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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 093 - Eradicating ‘Authority Leaf’

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(Author note: there is still cruel descriptive scene)

Nina was traveling back from the 37thF and by now she had reached the 22ndF. Yu was unexpectedly easy to track. As wherever he had walked through, there had been dead bodies of monsters lying around. Yu only needed one hit on their heads to take care of the obstacles.

Despite Yu moving while killing monsters, Nina was still unable to catch up to him.
“Mari-chan, let’s increase our speed.”


“Oi! We must catch that kid alive.”
With those words, Charon explained to the remaining members of the ‘Authority Leaf’ what their main goal was. However they couldn’t bring themselves to accept it.

“Charon, why don’t we kill that brat and just catch the dryad?”

The other men agreed but Charon did not.
“I haven’t told you the details but if the capture of the dryad is important, the mission to kidnap a brat named Yu Sato is even more valuable. I also questioned myself when I heard this but that kid knows how to use 【Alchemy】 . If capturing a dryad bring us money, catching that brat will raise my rank to noble-hood. Of course if I’m appointed as a noble, your rank will also be increased to knighthood.”

Filthy smiles appeared on their faces. The knighthood rank was really appealing to them.

“Even though some of our comrades had fallen, we can’t let their sacrifices go in vain. That boy is our goal. Now, you need to keep him busy while I’m preparing my magic.”
That was Charon’s plan to success.

Yu was expanding his 《Heaven’s Net》 like a cobweb and each of the ends was connected to the fairies. Through the 《Heaven’s Net》, Yu casted 《Recovery Spell》 on them. There was a large number of fairies but not a single one was overlooked.

Charon noticed what Yu was doing and decided that the best time to attack was before he had finished treating the fairies.

“I’ll cast my magic. You guys keep him busy!”

The members of ‘Authority Leaf’ replied to Charon instructions vigorously. Their spirits were high as they prepared their weapons. Charon on the other hand was now preparing the fifth rank 【Elemental Magic】 , 《Iron Tempest》. That was Charon’s most powerful spell. Using the iron spirit which was abundant inside the ground, he gathered and formed iron blades. The iron blades rotated at high speed and grinded everything that came into contact with it. Of course Charon made sure to control his power so Yu wouldn’t die when he got hit.

(Tl note: the rough translation is iron mixer/ blender lol.. just to give rough idea how the spell looks like)

“Charon, do you still need time?”
“I’m trying my best!”

Charon cast the skill while the ‘Authority Leaf’ members supported him. It was only an earth element skill. However it seemed that he had a hard time finishing the spell.

[What happened? The amount of earth spirits is only half the usual!] – Charon

Charon experienced an unexpected thing. The earth spirits needed to complete the fifth rank 【Elemental Magic】 , 《Iron Tempest》 weren’t enough.

“Argh, take this!”

Since he was pressured by the men, Charon shot his imperfect spell. Right now, Yu couldn’t dodge this 《Iron Tempest》 since the dryad and the fairies were located behind him.

The sharp blades of iron were coming to cut him to pieces.

The dryad and fairies were shouting but they couldn’t do anything to change Yu’s fate.

The high speed rotating blade collided with something which caused a bright spark.

[The spell rotation is slower than usual. The power isn’t even 1/3 of the normal.] -Charon,
despite the other members’ cheers, was dissatisfied.

The speed of the rotating iron blade gradually became slow and it disappeared along with the earth spirits. The ‘Authority Leaf ‘ members were excited to see what Yu looked like now but he came out unscathed while holding his magic shield in one hand. There was no sign of even a small scratch on his body.

“How is this possible?”
“Is he using 《Stone Wall》, no, this is 《Iron Wall》. That brat can use 【Shield Skills】!”
“Idiot! Charon-san’s 《Iron Tempest》 is a fifth rank spell. How can an 《Iron Wall》 block it?”
“But he did block it!”

Charon shouted his commands to calm down his party members.
“Don’t panic. Just aim for the fairies. That brat is protecting the fairies.” (Charon)
“That’s right, there’s no way he can protect the fairies and fight at the same time.”

When Charon issued the order, the remaining members rushed to attack the fairies.
However they couldn’t come close since the fairies who had been healed, casted their long ranged attack spells. The ‘Authority Leaf’ were once again forced to gather around Charon.

“Charon, what should we do now?”
“Maybe we should retreat and request reinforcements.” (Charon)
“So, should we give up on the dryad?”
“This brat’s 《Recovery Spell》 is formidable. The fairies are healed already.”

Even though Charon explained the situation, there were still hard headed members. He tried to cast an 《Earth Lance》 however it was blocked by Yu’s 【Barrier】.

“No matter what, we need to defeat the boy.”
No one refuted what Charon said and the other party members started to move forward while Charon started preparing another magic.

“Take this you brat!”
The man who was using a sword tried to pounce on Yu however before he was able to attack, his neck fell to the ground because of Yu’s 《lightning Strike》. The others were stunned seeing that and tried to escape.

“I won’t let you get away.”
Yu used 《Whirlwind Strike》 at one of the remaining members. It was a quick wide horizontal area attack.

“What’s that? Something just passed by my stomach… Uargh.”
The speed was so formidable that the man didn’t realize that his upper and lower body had been separated. Slowly his upper body shifted to the side and fell to the ground. Seeing that, the remaining members were moving to the entrance of the hidden garden.

“I will kill every one of you.”
The remaining members that were still alive had not gotten out scot free. Some had suffered missing limbs and some were in shock because of the attack. They were now busy fleeing.

Since Yu had almost finished treating the fairies, some were already able to move.
“Hey, are you going to let them get away?” (fairy)
“Thank you for the help earlier. You defended me when I was treating everyone.” (Yu)
“So, do you realized how strong I am? Are you willing to be my subordinate?” (fairy)

The fairies were now flying around Yu’s head annoyingly again. Right now Yu was prioritizing healing the fairies then chasing after Charon. It was bad letting him get away but he don’t know why he felt that he needed to heal the fairies first.

“Yu-chan, thank you.”
The dryad hugged Yu with a runny nose and teary eyes.

“Aw, you’re making me dirty. Wipe your nose first!”
Yu was trying to push the dryad’s face away from clinging to him but wasn’t having any luck. Some of the fairies were even laughing at the sight.

“Are you going to leave now?”
The dryad and fairies were anxious seeing Yu preparing his equipment.

“I still have something to do.”
Yu said that because they were all watching him with troubled faces.

“After I take care of the problem in the lower levels I’ll return.”

“Baka! Just get beaten by the demons on the lower levels!”
(Tl note: tsun fairies lol)

However that kind of reply had been anticipated by Yu.
“So, are you going to leave this place?”

The dryad smiled at his question.
“Maybe in the future. However right now this place is one of the safest in the dungeon.” She replied with such a timid confidence that caused the fairies to strike her head from the back.

“Why are you talking like that? If we aren’t careless, no human can find this place.”

Yu waved his hand and walked away without looking back.
“Everyone, I’m leaving.”

“Take care!”

The fairies and the dryad replied cheerfully. Once again, Yu didn’t notice that a small fairy sneaked into his headgear while he was leaving.

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