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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 094 - Retribution

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Wood Garden dungeon, 12thF. Charon and the remaining members of the ‘Authority Leaf’ clan were running with all their might.

“Charon, there’s a fork in front. Which way?”
“Right, that is a shortcut to go to 11thF so we take the left. That brat will catch up if we’re slow. After turning, there will be a grassland. We walk past the tunnel and there is a fountain. If there are no monsters there, we can escape using the teleport pedestal from over there.”

Charon wasn’t aware that near their destination, there was already someone waiting for them.

“We’ve been waiting for you.”
Marifa greeted the party while lifting the edge of her skirt graciously.
Charon was confused at the sight. Why was there a dark elf dressed in a maid uniform here?

“What do you want? We’re in a hurry.”
The party drew their weapon and looked menacing but Marifa just smiled at them before the next second her face turned expressionless.
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“In place of my master… I have to give you guys a lesson.”

“Darn, is she one of the brat’s companions?”

In a flash, one of the men had already pulled his bow and mounted his arrow. The projectile flew like a lightning and aimed in between Marifa’s eyebrows. However the arrow never reached Marifa. Sukke, who was standing behind her, stopped the arrow using the fur on its body that was extended forward.
(Tl note: somehow I imagined the fur to be like long hair flying in the air lol)

“What’s that? A Sheepwolf blocked my arrow?”
“Stupid, that sheepwolf is only a rank 3 monster. How can it block your arrow?”

Charon looked at his party hopelessly and erected a 【Barrier】 once Marifa took out her bow. It was a common sense that the dark elves were a race that was adept at handling the bow. Marifa’s arrow bolted off and hit the trees overhead the party. Only the wood chips fell and hit them.

“Hahaha, what was that? It missed by far. This dark elf isn’t skilled at all.”

Charon was taking precautions since she was one of Yu’s party members but seeing her arrow miss, he was relieved. The other party members were also smiling and mocking her.

“Hahaha, I was scared for a moment there. Pretty girl, how about you come with me? I’ll make sure to give you lots of love. Uaaaaah~”
The man who was talking suddenly crouched down. His body was sweating and just by looking at him, he was not in good condition.

“Hey, what happened? Gaaah!”

Charon tried to help the man but suddenly he also felt severe pain creeping on his body. Charon looked around and saw that the remaining party members were also in the same condition.

“Don’t you know the graveness of your sins?”
Marifa was now looking down at Charon with Sukke by her side. Charon noticed that at Marifa’s hands, there were some wriggling things. At first it looked like a regular black dress glove. However if one looked closer, the black glove was made up from several thousands living ants.

“Th-th-that are insects? Ugh…”

The insects on Marifa’s hands were called ‘Bullet Ants’. The ants’ bite could cause terrible pain and the real effect doesn’t need to be explained.
(Tl note: finally Marifa second job skill unleashed)

“So… you missed… your arrow… on purpose.”

Charon knew that he didn’t have much time remaining. One by one, his party members died because of shock caused by the severe pain.

One of them managed to resist and tried to throw a hatchet towards her but Coro came out from the shadows and bit the man’s wrist. It was disconnected from his arm instantly.

“Gyaaa! My arm!”

“Coro, that’s not good. Eating filthy thing can hurt your stomach.”
Marifa as if she was deaf, ignored the screams and stroked Coro’s head. She took the wrist from Coro’s mouth and threw it aside. Sukke was also rubbing his head on Marifa’s feet.

“Charon, the leader of ‘Authority Leaf’. Let me end your suffering.”
Charon didn’t understand what Marifa was saying. His whole body was cringing because of the intense pain. There was no need to do anything else to kill him.

“Let’s play!”
(Tl note: Imagine Marifa smiling, so scary.)

Charon was feeling pain all over his body but he already prepared a means of escape, the second rank 【Black Magic】, 《Fire Wall》. A wall of fire, around 5 meters tall separated himself and Marifa. That scorching pillar even enveloped his party members who didn’t have the strength left to flee.

Th echoing screams of the dying ‘Authority Leaf’ members could be heard as Marifa tried to extinguish the fire using the first rank 【Spirit Magic】, 《Water Ball》. There were only the charred corpses of the ‘Authority Leaf’ members remaining.

“Even after killing his own companions, he is still fleeing alone. Well, there is still Nina and Lena.”
Next to Marifa, Coro and Sukke only tilted their necks, confused.

The girls had caught up with Yu when he was battling Charon. At that moment, Marifa’s sharp hearing cought Charon’s plan for running away. The girls understood that Yu would treat the fairies first so they decided to catch Charon with their own hands.

Marifa was waiting at the intersection while Lena was at the door to 11thF and Nina was at the teleport pedestal. However, Nina and Lena didn’t saw anybody pass by. Marifa didn’t want to use the teleport pedestal to search the entrance since she was currently acting without considering her master’s orders. Although she couldn’t kill Charon, at least she was able to injure him greatly.


At the entrance to the Wood Garden dungeon a man was walking and limpling. It was so hard for him to even walk a couple of meters.

“Guu… I made it… huuf, to think I needed to use a third rank potion.”

The man was Charon. The moment he casted 《Fire Wall》, he had also burned himself in order to kill the bullet ants. The price that he had to pay in order to escape was so great- the burns on his body, he even had to sacrifice a high rank teleport stone. This item couldn’t be bought at the item shop, even at the capital only some noble could acquire it. Even the third rank potion couldn’t heal his current condition.

“I need to go back to the city… no… I need to return to the capital. When I get some reinforcements, let’s see what kind of face that brat is gonna show me. There’s one of Houdon kingdom top 5 knights. Even if that brat is strong, what can he do against him?”

“Sir, what happened to you?”
In front of Charon, an old man in butler clothing appeared. Charon immediately raised his guard. He even prepared to take out the dagger that was attached to his waist. The forest of marma was relatively safe but it was before the dungeon was found. Right now, there’s no way a commoner would come to this place. For that reason, this old man was suspicious and made Charon wary.

“Butler’s appearance… old man, are you that dark elf’s  friend?”

“Dark elf? I don’t know what you’re talking about but are you from the ‘Authority Leaf’?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m the leader of ‘Authority Leaf’, Charon. I wonder why you asked.”

“Hoo… you are Charon Vladez? Your appearance is different from my image so it was hard to recognize you.”

“So what if I looked different. What is your business?”

“You might not even understand how different your appearance is. However I am happy to have found you here. Although it is late, my name is Nungu.”

Nungu said that while holding a mirror that reflected Charon’s appearance. He screamed when he saw his own reflection.

“What is this? Is this really me?”
Charon’s face was something like a barnacle. Small larvae could be seen moving under the skin on hs face.

“Did you perhaps encounter an insect master? If you don’t take care of them quickly, they will hatch inside your body and eat it from inside.”
“HUAA! This must be the work of that dark elf! I won’t forgive her. I’ll kill her when we meet again. Ah, it’s so itchy. My face, arm, legs, my whole body is itchy.”

Charon took off his charred armor and rolled on the ground. On his body, bulging flesh like a ballon could be seen and from the insides, a small larvae hatched. Each time it happened, Charon tasted extreme pain that he could never even imagine.

“Well, I also have an errand for Charon-san. Can you deliver a message?”

“Ugh… what is it?”

“Dogs of the minister aren’t allowed to roam in my territory. Everyone that comes to Comer city will suffer a nightmare. Please convey the message.”

Charon wanted to say something but he was interrupted. His eyes that were looking at Nungu turned backwards and lost he finally ran out of energy.

“Ah, I have to thank Yu-san. Meat pies will be good.”
After once again confirming Charon’s death, Nungu disappeared into the forest.