring onto my body.


After the passage of about five months, I could finally bathe in the sunlight.


However, the feeling that overcame me - towards what I had sought after - was a strong discomfort.


Intense dizziness and an unpleasant feeling of lightheadedness assaulted me.


... Surely, it couldn't be because of me being an undead, could it?


My posture collapsed because of the sudden event and I nearly fell from the sky.


But... Nee-san caught me by a hair's breadth.


After she slowly lowered our altitude, we got down onto the ground.



... Power doesn't seem to be entering my body.


Why has it come to that... could it be the influence of daylight?


The me who had not bathed in sunlight at all until now, could it be that any tolerance to it has yet to develop?


It took a while, but I seem to be getting used to it now.

In any case... it's necessary to rest somewhere.


As long as I'm together with Nee-san, there is no danger of being attacked by monsters... but we're no longer in our domain.


I don't think that human beings come here, near the verge of the night domain, very often.


It would, however, be troublesome if we were to chance upon an adventurer surveilling this area.

No matter how akin we are to humans, our appearance still differed too much.


If we were to encounter a human, we would be immediately recognized as monsters, even if the other party has neither a cleric nor a magician.

If that were to happen, I'm certain that...


Nee-san will surely... murder that human being.

Nee-san is gentle.


But, I understand.


She... is only kind towards me.


She, who shows me a smile, who stretches her helping hands towards me.


Is too cruel a person... for all the others.


I know that.


Her frighteningly cold eyes glare at everything, apart from me.


She wouldn't even move an eyebrow while barehandedly snapping the neck of a living being, then throwing it against the ground, changing it into a corpse.

I never say that it's bad.


Although I clearly promised to not kill, I certainly don't have any intentions of forcing that promise onto Nee-san.


The one warped… is myself.






The situation in which Nee-san murders a human being in front of me... I don't want to see that.


I understand that it's selfish.


I understand it’s an illogical complaint.



Even so, it’s because I like Nee-san.


I don't want the Nee-san I like murder a human being in front of my eyes.


I thought... about such a selfish thing.

Because of the weakening caused by sunshine, it became temporarily impossible for me to fly in the sky and so, the two of us, walked through the forest.


Worried for me, Nee-san stayed by my side as we weaved through the forest.

According to her memories, there seems to be an old abandoned church around this area.


Although, according to Nee-san's story, a small village used to exist there but, after a surprise monster attack, it had been completely annihilated, with only the church remaining out of all the buildings.

After we walked for approximately 30 minutes, we exited into an open space.


There, as Nee-san had said, spread out the ruins of the village.

We advanced into the village, now little more than stones and debris, where the small, abolished church was found.


... ? It might be my imagination, but... I felt that, compared to the rest of the village, the lack of damage here seems unnatural.


Was there, by any chance, some kind of barrier against monsters put up around that church?


However, Nee-san didn't seem to mind it in particular and, without any care, went inside.

Am I overthinking?


... Anyway, let's try entering.

The inside of the church, was much more beautiful than I thought it would be.


It's impossible to know, but it might have been used comparatively recently.


To the me who was thinking while inclining my head, Nee-san said to rest here for a while.


Even if you were to say that an undead is vulnerable to light, the other half of me belongs to an angel class.


Anyways, because I belong to such a rare family, I cannot really assert, but I should gain a complete resistance towards sunlight in a few days.

Soon after, Nee-san went to check whether she could find any leftover wine in this abandoned village.


I sat down on a nearby bench and shook my head slightly several times.


... That feeling of dizziness, was the first I have experienced since my death.


Nee-san said that, although I would gain a tolerance towards sunshine, due to the fact that we already passed the zone of eternal night, the magic power necessary for body maintenance will increase.


The characteristic of a cold (freezing) undead is that it's magic power consumption is self-sustaining during nighttime.


A little part of it seems to have remained.


The strength of undead species leans towards the night.


There is no helping it.

Judging from the feeling I’m getting, it will surely take a few days before getting accustomed to daytime magic power consumption.


Human beings living in the plains won't suddenly decide to move towards the high mountains.


... that being said, hopefully, it will not come to that.

When I clenched and opened my hand, I felt some difficulty in this movement.


Suddenly, I heard a noise from behind me.

I looked back reflexively.


... Was it Nee-san? No, it's different, the presence is too feeble.


Because of how bad my condition is, detection doesn't seem to work well.


I scowled in the direction of  the sound after standing up a little uncertainly.

Sword... No, it's useless, I don't seem to be able to take it out.


It wasn't possible for me to exercise it's complete power even in my perfect state.


With my present physical condition, it's probably impossible.


But, there is always the hand-sword attack.

I hesitate; what should I do?*


From the shadows cast by piled up debris and stones, something emerged.


Unintentionally, my eyes widened at what appeared in my sight.

The existence which, in a sense, I wanted to encounter the least.


Dressed in religious clothing, looking to be of the same age group as me and holding a crooked cross in its hand while facing me.

... A human girl was there.