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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 099 - Hell Gate

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Nina unleashed her special skill, 【Ground Shrinker】 . Utilizing the skill, she was able to move at a phenomenal speed. It was very difficult to fathom for the enemy since she was moving like an illusion as she shrink the distance.

“Hahaha, what an unusual trick. Is that your special skill? But don’t look down on me.”
Goria swung his hammer at the place where Nina was going to appear. Despite her attack being interrupted, Nina already moved again to attempt another strike.
(Tl note: it seemed like it is really a teleport skill lol)

Nina performed one of the 【Assassination Skills】, 《Backslash》, which was done by attacking your enemy precisely behind the opponent’s neck. However it was usually done in horizontally while Nina was doing it vertically which was even more complex, and she was now utilizing the skill by using the daggers in both hands.

Watching the incoming attack, Goria’s grey hammer glowed as if it was a steel dragon.

Everybody knew,that compared to the dagger the hammer had a higher attack power but slower attack speed. One could guess what was going to happen if those weapons meet in close combat. However at that moment, Goria’s hammer moved at an unimaginable speed towards Nina. The heavyweight of the hammer, in Goria’s hands, was just like a twig. Nina could no longer keep up with her offense and started to defend.

“Heh, this is the end.”


Goria now aimed the hammer at Nina’s unguarded head.

* Pyon*

A lovely sound resounded in the next second. Between Goria’s hammer and Nina, was Sukke. Sukke’s hair had already bloomed and blocked the hammer.

“A sheep wolf? How can you block my attack? Impudent!”

Goria seeing his attack being blocked, tried to launch another attack toward Sukke. Right now he was going to use a 【Hammer Skill】, 《Rock Crush》 .


There was no more sound of Sukke blocking the attack. Only a dull sound when the steel dragon hammer landed on Sukke’s body. Sukke was slamed to the ground and blown away tens of meter away while shrieking.

Marifa wanted to go to Sukke’s side right away after seeing him blown away but she was in no position to show her back to the enemy, that was in front of her eyes.

“Captain, let’s use this chance to flee.”
“We can’t you see, that demi-human claiming to be from the Order of the Immortal hasn’t lowered his guard and is keeping an eye on us. We need to find the right timing. Even that girl can’t hold him back. Furthermore, we still have our mission to capture Yu Sato.”

Lena, that was floating in the air aboard the mithril broom, unleashed her third rank 【Black Magic】 spell 《Raging Thunder》. The thunder showered from the sky, aiming at Goria.

At that moment, the clear blue sky was brightly dazzled because of the lightning that appeared. The thunder enveloped Goria’s body while letting out a thunderous roar.

“…..【Barrier】? No, it’s different… the magic disappeared!”

“Heh, kids these day don’t know how to hold back. Using all their MP for only one spell? Well…”

Bad feeling crossed Nina’s mind, seeing Lena’s magic disappear when it hit Goria. Even the spies from the Holy Church tried to find someone to 【Appraisal】 and 【Analyze】 Goria.


On the other side, a strange atmosphere was surrounding Clyde and Joseph’s battle.

The ⌈Hell Gorilla⌋ was approaching Joseph while, Ansgar the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan girls and Clyde watched the scene.

The ⌈Hell Gorilla⌋ caught Joseph in its right arm and using its left arm, tried to twist Joseph’s neck.

“Eh, is this a Gorilla? It’s so weak.”

Even the great strength that the Hell Gorilla was proud of  couldn’t do anything. Joseph’s neck didn’t even budge an inch. Their physical difference was so big. A monster and a human. Every one could see the horror in that fact. Seeing Joseph’s neck was about to be crushed, and yet watching Joseph, who was not surprised to see that the monster wasn’t able to hurt him? Now, which one was the real monster?

Joseph forced his arm to come out from the strangle and used his elbow to hit the ⌈Hell Gorilla⌋. The arm where Joseph hit, twisted unnaturally as the ⌈Hell Gorilla⌋ screamed in pain.

“Is this really a gorilla?” (Joseph)
“It was! Well, the gorilla disappointed me but I just need a little bit more time before it’s ready.”

Clyde patted the head of the ⌈Forest Panther⌋, which was obediently standing beside him, before the its magic power was absorbed.

“Joseph, Clyde is going to use his special skill! You have to stop him.”

“It’s too late, 【Gate Open】!”

When Clyde finished saying that, a magic circle formed on the ground. From it, a 10 meters tall and 5 meters wide gate appeared. Only Ansgar knew the terror of this skill.  That’s why he asked Joseph to stop Clyde.

The gate appeared along with the cracks in space. It was a phenomenon that was happening because the gate was trying to establish a connection to where the other gate existed. This had only happened once in the 189 years of The Holy Kingdom calendar –  the emergence of an A rank dungeon 『Hollow Maze』 showing the same phenomenon. The Holy Kingdom tried to send soldiers to defeat the monsters that were coming out from the dungeon, and finally, after more than 10,000 lives had fallen, the entrance was successfully sealed. The King couldn’t be happy at this feat.

“Do you ever wonder, where the other end of the gate is located? I hope you’re not giving up now.”

“This is bad! We need to stop it!”
With an irritated tone, Joseph easily behead the ⌈Hell Gorilla⌋. However at that time, Clyde had already jumped on top of the ⌈Forest Panther⌋ and ran to the top of the gate.

The faces of Ansgar and the members of ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ became blue as they heard Clyde’s death sentence.

“Anita was it? Have you ever heard of the 3 great Demon Overlords? One of them is located at the 『Girumu Castle』 dungeon.” (Clyde)

“Bell, everyone, calm down. It’s just a bluff. 【Summoning Magic】 always happens at a random chance. It is not something determined.”
Anita said that to calm down her party members. She also believed that Clyde was only telling lies.

“You see, this is my unique skill, 【Gate Open】, I can open a gate once from a place that I designated before. It just happened that I’ve traveled to 『Girumu Castle』 dungeon before because I was curious about the rumored S rank dungeon. So, when the gate opens, do you want to guess what’s going to come out?”

When the gate slowly opened, the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan had already taken out their weapons. With a metallic sound from the opened gate, from the gap of the gate a red hand appeared.

The face then could be seen. It was the face of a goat. It was a 「Lesser Demon」 . The height was around two meters, with the body of a human and bat wings on its back.

Some of the low leveled members from the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan fell into a 「Fear」 state due to seeing the 「Lesser Demon」. The 「Lesser Demon」 on the other hand joyfully looked at the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ girls while drooling.

“It is just a rank 6 lesser demon but you know they love eating young girls. Let’s see if your struggles can amuse me.”

One after another, 「Lesser Demons」 came out of the gate. Looking at that sight, the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan members and Ansgar could only show their despair.

“This is really troublesome.”
Joseph didn’t show any changes but he rushed to move in front of the 「Lesser Demon」.

“Mee– Mee–” (Tl note: the sounds of goat?)


Joseph’s large sword slashed towards the 「Lesser Demon」. The sword hit the shoulder and made a deep cut diagonally. Joseph smiled at the 「Lesser Demon」 with a smile that was full of rage. It was a fatal wound for an ordinary demon but this one didn’t look to be affected much. The 「Lesser Demon」, was the weakest of the demon race but not many adventurers had faced them and knew of this fact.

“Mee– Mee–”

Only when Joseph’s sword finally behead its neck, did the 「Lesser Demon」 stop moving.

Seeing that some of the 「Lesser Demon」 focused on attacking Joseph.
The ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan were making a formation that was focused on Anita followed by the second strongest, with the weakest standing at the back.

At that moment, the 「Lesser Demon」 that were still standing near the gate, were grabbed by a giant arm and instantly crushed.

The owner of the giant arm revealed itself from inside the gate.

It was a demon that was taller than 7 meters, with tusks that grew on the sides of his mouth. Each one was large enough to create a big hole in an adult’s body.

“Oh, is it the one that we’re waiting for? I wonder what’s its doing here.”
The one that came out from the gate was a rank 7 monster, 「Arc Demon」.

At that moment, the usual smile on Joseph’s face disappeared without trace.