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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 092 - Domino effect

(Tl note: what do you call when it starts small but it ends big? Rough translation for the title is ‘overrun continue’ but there’s a term for this right?)

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It was a strange sight.

Inside the C rank dungeon Wood Garden , at the 14th floor, a boy with his whole body covered by blood, stood.

Although the men had been smiling until a moment ago, seeing the boy in front of them bedazled them for an instant.

“What are you looking at boy? Are you asking for a beating?”
“This fairy is mine because I’m the one who caught it. You bette–”

The man who was holding the fairy tried to intimidate the boy by pressuring him with his tone and speach. However the man stopped before finishing his sentence. His two friends had noticed that something was wrong.

“Bora, what’s wrong? He’s just a small brat. Why are you acting like this?”
“Maybe Bora is playing with us. Hahaha, Bora!”

However they saw something strange. From behind Bora’s head, something was sprouting. It was a blood stained metal, 15 cm long and 2cm wide. The men then realized what the thing coming out from Bora was.

A sword had pierced through Bora’s thick skull and brain and came out from his mouth.

“Don’t touch the fairy with your filthy hands.”

With Bora dead, his body slowly fell back and his right hand which had been holding the fairy opened. Before the fairy fell to the ground, Yu cought her with his left hand.

“Hiie! Bo-Bo-Bora is dead!”
“This brat is courting death!”

One of the frenzied men tried to attack Yu, however Yu’s free right hand easily punched the man in the jaw. However the power behind it wasn’t that of a simple punch’s. The man’s jaw was blown off and flew in the sky.

The other man tried to run away after witnessing his fallen comrade however Yu had already casted the second rank 【Black magic】, 《Earth Lance》. The hard spear skewered the man from below and piercing trough his head.

The two men were greatly wounded however they were not dead yet.
(Tl note: why I feel Yu deliberately didn’t finish them off otherwise their wound is kind of impossible for them to stay alive.)

The two men didn’t know what had happened to them but they tried to take out some potions from their item bags. In the mean time, Yu walked to Bora and retrieved his sword. On the way he beheaded the dead body. The other two didn’t know what expression they had as they watched their grim reaper approach.

“We need to hurry.”
Yu talked to the fairy that nodded and wiped her tears away.


On the 12thF, there was a small passage next to the teleport pedestal that led to the flower garden where the dryad and the fairies lived. Usually this passage was hidden by the fairies’  magic. The sight behind it, was a paradise where the lovely fairies, beautiful dryad and blooming flowers lived. All who saw the scene would be grateful and thank God. However the place now had turned into hell.

“Looks like we have all who were gathered here. Good!”

The fairies used all of their remaining MP to summon a wall.

“You can run but you can’t hide.”

Charon utilized the fourth rank 【Black magic】, 《Hurricane》 and blew away the wall. The flower beds were wrecked and some of the fairies were torn up by the sharp wind. The sign that the flowers and the cheerful fairies existed were all buried deep in the ground.

“Stop! Please, let everyone go!”
The one who cried out was the dryad. She was surrounded by 30 people and including Charon they ware all showing ugly smiles.

“Charon, how about we play with the dryad?”

“Idiot! Don’t you know the price of a dryad is 100 white gold but a pure one can be sold for 500 white gold. Make sure not even a scratch is visible on her body. Even these fairies can be sold for 10 gold coins each. Understand?”

“Yes sir…”
The man looked disappointed and looked down to the fairies that were caught in the cage in his hand.

“Dryad-chan. Just tell the fairies to surrender so we don’t need to have more casualties. Why don’t you tell them to give up?”

“Everyone…I’m sorry… let’s surrender.” (dryad-Chan)
“No! How can we surrender to guys like them.” (fairy a)
“Even if I die, I will protect the dryad.”(fairy b)
“No… look at all the blood.” (dryad-Chan)

There were many fairies protecting the dryad however their bodies weren’t in a good state.
“You are such a crybaby dryad. Don’t worry, I will protect you.” (fairy a)

“Wah, this is so touching. Someone, please help them.”
Charon said that while sending an eye signal to one of his men. Not long after, a man carrying a morningstar on his shoulder stepped forward.(Tl note: you guys know morningstar right? A club with spiky ball at the end lol.)

The fairies knew that they will meet their end. However no fairies ran away and they continued to protect the dryad.

“Charon, what should we do?”

“Oh, we have gathered enough fairies. As for them, you can do anything you want.”

“Hahaha, letting me kill 10 gold coins fairies, I’m glad I entered the ‘Authority Leaf’.”

The morningstar was swung down towards the fairies. The huge shadow of the morningstar could be seen enveloping the fairies’ faces into darkness. They could imagine what was going to happen next. The fairies closed their eyes while the attacker had a wide smile.

“Hahaha, look, those fairies even turned into minced meat. Look at this beautiful mess.”
Charon said that to the group because some pieces of meat was blown away in his direction. However they soon noticed that the amount of splattered flesh was to much to have come from a few fairies.

“Charon… look… this isn’t the fairies.”

The upper body of the man who had swung the morningstar was missing. Only the lower body was left at the place he was standing. In front of the remains, a boy was standing. His whole body was colored red while some of the fairies were clinging to him. It was an eerie sight.

“You! Who are you? Are you the one who killed Butch?”(Charon)
“Yu-chan… Yu-chan…” (fairies)
The fairies were clinging to him with tears and runny noses. Even the usual calm dryad was shouting.

The fairies soon noticed that Yu was on their side and was not helping the ‘Authority Leaf’. Yu was relieved but his face darkened when he saw the devastation on the flower bedding.

“They dare to deprive… I’ll make them pay for this.” (Yu)

“How dare he kill Butch!”

The men were going to attack Yu when they realized that he was the one that had killed Butch.

“Wait! Under you!”
Charon whose real job was an 【Element Master】 , a similar profession to 【Magician】 or 【Wizard】, noticed that from Yu’s feet, a web like existence had spread out. However his warning was too late.

Every men’s thighs, were pierced by Yu’s second rank 【Black magic】, 《Earth Lance》.


“Noisy… Die!!!”

Yu increased the magic output and the 《Earth Lance》 bloomed. From the impaling 《Earth Lance》, branches grew just like a tree, eating away at the men’s bodies. After countless screams, caused by the severe pain, the 《Earth Lance》 had fully bloomed. Red blood dripping from their branches’ ends like flowers.

“Tch, they are all stupid. I already warned them.” (Charon)
“Charon, what do we do? Everyone is dying!”
Out of the group, three men that stayed after hearing Charon’s warning were still alive.

“Calm down. This happened because that boy is actually pretending to be a vanguard. While in reality he is a rear guard like me. This was caused by his web like magic. Just calm down.”

Hearing Charon’s words, the men regained their composure.

“Now, we already know the tricks. It’s going to be easy.”

The four men were closing in while avoiding Yu’s 《Heaven’s Net》. They noticed that the web wasn’t moving so it was only a simple trap.

“Let’s close in.”
“This brat is going to die.”
“We’re going to avenge Butch!”

The four men used all kinds of different weapons. Sword, ax, spear, hammer, all those weapons were aiming at Yu. However no one predicted what happened next, not even Charon. The four’s attacks were intercepted barehanded.

Their weapons were all reflected after coming in contact with Yu’s fist. Then Yu took out his sword and attacked them without mercy.

(Tl note: below is a long conversation)

“Charon, you said that this brat is only a rear guard. How can he be so strong?”

“《Release Internal Power》.”(Charon)

“Ah, yes, there’s no mistake. I’ve seen Elda-san using this 《Release Internal Power》 skill.”

“So, this brat can use 【Combat Maneuver】.”

“But, how can this kid use that skill?”

“Isn’t that skill limited to close combatant professions?”

“Wait, what did the dryad call him?”(Charon)


“What about it?”
“If we catch him, we would be able to become nobles.”(Charon)

Despite seeing eight of his companions being killed in the blink of an eye, Charon was smiling.
No one noticed that the domino effect kept on getting bigger.

(Author notes: the ‘authority leaf’ arc will end in two more chapters.)